2 Posts in 1: I’m Back in Columbus, Ohio To Hang With A Friend! (OH) “DAYS 286 & 287” – 4/16/11, 4/17/11

April 18, 2011 - 10:48 am - (OH) “DAY 286” - Week 42 - State 38

My yesterday was so crazy and lasted so long that after talking with Matt for a little bit, I crashed on his couch all day long. (Matt went to work at 10 am and didn’t get home until 5 pm).

Back In Columbus, Ohio
In case you didn’t read yesterday, I am currently back in Columbus, Ohio for the day (or two) to hang out with Matt who I met in week 3 of this journey.  Matt and Pratt (although Pratt is in Chicago now) put me up for the whole week while I was here and since that time we have kept in touch as good friends do. 🙂

But, there are basically two reasons why I stopped here. 1.) Since I went to Cincy to see the Reds play, the route it gave me to Morgantown,WV was right through Columbus, so I didn’t have to detour at all.

2.) If my trip is ending soon, I’m glad I get to see Matt again who had helped me more on this journey than anybody could ever imagine.  Other than just putting me up for the week (without knowing me at all), he let me know early on in this trip that it was possible to meet good people who are willing to help out a stranger.  Thank you Matt! 🙂

Sleeping All Day
Like I already said, after being awake for over 24 hours while doing everything non-stop, I was completely physically and mentally exhausted.  So, after Matt left for work, I laid down on his couch and didn’t wake up until he got home 7 hours later.  I was tired!

Matt Gets Home
Right before Matt walked in, he called me to wake me up because at his new place you have to lock the door from the inside when you’re there.  What I’m trying to say is that I had to let him in. (And really... how cool is this, Matt let me stay in place all day long while he wasn’t even here.)  Unreal!  Well... Fern was there with me. 🙂

A Home Poker Game
While Matt was at work, one of his work buddies asked him if he wanted to play in a home poker tournament tonight at 7 pm.  Knowing that I like to play poker and he does too (that’s one of the things Matt and I had in common when we met 270 days ago), he told the guy we were in for the game.

So, after milling around Matt’s place until 6:30 pm (I needed time to regroup), we left and headed to some guys house who Matt had never met to play in a poker tournament.  Oh yeah, during this time, Matt also donated $20 towards my trip!  People are so unreal!  Thank you so much Matt! 🙂

Arriving At The Dude’s Place
Unfortunately for this post, I forgot the guy’s name who house we played at but none-the-less, he was a really cool guy and accommodating host.  Anyway, when we pulled up to the house, it easy to see we were gonna have a full game tonight because there were cars everywhere.  Nice!

Setting Up A Home Game
We got there at the right time because the chips were being set up as we walked into the kitchen.  Hopefully that’s a good sign for tonight’s tournament.  Here’s the need to knows: $20 buy-in, $10 re-buy’s, $10 add-on, 16 people entered, top 3 paid, 20,000 starting chips, 20 min blinds, and we’re playing NL Hold’em.

The Tournament Begins
Matt and I were seated at the same table which was cool because I did come to town to hang out with him.  Poker wise it didn’t matter as we weren’t playing together at all. (Most of my biggest hands all night long (win or lose) were against him.)

Anyway, this home game was a lot of fun as almost everybody there knew how to play, deal, etc...  Sometimes home games can be brutal with the pace of the game, the lack of knowledge of the rules, etc... You know what I’m talking about if you play a lot of poker.

The First Hour
The whole first hour of the tournament I didn’t get any cards.  Well... I did get cards... losing cards! 😉  The bad part was, I was getting second best hands which are the worst hands to have.

For example, I lost with pocket Q’s (Q,Q) to (A, 4), he flopped a wheel.  I lost with a King high straight to a Ace high straight.  And the one that felted me was, I had a full house using both hole cards (A, 7) and I lost to a Aces full of ten’s full house (A,10).  The board was... A,10,4,A,7.  Ahhh!

