2 Posts in 1: A Suns Game, The Bars & Thanksgiving! (AZ) “DAY 143” & “DAY 144” – 11/24/10 , 11/25/10

November 27, 2010 - 8:22 am - (AZ) “DAY 143”

Currently, I have 3 days of posts to write (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).  I’ve had so much to do since the car accident, I haven’t had any time to write.

Plus, it was Thanksgiving on Thursday, so between the early football games and wanting to enjoy a great holiday, I’m a little behind.  I have a lot to do, so I’ll start on Wednesday and work my way to where I am now (Sat. morning).

This was the beginning of me falling behind because the first thing I did Wednesday morning was not to write (as I have for every other day this trip) but to talk on the phone with my insurance company about what I had to take car of in order to get my car fixed.

AZ Collision Specialists

My insurance company gave me a place to go to get my car estimated.  I didn’t have to get the work done there but it was a start to knowing how much damage there was.  The guy who checked out my car was named Jason and he was pretty cool.

Jason just walked around my car snapping pictures and when he was finished he had an estimate for me.  I’m not sure how you could estimate my damage when he didn’t drive it or really look at anything beneath the surface but... it’s his job, not mine so... I guess he knows better than me. 😉

After Jason was done, he explained to me that his company was backed up with cars and that he wouldn’t be able to even get to my car in for 2-3 weeks, let alone fix it.   Ahhh!   At least I have estimate now and I can go anywhere I want to get it fixed, so I’ll figure it out!

Driving To Deniro’s (N. Scottsdale)
My original plans for today were to write in the morning and then head to Deniro’s for lunch to meet up with him and Marcus (a mutual friend).  It was almost noon (meeting time) and I was 20 minutes away, so I jumped into my car and drove to North Scottsdale.

On my ride up there, my friend from NJ (Tony D) called me and told me he had a guy who could get my car done next week (11/29 - 12/3).  Sweet!  Tony told me to go down there today (In Tempe) and he would let me know what he can do.  (Tony spoke to guy about my situation.)  Thanks D!

I immediately called the car guy (Jeremy) and asked him when was a good time for me to go down there.  He said anytime before 5 pm.  Cool, I’ll go to Deniro’s to see Marcus and then head back to Tempe to work on my car. (right: Jeremy - car guy.)

Deniro’s Place
I arrived at Deniro’s a little late (12:20 pm) but to my surprise... my Marcus wasn’t there.   (Marcus was suppose to bring us lunch but his son got sick, so he had to cancel at the last minute.)  Marcus, I’ll see ya another time, I hope your son feels better!

Deniro was still there (it was his place ;)), so I hung out with him while I wrote “DAY 142”. I stayed there until I had to leave to go meet Jeremy (Auto Body guy) around 2:30 pm.

F.Y.I. - My plan for the rest of the day was to meet up with Tony D around 5 pm, then go to the Suns game (7 pm), followed by catching back up with Deniro after the game (around 10 pm) to party all over town!  🙂  A full day!

Auto Body Shop - 2nd Guy (Tempe)
When I got here and met Jeremy, he immediately put my mind ease when he told me he thinks he can get my car done by the end of next week.  Nice!

He told me to bring my car back in Monday morning (11/29) and if the weather is nice next week (paint drying purposes), he’ll be able to have it done by Friday.  Sweet!  Thanks for all your help Jeremy, I know you guys are busy! 🙂

Mike’s House - Meeting Up With Tony D
I got back to Mike’s place and I wasn’t there for more than 10 minutes when Tony D arrived.   Ahhh!  I’m just to busy!  I don’t have time to write but I still somehow got “DAY 142” up and on my site.

I had made meatballs the night before, so I heated some up for D and I before we left for the Suns game.  (Tony’s a NJ Italian, so he thinks my meatballs are just OK but I really like them and so does Lindsey. :))

Lindsey - Suns Tickets 🙂
Oh yeah... while we were eating, Lindsey got home had some dinner with us.  That worked out perfectly because Lindsey is the person who got us tickets for the game tonight.  (She has a contact or something, I didn’t ask.  I just said THANK YOU!)

After eating dinner and joking around with Lindsey for a bit, we both thanked her again for tickets as we left to go to the Suns game at U.S. Airlines Arena in downtown Phoenix (20-30 minutes away).

Suns Game
After driving down there, parking, and getting our tickets from will call... it was almost game time so I only had a short amount of time to get pictures from the scene.

