Delaware Park and Harrington Raceway “Day 4” (Pics coming soon)

Day 4 began at Delaware Park Racetrack and Casino.  I tried to get into 1-2 NL game but there was a long list so I played 3-6 limit.  I bought in for $100 and 2 hours (2:30pm – 4:30pm) later I cashed out with $114.

Hey, I’d take a win over a loss any day but it does feel like I wasted my time a little. The most I was up was $55. and the most I was down like 5 bucks.  I played tight, didn’t get many hands, but at least I didn’t take a bad beat.   It’s all good, as the mighty Arnold said… “I’ll be back!”

Session 2:

I’m awake, showered, and ready to tell some poker stories.

Here we go…  So I went to Harrington Raceway and Casino last night to meet Jake as you know.

Anyway,sfter 2 plus hours of driving I finally met my friend Jake at the casino.  My friend Jake likes to play Blackjack and when he does, well… he kills it!  So the first thing we did after getting a drink (my 1st drink of the trip) was hit the Blackjack tables.

I didn’t play, I just watched Jake while I made a scene at the table.  After about 30 minutes or so I decided it was time for me to gamble as well, so I hit the poker room.

Harrington’s poker room is nice enough, they have 10 tables and the players didn’t seem that good. (I had to wait for a seat and watched a few games for 20 min or so.)

Interesting tidbit of information, at Harrington’s they give you a buzzer to let you know when you’re called, like at a restaurant.  It’s cool cause you don’t have to be in the immediate area to get your seat.  Also, the buy in limits are between $60 – $200 instead of the usual amount of $60-$300.

Anyway, I finally got called (buzzed) and sat down in the 9 seat with a $130 buy in.  The table was relatively short stacked except for one guy (5 seat) who had $1,200 or so in front of him.

The first hand I got was A – 6 off and I limped in for $2 bucks.  I folded after the flop. Not much action there.

A few hands later I got pocket 4’s (4,4).  There was a $10 pre-flop raise and I obviously called.  The flop came 4H, 6H, 7H.  I flopped a set (that means 3 of a kind) but there was 3 hearts out there so I slow played the flop to see what came out on the turn.

The turn: 7D .  I have a full house.  Nice!  The exact card I wanted besides a 4 of course.  The better lead out with $15 and I raised him $40 on top.  He called, I put him on a over pair.  The river… 7S ! (The board: 4H, 6H, 7H, 7D, 7S ) .  I knew I got counter-fitted, damn!  He checked the river, I checked back.  He had pocket 8’s (8,8) and I lost to a higher full house.

The good news was, I sniffed out the hand and left myself with half of my stack or so.

Fast forward 30 minutes.  I get pocket K’s (K,K). I’m in early position so I raise to $13.  The gentleman to my left snap called it as if he was gonna raise himself.  I put him on (A, Q ).  I thought he had that hand cause he didn’t raise back and called so quick.  I knew I had to avoid an A.

The flop QH, 10D, 6S.  I lead out with a $25 bet and he pushed all in, exactly what I wanted.  I said to the man “Ace – Queen no good”, as I called and flipped over my Kings.  He reluctantly flipped over his A,Q.  The turn, 6 H, river…. (you already know…) Ace of Diamonds!  F%$K!

The cards obviously weren’t going my way so I knew it was time to take a break.  I didn’t buy back in and went to find Jake. (When the cards are running like that, you have to take a break.  One, you can go on tilt and start playing badly and secondly, sometimes it’s just not your night.)

So… I walked to the blackjack table where Jake was sitting.  As I arrived, he hit a run.  In a few minutes he turned $100 in a lot of 100’s.  We were having fun as I was talking it up at the table. Screaming MONKEY! Every chance I could.

After 30 minutes or so, a generous man who was listening to my story donated $100 to me.  I would have a picture but he wanted to remain anonymous and didn’t tell me his real name either. Woo Hoo! Thank you anonymous dude!

Since Jake was playing BJ, I decided to play with him for it could be the last time I’d see him in a year.  Sitting at the table with us was a real cool couple (Heather and Jay,).

The shoe started hot as Jake and I both started with blackjacks!  It stayed hot for me as I got the donated $100 up to $250.  We continued to play until Jake took a bad hand and decided it was time to go.

It was fine with me, Jake was leaving a winner (small winner) and I cashed out of the BJ table with $170.

So even though I lost $130 in poker, I still left the casino plus $40.  It wasn’t the way I wanted to win, but a win, is a win, is a win!

Thanks for a great night out Jake! See ya in a year, I hope!


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