2 Posts In 1: An Arkansas Razorback Basketball Game, A Steeler Party At Doug’s, & Sunday! (AR) “DAYS 195 &196” – 1/15/11, 1/16/11

January 18, 2011 - 3:00 pm - (AR) “DAY 195” - Week 28 - State 26

After my crazy Friday excursion which ended after 3 am, I didn’t want to have another long day but... since that ship sailed 194 days ago... I got up ready to tackle the world again!

Seriously though, I do have another long day ahead of me because Doug was having a Steeler’s play-off party at his house complete with 40 lbs of food, drinks, and much more.

On top of that, I plan on going to see an Arkansas Razorback men’s basketball game which starts at 12:30 pm even though I don’t have a ticket yet. 😉 (I’m going to it alone because Doug’s party is an all day event and Spaulding said he would be there early to help him cook.)  Got it, here’s my day! 🙂

Dropping Spaulding Off At Doug’s
As soon as Spaulding and I woke up (11:30 am), we got our respective acts together and immediately left the house to go to Doug’s.  Doug only lives 15 minutes from Spaulding’s but it’s 15 minutes away from the where the basketball game is which starts at 12:30.  Ahhh!

F.Y.I. - It’s really no biggie to me because Spaulding has been the man this week.  This is the least I can do for him after all he’s done to make my stay fun and affordable during my stay in Arkansas.  Thanks for everything Spaulding! 🙂

Doug’s House
When we got to Doug’s, I got out of the car for a minute just to say hi but after seeing the scene, I’m even more excited to get back here quickly.  Ya see, everybody there was a Steeler fan, the game started at 3:30, and the smoker (BBQ cooker) smelled great, (I took a peak at the meat that was cooking on the grill all morning). 🙂

Anyway, after that I headed off to make it all happen at the Razorback game which was now starting in 10 minutes. (I’m gonna be a little late but should help me with parking, tickets, etc. because once the game starts... the value of everything goes way down.) 🙂

Finding Parking
The ride to the game was just under 15 minutes so when I pulled up close to the stadium, the game has just begun.  Perfect!  Since I knew the game started, I found the parking lot closest to the entrance and pulled in.  (There’s always an open spot.) 😉

When I pulled in, the parking lot attendant said, “Jersey huh?, you’re a long way from home.”  I smiled and said, “I don’t where the hell I am but I know I want to see this game today and I don’t have $20 for parking.” He smiled back and said,” Jersey, park over there facing forward so nobody can see you don’t have a pass.”

F.Y.I. - This guy was awesome but said I couldn’t take his picture because he could lose his job.  So instead, I took a picture of his Arkansas sweatshirt without his face showing.

Finding A Ticket - Bud Walton Stadium
Like I already told you, the game had started so finding a ticket would be easy and hard.  Hard because... the chances of finding a ticket from a regular person would be tougher because all the tailgating parties have already ended as those people are in the game.

Easy because... the scalpers want to get rid of their tickets or they make nothing, so I can negotiate with them.  Or, if I do find some regular people with tickets, they will be running in and won’t mind giving up their extra since the game started.

Knowing my options, I walked around the stadium trying to find regular people who had an extra ticket to the game.  Along the way, I did talk with a few scalpers who offered me face value tickets ($25), but I declined.

After a few failed attempts (people didn’t have extras), I asked three ladies (Tina, Tara, Anita) who were walking up if they had an extra ticket for a Jersey boy in Arkansas.  Tina said she did and without saying another word, she handed me the ticket!  Thank you so much Tina and Ladies! 🙂

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Alabama Crimson Tide
After getting in the arena and walking around for a bit to check it all out, I found my way to the last row (center court) to take a few pictures. (I’ve found that these photos look real well on the site. :))

Anyway, after taking a bunch of pictures of the stadium and banners they had in the rafters, I looked around the crowd for open seats in the lower sections.  Even though this is a conference game between two good basketball schools, the stadium wasn’t full as some fans must be home waiting for the NFL play-offs to start too. 😉

Finding A Seat
Since there was so many options to choose from and the security was lax as best, I had my pick of the litter and decided to move around every 5 minutes or so.  My first seat was center court about 15 rows up. (I like this seat because you’re close but can still the whole game.)