Suns Dancers

Luckily for me, the Phoenix Suns dancers were in the arena lobby greeting fans as they walked in.  This is a no-brainer... 🙂  There were numerous sets of dancers set up in different areas of the venue, so I found my way to all them, while taking pictures (of course). 🙂

Each one of them was hot in their own way, but my favorite was a SUPER HOT blonde girl named Lauren (I think).  I took a picture with her by herself so when I’m old and senile... I can look at it and think we dated at some point! LOL 😉

Finding Our Seat
Even though we had our tickets, we didn’t know where are seats were.  So we found a ticket person and asked where we were.  To our amazement... we were in a luxury box!  Woo Hoo!  Cha-ching!   Thanks Lindsey!

To get to the luxury box area you had to walk through a cool bar area complete couches, TV’s, and a buffet that smelled good (you had to pay for it).  (We were also allowed in this area with our ticket as we watched the 2nd quarter here but that’s a little later, so hang on.)

Luxury Box
The Luxury Box was well... a luxury box!  It had great seating, a great view, and all the comforts of home at a live basketball game.  This is the way to see a game! 🙂

For all the warm-ups and introductions, Tony and I were the only two people in the box.  So, we took a bunch of pictures as we lounged around like we owned the place (just having some fun, laughing that we were in a luxury box). 🙂

For a minute, we thought it was gonna stay that way but right around tip-off, a family of about 10 arrived to join us.  They were a nice group of people but the atmosphere went from “Animal House” to a Jonas Brothers concert in split second.

Then, as Tony and I were deciding if we were gonna stay in the box, another group of people arrived and they were older, so it was time to go.  (We had already watched the 1st quarter so I didn’t care, I like to bounce around anyway! 🙂

F.Y.I. - Plus, another reason we left the box was that we were out for a guys night on the town and our conversations probably wouldn’t have been appropriate for the crowd we were now with.  So instead of a making the situation uncomfortable, we left the box.

2nd Quarter - Bar Area
For the whole second quarter, Tony and I watched the game from the lounge area.  It didn’t feel like we were even at the game.  It felt like you were at home, although a live view of the game was just feet away.  Really cool!

F.Y.I. - I normally wouldn’t want to watch a game from this area because I’m not much of a drinker and I’m at the game... why watch it on TV?.  But, it was something different than my usual routine, so I figured I’d give it shot for a quarter.

WHAT I DIDN’T KNOW WAS... that Tony D was gonna get antz and want to leave the game at half!  Really D!  I’ll get to that in a minute. 🙁

The Actual Game
For the whole first half, the Suns dominated the Bulls in all facets of the game.  They out shot, out rebounded, out hustled, and out everything’d the Bulls until the final few minutes of the half when the Bulls cut a 22 point deficit down to 12.  Still, the Suns looked in control of the game.

Tony D Being Tony D
It was at this point, that Tony D started hinting to me that he wanted to leave early.  He said, the game was blowout, I don’t want to stuck in traffic after the game, and on and on and on and on and on and on.... LOL 😉

I tried to reason with D, I told him there are hot girls everywhere (he’s married, so that wasn’t selling point), I told him the Bulls were playing better and it might get close ( he said, they were getting killed).  It didn’t matter what I said, D wanted to leave!

My last chance at staying was to go outside with D, let him smoke a cigarette to relax, and then maybe I’d be able to talk him into staying for at least the 3rd quarter.  Heck... I didn’t even get a picture with the Suns Gorilla yet!

Leaving The Arena
While we were outside in the smoker’s area, Tony D still wouldn’t budge.  He was determined to leave the game.  So... at this point, it wasn’t worth the fight because I still having fun with D and why ruin a good time!

Hopefully though, the Suns blow continue to blow them out and I didn’t just leave a great game.

Back To Mike’s
The plan now, was to go out to the bars for the night but first we had to go back to Mike’s to get him (Deniro was also meeting us there).  We got to Mike’s house around 9  pm or the beginning of the 4th quarter of the Suns game (the lead was single digits now).

After talking to the guys (Deniro and Mike) about our seats and how Tony D made me leave the game early, it was almost the end of the 4th quarter of the Suns/Bulls game.

Deniro was itching to get to the bars (he was meeting other friends there) so he left before we did but we said we’d meet him down there in a minute after Mike got ready to leave.

The End Of The Suns Game - Or So I Thought...
There was minute or so left in the Suns game when Mike was ready to leave so I walked over to Tony and said, “You ready, let’s go.”  Then... Tony looks me dead in eyes and says totally serious, “ Wait a minute, I’m watching the end of the game!”

