2 Posts in 1: Traveling To Houston, TX & The Steelers Are In The Super Bowl! (OK-TX) (TX) “DAYS 203 & 204” – 1/23/11, 1/24/11

January 25, 2011 - 12:30 pm - (OK-TX) “DAY 203” - Week 29 - State 28

Well... if you read yesterday, you know that last night I slept in my car for the 4th time on this trip.  I didn’t mind at all because I was only really taking a nap so I could have enough energy to make the 5 hour drive to Houston. 🙂

Even though it was cold out last night, I was nice and warm in my car because I had warm cloths on as well as a blanket to cover me.  Still, I was sleeping in the front seat of my car, so after about 4 hours of half-assed dozing, I woke up ready to leave for Texas.

Traveling - Thackerville, OK - Houston, TX

There are a few reasons why I slept in my car and then left for Houston so early in the morning. 1.) Why pay for a night in a hotel when I’m only getting the room for a few hours. 2.) I have friend in Houston who I’m staying with and I enjoy hanging out with.

3.) Lastly and the most influential, the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing against the Jets today and when they win (I even said this Sat. and Sun morning before the game), I want to be in Dallas for Super Bowl Week. (I’m a huge Steeler fan if you already didn’t know.) 😉

You know this is true because I drove 3 hours past Dallas to get to Houston.  Where as if I didn’t think the Steelers would make it, I would have just went to Dallas, spend my week there and then left for Louisiana (Bourbon St.) for Super Bowl week.

But since I knew the Steelers would win because of the powers of wheresrooster.com, I planned to spend two weeks in Texas instead of just one and use one of my 4 extra weeks I have available on this trip to see the Steelers in the Super Bowl in Dallas! (48 states, 48 weeks, 4 extra to play with, that makes 52.) 😉

Anyway, after wiping the crust from my eyes, I hit the road headed for Spring, Texas (15 miles north of Houston).  Even though I didn’t get much good sleep, the drive was fairly easy as I arrived in the expected amount of time (5 hours).

Arriving At Scott’s in Spring, Texas

Like I said, it took 5 hours so I arrived at Scott’s close to 2 pm.  Nice, I’m not gonna miss any of either play-off game today!  But boy, I am already exhausted. 🙁  Plus, since I have done so much over the last 2 days, I have tons to write and over 700 pictures to upload and file.  Noooo!

Scott’s House & Family
Even though Scott and I have been friends for over 10 years now, I have never hung out with him in Texas as we became friends in Arizona while both of us lived there. (We have a mutual best friend in Curt from AZ, that’s how we became friends to begin with.)

Anyway, I pulled up and when I walked in, Scott wasn’t home as he was out doing some work (he owns his own construction business).  So, I met his sister Lynn, his son Blitz (6), and his Grand Nephew Carson (3).  His sister was very nice as she welcomed me in and made me feel at home. Thank you! 🙂

F.Y.I. - Scott has a very big family.  I’ve been here 2 days and I still don’t everybody’s name.  At least 5 kids live here (under 18) as well as having other kids over 18 who don’t live here, who have kids of there own.  Ahhh, confusing huh?  Well, I’m still figuring it out. 🙂

Writing & Watching Football

As I was waiting on Scott to get home, I sat down in his living room and started writing/uploading pictures so I could at least get my Friday out of the way.  I’m so busy and tired! 🙁

As I was trying to focus and get my writing done, I was being talked to by Scott's son Blitz about the NFL games today.  Plus, Carson (the 3 year old) kept running up to me and screaming, look at my Transformer, look at my Transformer, look at my Transformer!

Now I know why I don’t have any kids! 😉  I just don’t have the patience necessary to handle all the attention little kids need all the time!  Still, I was polite and tried to do everything at once.  Plus, he was a cool kid. 🙂

That is write, carry a intelligent sports conversation with Blitz (who is a sports genius at 6), while trying to give Carson enough attention so I could write 3 consecutive words without him screaming.  It was impossible! 🙁  It took me over an hour to write 2 paragraphs!

