2 Post In 1: A Normal Day & A Night Out With Scott! (TX) “DAYS 205 & 206” – 1/25/11, 1/26/11

January 27, 2011 - 11:55 am - (TX) “DAY 205” - Week 30 - State 28

Today was about as normal a day as it’s gonna get for me and boy... I needed it! 🙂

What I mean is, I got up, did a whole lot of nothing except hanging out with friends, and then went to bed happy as a clam! (We’ve already learned the origin of the “happy as a clam” reference about 100 days or more ago on my site!) 😉

So, since this post will be relatively short, I will catch back up to date today and write “Days 205 & 206” with-in this same post.  My “Day 206” was back to the crazy life that is wheresrooster.com so hang in there. 🙂

The Daytime
I went to bed so late last night that I didn’t get up and until after 1 pm.  Then, by the time I showered, organized my things, and whatever else I had to do, it was actually closer to 3 pm.  So basically, my day was already over.

F.Y.I. - I’m real pumped to be in Houston for many reasons but especially because WINTER is over for me!  Not that I had a bad or long one (maybe 4 days with snow and no real bad storms) but it was real cold for past 4 weeks and now that I’m in the south... hello Sunshine!  (I won’t be back into any Northern states until springtime!) 🙂

Getting A Present
Last night while I was furiously writing my marathon post, Scott handed me a package with a bunch of presents in it from a friend of his in Texas who owns Texas Fish & Game (a hunting/fishing type store.)

I was so busy and since I didn’t want to not appreciate it appropriately (that’s a mouthful), I waited until this afternoon (my morning ;)) to open the presents his friend gave me.

Inside the package was a barrage of cool stuff.  There was a real nice fishing knife (this is no butter cutter) ;), a few stickers/bumper stickers, a beer coolie, and lastly a real nice hat.

Wow!  People are just so awesome!  I didn’t even meet this guy but because I was a friend’s of Scott’s, he made sure I got a care package from his store. (Scott’s wife Julie brought it home for me from somewhere.)  Thank you!

Dinner Time
Next thing I knew it was close to dinner time and Scott had gotten home from work. (Even though he’s always working on his phone.)  Anyway, he decided he was gonna cook dinner for the whole family so we went to the supermarket to get some food.

H-E-B (Supermarket)
For all my friends who like to pick on me for being Jewish, well... make your best comment because I just showed up at a supermarket in Texas named H-E-B. 🙂 LOL  I don’t what the abbreviation stands for but still... it’s a funny supermarket sign! 😉

After walking through endless ailes of gefilte fish, matza, and over priced Koshar products, Just Kidding :).  No, seriously, it was a normal supermarket but what was wild was seeing what it takes to feed a family of 8 or 9 each night.

For instance, when Scott buys a 5 lb bag of potatoes... it’s for dinner, not for the week.  I have no idea how they do it everyday but somehow/someway they make it happen.  It’s truly amazing to see what has to bought so everybody eats at just one meal!

Pre-paring Dinner
Once we got home, Scott and Julia got to preparing dinner while I did some research on the computer on how to get my site out there to the world (on top of the couple of thousand people who read my site weekly). EX- Jimmy Kimmel show, Howard Stern, Ellen, Oprah, Dalilia at night, etc...

F.Y.I. - For all the readers out there in internet land who want to help me, please tell a friend, post my website on your Facebook page asking your friends to check it out, or if have tons of motivation and spare time, you can try contacting big networks telling them about my adventure.  Anything helps! 🙂  Thank you just for reading though! 🙂

Eating Dinner
Sometime after 6 pm, dinner was served and after eating a great meal (shrimp/steak/sides), I took a picture of the whole family who was at the dinner table with me. (There are more, they just weren’t here.) 😉

The Rest Of The Night
Other than meeting and hanging out with Scott’s oldest daughter Courtney (she was real cool, Scott and I had to give her a ride somewhere), I just hung out at Scott’s house watching TV on the couch for the rest of the night.

Well, that was my day.  Pretty normal, and like I said to start the post... I needed it!

Thanks for reading!