Are F&$KING KIDDING ME!  We were at the game!  We had a luxury box seat at the game!  Now, that we’re at my buddies house on a couch!, you want to watch the rest of the game!  UNF&$KINGBELIEVABLE D!  😉  Only Tony D!

Seeing my frustration only made D happier as he laughed in my face as the Bulls tied the game and sent it into overtime!  This is ridiculous!   Now that the game was OT, we had to stay and watch the end.

Overtime Of Suns Game At Mike’s House
During the overtime, Mike and D were laughing it up at how mad I was at D for making us leave the game.  Heck... it’s only the best Suns game of the year so far.

There were smiling and laughing, laughing and smiling and when they thought it couldn’t any better... it did.  The Bulls tied the game again with a .01 second lefts in the 1st overtime (111-111).

2nd Overtime
When the second overtime began, I was so frustrated with D that I demanded we leave and go to the bar.  I couldn’t even bear to see another overtime happen before my eyes.  (Also, Deniro was blowing up my phone wondering where we were, I said one minute.)

Driving to The Bars - Listening To The Suns Game
On our way to meet Deniro at “Gilligans”, we listened to the end of the game on the radio.  The final score was Bulls 123 - Suns 115.  Ahhh!  I just missed a great game as the Bulls came back from 20+ points down win in double OT!  D!!!!!!!!!!!!

We were at Gilligan’s now, so I took the taste of unhappiness out of my mouth by doing shots of Rumplemintz! 🙂  Meeting us there was, Deniro, Derek, and Shawna (Derek’s girl).

Gilligan’s is a real cool place as it is different than almost all of the other Scottsdale bars/nightclubs.  The easiest way to put it is... Gilligan’s is a regular person’s bar and the rest of the Scottsdale is well... the rest of Scottsdale. 😉

Anyway, I was happy to see Derek and Shawna because during my journey they have been sending me pictures of themselves and a plastic rooster  they got.  I have probably received at least 6 or 7 pictures with them and this rooster. (My favorite was between a pair boobies!) 😉

Bar Hoping
The six of us hung out at Gilligan’s until midnight-ish (Tony D left earlier).  The plan from here was to go to a few different bars in the area and see what was best.

This is always the worst part of the night for me because what basically happens is you walk into... god knows how many bars, stay for a drink (if even), and then leave for the next.  If I was a drinker and rich... maybe this would be fun.  But, being poor and a non-drinker... not so much!

Like I just explained, after going to 5 different bars in less than an hour, Mike and I took a cab back to his place and called it a night.  (Deniro stayed out with a chick he met, I don’t know what happened.)

I had a real busy day as it started at 9 am and ended at 3 am.  None-the-less, I had a blast as it reminded of home because I was with D and Deniro.  And... although D screwed me at the Suns game, he’s still a life-long friend who’s... way Jersey!

Thanks for reading!

November 27, 2010 - 11:51 am - (AZ) “DAY 144” - Thanksgiving

I woke up this morning around 9:30 am because it’s the Damn West Cost!  Ahhhh, I hate morning football!!!  But, I’m addicted so I got early to make sure I didn’t miss a play.  😉

On another note, today is Thanksgiving and as an adult it might be favorite holiday.  Great food, great times with family and friends, all day football, leftovers, and the general attitude of everybody is gracious and giving on this day of the year. 🙂

Just A Thought: How come it takes a special day in the year where you’re told to be grateful and generous for most people to act that way.  I say that because I wasn’t able to find anywhere to do charity work today.  Every place in the greater Phoenix area was booked to capacity with volunteers.

Now, it’s great that that many people even care to give back but really... if people wanted to give back they should their spread time out over the year so needy people just don’t get to eat good, one day a year.  I’m a culprit too...  Just a thought. 🙂

Where To Go?
Since I have many friends here, I had a lot of different offers on where I could spend Thanksgiving.  Thank you to everybody who invited me, but I had to choose one place (didn’t want to bounce around all day), so I picked the place I thought would feel most like home, Tony D’s family.

Now that I had that decided, I sat around with Mike until 1 pm watching the Patriots/Lions game.  (Mike was bouncing around all day to different friends places, his family is in California.)

After getting ready, I left Mike’s at 1:15 to go to the casino and play a little poker before Turkey Time!  I have had the itch to play for a few days but I have been so busy, I haven’t had the time.  Heck... I’m three days of writing behind right now (Saturday). 😉

Casino AZ
I wanted to play poker but I made sure I got there before the 2:15 football game (AZ time) so I could get a football ticket.  They give out numbers and if your numbers match or are reversed of the score for each quarter you win either $300 or $150.  Got it?.