Scott Gets Home
Scott got home sometime during the 1st quarter of the Bears/Packers game and after catching up for a second, I immediately got to writing so I could be done with my Friday by the time the Steeler/Jets game started at 5:30 pm (local time).

Hitting The Bars For The Steelers Game

About 5 minutes before the Steelers game started, I finished writing “DAY 201” so Scott and I hit the road for some bars in the area.  The first bar we went to was called Steel City Pizza.  Yes!  A Steelers bar in Texas!  F&$k Ya! 🙂

Steel City Pizza
When we arrived at the bar, I knew I was in the right place because right out front was a huge blow-up Pittsburgh Steelers mascot!  Sweet!  Then, after taking a picture out front, Scott and I went inside to what was a wild scene of Steeler fans!

The whole bar was packed from wall to wall colored in nothing but Black and Gold!  It was an amazing sight to see, especially here, 15 miles north of Houston, Texas!

Even though this was the perfect environment for a Steeler fan, we got there late so not only wasn’t there a seat for us, there wasn’t even any standing room.  Ahhh!

Truthfully, the best place to watch the game was in the bathroom because they had a TV in there and nobody was pushing by me to get somewhere. 😉

So, when the first half ended (24-3 Pitt), we left the Steeler bar and headed to another place so I could actually watch the game in comfort.  It was an awesome sight to see but in the same breath... I’m glad we left. 🙂

The Stadium
The next bar we went to was called the Stadium and we arrived there in perfect timing as the second half kick-off had just taken place.  Let’s go Pitt!  Unfortunately for me, the whole second half that I actually got to watch and listen to was dominated by the Jets!

Luckily for Pittsburgh, they built up 24-0 lead because if they was a 5th quarter... I’m not sure who would have won the game.  But the game is 4 quarters long so Pittsburgh held on and won 24-19!

HELL YA!  I’M GOING TO THE SUPER BOWL NEXT WEEK!  Of course I don’t have a ticket yet, but the way this trip has panned out so far... I’m sure somehow or someway I will find my way into that stadium for the biggest event in America... The Super Bowl!

And if not...at least I will be in the city where the big game is.  So, I’ll still be able to enjoy in all the pre-Super Bowl activities that lead up the big showdown on February 6, 2011 between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers!

Back To Scott’s For the Night
We got to Scott’s a little after the game ended and when I got there... I was completely beat up from a long 3 days!  Still, I couldn’t go right to bed because I had work to do and Scott’s house was still wide awake.

So while I was on the couch gathering a bunch of  things on my laptop, two of Scott’s boys started wrestling around in the living room.  It was Blitz (6 years old) vs E (15 years old).

Now, E was taking it easy on Blitz but to be honest... this Blitz is one hell of a tough kid!  I know because he put me in choke hold earlier and I had to use my man strength to break free of it! 😉

Anyway, like I said, E wasn’t pounding back on Blitz but at one point, Blitz hit E in the side with a right hook that buckled him for a second.  LOL  For real, Blitz is no joke, he’s gonna be one heck of a athlete when he gets older!  An E, he was a great brother who took the blow with a smile and cringe! 😉

Calling It A Night
Sometime around 10 pm, all the kids went to bed, so Scott and I hung out in the living room until the grown ups were ready to pass out for the night. (It wasn’t much longer.)

Even though I was overly tired, I stayed up as long as I could trying to get some work done.  I have so much to do and my work load just got longer by one day (today’s events).  Ahhhh!

Thanks for reading!

January, 25, 2011 - 1:40 pm - (TX) “DAY 204” - Week 30 - State 28

Luckily and unluckily for me, all I did this Monday was write and upload pictures.  I started working on my posts around noon and didn’t get finished until 4 am, 16 hours later!  Ahhhh!