Matt, on the other hand, was cruising through the table winning hand after hand.  He was playing good poker but must have had good cards too because every time he had to show, he had the hand he was representing.  You go Matt! (If I don’t win, I’m routing for brother.) 🙂

Re-Buying For $10
The crazy thing about this tournament that I didn’t realize until I had to re-buy was that the re-buy was just $10 and you still got 20,000 in chips.  That math doesn’t work out, I should have been playing more aggressive knowing the re-buy was so cheap for the same starting chips.  I’d say I know for next time but I’ll never be here again.

The Second Hour
During the second hour of this tournament you could get a $10 add-on for 30,000 more in chips.  Again, this math is wacky, but I guess it builds the pot because everybody got a add-on.   The good thing was, that after the add-on people could start getting eliminated.

Luckily for me, my cards changed for the next few rounds as I was getting second best hands anymore, I just wasn’t getting any hands period.  Matt though was still taking down almost every pot he played in. (He was chip leader at out table.)

The Final Table
When there were 8 people left, we combined the two tables to make one final table. (Both Matt and I made it there. He was top 3 in chips and I was in the bottom 3 in chips.)

At this point in the tourney, the blinds were real big (4,000-8000) and there was a 700 chip ante. I had a little over 60,000 K in chips.  Then, the hand that killed me was against Matt.  He raised my big blind to 20,000 and I didn’t want to call but I had pocket Jacks (J,J), so I felt like I had to with so little chips left.

The flop came... K, 8, 2.  Matt basically bet me All-In, so I folded down as I put him on (A,K).  The problem... this crippled my chip stack.  Now I had to wait for one good hand and just go with it hoping I can get lucky. 😉

Getting Knocked Out
I wound up surviving until there was just 5 people left, but with my chip stack shrinking I had to make move and when I did... I lost to somebody who had to call because of the size of my chip stack. (I didn’t have a monster hand or anything, it just didn’t flop my way.)

Matt Wins The Tournament
Although I didn’t win, the next best thing happened, Matt did!  For the whole night Matt played great poker and that combined with a few good hands paid off as he took down the whole tournament!

The final hand he had pocket 10’s and didn’t pre-flop raise. (This trapped the guy into thinking he didn’t have a hand.)  Anyway, the flop came... A,8,3 and the guy had (8,6).  he bet into Matt and Matt just called.

The turn...  Ace (A).  The guy then bet All-in and Matt called him.  The river was a Queen (Q) and Matt won the tournament!  First place was $250, second was $150, and third was $90.  Not bad for a $30 entry fee.  Congratulation Matt!  Nice win! 🙂

Back To Matt’s To Crash
By the time the tournament ended it was after midnight and since I was still exhausted from a 24 hours day (Matt was also tired from working all day), we just called it a night and headed back to his place. (On the way home he bought me a late night snack.) Thanks Matt!

When we got to Matt’s place, we did hang out for a little while longer but then Matt went to bed because had work on Sunday morning (11 am).  I too still had a lot of work to catch up on, so I got my pillow, blanket, and crashed on the couch around 2 am.

Lastly, I just want to thank Matt again for everything and this dates back to week 3.  I can’t believe I’m sitting here in Matt’s place on “DAY 286”, this trip is so wild! 🙂

Thanks for reading!

April 18, 2011 - 1:00 pm - (OH) “DAY 287” - Week 42 - State 38

My day today was fairly normal as all I did was get some writing done and hang out with Matt at a few different bars in order to watch the NBA play-offs.  Other than that, I was still exhausted from the 24 hour day I had on Friday.  Man, I’m getting old! ;

Writing All Day
From the moment I woke up (when Matt left for work at 11 am), all I did was write all day in his place until he got home from work around 5 pm.  And even then, I kept writing until 7 pm while Matt did his homework. (Matt’s in college, has two jobs, a girlfriend, and still has time to house a homeless man.) LOL  You da man buddy!

Hitting A Bar For TV
Since Matt is rarely home due to his busy schedule, he doesn’t have cable as he uses his internet connection connected to his TV to watch movies and TV shows.  It works out well unless you want to watch live sports, so that’s why we left his place to go to a bar.

Brew Stars
We got to Brew Stars at 7 pm and saw that the New York Knicks vs. Boston Celtics game had just started.  Perfect!  I’m a huge Knick fan and there are in the play-off’s for the first time in what seems like a 100 years.  Let’s Go Knicks!

