2 Posts In 1: Leaving Camping Early & Sunday! (NC) “DAYS 272 & 273” – 4/2/11, 4/3/11

April 4, 2011 - 10:30 am - (NC) “DAY 272” - Week 39 - State 35

I woke up this morning after just 4 hours of sleep (7 am) and the worst part was... I was shivering it was so cold out. (I should’ve kept my sweatshirt on last night instead of using it for a pillow.) ;(

As I was laying there in my sleeping blanket freezing, I started to think about all the writing I had to do.  Ahhhh!  At that moment, I was three days behind and two of them were busy days, so it would definitely take some time to catch up.

So, without thinking about it any further, I told the guys it was my time to go and started to gather the few things I brought to the campsite.  Wulf didn’t mind, so he told me to go back to his house and get my work done there. (His wife (Robin) and daughter (Ava) are still at home for the weekend.) Thanks Wulf, you’re the man!

Back To Wulf’s House
I got back to Wulf’s place in no time as it’s just 40 minutes away.  Not bad at all. 🙂  And when I walked in the door... Robin called me a wimp (I think she actually called me a pussy). LOL 🙂

None-the-less, I was happy not to be in the woods anymore although I did have a great time yesterday.  And even though Robin thrashed my manhood, she was awesome as she made me breakfast, lunch, and dinner throughout the day.  Thank you so much Robin! 🙂

Writing & Watching The Yankee’s
After eating some breakfast (bacon and eggs), I went upstairs to the rec room and started writing all the days I was behind.  Ahhh... this is gonna take awhile.

After writing for a few hours, it was 1 pm and Yankee game was now on.  Nice!  I love watching baseball and watching the Yanks is the equivalent to eating filet mignon.  It is the best! 🙂

So, for the next 3 hours I just kept on writing until I passed out cold on the couch sometime in the 6th inning of the game. (I guess a nap was in order.)  Anyway, when I woke up the Yanks had already won (10-6) and the next game was on the TV.

I didn’t mind, I guess I needed the rest.  So, refreshed and ready to write, I got back to business because I still had a lot of work to do before I’m caught up.

Hanging With The Girls At Night
Around 9 pm, I put my computer away and went downstairs to hang out with Robin and Ava for a little bit.  While the three of us were hanging out, two more of Robin’s girlfriends showed at the house.

So, now it’s me, three married women, and a baby hanging out on Saturday night.  I feel like Michael Keaton in Mr. Mom. LOL 🙂  But, I didn’t mind at all as it fun to hear the things that married women talk about when their men are away.  It’s definitely different than talking sports all night long. 😉

The Night Ends
Ladies night at the Wulf residence ended around midnight but Becky stayed a little longer as she was interested in how I put my daily post. (At this point in the night I had my laptop back out posting all the things I had already written today.)

I didn’t mind that Becky stayed and watched me work, hey... it was nice to have some company while I’m doing tedious work online.  But, it was now close to 1 am so Becky said good-bye and headed back to her house for the night. (I finished posting around 2 am.)

Well... that was my day as it mainly consisted of writing, writing, and more writing.  None-the-less, I’m happy I’m all caught up and it was fun hanging with the girls, so it was win-win for me.  Just like Charlie Sheen... I’m winning! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

April 4, 2011 - 11:15 am - (NC) “DAY 273” - Week 39 - State 35

When I woke today I knew it was gonna be my last day at Wulf’s house.  Ahhh that sucks!  I’ve had such a good carefree time this week, I’m gonna miss being here. 🙁

Anyway, just like every other day, I had to get to writing so I don’t fall behind again.  So, I went to the rec room (which is like my office by now) and started getting my work done.

Wulf Gets Back From Camping
Sometime around 1 pm Wulf got back from camping with his son Jake.  And when he walked in... he had lunch with him for the whole house (including me).  Seriously, for this entire week, Wulf hasn’t left me out, forgot a meal for me, or anything at all.

He has been the most thoughtful and generous host that I ever could have imagined.  I know we were best friends in college (for a few years) and have still kept in touch, but the way he has treated me this week was more like a family member than a guest.  And for that... I thank you and will forever be grateful! 🙂

Hanging With Neighbors & Kids
For the first time all week long, we finally have a real nice day out.  And as I found out, when the weather is nice... all the neighborhood kids come out to play.  The location where this happens... Wulf’s house. (And the two adjacent neighbors places.)

Now, this type of activity is my worst nightmare.  I really can’t mentally handle all the kids screaming, crying, and fighting.  It is non-stop!  If one kid had candy, they all need candy or they cry (even a kid doesn't that candy!).  When they play, one kids gets pushed and then they cry and tell on them.

Then, lets not even get into all the question little kids ask.  Ahhh!  You have to be Einstein with the patience of a Saint to even consider answering all the questions kids want answers to.  I have no idea how parents do it day in and day out because I’d kill myself! 😉

Luckily for me, this isn’t my everyday or I don’t know what I’d do.  Kids are handful and then some.  Then, as it was getting dark and the kids had to go home for bed, more crying began!

The thing was, it wasn’t just one kid, it every kid at once screaming, “I don’t want to go, he hit me, I want candy, etc..”  For the record, all good parents are beyond amazing to me because I don’t how they do it.  I’d be bald and grey in one month. 😉

Hanging With Wulf The Rest Of The Night
After getting the kids in bed, Wulf and I hung out for the rest of the night as old friends do.  We didn’t do much perse, but what we did was perfect!  We talked about life, my journey, and all the stories that we wanted share with each other.  Short and sweet... it was a great ending to a great week!  Thanks Wulf! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    You described my hair line. Is that because you and your brother were like ???????
    Only kidding, you 2 were dynomite like I’m sure all these children are.
    Another good post.

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