Besides writing, all I did was go to Starbucks to write and then I got a haircut with Scott and his son Blitz.  Other than that, it was write, file a picture, write, file a picture.  You get the idea. 😉

I got to Starbucks around 1 pm and stayed there working until almost 4 pm. During that time, I met a real cool Mother/Son combo (Kim and Jerod).  Kim was in town because all her kids live here now (she’s from Georgia) and one of her other sons’ just had a baby.  Congratulations!

The son she was with Jerod also has a kid but that’s not what we talked about.  The three of us talked about my trip for few minutes and during that time, I found out Jerod is in a band that plays at bars over the weekend.  Nice!  So, we exchanged numbers and if all works out... I’ll go see his band this weekend! 🙂

Getting A Haircut

While I was writing in Starbucks, Scott stopped by to check on me and let me know that he and Blitz were getting a haircut right behind where I was.  He told me if I wanted to get a haircut, it was on him!  Again... People are awesome everywhere!  Thanks Scott!

Texas Hair Team
When I arrived at the barbershop, Scott was already half-way through his haircut and Blitz was done, so I jumped into an open chair and got my hair trimmed.  I didn’t need a full cut because I just got one about 4 weeks ago in Kansas.  Still, it was nice to get cleaned up!

By the time my haircut was done, Scott had already for home with Blitz.  It was all good with me, why should he wait and watch another grown man get his locks chopped.  I got done about 10 minutes after he left, so I jumped into the Rooster mobile and headed back to Scotts for the night.

F.Y.I. - Since I've been in Texas Scott hasn't let me pay for anything, his generosity is only outdone by the man he is.  (He currently has a family of somewhere between 7-12 people under his roof (that he provides for) and everybody seems happy. 🙂 What a job that must be!)  Thank you Scott!

Writing The Rest Of The Night
From the moment I walked back into Scott’s at 5 pm, I did nothing but work on my laptop until my Saturday post was completed.  I’ve already told you but I didn’t stop working until 4 am!

I wrote my longest post to date which totaled over 14 pages complete with over 140 pictures with-in the post itself!  It was a long one but it had to be written that way so everything was explained appropriately.  Well... that’s it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Whit- says:

    Wanna make a little wager on the Super Bowl Rooster? I’m a Packers fan. I can go 20 bucks? Let me know- Hope you got the money I owed ya on the side bet in our league! Sounds like your having one helluva time touring the Country. Tell Scott hello for me while your there. I’m a regular reader…so, if you wanna take the bet- Just post a sentence up on one of your daily posts. G/L the rest of the way. btw How are you going to draft your team this spring? I hope you’ll figure a way out on how to draft and be in the league.

  2. dave says:

    No, I never got the $25. Who did you give it to?


  3. Mike says:

    Just out of curiosity how much can you spend out of your roll on a superbowl ticket? Mabey you should try and work the event somehow and then just ditch the job and watch the game. That would be so sick if you find a way to get in for free or for somewhat cheap. I’m pissed my jets lost but thats awesome you might get to see your team play at the big game. Good luck man. I think that would definitely be the highlight of the trip if you get in. I’m setting the odds at 75/1 of you getting in.

  4. Whit- says:

    Sent it to your Mom around Christmas time. The address on your site for donations, mailed out a check in your name.

  5. Whit- says:

    I sent it to the P.O. Box clark N.J. address. Where can I mail it you…so you’ll get it? How bout’ we go double or nothing on the Superbowl? I’ll go straight up- I think your Steelers are favored- but I’ll bet you straight up Packers bend their Steel! Whatya say?

  6. dave says:

    Thanks you Whit. I’ll get it checked out. And sure… you are on! $20 on Pitt to win straight up…


  7. dave says:

    It’s funny you bring up that idea Mike because it’s on my list on how I might get in. Right now though… I’m banking on becoming friends with Jerry Jones sometimes next week! 😉


  8. DAD says:

    Rooster, if anyone can get to Jerry Jones, you can
    figure a way. If not, a temporary popcorn vendor
    might work.

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