I knew I could play for a little bit because I still going to Tony’s brother house (Ronny) for Thanksgiving at 3 pm.  So I got into a 4-8 limit game and bought in for $100.

4-8 Limit
For most of the time I was there, I folded.  I wasn’t getting good cards. 🙁  Put it this way, I bought in for $100 and a hour later I cashed out with $106.  Not much happened.

And the numbers I got were (8, 1) which weren’t bad but it would probably have to be a final score so I left the casino at 2:30 pm and headed to Tony’s brothers place. (My numbers didn't hit.)

The Demarzo Family
If you have been reading, you would know I have known Tony since we were little kids (Little League Baseball) so not only do I know Tony real well but I also know everybody in his family.  Likewise, his whole family knows me as well as my family back in NJ.

Ronny’s House
Tony is one of 4 brothers and of the 3 of them who were there, Michael is oldest, than Ronny, and the youngest is Tony.  Everybody else who was there was somehow connected to one them thought marriage or whatever.

When I arrived, everybody had just sat down for dinner.  I wish I was a little earlier so I didn’t just show up at dinner time but at least i didn’t walk in while they were eating. 🙂

Like I said, it was great to here at Ronny’s with Tony and his family.  (It just felt like New Jersey at the table.) 🙂  Anyway, as I knew it would be, the food was great as I ate everything they served except for the cranberries. (I don’t like cranberries, what can I say.) 😉

The way I could tell that everybody was enjoying their meal is because for about ten minutes... not to much was said.  That’s a good sign the food kicked ass! 🙂  Thank you to everybody who cooked, it was perfect!

Bocce Ball
After eating dinner, most of the men went outside to play bocce ball.  Ronny put wood around the grass or fake grass (I don’t know) to hold the balls in play (he did it weeks ago).  It looked real good as it was a bocce court.  Do you call it that?  I don’t know?

Anyway, the first game was me and Tony (with help from his 4 year old son) vs. Michael and his son Alex.  Tony and I got worked as we just couldn’t get a rhythm going.  Tony and I weren’t happy with our performance and demanded a rematch.

Rematch - Teams Change
The rematch never technically happened because the teams changed.  Michael paired up with his brother Ronny and played against Tony and I as Alex (15 years old) and Joe (4 years old) stopped playing with us.

F.Y.I. - The DeMarzo brothers are very competitive and when I say very... I mean extremely.  All three of them are good athletes, in great shape, and always want to beat the other or any opponent in whatever they do.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being most competitive), Michael is 10, Tony is 10, and Ronny is a 7.  I think I’m a 7 too.  A 7 to me is, you want to and try to win but it’s ok to lose if you
and everybody playing had fun.  Michael and Tony hate losing, enough said.

Game 1 & 2
Anyway, Tony and I won the first game in close match so needless to say... Michael wanted a rematch against us.  He was saying how he hadn’t lost in months, so on and so forth. 🙂

The second game was the opposite of the first, as Ronny and Micheal beat us real bad.   You could now tell that Tony wanted a rematch.  It was inevitable that a deciding game 3 had to take place.  Dun.. Dun... Dun...

Game 3
The game wasn’t a game at all but a schooling on how to play bocce ball.  Tony and I ran away with it the series as we now hold the only Thanksgiving Bocce Ball Turkey Cup!  I had a lot of fun playing and it was cool to hang with the DeMarzo boys.

Leaving - Thank You Again!
By the time we finished playing Bocce ball is was after 6 pm, so we went inside for dessert.  During dessert, their father Mr. DeMarzo showed up (He was... I don’t know, it’s none of my business to ask) ;).

I always liked Mr. D as he was man’s man.  At least I thought so.  He’s still in better shape than I am and I think if he fought Jack Lalanne on Pay-Per-View, it would be a million dollar event.  Just kidding, he’s just in that good of shape.

After dessert, I thanked everybody there and headed back to Mike’s for the night.  Thanks again though, I had a great time!

I got back to Mike’s exhausted from Turkey eating, so I just stayed in for the rest of the night and watched the movie “The Expendables” with Mike.  Apparently, every living famous action hero made an appearance in it.  Well... almost.  No Van Damme. 😉

Like I said, I was tired so I passed out on the couch sometime after midnight.  I’m glad I did because I have to be up at 10 am to watch football again tomorrow.  Damn you West Coast football!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sounds like the perfect ending to a good weekend.
    We ate chinese tonight and my fortune is the following;
    Flying is simple, But hitting the ground is hard.
    You’ll figure out what’s best .

  2. VeVe says:

    Thanks for making me Lol..again ;P

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