2 Posts In 1: A Week To Relax & Recharge! (PA-MD),(MD) “DAYS 295 & 296” – 4/25/11, 4/26/11

April 27, 2011 - 9:40 am - (PA-MD) “DAY 295” - Week 44 - State 41

Last night before Matt went to bed I told him to wake me up when he left for work in the morning.  This wasn’t because I was leaving at 8 am, but because I wanted to say good-bye to him before I headed off to my next state. (He told me I could leave whenever I wanted to.)  Thanks Matt!

After Matt left for work, I fell back asleep for 2 hours before I finally got up and left his place. (All I did from the time I woke up was pack my things and then get in the car to leave.)  On my way out of his driveway, I stopped my car and took a full picture of his farm and house.  What a nice place! 🙂

Traveling To Cumberland, Maryland
The drive from Washington, PA to Cumberland, MD isn’t far as it’s only 2 hours away.  The only problem with this ride is that I have to double back twice.

What I mean is, I have to drive back through West Virginia to get to Maryland and then when I leave Maryland in a 5 days, I have to drive back through WV to get to Pennsylvania. (Basically, I’ll be doing the same exact drive again.)

Other than that, the drive wasn’t bad until I got to within 6 miles of the resort I’m staying at (Rocky Gap Lodge).  I’m not sure what happened on the road, but out of nowhere there was a massive traffic jam. (There must have been an accident although I didn’t see it.)

So, for the next 20 minutes I just sat in my car on the highway until it cleared up.  Luckily, that’s all I had to wait because I didn’t move 5 feet for that 20 minutes.

Arriving At Rocky Gap Lodge & Golf Resort
When I arrived at the Rocky Gap Lodge, the first thing I noticed was that this place was visually beautiful.  There is a nice golf course, a massive mountain range, a man-made lake positioned directly behind the hotel, as well as a peaceful feel in the air.  Ahhh... Just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

F.Y.I. - A friend of mine worked a deal where I got a comped room for the whole time I’m here, which is 5 days. (There may have been a small fee, but he paid it for me if there was one.  He was vague about the details except that I had a room for certain.)  Thank you!

Getting My Room
My friend definitely made it happen because after going to front desk, I got my room for the week and didn’t pay a thing!  Woo Hoo!  Thanks again! 🙂  So, I grabbed almost all of my things and went up to the room I will spending most of my time in this week.

Ya see, I’m physically and mentally spent, so the time I’ll be spending in Maryland (at this gorgeous resort) I plan on using as a vacation from my journey.

Basically what I mean is, I plan on doing nothing for this whole week except catch up on my writing, organize my things, watch TV, and lay in bed.  That’s it!  Well... maybe I’ll get bored after a few days of doing nothing and get into something, but until I feel refreshed again... I’m on vacation! 🙂

Hanging In My Room All Day
My room was as nice I had hoped as I have a king size comfortable bed, a TV with over 300 channels to choose from (including movie channels), and a great view of the lake outside my 6th floor window.  Ahhh, I already feel relaxed, this is perfect. 🙂

The Grocery Store (6 Miles Away)
The only thing I did today other than stay in my room while I wrote/watched TV, was I went to grocery store to get some food.  I wanted to get food for the week but since I don’t have a refrigerator in the room, I only got some for the night. (It cost $15 a day to rent a mini-fridge and I can’t waste my money on that.)

Hanging In MY Room All Night
Anyway, once I got back from the store, I did as I planned when I got to The Rocky Gap Lodge and did nothing!  Nothing! (For the record, I consider writing and watching TV doing nothing.)

Since I didn't do anything for the rest of the night, there’s nothing else to write about except, I enjoyed doing nothing for the first time in a long time.  And, when I have done nothing in the past, it was because I had nothing going on, I wasn’t at a 4 Star Resort.

I now finally understand how some people go on vacation to do nothing except relax.  I’ve never done this before as when I have gone on vacation in my life, it has always been to rage!  Another first for this trip.  Well... that was my day. (I used the word nothing a lot in this post, my bad.) 😉

Thanks for reading!


April 27, 2011 - 11:00 am - (MD) “DAY 296” - Week 44 - State 41

After doing a whole lot of nothing yesterday, I woke today and already wanted to do something.  Hey, it’s just in my nature I guess.  So, I opened up the guest services book they have in every hotel room and searched it until I found the activities page.

Checking Out The Activities Here At Rocky Gap
Now there is a lot of stuff to do here at Rocky Gap, but unfortunately for me, I don’t like to do any of it.  They have everything and anything you could ever want to do in nature, from fishing to boating to biking to hiking to a bunch of other things as well. (You get the picture.)

The only thing I was remotely interested in was playing golf, but as you can imagine, golf is expensive especially when you don’t have your own clubs.

And truthfully, I don’t like playing golf alone, I only enjoy golfing when I’m playing with friends. (Hey, I’m not Jack Nicklaus, I’m not shooting par or anything like that.  He designed the course) 😉

Walking Around The Hotel
The other problem with almost all of the activities they have here at Rocky Gap is they cost money.  Now, I know for the regular vacationer this is expected, but for me, I don’t have any extra money to spend on activities I don’t truly enjoy.

So, taking the poor man’s way out, I just walked some of the property exploring all the things they had to offer.  I checked out the different restaurants they had on property, some of the different lake rentals they had (canoes, paddle boats), and then sat by the pool (free) for a little while to relax. (Hey, this is what I’m here to do anyway.) 🙂

Back To My Room For The Day/Night
Realizing everything here cost money, I decided to just sit in my room for another day while enjoying some TV and a comfortable bed. (I’m also doing a lot of writing so I can get caught up to date.  After this post, I will finally be right on schedule as my tomorrow will actually be my today (Back To The Future stuff). 😉

Other than that, all I did was eat lunch and dinner from the hotel rather than drive back to town to get some food.  Like I said, I’m doing a whole lot of nothing while I recharge my batteries.  And... it’s working because I’m already feeling better as I’m ready to tackle the rest of this journey after just two days of rest! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ryan says:

    Sounds like just what the doctor (or Rooster!) ordered!!

  2. Dad says:

    For you it’s too relaxing, but this is exactly what you needed. Chill out.

  3. Danny says:


    Been following the journey ever since we met at Chad’s dinner in Miami. Glad to see everythings well.

    How can I email you directly?

    Dro says wassup!

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