2 Posts In 1: Saturday & Sunday In NJ! (NJ) “DAYS 357 & 358” – 6/25/11, 6/26/11

June 27, 2011 - 10:15 pm - (NJ) “DAY 356” - Week 51 - State 48

Today’s post won’t be that long at all because it was a day where my plans changed multiple times and as it turned out... I didn’t wind up doing that much.  I’ll explain.

Saturday - 6/25/11
I woke up this morning with plans of going to New York City for the entire day but somehow that plan got modified as the day moved forward.  Here’s how it happened.

After writing one of my daily posts which I finished around 2 pm, I talked with a friend of mine (Veronica) about driving into the city with me. (She always goes into the city so I figured she’s know a few cool places to check out.)  Anyway, she was down and said she’d meet me at my Mom’s place around 3 pm.

My Plans Change
As I was waiting for Veronica to arrive, I got a call from my cousin asking me if I wanted to play in on-line poker tournament for a friend of his who had to leave his computer for work.

F.Y.I. - The tourney had already begun and the guy had to get up and leave his seat unattended.  Not to mention, the prize was a $10,000 seat in World Series of Poker and there was only 300 people entered.  Not bad odds!

Anyway, the deal was that I would play and if somehow I could win it, I would get the seat in the WSOP and split the winnings with the person who’s tournament I took over for.  Got it.

A On-Line Poker Tournament
Timing is everything in life and my timing today was off all day long.  For starters, Veronica showed up to my place just as I found out about the tournament so I couldn’t even call her to tell her not to stop by. (She didn’t seem to mind though.)

Then, as I was trying to log into his poker site as him (my cousin’s friend), I found out that I had wrong the password.  Ahhh!  So, I texted my cousin back and by the time I got the right password and was able to login to the website, we were getting blinded out.

The Tournament
Here’s the details.  When I was finally ready to play on the computer we had a little over 5,000 in chips, there was about 95 people left, and the blinds were 400-800.  Here we go.  The first hand I seen I was in the big blind and I had (10,J) suited in spades.

This was a hand I wanted to play but then somebody pushed All-In and I had to fold.  I guess I could have taken shot with it to either double up or go home, but I wouldn’t play that hand that way so I folded.

Now, knowing what I do, I should have played that hand because before I knew it, we were getting blinded out. (We didn’t get one playable hand after that as (10,J) suited was the best I saw while I was logged in.)

So, by the time the blinds got back to us for the 3rd time we were All-In before the flop.  We had (Q,6) of hearts and the guy who pushed All-In so he would be heads up against us had pocket 7’s (7,7).  Nothing came on the flop, turn, or river and we got eliminated in 62nd place.  That’s sucked!  I wish I could have made a run. 🙁

Changing Plans Again
After the tournament ended, I still could have drove into the city but neither Veronica or I had much money.  So, we decided to just hang out locally at my friend Buck’s place for the night.  We didn’t do much except eat some pizza and talk about life.

Then, around 9 pm Buck got home from work and Veronica left to feed her cat. (She was supposed to come back to Buck’s but she feel asleep and didn’t wake back up until after 1 am.)  It happens.  So, from that point on, I just hung out with Buck and a girl that came over to see him. (She was real cool, nice job B-man!)

That’s Really It
I know it wasn’t a crazy day but it was really cool to just hang out with my good friends back in my home state.  So, when the night ended, I fell asleep on Buck’s couch (which is where I sleep for 2 years) and didn’t wake up until the morning.  Well, that’s it.

Thanks for reading!

June 28, 2011 - 9:52 am - (NJ) “DAY 357” - Week 51 - State 48

When I got up this morning on Buck’s couch I came to realization that the year is almost over for me as I only have one week left to complete my 365 day journey around the entire continental USA.  Unreal!  🙂

Yes, the journey didn’t work out exactly how I planned as the final few weeks got really tough for me financially, physically, and mentally.  But, if somebody would have told me I’d still be writing daily posts 357 days after I started, I’d a told you... YOU WERE CRAZY! 😉

F.Y.I. - At some point this week (or right after it ends) I’ll try and write a post where I compile everything I did, saw, experienced, and so on, but for now I still have a week left and I plan on enjoying it!  🙂

Figuring Out Where I’m Gonna Live Now???
Now, the first thing that was on mind was figuring out where I’m gonna live once this week is over and my year long trip is done.  Huh?  Here’s my potential options.