The problem... the sound for the game wasn’t on and I wanted to be apart of the Knick game, not just watch it.  So, after Matt finished his game of pool (he’s a real good pool player), we left to find a another bar that would have sound for the game.

After traveling this whole country, I know that BW3 does a good job when it comes showing sporting events, so we went to the BW3 which was right in the middle of the OSU campus.

This place was as perfect as I thought it would it be as on the two flat screens in front of me, was the Yankee’s vs. Rangers and the Knicks vs. Celtics.  Sweet! 🙂  For a minute there, I thought I was back home as I was hanging with a friend and watching two NY teams play. 🙂

The Knicks Lose & Yanks Win
After the Knicks lost a close battle to the Celts and Yankee’s won a close game against Texas, Matt and I left to go back to the other bar we were already at to watch the last NBA play-off game for the day. (I didn’t care if I didn’t have sound for a non-Knick game.) 😉

Brew Stars Again
Other than watching the game on the TV, Matt and I just sat there and talked for the whole Oklahoma City vs. Denver play-off game. (As I was watching this game, I realized I had seen both of these teams play live on this trip.)  So cool!

Anyway, when the game ended (OK City won by 5), we left the bar and headed back to Matt’s place for the night.  I’ve had a great day as I got caught on my picture uploading (still have writing to do) while I hung out with a good friend all day long.  Nice!

Matt’s Place
When we got back to Matt’s and settled in (after midnight), we watched a movie on Netflix until it was time to pass out for the night.  The movie was “The Other Guys” with Will Ferrell.  It wasn’t bad, not his best film, but I did laugh a couple of times.

Well... that was my day.  Tomorrow I’m heading to West Virginia to continue on with my journey as WV will be my 39th state and my 43rd week on the road.  Not bad for starting with just $2007 of my own money and a dream.  Not bad! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Buckeyes rule !!!!! Nice to feel at home when
    your on the road.

  2. Mike says:

    Not bad but remember, how much money you scamed from people, your mom and various donations. So how much money did you receive in donations total? Oh yeah and of course the suicide pool. Last but not least how much credit card debt did you rack up????????? So to say you are doing it on 2007 dollars, is not really that true. Please someone correct me if I’m wrong. Travel the country on credit cards is really not impressive. How many people agree with that? Seriously its not impressive and you have said you charged stuff. So rooster tell us, how much of this trip got charged, including your monthly bills that you said you were gonna pay from poker winnings. For a guy who said he never has never had a loosing week hasn’t hasn’t exactly been winning. When is the last time you won at cards, not Indiana not Miami? Where ?

  3. dave says:

    The only part in that whole comment that I’ll address (because others might be wondering as well) is the credit card part. (The rest is just your negative hatred and I already told myself I have nothing more to say to you about stupid shit.)

    That being said. I’ll explain my credit card situation to everybody again. (I did this at some point already though.) I left NJ with 5 credits cards that were all maxed or close to it. And when I say close to it, I mean if the limit was $500, I had $487 on even closer to the max. Fort each card, each month, I do send the minimum payment or sometimes more (if it’s $25 maybe I’ll send $35 or $40, maybe.)

    So once I left, if my card had a $487 balance and I had $13 available left to spend, and then sent in a $25 payment (from the the $2007. starting total), I would now have $38 available to spend. I only would have that much because I took money from the original $2007 and sent it in. So, yes I have used my CC’s but only from the money I sent in. And that’s only because I don’t have any available credit.

    If I would have had credit credits to use, I’d have gladly told everybody. I have no shame in using credits if I could, but unfortunately it’s not an option for me. Let me tell you, I wish had more of a credit line because I wasn’t trying to prove a point by leaving with just $2007 (of my own money), it’s just all I had!

    Here’s my credit card breakdown for all to read. I have nothing to hide. I have 5 active CC’s and 1 inactive card that I still pay on (1 MasterCards, 3 Visa, 1 other, and 1 Gas Card).