January 27, 2011 - 1:00 pm - (TX) “DAY 206” - Week 30 - State 28

After having a fairly normal Tuesday, Wednesday was back to the Rooster way as another adventure was on the horizon.  Rather than give you some details now, I’ll start my post with the beginning of my day and tell you as I go. 🙂

My Morning
By the time I woke up and got showered (11 am), Scott had stopped back at the house to pick me up for the day.  Basically, I was gonna spend the day living the work life of Scott for part of the afternoon.

Work Day

Since Scott is the owner of the company, he’s all over the place the all day. (He’s has to get materials, check on the job sites, plus other errands like the bank and etc.)  After we got some stuff done, we stopped at taco joint to have some lunch/breakfast.

If you haven’t realized yet or maybe I just haven’t expressed it... I’m a very picky eater.  I don’t like any whites sauces, any creamy products (except vanilla ice cream), spicy foods, anything foo-foo, and the list goes and on.  Basically, I’m a meat and potatoes guy. 🙂

Anyway, since I never know what I’ll like when I try a new place, I only ordered one breakfast taco and one lunch taco.  I made a mistake because my tacos were great!  I should have had 3 breakfast tacos as the bacon and egg tasted yummy! (The steak taco was good too.):)

As we were leaving, Scott introduced me to Mrs. Vicky, one of the owners of the place.  She was really nice but thought I was crazy for wanting to take a picture with her.  None-the-less, she walked around the counter and took some pics with me and Scott. 🙂

One Of Scott’s Job Sites
The last thing we did before Scott dropped me back off at his house was to stop at one of his job sites to check on the progress and whatnot.  (I don’t know, I was just along for the ride and my construction I.Q. is like 4.) LOL  I’m not handy at all! 🙁

After hanging around the job site for a half hour or so, Scott dropped me back off at his house so I could get done what I had to do before we went out for the night.  Our plan for the night was to go to a basketball game (either college or pro, both were in town tonight) and then hit a bar or two afterwards.  Nice!

Organizing My Car & Stuff
Since I had a few hours before we left for the night, I went through my whole car and tried to get some organization back.  Wow!  I have accumulated a lot stuff over the past 206 days! 🙂

Deciding Which Basketball Game To Attend
It was almost 6 pm when Scott and I got in his truck to head down to Houston for the night (17 miles south).  Now, we had a choice.  We could go and see a pro game (Rockets vs. Clippers) or a inter-city college rivalry (Houston vs. Rice).  Huh?  Tough choice???

F.Y.I. - Before we left, Scott’s wife (Julia) did some internet research and found 2 Rockets tickets, 2 dogs, 2 beers, and 2 t-shirts for $67 total.  This isn’t a bad deal at all but I told her I would get us the tickets for free.  She didn’t really understand how I could do that and tried to explain it to her.  In the end, I just told her thank you, but I’ll take care of this. 😉

Anyway, after talking it over with Scott in his truck, we decided to go to the college game.  We choose the college game over the pro for a few reasons; 1.) Scott is Houston Cougar fan. 2.) The Rockets are bad this year and the Clippers are worse. 3.) It’s probably easier to get TWO free tickets to a college game over a pro one.

Houston Cougars vs. Rice Owls at Tudor Fieldhouse (Rice U. Campus)
The drive wasn’t to far but since Scott had never been to Rice’s campus, he was shocked when he pulled off the highway (to get a sense of where he was) and the campus was less then a mile away on our right.  Perfect! 🙂

After we pulled onto the campus, the stadium was just a few turns away and parking... was free!  Cha-ching!  We are already winning (parking at the Rockets game would have cost us money or calories ;)).

Finding A Ticket
Even though Scott has money, I told him not to worry about it as I would provide us with the tickets for tonights game.  But, since we got to the stadium area at 7:15 pm (45 minutes before tip-off), I told Scott that it might take a little time because we’re early.

So, as we approached the front of the Tudor Fieldhouse, I started to ask around for tickets.  The first guy I spoke to had an extra but didn’t want to give it up for free so early (as I expected) but said if he still had it when he went in, he’s give it to me.  Nice, maybe one down. 🙂

Even if that ticket comes through, I still need another so I approached the next guy I saw and it looked like he had a bunch of tickets in his hand.  Perfect!  The guy did have a bunch tickets but they were already accounted for by the Houston Cougar staff/parents of players.

Still, I kept talking with him about whatever all the up until he went into the stadium entrance.  Ahhh!  At this point (although it has only been about 5-10 minutes,), Scott looked at me and said, “Man, it’s $25 a ticket, I’ll just get it.  Don’t worry about it.”

