2 Posts In 1: Traveling To Mississippi, Finding A Room, & Poker! (LA-MS) (MS) “DAYS 225 & 226” – 2/14/11, 2/15/11

February 16, 2011 - 12:30 pm - (LA-MS) “DAY 225” - Week 33 - State 30

When I woke up this morning around 11 am, I knew it was time to move on to my next state (Mississippi), so all I did was pack up my things and leave the hostel.  I didn’t shower, eat breakfast (I never do), or anything... I just hopped in the Rooster mobile and took off!

Traveling From New Orleans, Louisiana - Biloxi, Mississippi
The good thing about this drive, other than the fact that it was mostly right off the gulf so I had a nice ocean/gulf view the whole ride, was that the whole trip was only 90 miles long.  Nice!  A short ride. 🙂

During my drive, I was also happy to realize that I think I just left winter in my rear view mirror because today it’s over 60 degrees and this week’s forecast expects more of the same.  And after this, I’m heading into Alabama and then Florida, so it’s smooth weather sailing from here. 🙂

Since the drive was short, before I knew it... I was entering Mississippi (my 30th State).  Unf&$cking believable!  The problem... there always is... I don’t know where I’m going once I get there so obviously... I don’t have a place to stay.

Figuring Out My Options
The good thing about the Biloxi area is that there is a ton of casinos.  I’ve never been there before so I don’t know what to expect, but with over 7 casinos in a small area, I’m hoping to find one that likes me. 🙂

Island View Casino
The first casino I stumbled upon was the Island View Casino in Gulfport, MS (10 miles before Biloxi).  (It’s only 1pm and I have nowhere to be, so my whole day will consist of going from casino to casino until I find a place who will comp me a room.)

When I walked into the Island View, the first thing I did was the first thing I always do, I got a players card.  With your new players card here at the Island, you get free slot play (anywhere from $10-$1000 through a computer drawing).  I only got $15 but maybe I’ll get lucky.

Since I had $15 in free slot pulls, I found a machine and played my free money.  After winning at two different machines, I took my $40 profit to the cashiers window for a quick withdraw.  Nice!  I just made $40 for stopping in! 🙂

The bad news... I wasn’t able to get a room here.  They were to expensive and the person I needed to talk to wasn’t on the property today.  That’s OK, if I make $40 in each casino I stop at, I’ll have plenty of money for a room. 😉

Beaue Rivage Casino & Hotel
After leaving the Island View, the next casino I stopped at was the Beaue Rivage in Biloxi, MS.  The casino was very nice from the outside but the problem was... when I went to the players desk to get a new card... it was a MGM property. (That means I’m already in the system, so no free play.)

Since, I had no free play and the rooms here were also very expensive, I didn’t even waste my time trying and headed out to the next casino on the water here in Biloxi.

Another Casino
I forget the name of the next casino I went to, but after getting a players card, I found out they only match your losing for the day up to $100.  That’s a great deal if you play slots but I don’t, so to me... it’s throwing money in the toilet.

So, I found the manager on duty and tried to work a little magic.  But... after trying and trying, the best they would do for me was a $99 room (down from $179).  We know that’s still to much, so I moved on.

Hard Rock Casino & Hotel
The next casino in my path was the Hard Rock.  From past experience on this trip, I have found out that the Hard Rock is a tough place to get a comped room at.

But, I also know that most are individually owned, so I should be able to get new card here.  I was right about both as I couldn’t get a room but I was able to get a new card.  The problem... you only got free play if earned 50 points in the day.  (I’m not playing slots, so nothing for me.) 🙁

Isle Casino & Hotel
By now it was close to 4 pm and I still haven’t found a room yet.  And, after winning a free $40 at the first casino I stopped at, I haven’t even gotten any free play since.  It’s starting to look grim.

So, when I walked into the Isle, my hopes were already dashed as I was thinking about other options.  But... as I was walking around, I realized this casino was the most economic looking one I had been in yet.  It was nice, it just wasn’t a resort.

F.Y.I. - I could tell because there wasn’t all the flash everywhere and when I saw the buffet (which was good by the way), I could tell this place was a step down from other places I’d just been in.  Nice!  That’s great news for me!

Getting A Comped Room
After realizing I had a shot at getting a comped room here, I put on my game face and asked for a casino host.  Well... after I did as I always do and got my new players card.

The lady who I spoke to was very nice and after a brief conversation about what I was doing, she gave me two nights comped.  Oh yeah!  Maybe it was because it was Valentine’s Day and I was alone or because I wished her a Happy Valentine’s Day and she was alone.  Either way, I’m in baby!  Thank you Isle! 🙂

My Room
Now that I had a place to stay, I grabbed all my stuff and went up to my room to relax for awhile.  (I’m so beat up from a long 4 days in New Orleans and an even longer week in Dallas.)  So, after organizing my things and showering, I took a 2 hour nap!