    That’s it. I have nothing to hide. Trust me… I wish I had some available credit! 🙂


  4. Mike says:

    thank you rooster that helps somewhat. I have been reading everyday since you started and have not missed a post and this is the first time you explained the card situation, so you are lying by saying you already explained it. you are trying to make me out to be the bad guy like always. I am calling you out on this point blank. prove me wrong rooster and direct me and the rest of your readers to where we can find this information that you already explained. everyone thinks I’m an asshole because I call you out on stuff, so rooster either direct us to where you explained it or admit that I am right and that you never explained it. my guess is you will either not approve this comment or you will ignore it and not prove me wrong because I know I am right and so do you. And rooster I did post a reply to g’s comment the other it has been over 49 hours and the comment is still not posted. so g please know that I did respond but rooster will not post it. for the record the post did have some positive and.some negative stuff in it. none of the negative was worse then what g posted. just stating this for the record. and I keep inviting rooster to stay at my place and have not heard back from him everyone who reads this should know I’m not lying bc I have posted it many times.

  5. Mike says:

    Readers please correct me if I am wrong is anyone else curious to know the total amount of donations In dollar amount that rooster has recieved? Or am I the only person who is curious? For the record rooster was posting the amount and who gave him the donation in the beginning. But has not kept up with it. When this trip started he told us he would keep running total? Just curious to see what that running total is. To anyone who thinks that I am just being an asshole that is only a partial truth. The only reason I am intrested in this journey and read and ask questions is because of the amount of money rooster started with. Anyone can travel the county with a lot of money. That is why I ask what I ask because he says he only had 2007 dollars. I am trying to constantly see if that is really true and if he is doing what he says he is. See when I met rooster he told me he has been playing poker for many years and in the last 2 years he has only had a loosing week about 2 or 3 times and that is why he thought he would be.able fund his trip. Truth be told I think he won more money in the suicide pool then on poker. I do recall a few good days that he had playing poker, I think he had his largest win playing 10/20 limit for around 500 bucks towards the begging of his journey. As of lately he has not won any money. Infact he has probably lost close to 4-5 hundred from his last 5 or 6 sessions. So that is why I constantly ask what I ask. Personally I think he should post his finances on a daily basis for everyone to see so we can see roughly what he spends in a day or atleast should have been doing it on a weekly basis but he didnt. He has remained vague since the get go. Not telling anyone the different accounts got merged into one account until I asked. Is anyone else at all intrested In the financial aspect of the trip? Even if rooster paid for a hotel 1/3 of his trip which I estimate because of comes and people who he stays with at 1/3 of the trip at 25 dollars a night that is still over 3 grand

  6. dave says:

    I did explain it, but not in that great a detail. It’s so many days ago, I wont look for it. Ron (from NJ) asked me about it and I answered, I remember that.


  7. dave says:

    It is so hard to write everyday… let alone give a daily financial update. Every dollar that has been donated has been mentioned on the site at some point except a $20 donation I got Sunday from Ryan. Thank you Ryan! (I’m writing about that in my next post.) And like clockwork and I don’t know why, my Mom’s friend Geri had been donating $23 every two weeks to me from the start of this trip. People are awesome! Thank you all!

    And Mike, I just took down the extended details of my CC’s… Gotta be careful.


  8. Mike says:

    Thank you for proving my point. You can not back that comment up about showing me and other readers where you explained your cc info. Put or shut up at this point. You are way way way to vague about everything. You avoid direct questions with vague answers. If you have nothing hide then why are you acting like you are hiding something. You never explained your credit card situation before and it took me asking a few times for you to finally do so. HOW MUCH MONEY IN DONATIONS? I’m positive others want to know. How much money rooster how much. You said you were keeping track. HOW MUCH TOTAL? You avoid direct questions with saying people are great in America. in amazes me how much strangers are willing to help and all this other horseshit. You can’t face.direct questions or anyone asking about how you are accomplishing what you say you are accomplishing. The fact is you appear to be another person trying a plubcity stunt in your case its on the internet. Even beneverous says people ask him questions similar to what I ask you. So why get offended. When are u coming to Scranton my friend once again. And why can g say

  9. dave says:

    Dude!!! I don’t have time to answer every question you ask at every whim! It is my journey and either you believe me or you don’t! Like I’ve said, anybody that has known me for years knows I have no money! I don’t know what the F%$K you keep talking about internet pub stunt??? It’s so ridiculous it’s not worth my time, as is most of the stuff you write to me…

    And every donation, every dollar won or lost at poker IS on the site somewhere… You’re so interested… do me a favor and look it all up and calculate it for me. Thanks for your help MIke… Thats what you are asking me to do and I don’t have the time. It’s all there though…


  10. Dad says:

    Mike sounds like a broken record. Stick the needle
    into someone else. Rooster’s following his dream and passion and you are sounding like a jealous miserable
    human being. If you can’t be positive and supportive, it’s time you SHUT UP !!!!!

