100 DAYS!!! Woo Hoo! Bar Hopping with Batman in Montana! (MT) “DAY 100” – 10/12/10

October 13, 2010 - 10:27 am - (MT) “DAY 100” WOW!

It’s DAY 100!!!  Woo Hoo!  Who’d a thought I would be in Montana writing “DAY 100”???  I sure didn’t... 😉  But here I am in Batman’s apartment writing it next to Brandon (he’s asleep on the couch 5 feet from me).

Well... let’s start at the beginning of the day since you already know the end of it (obviously... I didn’t stay at the Hostel last night for another $31, I crashed at Batman’s).

Anyway, I woke up this morning at the Hostel around 11 am and started writing “DAY 99”.


While I was writing, Batman text me to see what I was doing for the day and if I wanted to hang out.  I told him I did, but I had to finish writing first.

It worked out perfectly because Batman was helping his friend Brandon move and when I arrived at the storage unit to meet them (about an hour later), they had already packed the moving truck and were ready to leave.  Good timing!

Lunch with Batman And Brandon
Here’s the situation... Brandon has been moving around from couch to couch for the past few weeks while he was looking for a place to live.

Batman, as we are finding out, is a super cool dude who was letting Brandon stay with him until he found a place.  Well... he (Brandon) found one today!

Because Batman was helping Brandon move (and let him stay at his place), Brandon was buying him lunch and that’s where we went first.  Got it?  Cool! 🙂

We arrived at the Taco place around 1:30 pm, they ordered some fish burritos while I had a pulled pork soft taco.  Anyway, we sat in the restaurant for a little bit while we talked about my journey and what our plan for the day was.  (Both Batman and Brandon have off today and tomorrow.)

Our plan was to hit the bars all the day and have some drinks while attempting to pull some ladies.  Not to shabby... but first we had to unload the moving truck they had just packed at Brandon’s new pad.

Moving Brandon In
We arrived at Brandon’s place and when we opened up the truck... I felt like I was moving in Sanford and Son. 😉  There was so much random stuff, I couldn’t believe it was all packed into one truck!  There were 20+ buckets, old rags, countless nick-nacks, and even a canoe!

I didn’t care though, it just felt so normal to be helping somebody (a friend) move on a regular Tuesday.  It was a feeling of normalcy I haven’t had in sometime and it felt good. 🙂  Basically, it felt like I was back in NJ helping a buddy move. 🙂


Anyway, Batman and I started unpacking while Brandon was deciding where to place everything.  He was just putting everything in the garage for now but again... there was so much stuff, he had to unload it himself so he’d be able to find it again!

During the process, Brandon’s dog (Quincy) got into face-off with the girl’s cat his is moving in with.  They (dog and cat) just stood there eying each other up for over a minute.  A real “Mexican stand-off”!  lol

It took a little while... but we finished helping Brandon unpack by 3:30 pm.  We were almost on our way to the bars but first I had to drive Batman around town while he applied for a new job.

Checking Out Missoula While Regan Gets A New Job
While Batman was doing what he had to get done, I walked around town and checked out the local stores.  The first store I went into was a Halloween store.  They had some many costumes, you could tell this wasn’t your regular costume shop.

I was walking around store looking at Viking hats when I over heard a lady customer talking about the costume she wanted.

Nampa, Seth

She said she wanted to be an octopus because last year nobody knew who she was.  I’m not sure where the correlation is either...???

None-the-less, I jumped in the conversation and tried to help out.  She said she was a French clown last year named “???” and nobody knew who she was.  Yeah!  You just explained it to me and I still don’t know who you were! lol

We spoke for a bit and when we finished talking, she decided she would now be the Queen of Hearts instead of a octopus.  I told her if the octopus costume wasn’t unbelievable... she would be in the same boat she was in last year... nobody would know what she was!

She thanked me as I left the store because Batman was out front waiting for me.  I was at a few other stores during this time but that was the only store worth talking about.

It was now close to dinner time and the baseball game was about to start (Tampa vs Texas), so we picked up Brandon and headed over to Hooters.  Hooters was... well... Hooters!

It had the girls and the wings but as all Hooters do... it had no real girls there.  (Pretty girls not working there. ;))  So we ate some dinner and then headed off to another bar.  It was about 7 pm-ish.

Bar Hoping
From this point on, we just went from bar to bar until the night ended.  I’ll start at the first place and actually the first place wasn’t even a bar... it was a coffee shop.  We stopped there so I could use the internet and have a piece of pie for dessert.

Clamato and Beer!

There were a ton of girls there but they were all studying, so we ate our apple pie, failed at a few attempts of pulling chicks, and then left for the bar across the street.

