2 Posts In 1: Living Normal Life In New Jersey! (NJ) “DAYS 359 & 360” – 6/28/11, 6/29/11

June 30, 2011 - 12:55 pm - (NJ) “DAY 359” - Week 52 - State 48

The good thing about cleaning out my room last night instead of going out somewhere was that today I can go pick up my bed from Buck’s place. (I’ve been sleeping on my Mom’s couch since I’ve been in NJ.)  The only problem... I need a truck in order to move my bed safely.

Frank Helps Me Out
So, since I needed a truck I called my friend Frankie and asked if he had any time to help out today with a bed move. (He has a truck with a bed.)  Frankie is man and said although he has things to do today when he has a free minute he’ll stop by and help me out.  Thank you Frankie! (A.K.A. The Minotaur!)

Woo Hoo!  I Have My Own Bed!
Sometime in the afternoon (while I writing my daily post), Frankie stopped by (2-3 pm) and helped me move my bed from Buck’s condo back to my old room at my Mom’s place. 🙂  As I just said... Woo Hoo!  I have my own bed!

It’s crazy to think that just having a bed would be a big deal, but after a year of sleeping on couches, in guest rooms, at dirty motels, in my car, and wherever else I could lay my head, this really is a special moment.  As I’ve found out, it’s the little things in life that matter most when you have nothing.

Hanging With Max (My Dog)
After organizing my room enough to put the bed in, I hung out with my dog Max for awhile.  We didn’t do much as my dog is pretty lazy, but that’s what I love my dog, he doesn’t need to do much in order to be happy.  All you have to do is pay attention to him, pet him, and the rest is history... he’s puddy in your hands. 😉

The Rest Of The Night
Being my financial situation is as low as it has been all trip long, there isn’t much I can do here in NJ.  Ya see, since I’m from NJ it isn’t the same as when I traveled the country.  I’ll try and explain although it is tough to put into words easily.

Things Are Different When You’re Close To Home
For example, when I was in Nebraska (insert any state far from NJ) and I was broke, people there would be like, you’re from New Jersey, that far away from home, and you’re doing this... I’ll definitely help you out if I can.

But now that I’m in NJ and let’s say I was looking for a ticket to a concert, the people around me would be like where are you from and I would say, I’m from NJ.  Then, they would just look at me and be like yeah... so am I.  What’s the big deal?  You kinda get it.  There’s no thrill in helping somebody who lives where you do. (Right: Craig who let met stay with him Iowa.)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the closer to home you are, the less likely people you don’t know are willing to help you.  It’s crazy, but it’s true.  But, it does make sense when you think about it because the people near where you live know you should have family or friends to help you out if needed.

And, if you don’t have that kind of support around where you live, than the people you talked with would think you must be a bad person to not have the people who have known you best to help out.  Like I said, it’s tough to explain but this is just one of many things I’ve realized over this past year.

The White Diamond
Other than watching the Yankee game on TV, the only thing I did was go to the White Diamond in Clark, NJ to get some food.  The Diamond is a late night staple in this area where they serve the best little burgers in New Jersey.  Not to mention, the taylor ham, egg, and cheese sandwich is awesome too! (I spent $7 out of the $18 I have.)

Anyway, I have been eating at the Diamond regularly since I was teenager in high school so since I’m finally back home for good (or whatever my for good is), I had to get some Diamond even if it brought my net worth down to $11.  After that, I called it night and went back to My Mom’s to get some sleep.

Thanks for reading!

June 31, 2011 - 3:15 pm - (NJ) “DAY 360” - Week 52 - State 48

I woke up this morning and immediately got to writing. (I’m still a few days behind and need to catch back up so I can enjoy my days.)  Then, as I was writing my friend Buck called me and asked me if I wanted to play tennis.  Knowing I need to start getting back into shape, I told him I’m in.

Playing Tennis With Buck
It was early afternoon when we finally made it to Tamaques Park to play some tennis.  The only problem is... I’m in such bad shape that I really can’t even play a match right now.  Knowing that, I told Buck I’d hit around with him so I don’t pull a muscle, twist an ankle, or what have you.