After that, I went and sat on a angle from the court so I could get more stadium pics for the site.  (Angled stadium shots also look good for some reason.)  Once that was done, I found a good seat in the middle somewhere and watched a good portion of the first half.

The Actual Game
Because I wanted to get to Doug’s party, I only stayed for the first half of the game and during that time, Arkansas was getting worked by the Crimson Tide.  Alabama was doing everything right and the Razorbacks were doing everything wrong.

The reason that sucked for me is because the crowd was taken out of it and that’s my favorite part of being in the arena... seeing the crazy fans and all their crazy chants!

It wasn’t totally dead as with a few minutes before halftime, Arkansas made run and cut the lead to 4 or 5 points.  During this run, I saw the crowd at it’s best and even with the place not sold out, it still got real loud in here.

Knowing I was leaving at halftime, I know had to position myself in a place where I could get pictures with all their mascots (they have 4 of them but only 3 were there), a picture with their hot cheerleaders, and maybe even a picture on the court (if I can). 😉

Mascot Time
Like I said, they had 3 mascots on the court for this game.  The first was “Big Red”, there traditional mascot and he attends every game.  I got a picture with Big Red sometime right before halftime started, he was real cool and big! 😉

The second one I met was a female hog named “Sue E”.  Yes, a female mascot dressed as a gigantic piece of bacon!  I think I just fell in love!  After bringing home the bacon with the female mascot of my dreams, I continued on to find their last mascot called “1/2 Hog or Pork Chop”.

1/2 Hog is the children’s razorback mascot and after a quick search, I found the little piece of pork and got my picture taken with him or her.  Even though I got my picture taken with all 3 of them separately, I saw a great opportunity and got my picture taken with all 3 at once.

As the first half came to an end, the 3 mascots were all kneeled down on the court waiting for the players to clear and the halftime show to start when I jumped at on the court right beside them and kneeled down as the 4th mascot (Rooster Roethlisberger-cot).  LOL  F&$King Great! 🙂

Cheerleaders & Dance Team
Now that I was on the court, I took the opportunity to get a picture with a few cheerleaders before they did their halftime show.  They were really cool as they didn’t mind at all and even wished me luck on journey.  You go hot Razorback Girls! 🙂

As soon I got done with the picture, the Razorback dance team ran onto the court right in front of me.  For a second, I was startled as five hot-as-can-be girls lined up right in front of me.  I didn’t know how long they’d be there so I snapped some pictures of them.

I know that at least one of these pictures makes me seem like a dirty old man but hey... I couldn’t resist, they were standing right in front me! 😉  After feeling ashamed of myself for 5 foot away ass picture ;), I realized they had a cool halftime show planned.

Halftime Show
During today’s halftime show, they are honoring the Arkansas Razorback football team who just played in the Sugar Bowl against Ohio St. (they lost).  Even though they lost, it was the football team’s first game in a BCS Bowl Championship game.

Anyway, from where I was standing (which was on the court under the basket), I was able to get a bunch of great photos of the players as the entered and left the court for their ceremony.

I wish knew who was who, but I didn’t, so I don’t know if I have a picture of Ryan Mallet (star QB who’s headed to the NFL) or a red-shirt freshman who’s never ever gonna seethe field.  None-the-less, it was awesome to see and as they were leaving the court, the whole crowd “called the hogs” for them.

Calling The Hog’s
Calling the Hogs is a razorback chant where they say, Woo... Pig... Sooie or better yet... I just googled it and below is the Razorback media relations description of it.