Iron Horse - Clamato and Beer
The Iron Horse is Batman’s local bar and he knew most of the people there.  His drink of choice... Clamato and beer.  What’s Clamato and beer you ask?  Well... I asked the same question and I shouldn’t have. 🙁

Basically, it’s clam juice and tomato juice mixed in a beer.  In Montana, they love it!  I’m not a big beer fan anyway, so I hated it!  But like they say... when in Montana... do as the Montanan’s do. 🙂

We finished our Clamato’s and beer and headed off to the next bar a few blocks away.

We arrived at Stockman’s and it was the more of local bar, the kind of bars I like. 🙂  Anyway, as soon as we walked in, Batman met a few girls and then signed us up for beer pong tournament.  (I was partners with Brandon, Batman was partners with the chick he knew.)

Beer Pong Tournament
For those of you who don’t know, beer pong is drinking game where you line up 10 cups (we used 6) like bowling pins and fill them 1/2 way or less with beer.  You do this on a long table and the object is to shoot a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups.

When you make a shot, the opposing team drinks that cup.  The match ends when one team’s cups are completely gone.  OK, got it.  There are more rules but that is the basic idea.

Anyway, it was $5 per team (paid for the pitcher) and the winning team even got $20 bucks (8 team tournament).  Nice!  this should be fun.

Game One
Brandon and I were matched up against two other guys and before we knew it... we were down to just one cup left and about to be eliminated.  (The other team made 5 ping pong balls and we had only made one.)

Then we made a run and came all the way back to win!  A improbable come back considering we were down to one cup left.

They beat us!

Truth be told, Brandon was the team leader although I made the last ball to win!

Game 2
Our second match-up was vs. a girl and a guy.  Again, we started off slow but eventually the game was tied with each team having one cup left.  We shot numerous times but in the end... the girl from the other team sank the winning shot and we lost!  🙁

I’m probably the reason we lost but it still was a good time.  And... after two games of beer pong,

Me "Rooster" and Kaylie

you are starting to feel pretty good! 😉  F.Y.I. - Batman and the girl he was partnered with lost in the first round.

Drinking & Girls
At this point, it’s after 11 pm and we are all a little sauced up.  We’re not stupid drunk but a in a good mood. 🙂  Anyway, for the rest of the time we were at the bar, I hung out with a girl named Kaylie.  She was from Canada but living in Montana for now.

She was a real cool girl and was friends with the girl Regan met as soon as we walked in.  (That’s how we started talking.)  We had a bunch of drinks and bullshitted while Regan clowned around with everybody in the bar.  (He grew up here, so he knows a lot of people.)

It was almost 1 am and the bar’s were closing soon, so we left and headed to one last place before we called it a night.

Our last stop was a a bar called Bodega’s.  The place was very cool inside as it even had a basketball court so you could shoot hops while you drank.  Not bad. 🙂

drunk girl

Again, as soon as walked in, Batman started talking with a drunk girl.  She was cute and Batman was making some progress when all of sudden she flipped scripts and fell in love with hugging and rubbing Brandon.  I don’t know why?

She just kept saying all drunk... that he was such a gentleman, smelled good, was perfect for cuddling, etc... It was funny how quickly she went from flirting with Batman, to telling us about

Brandon and Sam

her boyfriend, to rubbing all over Brandon.  Alcohol is a hell of a drug! 🙂 LOL

Crashing At Batman’s
It was now almost 2 am... time to go home except I don’t have a home. 🙁  Luckily Batman is a super cool dude and told me I could crash at his place for the night.  Actually, since the three of us were bombed, Brandon ended up staying too.

When we got back to Batman’s, his hot roommate Sam was still up studying.  We all hung out and bull shitted for about an hour before it was bed-time or should I say... until we all passed out! 🙂

Me "Rooster" and Regan

“DAY 100”
I had a great “DAY 100”!  I hung out with some new awesome friends (Batman and Brandon), found a place to stay (thanks Batman), saw the bar scene in Missoula, met a cool chick, and... I still have 3 more days to party here with some cool dudes!  It should be fun! 🙂

My 100th Day and... Net Worth!

Lastly, I can’t believe I’m even at Day 100, I can still remember being in Delaware at John’s during week 1 thinking... I’ve been gone awhile already! 🙂

I would like to thank everybody who had been reading during this first 100 days.  I appreciate your support and it helps me when times are tough.  So to everybody... I say thank you!

F.Y.I. - Sometime later today I will be putting up a “What I’ve accomplished in 100 days post.”  Check back for it later!

Thanks for reading!


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