  11. bennervous says:

    Dave — Please delete my comment above that just says Mike and nothing else. For some reason I hit send by accident. Here is what I wanted to write:

    Mike — I totally get your point about wanting to know all of the specifics and i for one think you are a lot more comical than an asshole. I can assure you that others appreciate (or at least get a kick out of) your comments as well.
    I remember having a convo with rooster early on (like a month or 2 in) asking him to post his wins and losses and other things. He told me that he just didnt have the time. I have talked to him on the phone a few times and I see why there is no time. He even asked me to log it for him, but i dont have that much time either.

    As far as this whole blog goes, the lack of financial details is also the biggest letdown to me, and I even told Dave that I wished that he kept better track. That said, if he got himself bogged down in all the details, then a lot of the other good stuff about this trip might not have happened. I personally wouldve kept MUCH better track, but would not have had the adventures that he had. That’s just the way it is.

    I have known and played poker with Dave for only about a year or two before his trip began (at a 1/2 NL game), and i can say that Dave is honest and trustworthy and all-around good guy. I resent your comment about him scamming people…even though I agree with your comments about wanting to know more information. As for Dave saying he hardly had losing days in poker, I doubt that…although people who dont keep good records of their poker wins and losses tend to think they win more than they lose. IMO, Dave is a pretty good tourney player but not quite the strongest cash player. I would guess he is (at best) just better than break even at cash games. I also know that he has suffered a few brutal beats of late on this trip. People who play super-tight/solid do tend to suffer more bad beats than others simply because they tend to have better starting hands and stay in or bet out with better hands. Enough of that.

    Like Dave said, if you had the time, you can create your own spreadsheets showing his poker wins and losses as well as his donations. I wish you would because I would want to know the specifics too. Lastly, as far as the credit cards goes, I did ask him about it this week when I talked to him. My best explanation might not be much better than Daves, but it is simply that the most he could’ve spent on credit cards (in net) over this trip was a few hundred bucks because he has to pay his credit card bills as he went anyway and was close to maxed out to begin with.
    One other point of minor clarification, when Dave mentioned that he gets $23 donations from his mom’s friend, those donations were actually $25 (I believe) but PayPal takes a cut.
    Mike — dont be so much of a hater. No big deal to ask questions. I dont blame u for wanting to know. But u still gotta give Dave some props for what he was able to accomplish regardless of the money situation. Look at all the strangers he met who took him in and all the ballgames he got into for free. YOu gotta appreciate at least some of that! I wish Dave would give you his cell # or u give it to him so u can hash out some of your unanswered questions. If that does happen and you get answers, please post them in the comments. Peace, brother.

  12. Nicole says:

    I just want to say that I met Dave in Eugene, OR. He stayed at the motel I work in. I enjoy reading his posts and in fact find him to be an inspiration. Dave constantly shows us all what the power of believing in yourself and refusing to take no for an answer can do. Honestly, I don’t care much about how many games he wins or how much money he spends. To me it’s about the connections and memories he is making. Keep up the great work Rooster! 🙂

  13. Mike says:


    You would think someone who is traveling across the country on 2007 dollars would keep better records, its not hard especially in this day and age. With various programs out there if done everyday it would only take about 5 minutes. Decoding poker wins and losses takes all of 30-45 seconds and mabey 10-15 minutes to do a gram total and thats if your doing it the old fashion way and not on a spreadsheet. And remember when I met rooster and he talked about this in great detail. There is or was section of his site where he was so suppose to be tracking it. His excuse was his buddy who set up the site went on vacation and he didn’t know hoe to do it, another excuse. I have a heard time believing a recent college grad like the rooster would not be able to log this info on his site. I’m sure his friend who set it up could have explained how to do it in about 10-15 minutes tops. See the reason none of this is tracked and log is because rooster does not want stuff to be on paper because the numbers don’t add up. Sure the stories are fun and entertaining but the only thing that makes this trip what it is, is the amount of money he had and how he was suppose to be earning it playing poker. Bottom line is I don’t think that has happened. The separate accounts that he talks about in the master plan section never happened. Why did I have to ask about it. Why wouldnt you volunteer that information to your readers before someone asks

