2 Posts In 1: Leaving Vermont & Living In A Movie Theater! (VT-MA) “DAYS 327 & 328” – 5/27/11, 5/28/11

May 28, 2011 - 10:10 am - (VT-NH/MA) “DAY 327” - Week 48 (47) - State 44

I forgot to mention this in yesterday’s post but sometime in the evening my cousin called me and asked me if I could make it to his bachelor party next weekend in Canada.  Huh?  That’s sounds interesting...

Not wanting to let down my cousin because a bachelor party in Canada doesn’t sound like much fun to me ;), I told him I could make it if I could hop a ride with somebody along the way. (My car is running a little tired and the extra 12 hours of driving could be devastating.)

Well, as it turns out, one his friend’s (and a friend of mine) is driving to Canada from Boston for the party and since I’m gonna be in Boston next week, this works out perfect!  I have a ride to the party.  Nice! 🙂

Making A Schedule Adjustment
Now that next weekend I’m gonna be in Canada and not in Massachusetts, I’m gonna leave Vermont today and head to the Boston area today so I can get a full week in a city I’m excited to go to. (No offense to Vermont but I’m not a outdoors kind of guy, I’m more of a city guy.)

Also, I have an old friend to stay with when I get there and since it’s Memorial Day Weekend, I’d rather spend it in a big city with an old friend, than in a state where I only know the people I just met. (Again, no offense Vermont.)

Writing Before I Leave
Other than saying good-bye to Alem (he’s the only roommate left in the house for the weekend), I just sat in the living room and finished writing one of my posts before I hit the road for the Boston area.

Thanks You Chris, Alem & Friends
Even though I only stayed here for 3 days and only hung out with Chris for two of them, I can honestly say I leave here with more friends than when I started.  Everybody here was nice, accommodating, and all-in-all good people.

Yes, it’s true I’m not into the hippie lifestyle, but I have always really liked people who do their own thing and don’t care what others think. (Well, as long they are hurting others in the process.)

Anyway. what I’m saying is I really enjoyed being here and meeting Chris and all his friends.  Good luck in life guys and someday down the road I’m sure our paths will cross again.  Thank you!  And Chris... no winter Alaska hikes anymore!  Got it! 😉 LOL

Traveling To A Friend’s House In Mass
It was sometime in the early afternoon when I packed up the Rooster mobile and hit the road for Massachusetts.  The problem that I didn’t know about until I was already on the road was that the friend I was gonna be staying with sent Jeremy an email telling him to get in touch me so I could check my email.

F.Y.I. - My friend lost their phone and couldn’t get in touch with me and when that friend checked my website, the email address he/she saw first was Jeremy’s.  So, he/she sent Jeremy an email telling him, to tell me, to check my email.  That’s a mouthful.  Got it.

Anyway, the email said that I couldn’t stay there tonight because of some reason but that I could stay there for the rest of the weekend.  That’s OK, now I just have find a place to crash tonight and truthfully... I can use a day to myself in a hotel room even if it costs money.

Deciding Where To Stay
Now that I didn’t have a place to crash, I had to figure out where to go and where to stay.  The bad thing is it’s Memorial Day weekend so all the hotels will be priced high. (It’s the weekend which always makes it pricier and a holiday weekend can sometimes double that rate.)

Not knowing where to go, I figured I’d stay in a smaller town in hopes that the hotels will be cheaper there.  And then, I even went a step farther and decided to stay on the New Hampshire/Massachusetts border so I could possibly even get a better deal as well as having a poker room within driving distance.

Salem, New Hampshire
The city I choose was Salem, New Hampshire just on this side of the state line (a poker room is just 5 minutes away).  This will work.  Now, I just have to find an affordable room.

Getting An Oil Change
As I was driving around town looking for a affordable hotel room, I spotted a gas station with an oil change sign out front and since I needed gas and an oil change, this was the perfect stop while I checked out hotel room rates. (Between the oil change and gas I spent $50.)  Ahhh!!! 🙁

The Red Roof Inn
After calling every room in the area, the cheapest place I found was a Red Roof Inn for $70 for the night.  Wow!  That is expensive for me but since I had no other option and really needed a shower, I paid the money and bit the bullet. (Poker winnings from last week are dwindling...) 🙁

F.Y.I. - I know it’s expensive (for me) and I tussled with the decision for an hour, but I gotta spend money somewhere and haven’t paid for a room in a long time, so that’s how I’m looking at it.