“A properly executed Hog Call is composed of three “calls,” slowly raising one’s arms from the knees to above the head during the “Woo.” Traditionalists prescribe an eight second “Woo.” The fingers should be wiggled and the “Woo” should build in volume and pitch as the arms rise.

Upon completion of the “Woo,” both arms are brought straight down with fists clinched as if executing a chin-up while yelling, “Pig”. The right arm is extended up and out with the “Sooie.”

A full Hog Call -- the kind one will always hear victorious Razorback teams execute after contests -- requires two more Hog Calls, followed immediately by a “Razor-Backs” yell, coordinated with a pumping motion of the right arm after the third “Sooie.” So, in order, the full Hog Call is:
Woooo. Pig. Sooie!
Woooo. Pig. Sooie!
Woooo. Pig. Sooie!

Leaving The Arena - HOF Area Kinda?
Before I left the arena, I stopped by the area where they had ton of Arkansas memorabilia. (I don’t know what they called it because there wasn’t a Hall of Fame sign or anything.)

Anyway, since I was in a rush, I didn’t take the time to read all the plaques and whatnot, which I usually do, so I just ran through it as quickly as possible without really getting to experience it.

I did stop by the Mike Conley area for a bit because I did remember his name from the Olympics but that was about it.  It seemed like a real area so if there’s a next time, I’ll take a bit longer. 😉

Doug’s House - Pittsburgh Steeler Party!
When I got back to Doug’s house it was almost 2:30 pm and the party was in full swing!  The smoker was full of food, his friends and family were full of booze, and the Steeler game was less then 2 hours from kick-off!  Sweet!

Now, I wish I would could give a proper introduction to all the real cool people I met during the party, but I met some many people and I’ve already wrote so much in this post, that I’m just gonna be lazy this time and not re-find out everybody’s name from Doug or Spaulding right now.

Now, with being said, I do remember who maned the smoker for most of the day and that was Ralph.  Ralph was in charge of our food so of course I got to talk to him a few times during the afternoon.  It was cool meeting you and the food was great!

Doug’s Speak’s To The Party
As the whole party was outside drinking and mingling, Doug stopped everybody so he could a give a very nice speech to Darryl (a friend of his and the party’s) who was leaving for Iraq the next day. (He has a job out there training something.)

After the speech was over, Spaulding handed him a Terrible Towel (from Pittsburgh) as a going away gift.  It was real cool and everybody at the party signed it before the day was over.  Stay safe out there and it was nice meeting you!  Go Steelers!

The Steeler Room
If you read yesterday’s post, you already saw pictures of the Steeler room I was about to watch the playoff game in.  It is a Steeler fan’s paradise room!  F&$K ya!  Since, there was a lot of people at the party and the room is only so big, I got up there early to make sure I had a good seat for the game.

In case you didn’t read yesterday, here are a few more pictures of the room so you have an idea of how cool the environment was for a Steeler fan who by chance wound up in Arkansas for the Pittsburgh first playoff game this year.

Game Time - Steelers vs. Ravens
Like I told you, I was up there early but by the time the game started... the room was full of Steeler fans ready to cheer on our beloved black and gold!  The game started out just the way I wanted to as Pittsburgh jumped out to an early 7-0 lead!  Sweet!

But... for the rest of the first half, it was all Baltimore as they scored 21 unanswered points and took a 21-7 lead into halftime.  Oh no!  This is awful for so many reasons!

One, I’m a huge Steeler fan and anytime they lose it sucks.  Two, I have $100 bet with a friend every year on which team goes further, Pittsburgh or New England.  And lastly, I will be in Dallas during Super Bowl week and how awesome would it be for me to be there and the Steelers are playing!

Cool Steeler Things In Doug’s Steeler Room
Besides all the cool things he had in the room, he also had a red flag he threw at the TV when he thought the Steeler’s should challenge a play.  He also had a yellow flag he threw when he thought there was a penalty.

Besides those two things, there was also a Steeler brick (foam) that he threw at the TV when they made a bad play. (This happened a lot in the first half.) 🙁  I took this brick for the 2nd half but as it turned out... I never had to throw it!  Woo Hoo!

