150 Days On The Road! (AZ-Vegas) “DAY 150” – 12/1/10

December 2, 2010 - 10:13 am - (AZ - Vegas) “DAY 150”

I knew when I got up this morning, it would be my last moments in AZ.  A say moments because I’m leaving first thing in the morning. 😉  Also, today is “DAY 150’!  No shit!  150 days on the road and still truck’in!  I’m truly shocked I’ve gotten this far. 🙂

Before I start writing my actual day, I have few people in AZ to thank first.  Yes, there a tons of people that have helped me in this state ( Lebs, D, Joe, Lindsey, RB, Bryan, Gene, Coop, etc...) but two people went above and beyond, as they always do for me. 🙂

Mike Walleen
F&$K’in Mike, what can I say about this guy.  If you don’t remember how Mike and I know each other, let me refresh you.  I never knew Mike when I lived in AZ (I lived here about 6 years.)  I didn’t meet Mike until I came back for vacation in 2006 and he let me stay in is place for a month!

Yes!  A month!  And I never knew him before that.  Every year since, when I come back (which is for a month), I stay at Mike’s and he never has a problem with it.  How awesome is that.

The cool thing is... by now we are great friends!  (Not to mention, all those years (06-09), he let me use his car as well (when needed).) 🙂  What a great dude!

Anyway, thank you Mike for everything!  When I’m at your place, it feels like home and on a trip like this where I have been slumbering around like a homeless bear on coke, you have no idea how amazing that is.  Thank you and good luck in life Walleen!

Curt Blakeney
There is so much Curt does for me, I can’t even begin to write it all.  It would be it’s own book in itself! 😉  But, I’ll try to do my best while keeping it short and sweet.

Ever since I have known Curt (11 years), he has been generous and helpful in whatever crazy plan I come up with.  Yes, I have done things for Curt but he always goes above and beyond when it comes to helping others, me especially (at least I think so). 🙂

Just on this trip, Curt got me Cirque De Soleil tickets, MNF tickets (RB/Amanda did too), a contact for my ASU pass, gift certificates for restaurants, cloths (new Nike stuff), a brand new Vado (video camera), razors, a beer mug, air freshener, power bars, as well being editor for my book. (Well, he hasn’t edited anything yet... but he will! ;))

Oh yeah... and he’s working on a place for me to stay in Utah for a few days.  I may have to write a review and do some work but still... A free Utah ski vacation!

How do you even thank somebody for all that unless they need a kidney! LOL  I’m not sure how but I’ll try.  Curt, over the years you have been so kind to me and helped me so much in life that... OK... you can have my kidney! 🙂

“DAY 150” - Traveling
Now, back to “DAY 150”.  I woke up at 6 am and after gathering my thing, I said good-bye Deniro and left for Vegas.  Ya see, I didn’t to to much in AZ before I left today. 😉

My GPS Sucks!
The drive to Vegas is a familiar one for me as I have done many times in the past and actually, I just drove it 2 weeks ago.  Luckily I have, because believe it or not... my GPS (Garmin) went out again!

Yes, the new one I bought a month ago is doing the same thing the old one did!  Ahhhh!  After a few hours of driving (and after a month of having it), it just goes black and stops working!  But the next day (like today), it works when I plug it in!  Damn Garmin!

The Drive
The drive is 5 hours but with the time change, it turns out to be 4 hours (AZ is in it’s own time zone when the clocks change).  Most of the ride is through the desert and the rest of the ride... is also though the desert! 😉

F.Y.I. - That’s why I stayed until this morning and left at 7 am.  The last place you want to be stranded in the middle of the night is in the middle of the desert.  It gets crazy cold and nobody is around to help you!

The cool thing about the drive is it looks like something out of the old video “Spy Hunter”.  Maybe next time I do this drive, I’ll modify my car and add a smoke screen and oil slick.

Anyway, once you reach the Hover Dam (which has a new road around it, sweet!), you know you are in the home stretch to Vegas!  (From there, it’s only 30 more miles.)  Nice!

The Flamingo
I arrived at the Flamingo around noon and after checking into my room (which is awesome), I started writing everything I had to catch up on!  I had a lot to write so I didn’t expect to be done until night-time. 🙁

F.Y.I. - The room I’m in is awesome!  The bathroom is huge and has a TV in the mirror, the beds are soft and comfortable, the blinds open up with a remote control, and the TV is a huge flatscreen!  Thank you Jim!  (A friend from childhood who hooked it up for me!)

Since I knew I was gonna be writing for hours, I spoiled myself and ordered room service (cheesesteak and fries, $20 with tip).  It was worth it as it was convenient for me and it tasted pretty good too. 🙂

I finally finished catching up on my writing by 6:30 pm, so I went downstairs to play poker.  I really need to start playing and winning.  It doesn’t matter how much I win, just that I keep winning and adding money to my bankroll.

Poker - Flamingo
The poker room in the Flamingo is small but nice.  They run 1-2 NL games and 2-4 limit.  Obviously, I’ll be playing 1-2 NL.  Also, they have a $65 NL tourney that starts at 6 pm (just missed it).  I may play in it tomorrow night.

Anyway, I bought in for $100 and sat down at a table of older men with small chip stacks.  This is not going to be a loose game but it should be easy to take few bucks from.  And... that’s what my plan is.

I only played for an hour and after that time, I was up $70.  I didn’t loose a hand I played to the river (unless checked down) but the hands I won weren’t that big either.  None-the-less, I was happy to be up as well as starting my Vegas trip with a win! 🙂

The Room
I was tired from a long day of driving, writing, and well... everything, so I went back up to the room and watched TV while I relaxed in my sweet room!  During this time, I realized I had a fridge in my room so I went to store to get some food and drinks.  (It’s much cheaper than $2.50 for a 12 oz soda.)

Grocery Store - Talking With Jeremy “150 Days In”
While I was getting food, Jeremy (Cali- best friend) called me and we talked about life and that it’s actually “DAY 150’!  Unreal!  It is so crazy to both of us! 🙂 (He built the website and is as much a part of this as I am.)

For the past 150 days, I have talked to Jeremy almost everyday (missed maybe 3 days all trip) and we talk about everything; life, the trip, old times, funny stories, family stuff, advice, whatever.  F.Y.I. - It was his, his kids, and his wife (Lauren’s) idea to ask the French along. 😉

I remember on many occasions throughout the past 150 days where I would be talking to Jeremy and the trip was over (in my mind).  I would be so angry and frustrated and all Jeremy would do on the other end of the phone is... laugh at me!  🙂

What can say?... My best friend knows how to deal with my personality. 😉  The truth is... it’s exactly what I need when I’m like that.  I don’t need serious... I need a levity!  The funny thing is... the madder I get, the happier he seems on the other end! LOL

Basically, what I’m saying is... Thank You for being great friend Jeremy!  Oh yeah, when we talk, Jeremy walks around his neighbor and when I was there, we talked in person on the actual walk so I know the path now.

Anyway, he sent me a picture of some crazy rabbit that he sees every night (a big statue rabbit on somebody’s front lawn) but tonight it has a red nose placed on him for the holidays!  Crazy stuff! 🙂

Back To The Flamingo
I got back to the room and settled in around mid-night.  Again, the room was so nice and I was up $70, so I decided it was best just to get a good night’s sleep and call it a day.

My plan for tomorrow is to wake up early and get my post done, that way I can get back to my normal routine of having posts up one at a time, the day after everything happens, like today. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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