1.) My friend Buck who’s place that I just crashed at and used live in before I left said I could crash here for a few weeks if I have to, but no Max (my dog). (He just got all the dog hair out of his place and doesn’t want it all haired up again.)  I don’t blame him, Max is a shedding fool! 😉

2.) When I saw my Dad on Father’s Day, he and his wife (Jill) said that if I needed a place to stay I could stay with them.  Wow!  I didn’t expect to hear that but my Dad lives in Central Jersey which is much further from where I’m gonna need to be in order to make things happen (NYC) after this trip ends. (Looking for publishers, entertainment gigs, what have you.)

3.) I somehow talk my Mom into letting me stay in her apartment in my old room from when I was kid.  The problem... my old room is now my Mom’s storage area and there is no where to put all the stuff that currently resides there. (She doesn’t have a basement, garage, or storage space.)

Knowing my options, I decided I was gonna take the only route that wasn’t set in stone (of course).  So, I have to talk my Mom into letting me stay with her until September 1st.  I say September 1st because that’s enough time for me to get organized, get a job, and figure out what my next move is.  After that, I’m gone to somewhere.

Talking With My Mom
It was 10 am when I got back to my Mom’s after waking up at Buck’s and as soon I walked in the door, I told her I had something to ask her.  I think she knew it was coming because she immediately said no! LOL  She really did and I didn’t even ask anything yet. 😉

Anyway, for the next hour or so my Mom and I sat in her living room and talked about whether or not she would let me live here for the rest of the summer.  Long story short, she said I could but I had to clean out the room, find new places for her stuff, and abide by all the house rules which really means to be invisible if possible. 😉

Cleaning Out The Room
Whew!!!  That’s a relief because I really didn’t think she would let me stay here.  Not because she doesn’t love me but because there isn’t much room here and we are so similar in personalities that we tend to argue a lot about stupid stuff. (That’s why I have to clean out this room now so we can have some space from each other as well as me having a bed.)

So, for the rest of the day all I did was go through the room sorting things, throwing things away, and figuring out how I was gonna make this work.  There is so much stuff in here!  Then, after organizing for over 6 hours, I took a bunch of boxes to my Dad’s house to be stored in his basement.  Thanks Dad!

The Rest Of The Night
After I left my Dad’s place (9 pm), I drove to a bar/restaurant called The Firehouse to meet up with Wende. (This is the same Wende that helped me throughout the year with getting charity work lined up in many states.)  Thanks again Wen!

Anyway, the plan was to meet up earlier but I was so busy that by the time I got there she was almost finished eating.  I didn’t mind, I actually felt bad that I took so long.  Then, as we were talking Wende reminded me that the new season of “True Blood” started tonight.  Woo Hoo!

Now that I knew that, it was off to a cable TV with HBO so we could watch it. (Before I left on this trip Wende, Buck, and I would watch all the HBO shows together at Buck’s place on Sunday nights.)

Watching “True Blood”
It was around 11 pm when we got to my Mom’s place so we watch the new season of “True Blood” and the cool thing was... there were two episodes shown tonight if you had HBO On Demand. (My Mom does so we had two hours of must-see TV.) 🙂

I won’t ruin it for you if haven’t seen it yet, but both episodes were good and they did as always do... left you wanting more.  But, if I had to be critical, from what I saw, this maybe the season that “Fonzie Jumps The Shark”.

F.Y.I. - In case you’re not familiar with the saying “Jumping The Shark”, it means when a show has run it course and it starts to do new and ridiculous things in order to try and keep people’s interest as they did in “Season 5 of Happy Days” when Fonzie water-skied and jumped a shark. 😉

Calling It A Night
After Wende and I got finished watching two episodes of “True Blood it was 1 am-ish, so she went home and I got my couch ready for bed.  Hopefully I’l get my bed back from Buck’s place soon so I can finally rest my head on my own bed for the first time this year.  But since that day isn’t today... it’s the couch for Rooster!

Thanks for reading!


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