Lastly, he had Steeler wind chimes hanging over the door and when the Steeler’s scored, one lucky Steeler fan in the room was honored to ring the Steeler’s bell! (During the game Doug would announce who was next to ring the bell.)

2nd Half
As soon as the 2nd half started, the game instantly turned around.  Pittsburgh forced a turnover early in the 3rd and turned into 6 points.  Then, after another turnover, the Steeler’s tied the game at 21 all.  Woo Hoo!

At this point, the whole room is going nuts as Steeler mania was running wild!  The energy on field fueled the room as for the rest of the game... we were all going nuts! 🙂

As you know by now, the Steelers wound up winning the game 31-24 and advance to AFC championship game which is now in Pittsburgh because the Jets beat the Pats on Sunday.   It’s all going according to plan! 🙂

Steeler Cakes
Besides all the shots that were flying around, there were two different Pittsburgh Steeler cakes on the table to eat once we won.  Both were awesome as one was a fudge topped peanut butter rice crispy treat and the other was my favorite cake around, a vanilla cake with vanilla icing.  A perfect Steeler’s victory cake!

Leaving Doug’s
Spaulding and I stayed at Doug’s until most of the people were gone but by the time the first half of the late game ended (Chicago vs. Seattle), I was spent and so was Spaulding, so we left for his house and called it a day or as it turned out... we called it a weekend! 😉  (left: Doug's daughter Shelby)

Spaulding’s Place
When we got back to Spaulding’s house, all I did for the rest of the night was upload photos and get myself ready for a full day of Sunday writing.  While I did that, Spaulding watched TV next to me until both of passed out sometime around midnight. (He went to his room, I passed out on the couch.)

Thanks for reading!

January 18, 2011 - 9:45 am - (AR) “DAY 196” - Week 28 - State 26

After a very long Friday and Saturday, I knew today (Sunday) would be a full day of writing, uploading pictures, and watching some NFL football play-off games.

So, as soon as I got up, I pulled out my laptop and got to writing in front of Spaulding’s TV.  While I was writing, Spaulding was catching up on work himself but sometime around halftime of the early game (Seahawks vs. Bears), he decided he was gonna make us a huge homemade dinner. Nice! 🙂


For the next 3 or 4 hours, Spaulding bought, prepared, and cooked us dinner.  Again, while he was doing all that, I was on the couch writing my Friday in Arkansas.  Around halftime of the late game (Jets vs. Pats), dinner was finally served and it was great!

Spaulding made us potato skins and jalapeno poppers for appetizers.  Then, for dinner, we had fresh cut fries, shrimp scampi, with a main course of steak (filet).   Everything was amazing except for the fries (they were a little well done.) 😉

Rest Of The Night
After eating dinner, I kept on posting until I was finished with “DAY 194”.  Even though I was done with my Friday, I still had Saturday to start, so while Spaulding watched some TV, I kept on working on my computer. 🙁

I wish there was more exciting stuff to report, but that was my Sunday.  Other than writing, I planned (loosely) where I would be going in Oklahoma come Monday.  I still don’t know where I’m headed except that it will be somewhere between here and Dallas, Texas in Oklahoma.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. wendy p says:

    Great Pics! great time!!

  2. DAD says:

    Wow, where do I begin. The Steeler room looks awesome and you must have been in heaven.Great food and friends, plus a Steelers win.
    The Razor back logo is great and the cheer leaders,
    well what can I say that won’t get me into the dirty old man club. Woooo Pig Sooie !!!!!
    Great pictures and story.

  3. Richy Luhrs says:

    had a awesome time at Dougs, and it was a pleasure meeting you, good luck on your future endeavors and GO Steelers!

  4. Spalding says:

    Had a great time with you in Arkansas. Good luck on your trip. Hopefully I will see you in Dallas for the Superbowl.

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