This was fine with Buck because the only reason he wants to play tennis is to get some cardio in, so whether we keep score or not, I can still run him all over the court and that I did. (I would stay stationary and hit multiple balls all over for him to chase down and return.)

It was about an hour later when we both called it day and left the park. (It was more me being tired than anything else as Buck was still full of energy.)  Still, it was a good first workout for me as I got a good sweat in and didn’t get hurt. (I found out later that Buck played more tennis against somebody later in the day.)  You go Buck!

Playing Softball With Blake Again
After I got home from playing tennis, I got a call from Blake asking me I could play on his old-man softball team again tonight.  It was 6:20 and the game started at 6:30, but I had nothing else to do and love playing softball, so I told him I was in. 🙂

Arriving At The Field
Even though I only had 10 minutes to get there, I made it in time because the field is only a few miles away. (It’s in town at the middle school I went to as a kid.)  Then, as I arrived, I realized the team was way short as I was the only the 8th man there.

Not to mention, nobody even had a bat for the game as the guy who has them wasn’t there yet or wasn’t coming.  So, I had to get my bat out of the car that I haven’t used in over 5 years. (It’s dead as can be, it has no ping left in it.)

The Game Begins
I won’t get into a long winded post about an old-man softball game but after the 1st inning we were down 7-0.  That’s sucks!  But... as the game went on and we made less errors, we crawled back into it and by the time the 7th inning rolled around we were only down 11-7.

In the 7th we mounted a rally but in the end we lost another close game 11-9. (I say another close game because I played with them on Monday and we lost 8-7.)  Still, I had a great time and hope I can play with them again before their season ends.  Thanks Guys!

How I Played
In the field tonight I played the whole game at 1st base and maybe made 1 error. (It might have been scored a throwing error but I still should have made the play.)  I didn't play bad in the field.

Then, at the plate I went 2-4 with 4 rbi’s while hitting a 2 run HR in the 7th.  But, on the negative side I did something that I haven’t done in many many years playing slow pitch softball.  I struck out looking!  Yes, a backwards K in a slow pitch softball game.  Ahhh!  (I thought it was way short but it just nipped the front of the plate.)  Damn! 🙂

Hanging With The Team
After the game ended I hung around the field with the team and talked about my journey. (Most of the guys on the team didn’t know what I was doing this past year as they are much younger than me. I know these guys because of Blake who is my best friend Monkey’s younger brother.)

Anyway, after shooting the shit with guys, I left the field and drove home to get something to eat.  Then, while I was eating Monkey called me so I went to his house to see what he was up to. (I know he works a crazy schedule so late at night is when he gets home.)

Hanging With The Monkey
I’ve written this before because I have talked about the Monkey over the course of the year, but he is probably the friend that I known the longest in my whole life. (We met when we were just babies, 2-4 years old.) (Right: Me, Monk, Rob)

Anyway, we didn’t do much except catch up on the year past.  Then, around 10-11 pm when the Monkey was going to bed, I bounced and went to Buck’s for the rest of the night. (Left: Monkey, Me, Jeremy, Rob)

Going To Buck’s
The cool thing about hanging out at Buck’s place is it feels like home. (I’ve already written this too, but I lived there for 2+ years before I left on the year long journey.)  So, when I’m there I’m as comfortable as can be.

Just like I did at Monkey’s we didn’t do to much except watch TV and B.S. about whatever.  Then. sometime after 2 am I left Buck’s and went home to sleep for the night.

Oh Yeah, Forgot This Part
This morning my original plan was to go to Atlantic City to meet up with my friend Bobby who now lives in Washington D.C..  But, after trying to get everything organized, it just didn’t work out.  Hopefully, I’ll still get down there before the week ends.  That’s all Folks!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    It sounds like your winding down from a year of excitement, the unknown, the unexpected, the memories
    and now what the future holds.
    Keep writing.

  2. Spalding says:

    Glad to hear you made it home safe. Had fun on your time in Arkansas and the Superbowl.

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