I looked at Scott and said, “Really, wait a few minutes. I promise you something will happen and it will work it out.”  Honestly, not more than 10 seconds pasted when the guy who I spoke to (Houston Cougar employee), walked back out of the arena and handed me 2 tickets to the game.  All he said was we had to cheer on U. of H.

Thank you pal.  I’m still not sure how all these things continue to happen but... somehow... someway... it always seems to work itself out! 🙂  (And for this game, I had to get two tickets.)  Oh yeah! 🙂

Exploring Tudor Fieldhouse

When Scott and I walked in, I could already tell it was a smallest venue I have attended.  I say that because when you walk in, you can see the court and stands from the entrance way.  (This arena (fieldhouse) is like huge High School stadium except they have a top-of-the-line scoreboard, one that would be in a much bigger arena.)

Other than that, the only real sports memorabilia is on the walls around the stadium hallways.  And, all I saw were a few different plaque’s/displays with lists of the All-Americans the have had and in which decade it happened.

Honoring Scholastic Acheivements
What I’m about to explain next is what made this game worth coming to (outside of the actual game).  In the rafters here at Rice (Ivy League or close) weren’t the names of the best basketball players that have played here or banners of conference championships (etc.).

Who they honor here in the rafters of the stadium are different Rhodes Scholllar along with a bunch of Nobel Prize winners who I’d assume attended Rice at one point or another.  Awesome!  A college who actually cares more about academics than athletics.  Wow... this is a first! 🙂

Walking Toward Our Seats

On our way to our seats while walking through the hallway, I saw a guy (Cameron) handing out t-shirts to a bunch of people.  So I stopped and asked what was going on and he told me they were for the students.  Ah ha!

So I told Cameron what I was doing and that I just graduated college, etc. Then, as I was about to ask for the t-shirt, he handed it to me and told me I had to route for Rice!  Nice!

Wait... now I have a dilemma, I have to route on Rice because of the t-shirt but I also have to route on Houston because of the ticket.  What to do? 😉  I guess the forces have equaled out and I’ll just route for a good game where nobody gets hurt.  That should satisfy both needs.

Our Seats
Our seats for the game were right on mid-court about half-way up in the Houston Cougar cheering section. (We had a great view of the game but this gym has no bad seats because it is so small.)  Plus, the scoreboard is as big as the court so you can’t miss a thing! 😉

Since we had gotten there so early, it was still 20 minutes til tip-off.  So instead of running around all game trying to get pictures with cheerleaders, mascots, etc..., I figured I’d do it now and get it out if the way early.

Like I said, it’s a small arena with little to no security (like a H.S. game), so getting on the court and getting pictures with all the stuff they had to offer wasn’t hard at all.  The first picture I got was with the cheerleaders.

This actually took two chances because the girls here aren’t used to being a big deal (sports aren’t a big deal here, all you had to do was look in the rafters to see that), so I when asked a group of cheerleaders I saw to take a picture with me, they thought I was serial rapist or something as they quickly moved away without saying anything.  LOL 😉

Then, the next girls I saw, I told them what I was doing and they were more than happy to take a photo with me.  Thanks girls! 🙂  Not to be mean, but their actual cheerleading skills were fair to weak at best.  Heck, they're the brains of America anyway, I’m glad they're bad cheerleaders. 😉

Dance Team
Now, the dance team was much cooler as they never thought of me as serial maniac.  So when I asked them for a photo op, they took the picture with me as soon as I asked, with smiles.  Thanks girls.

Mascot Time
Rice University’s mascot is an Owl.  Yes, wise as an owl.  I guess that’s the reason because this owl didn’t look violent or angry or anything intimidating.  It was actually kinda small too.  Still, it’s there mascot, so I got a picture with him or her?  I don’t know?;)

The Actual Game
The game in and of itself was great game for a basketball fan to see as it was back and forth all night long.  I didn’t see a stat sheet for the game but I would guess the lead changed hands 10 or more times.  This is a inter-city battle and it showed on the court.

From what I could tell (I haven’t seen either team this year or last year or the year before that...) you get what I mean, so all I can judge is on is what I saw tonight.  Anyway, there were 2 players on each team that were really good and the rest were just so-so.