Rockingham Park Poker Room
Once I got done showering (I really needed it), I left my room and headed to Rockingham Park poker room which was just a few miles away. (I checked their website and saw they had a $50 tournament starting in 5 minutes at 4:30 pm.)

$50 NL Hold’em Tournament 4:45 pm
Here’s the need to knows: $50 entry fee, 4,000 starting chips, 20 minute blinds, no re-buys, no add-ons, 7 tables, and top 8 paid.  I’m not gonna go into all the details of this tournament, so I’ll just tell you how I did.

I played for over two hours and made it to the final 2 tables, but with pockets 6’s and not many chips, I got knocked out by pocket 7’s.  It happens. (Although I really wanted to win this tournament.) Damn!

Back To the Red Roof
Since I finally had my own place for the first time in many weeks (since Maryland), I decided to just enjoy a quiet evening watching TV and writing.  I gotta tell ya, not seeing a TV for 3 days in Vermont was tough.  No sports, no news, no sports news ;), or anything else for that matter.

So, for the whole evening that’s all I did.  Well, and I spoke to Jeremy on the phone as I always do sometime in the evening around 10 pm California time.  Tomorrow, I’m off to see an old friend who lives in Boston area where I’ll be staying the weekend.  Should be a great start to my Massachusetts week! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

May 29, 2011 - 4:45 pm - (MA) “DAY 328” - Week 48 (47) - State 45

This morning I woke real early to a text message beep from my cell phone telling me to check my email.  Since I listen to technology ;), I opened my laptop to see what the message was and who it was from.

Getting Real Bad News  🙁
The message was from my friend who I was suppose to stay with in the Boston area and it said (long story short) that now I couldn’t there this weekend.  Ahhh!!!

Now, I’m not mad at him/her.  Seriously, how I can I get mad at somebody who’s doing me a favor.  But, where I’m totally screwed is now I have nowhere to stay or go and since I just found this out this morning, I don’t have any time to figure something else out.

F.Y.I. - I met a bunch of people from the Boston area when I was in NH playing poker at “The Poker Room” but since I thought I had a place to stay, I never put out any feelers with anybody.  Damn! 🙁

Figuring Out Where To Go
Since I still the hotel room until 12:30 pm (late checkout), I stayed in there and wrote until I had to check out. (I am still a few days behind although I’m real close to being caught up.)  And to be honest, I didn’t even think about where I was gonna go or stay because it would’ve only stressed me out.  Plus, the chances of me finding anything are/were very slim anyway.

Heading To Nowhere
It was 12:30 pm and I had to leave the room so I hopped in the Rooster mobile and drove to nowhere, Massachusetts.  I say nowhere because I just drove into Mass with no destination in mind.

At this point, I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do until I remembered that the “Hangover II” just came out.  Nice!  I’ll go to a movie theater where ever that may be and go see a funny flick to take my mind off of things. 🙂

Getting A Haircut
When I got to the shopping center where the movie theater was I saw that there was a Supercuts in the same area.  Nice!  I really need a clean-up. (I really wanted a full haircut but I can’t afford one right now, so I clean-up it is.) 😉

So, when I walked inside the Supercuts and saw that they didn’t have a price for a trim, I asked the lady who was working there if she could just shave the back of the neck for $5.  She was real cool and said yes. (She even let me cut the line and took me next.)  Thank you so much! 🙂

Living At Loews For The Day
Now that my head doesn’t look like I just rolled out of a cave, I headed to the Loews theater next door which was where I was gonna spend my whole day.  My plan was to see the “Hangover II” first and then whatever movies I can get into without having to pay again.

F.Y.I. - Although I already know the outcome, I was hoping I could spend the whole day and night here and just not worry that I have nowhere to sleep tonight.

The Hangover II
The first movie I saw today was the “Hangover II”.  Now, since I don’t want ruin any movie I saw for anybody who reads and might want to see the same flick, I’ll just give a rating and not much more.  Got it. 🙂

Here we go.  As far as the “Hangover II” goes, if you saw “The Hangover” then you know exactly what this movie is about.  It’s the same story, same jokes, and same plot premise.  I did a laugh a lot though and one scene I’m still laughing from but it’s not as good as the first.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D)
The next movie I saw was Kung Fu Panda 2.  It wasn’t hard to get into as it was the next theater over and it started as soon as “The Hangover II” ended.  Good timing!

