Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why is your nickname Rooster?

A - I’m not 100% sure but almost all my friends have nicknames and many of them are after animals. I have friends nicknamed Snake, Monkey, Moose, Wolf, Dog, Rabbit, as well as many others, so Rooster was just what I wound up with.

Other than that when I was in my 20’s, I would wake up around 3 pm everyday with my hair standing straight up kinda like a rooster and back then in the summer time my hair would have reddish highlights.

Q - Why are you doing this trip and how did you come up with the idea?

A - I’m a 35 year old man who graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in media and film from Kean University. So I had to ask myself what do I do next????

While I was sitting on the couch that I sleep, live, and everything on, I came up with an idea.

This travel the country for a year and write a blog about it, complete with pictures and videos. Now, this idea came to me in a second and within minutes I was planning it as if I’d been thinking about for years. That’s why and how this trip came to be.

Q - Where are you staying in each city?

A - Some cities I’ll be staying with old friends and for the other 30 plus cities....we will see...

Q - How do you plan to fund the trip?

A - There are 3 ways I plan on funding my trip. First, I’m going to start with $2,000 of my money which will hopefully grow as I play (and win) at poker across the country to continue my journey. Second, I will also be accepting donations from anybody who wants to send some spare change. ( There is a donation button located on the front page as well as a donation tab you can click.) Lastly, I am looking for sponsors who will help fund me throughout the next year (click sponsor tab for more information)

Q - Are you Married? Do you have kids?

A - No I’m not married and never have been. I have no kids and I am currently single.

Q - Who are you again?

A - Just a guy who likes to have a good time.

Q - Have you ever been committed?

A - No, not yet.

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