For Rice there offense was basically a combination of #4 Conner Frizzelle (Guard) and #14 Arsaian Kazemi (power forward). (Frizzelle was really good and Kazemi is from Iran and played real hard all night long.)

For Houston, it was two guards (Adam Brown and Darian Thibodeaux).  They were real quick and could shot the three at will if they were open.  Other than that, Houston had two big men that were pretty good as well.

Anyway, with time expiring in the 2nd half and Rice down by 3 points, my man Frizzelle hit a clutch 3 pointer with just a few seconds to tie the game and send it into over time.

The Crowd
Even though the arena was small and the game was only half-filled with fans, this place got real loud at times throughout the evening.  The student section was rocking and going crazy from start to finish as it seemed like a great emotional release for the students who attended. (With their school work load, they need it! ) 😉

Other then being loud and into the game, they were clever too.  They had many different  signs but the best one was... Adam Brown has Beiber fever! LOL 🙂 (The sign was down when I got my photo but right next to that huge Beiber poster was the sign.)  Real funny!

Tied at 53-53... Overtime!
As I said earlier, #4 Frizzelie sunk a clutch 3 pointer to send the game to OT and with that momentum... the Rice Owls never looked back and cruised to a easy overtime victory 79-71.   As far as .500-ish teams go, this was a very entertaining game to see! 🙂

Oh yeah, the only I thing I forgot to tell you was I met this cool guy Elvonte.  He was sitting court side (as he does every game) when I met him as I was taking pictures the cheerleaders etc.

Anyway, he has his own blog and said he would promote mine to his readers.  Thanks Elvonte and if you send me your link, I’ll post it here on my site.  Plus he makes t-shirts, he’s wearing one in his picture.  Good luck my man!

Leaving The Game
After we found Scott’s truck in the parking lot (it was by Rice’s football stadium), he decided to bring me to a bar in Houston that some history to it.  It is now a bar but it   used be Houston’s oldest whorehouse.  Should be interesting. 😉

The Bar
I never did see the name of the bar anywhere, so I don’t know what it was called but it was a massive hippie fest if I have ever seen one.  Cartman from South Park would have lost his mind while smashing hippies with the bongos they brought to the bar. 😉 LOL

Seriously, the best way to describe this place is to call it... a hippie bar.  They is music nightly, people selling beads and t-shirts at make shift stands inside the bar, hula-hoop maniacs dancing around, and well as the infamous hippie bongo circle. 🙂

Hanging Out For Awhile
Now, when we arrived, it was basically dead as there was only about 10-15 people there with no band playing.  Since, I don’t really drink, I was just standing there twiddling my thumbs as I tried to stay warm by a heat lamp.  Ahhhh!

But then the band started playing, more hippies started to file in, and before I knew it... I was having good old time! 🙂  Even though I was now enjoying myself, I still wasn’t drinking so by 1 am, I was done for the night and ready to leave.

Scott felt the same as I but he really liked the band that was playing (Pot Roast), so we stayed until they finished their last set sometime around 1:30 am.  It was a real cool place to relax and listen to music so I’m glad I stayed the night. 🙂

Heading Home (Back To Scott’s)
After closing down the hippie joint, we hit the road for Spring, Texas (where Scott lives).  The ride wasn’t bad and when we got to Scott’s, I was so exhausted I immediately got comfortable and crashed on the couch in the living room.  See ya tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:

    Rice is not ivy league… you are either ivy league or your not period… infact you are nowhere near an ivy league school.
    From Wikipedia
    The Ivy League is an athletic conference comprising eight private institutions of higher education in the Northeastern United States. The conference name is also commonly used to refer to those eight schools as a group.[2] The eight institutions are Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, Princeton University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale University. The term Ivy League also has connotations of academic excellence, selectivity in admissions, and social elitism.

  2. dave says:

    Thank you Mike. On the walls in the arena were the crests for Brown, Columbia, and one or two other Ivy League schools. That’s where my confusion lied. None-the-less, academics must be prevalent there for Noble Prize winners to be in the rafters! 🙂

  3. DAD says:

    Scott will learn of the magical powers of the Rooster! Next,”The Superbowl” !!!!
    Sounds like your feelin at home. Scott and his family are just what the doctor ordered.
    Enjoy your day. Texas will be around 75/sunny today.

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