This movie was what it was, a cartoon for kids with a few adult jokes mixed in.  It’s watchable if you have a family and need a day out, but Kung Fu Panda the original was much better.  Surprise, surprise... a sequel not as good as the original. 😉

The Pirates Of The Caribbean #? (3-D)
Once Kung Fu Panda ended, there wasn’t a movie that I hadn’t seen that was starting soon, so I stepped into The Pirates of the Caribbean (which had already started) and watched Captain Jack Sparrow do whatever it is he does for an hour or so. (I’m not a fan of these movies.)

Now, this was a movie I didn’t want to see because it seemed like a chick flick.  But, it was the only movie that was starting around 7:30 pm and I needed one to watch.  So, I entered it and hoped for the best.

Well, surprise surprise, this was a good movie and the heavy girl in it (Melissa McCarthy) was absolutely hysterical! (I think she stole the show for any movie I saw today.)  I wouldn’t send my guy friends out to see this but if you were on a plane and it was playing, I’d watch it. 🙂

Fast Five - (The Fast & The Furious Series)
The main reason I saw “Bridesmaids” at 7:30 pm was because “Fast Five” (which I wanted to see) was playing at 10:10 pm and that would be my last movie of the night.

Now, I’m not a fan of the Fast and the Furious series although I have seen a few of them.  But, I am a fan of “The Rock”, so I wanted to see this new installment.  Also, these movies are always good action and I read this one wouldn’t disappoint in that area. (After 8 hours in an AMC, I needed an action movie.) 😉

The critics were right and I was right too because this movie was all action and in my opinion, “The Rock” was great.  Vin Deisel and cast did a good job too.  Basically, it’s exactly what you’d think it would be and it worked.  Not a bad movie for the 7th installment.

How I Ate All Day
I guess living with Chris in Vermont for a few days must have rubbed off because today my food was second hand popcorn all day long. (Chris is freegan which means he’ll dumpster dive for food and his house had a lot food from the dumpster in. It was marked with a D.)

I couldn't go as far as Chris does and actually go into the garbage can for food, but what I did was scope out a normal looking couple with a bag of popcorn in the movie theater I was in and after the movie ended and everybody left, I’d go grab that specific bag and eat some food.

Hey, I figured if I was sitting next to them and they asked me if I wanted a handful, I would have grabbed it in a second. (Most people would too if they were hungry.)  So, what was the difference if I got that handful right after they left. (Other than I’ve now become a borderline garbage picker.) LOL 😉

It’s 1am... Where To Go
The only problem with my plan to spend the whole day in a movie theater was that there was no exit strategy.  What I mean is, I still had no idea where I was gonna go or where I was gonna stay tonight.  Huh???

Since it was after midnight, there was no way I was gonna get a room anywhere and even if there was one available (most places are sold out for Memorial Day weekend), I couldn’t afford it anyway. (The cheapest I found was $169 a night and even the Hostels in the area were $50 a night and sold out.)

Sleeping In A Marriott Parking Lot
After sitting in my car for a little bit listening to the Yankee game (they are on 880 am even in this area), I decided to go to a nice hotel and sleep in their parking lot. (I figured this would be safer than on a street or in a shopping mall parking lot.)

So, my GPS located a nearby Marriott-Residence Inn and parked the Rooster mobile in a darker spot under a tree for the night.  The Yankee/Mariner game was still on the radio so I listed to that until the end when Seattle won extra innings.  Damn!

It was after 2 am, so I laid my seat back and fell asleep in the parking lot for the night. (I set my alarm for 7:30 am so I could get up before people leave and maybe hit the continental breakfast.)  That was my day and I lived in a movie theater, that’s a first!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    You could be a movie critic. Thanks for the heads up
    on Bridesmaids because Jill wants me to go.
    I’ll let you know. I liked to Hangover II but the original was better.

  2. Jenn says:

    I have been reading your blog the whole year… I feel so bad that you had no where to sleep again,, and there is no reply from Sue to see if we can find you a place… so hopefully the donation will help

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