  14. Mike says:

    I cannot tell you how many times rooster has gone back on his word, to me on emails that we have exchanged. He edits my post sometimes and I have called him out on it. I have an email sent to me in the towards the start of the trip when I first started to ask questions and we exchanged emails and he said he would not edit or moderate any posted that whatever was said would be posted. I don’t understand why someone would say that if they didn’t mean it. I think its billshit. I don’t am jot hating on the journey, I simply do not believe aspect of the trip and ask a out it. I love how rooster let’s his friends and father talk shit on me then won’t let me defend myself, still waiting for my post to g to be approved. Even his dad has chimed in. I think that is funny because rooster always talks about how him and his brother were raised in a small apartment in NJ by his mother never have I heard him mention his father besides occasionaly talking to him on phone and I beleive his dad bought him a shirt at the Harley-Davidson store, forget what state. And I think he bought a hotel room a a few weeks ago. And his dad made a comment about his mom not believing in rooster in the first couple of weeks of his journey, so my question is to dad, why does rooster say he was raised in a small apartment by his mom. Mabey I’m reading into things please correct ne if I’m wrong but dis you not beleive in rooster when rooster.was in that small apartment in nj dad? So everyone really needs to stop throwing stones if they live in a glass house. I am good for this site weather people beleive it or not. I have referred and showed a ton of people from all over the place to this site. I think the trip is cool, I just don’t think some parts are believable as far as money goes. And I will address this again Bennervous I have offered rooster a place to crash and offered him dinner but he has bit gotten back to me. Shit if he doesn’t want to crash ill meet him at a casino for lunch or something. But he has not gotten back to me and he knows how to get in touch with me as he has done it in the past

  15. dave says:

    Replying to you is such a waste of my time as you are ridiculous… But most importantly… this trip, AGAIN, was never about poker except as a potential means to help me get through it. I didn’t and still don’t care how I make it through, whether it was a football pool, money that has been donated, or any other means to make it. You keep mentioning when we talked, yeah… how I am suppose to tell somebody in July that I’m gonna win a football pool and that’s how I’ll make it. Especially, when I didn’t even know the football pool existed yet. You don’t get it! The goal was to get across the country how I ever I could. Poker is just the only thing I can control.

    The donations have been huge, but I had and still have no idea when or if anybody would ever donate. That’s why i couldn’t count on that in my plan, how could I count on anybody other myself to do this. That being said. I have documented everything play by play in my daily post. Maybe all you focus on is the money aspect of this trip, but to me it was about much much more. Always was, always has been, always will be.

    And AGAIN… I have no reason to lie about the money! The fact that I was broke as a joke is why I did this to begin with! If I had more money, I’d a gladly said I’m leaving with 4,000 grand, 5,000 grand, or 100,000 grand. I’d a said it either way. If I had more money, I just would have done more things, with more people, and I would have paid for everything. Then, that’s what my book would have been about. A rich kid who parties across the country lending a hand… That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you… The money doesn’t matter to me. I wish I had all this money and credit reserve you think I have… I wish!

    Believe me or don’t… This is last message I will write to you about this. It’s redundant and so not even close to the truth… it’s comical. Everybody that knows me for years must laugh about how you think I have money… LOL I wish you were right… trust me, I do!

    Lastly, I was never going to Scranton and why would I. Because you invited me? Come on dude… Don’t feel like I’m picking on you either, many people have asked me to stop by (who I actually like) and if it’s not on my route, I didn’t go. I can’t be everywhere. Plus, I have friends in the Pittsburgh area who I have planned to see since the start of this trip (look at the plan). Scranton is nowhere near where I’ll be, not even close.


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