2 Post in 1: My Last Day In Denver & Traveling To Kansas! (CO) (CO-KS) “DAYS 176 & 177” – 12/27/10, 12/28/10

December 29, 2010 - 9:15 pm - (CO) “DAY 176” - Week 26 - State 23

I woke up this morning at 9 am and my plan was to leave for Topeka, Kansas today but after uploading and naming all the pictures I took on Sunday (I hadn’t even started writing yet)... it was already after 2 pm so I asked Pat if I could stay another day.?

Pat is a super cool guy (as you already know) and said no problem.  Whew, that’s a relief because the ride to Topeka is over 8 hours and I didn’t want to be driving at night through the middle of nowhere.  Thanks again Pat!  🙂

The Day Time
For most of the day, I sat on the couch while I wrote and uploaded pictures.  And on the other couch, Pat sat and answered business calls.  While we were both doing that, we watched the “The Whole Ten Yards” with Bruce Willis.  Pretty funny movie.

Around 4:30 pm Pat went to get Larkin from day care and he also picked up dinner from  one of his restaurants/bars.  During that time, I still sat on the couch and continued to write.  (When I have a big day like I did on Sunday, my next day is so busy!)

Anyway, when Pat and Larkin got home is when I realized Pat had also bought me dinner (a Philly Cheesesteak) as well lunch for the road the next day (a Italian sandwich).  Thank you so much Pat!  There is a Pattern forming here! 😉 (Right: Larkin took that pic)

Dinner Time
Shortly after they got home, all of us sat down at the dinner table and ate a traditional Philly meal.  Cheesesteaks for all! 🙂  Is was funny watching Larkin eat this huge cheesesteak that was to big for hands and mouth. 🙂

The Rest Of The Night
For the rest of the night, the 3 of us just hung out in the living room and watched football.  Well, Pat and I watched football while Larkin played with a bunch of different toys he just got for Christmas.

I was still beat up from a long Sunday, so sometime around 11 pm I called it a night and went to bed early.  I knew I had to leave in the morning for Topeka and the drive is over 8 hours, so a good night’s rest was in order.

Thanks for reading!

December 29, 2010 - 9:45 pm - (CO-KS) “DAY 177” - Week 26 - State 24

I woke up this morning at 8 am to ensure that most of my drive to Topeka, Kansas would be during the day (8 hours 35 minutes).  So, after getting up and packing, I headed downstairs to say good-bye to Pat and Larkin.

When I got downstairs, Pat and Larkin were waiting for me again (just like they did on Sunday) except his time... they didn’t have Bronco’s tickets for me, they had a Pat’s Italian sandwich for the road.  Thanks again Pat!  🙂

Before I left, I thanked Pat as much as possible for making my weekend one of the best one’s I had yet.  It really was awesome on so many levels.  Whether it was X-Mas Eve, X-Mas day, a Sunday Funday, or just hanging at his place, Pat was the man! 🙂  Thank you again!

Traveling From Denver To Topeka, Kansas

As I have told you a few times already, the drive to Topeka is over 8 hours.  And, this 8 hour drive was the most boring ride I’ve had all trip!  There was nothing but Jesus Billboards and “Wizard of OZ” signs for miles and miles and miles. 😉
Just a thought: I’m not trying to knock the religious people who read my site but if Jesus is so powerful and almighty, then why does he need a Billboard on I-70 in the middle of nowhere reminding me “He is Real!”.  😉

Anyway, I can honestly say that Toto and Dorothy should have been thrilled that that tornado whipped them away to another land because basically... there is nothing on the road from Denver until you get 1 hr from Topeka, not even cows or silos.  For real.

December 30, 2010 - 3:30 pm - (KS) “DAY 177” - Traveling Cont’d
Even thought the drive was long and boring, I still did it relatively easy as I made into Kansas in just over two hours and made it all the way to Topeka in just under 8 hours.  Kansas is a very wide state, I’m shocked you can drive for 7+ hours across this state.

My journey was almost over when I got to Topeka but not completely because I wasn’t actually going to Topeka, I was going to Mayetta which is 20 miles north of Topeka.  I’m going to Mayetta because they have a real nice casino there (Prairie Band).

I don’t have a room there yet but I checked it out online and they have a poker room, a hotel, table games, and it looks like a nice place to stay.  I just hope I can get a comped room or if I have to pay... it’s not to expensive.

Prairie Band Casino & Resort
I arrived at the casino sometime around 6pm and after getting my players card (as I always do), I asked to speak with a casino host to see if I could get a comped room.
F.Y.I. - As always, the first person who I ask to get me a casino host or GM always says there is nothing they will be able to do but by now... I know better. 😉

Anyway, about 10 minutes later, a real nice lady came down and did what she could for me.  She explained she couldn’t give me a free room because I hadn’t played yet (no rating) but said she could get me a $19.99 room rate for the next two nights.  Sweet!

I didn’t mind paying $20 a night because I could already tell this place is real nice and I’m sure the room will be as well.  So I accepted he offer and headed over to the front desk to check into my room.

Front Desk Girls
As I was checking into my room at the front desk, the girls working there asked me why I was there from NJ (they saw my license).

So, I told them about my journey and after hearing what I was doing, they wanted in the book so I took a picture of them after they gave me my key.  Thanks girls! 🙂
My Room
As I approached my room, I expected it to be nice because it was a nice place everywhere else and when I opened my door... I wasn’t disappointed because this was a very nice room.  The bathroom was shining, the bed was comfortable, and the view wasn’t bad either.

F.Y.I. - From my balcony, I could look right into the courtyard where there was two hot tubs, a rock style fire pit, and a bunch of other amenities for the guests who stay here.  Nice!

Poker/Blackjack... Yes Blackjack!
It was around 8-9 pm so I headed downstairs to play some poker in an attempt to try and win back my room money.  But to my surprise, even with a casino full of customers and a working poker room, there wasn’t a game going and the room was closed. 🙁

Since poker wasn’t an option and I had the itch to gamble, I took out a $100 to play blackjack with.  My plan was to win $50 which would cover my room charges.  Well.. my plan worked out perfectly as I got up $65 quickly and cashed out of the table. 🙂

Buffalo Grill
Since I won a little more than the room cost, I took the extra money and bought myself some dinner at the Buffalo Grill.  After looking at the menu, there was only I one thing I wanted to get it... you guessed it... a double bison cheeseburger with bacon!  🙂

The Rest Of My Night
I got my dinner to-go and took it back to my room, so I could start writing and try to catch back up on my posts.  I’m back a few days behind again!  Ahhhh! 🙁  Anyway, after eating dinner and writing, it was close to 1 am so I went to bed!

Tomorrow, I hope to catch up on my writing but the problem is... for as nice as this Casin0 & Resort is, they do not have internet in the room.  If you want to use your laptop or whatever, you have to go to the lobby or hub on the 2nd floor.  🙁

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    As always,a great read.

    Happy New Year to all Rooster’s friends, family, readers and strangers along the way who helped
    my son on his journey these past 6 months.
    Your all awesome !!!!

    On a more personal note to you Dave, I’m proud of what you’ve already done, but your only half
    way home. Keep on giving and you’ll be rewarded.
    The proof is in the stories for the past 6 months,
    beginning with Delaware/Phila to now Topeka Kansas.
    Happy New Year.

    Love Dad

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