About Rooster

Hello America!

My real name is Dave Bierstein but as you can tell my nickname is “Rooster”.   My whole life I have been an adventurer, entertainer, and some may say… a bit crazy…but in a good way, not a straight jacket way, at least I hope not!


I was born and raised in Clark, New Jersey. That’s where I went elementary, middle, and high school.  I’ll sum up high school cause that’s where you start to form who you are today.   I was very athletic and played multiple sports, I partied every chance I could (drinking), and cared way more about about girls than grades.  I made a lot of friends.


After high school I went to college at West Virginia University.  All I knew was that WVU was the #1 party school in America the year before and that’s all I needed to know. Well, except if I was accepted and somehow… I was.

At WVU I was known as “Crazy Dave”. I can’t say exactly who or when or why I got that that nickname then.  I’m sure some of my college friends can post some stories for you to read in my “Stories about Rooster section” that may explain it.

On second thought, it could have been at freshman orientation when during some guys (WVU official of some sort) welcome speech I picked up a desk over my head and started a taste great – less filling chant, then led a bunch of fellow partier’s out the door and to a bar.  There was about 1,000 or more people in the room and 10 or so of us left.

Or.. At the first football game’s tailgate, which is huge at WVU, I broke a bunch of beer bottles over my own head to fire up the crowd.  I did need stitches….

Or some other story I can’t remember but there are many…

Needless to say… I got only 28 credits after 3 and half years college..


After being back home in NJ for a few months, I then went to visit a college friend for New Years Eve in Arizona.  I was supposed to stay for a week but ended up staying on his couch for 6 months.  How do you leave 70 degree weather in January to go back to snow and freezing temperatures? …. I know, that’s why I stayed.


After that, I went back to college to play some football at Jersey City State, a D-3 football program.  Long story short, I didn’t play much and left school after one season on the team.


I then moved back to Arizona where as it turned out I started my entertainment career.

For about the next 5 years I did stand-up comedy, hosted events, co-hosted a sports talk radio show on ESPN radio as well as anything else that involved not really working!

I was then cast on a reality television show on Fox called Forever Eden. It was suppose to be this big show that could have lasted for many years but it was cancelled after just 8 or 9 episodes, none of which I aired on.  Eventually it did air in it’s entirety on Fox reality channel and after seeing how they edited me, I wish it never did…

I then went back to AZ where I had nothing.  I had no job and my girlfriend at the time whored around while I gone. (She was bad to me the whole time anyway, although I didn’t see it that way then.)


I then moved to Venice, California where I attempted to get into acting.  I was mentally shot and wasn’t myself for the first time in life.  My ex-girl had fucked with my head and this state of mind unfortunately lasted for the next 2 – 3 years.


So I decided to move back to AZ but after just a few months back in the desert I was bitten by a spider and almost lost my leg.   I then went back home to New Jersey in order to get better medical treatment and help from my family.


After finally getting all better, I realized I was 30 years old and living with my Mom! I love my Mom to death but who’s a bigger loser than a 30+ living with his Mom and neither one of them is sick or dying.  I can’t think of anyone either… So I moved to Boca Raton, Florida where a friend of mine had a condo no one was living in but was being paid for.  He said I could stay for free, I left NJ that day.


I lived in Boca for 6 months or so and them moved to the other coast of Florida to live with the friend who let me use his condo.  He had a mortgage company so I tried my hand at that.

After 2 years and not many sales, (the housing market crashed) I decided it was time to give college and football one last shot, so I moved back to New Jersey to attend a school near where I grew up.


After looking at a few colleges in my area, I choose Kean University in Union, NJ.  After attending for one year and getting almost straight A’s I decided to look into trying out for the football team at 34 years old.  I asked the coach what he thought and he agreed to let me try out for the team in the spring. A New York based film company caught wind of what was happening and shot a pilot episode of me trying out for the team called “The Longshot”.  The company pitched the pilot around to many networks and there was interest until I injured myself and then was cut by the team.  I had shoulder surgery to repair a torn labrum.

I still continued on with college this time and just graduated from Kean U. on May 13, 2010 Summa Cum Laude!  For all you non- summa cum laudem’s, that means with honors!  Seriously, I just went to all my classes, did my homework, and studied for my tests and I wound up with 3.92 GPA.


So here I am with nothing to do… And then it hits me, an adventure, this adventure.  So I ask you to join me as I travel the country and write about my life on the road!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my journey!


Dave “Rooster” Bierstein

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