When I got up from my nap (7 pm-ish), I was hungry from not eating all day long so I hit the buffet downstairs for dinner.  By the way, this room is nice.  Not to mention, I have a great view of the water!

The buffet here at the Isle is only $11.99 during the week, so between the way I eat at a buffet and the leftovers I always take with me... it’s definitely a fair price.  Anyway, since Biloxi is right on the Gulf, there is a lot of fresh caught seafood on the menu.

I’m not a seafood lover, but I do like shrimp, crab, lobster, etc... So, once I saw the cleaned and peeled shrimp on display, I knew I would get my money’s worth (they also had fresh caught crab legs).  They are good too, but also much more work to eat. 😉

Writing In My Room
After stuffing my face and taking some food to-go, I headed back up to my room to start catching up on writing.  I’m 2 days behind at this point and I’ve already lived most of today, so that makes it 3 days.  Ahhh!

For the rest of the night, I just stayed in my room and wrote/posted until 4 am.  Sometimes, you just need a break to catch up and get a good nights rest.  So that’s what I did until I passed out on my comfy bed earlier in the am.

Thanks for reading!

February 16, 2011 - 1:20 pm - (MS) “DAY 226” - Week 33 - State 30

Getting up in Mississippi today was a pleasure.  I was in an extremely comfortable bed, I was almost caught up on writing, and the view from balcony is almost amazing (damn parking garage).  Still, it was real nice.  🙂

F.Y.I. - I’ve only been in Biloxi for less than a day and most of it was spent in my room, but I feel like I’m at the Jersey shore in a sense.  The way the streets are set up, the smell in the air, the hotels that line the water.

For all non-Jersey people, when I say a Jersey shore feel, I’m not referring to the show on MTV (although that part of the Jersey shore does exist at some beaches), I’m just taking about the way you feel when you roll down the windows of your car when drive along the shore when summertime first arrives. 🙂

Finding A Convenience Store/Supermarket
Before I started writing today, I decided to hit the town to try and find any kind of food store first so I could get a few things for the room (water, soda, etc.).

Now, I didn’t think this would end up being a history lesson on Biloxi, but I soon found out that this place isn’t anything like New Jersey, at all.  Now, I don’t mean that in bad way.  What I’m trying to say is, this place would be like in NJ (in feel) if hurricane Katrina didn’t rip through this city 6 years ago.

The Aftermath From Katrina
Unfortunately for this post, I didn’t take many/if any pictures of the city because I was searching for a grocery store while driving.  Not to mention, I didn’t know it was Katrina that caused this until later in the day when I talked with two old men security guards at one of the casinos.

Anyway, from what I was told by the two old men (then many others after I knew what happened, I brought it up to people I met throughout the day), the placed was hit even harder than New Orleans. (right: New Orleans)

(From what I was told) In New Orleans, the water just rose above the levies whereas here in Biloxi, the water hit them like a tidal wave as it crushed everything in it’s path while flooding the city for at least 9 miles in every direction. (Left: Biloxi bridge, it's the same view as the picture I took and posted 4 pics above on left.)  Crazy!

Katrina Destroyed The Grand Biloxi (Amongst Others)
For example, the casino I met the security guards in was The Grand Biloxi (Harrah’s property) and where I was talking to them used to be this hotel’s Convention Center.

This change happened when the hurricane destroyed their huge casino on the water.  So they moved everything over to the convention center across the street.

Now, the hotel, casino, and convention center (if it’s still here), is in one small place (comparatively).  And, the poker room they used to have (was the biggest in Mississippi) doesn’t even exist at all anymore (no poker room).

The crazy thing about everything is... did anybody outside of Biloxi even know they got hit this hard.  How come our country knew all about New Orleans but not much if anything about Biloxi.  I don’t know why... just some thoughts...?

Back To The Isle (My Room)
After getting a quick recent history lesson on Biloxi, I went back to my room and finished writing “DAY 224”.  It was still real early in the day because I woke up at 10 am, so I hit the poker room in what turned out to be a all day session.

Poker Room
The poker room here at the Isle isn't the biggest one in the town, but it’s still nice as it has about 9-10 tables and a $70,000 bad beat jackpot.  Not bad!  They only had 2 games running (4-8 Hold’em limit and 4-8 limit Hold’em, Omaha, Stud game- one round of each rotating games).

Given my options, I choose the 4-8 limit game and sat down.  I don’t mind limit anyway, you’re not gonna win a lot but if you know when to get up, you can usually win something or... lose your shirt chasing all day!

As I’ve written before, explaining the hands in limit is tedious and long.  Basically, everybody calls everything down to the river and your hand either has to hold or be made on the last card.  Got it. 🙂

For the first 5-6 hours I played, I didn’t win many big hands.  Mainly, I would scoop anties at best.  (This table was full of regulars who all were playing tight.)  So, around 7 pm, I got a comp for dinner and took a little break (I was up $31).

Comped Buffet
I found out today that when you play poker here, you don’t get rated for your play but if you play 4 hours or more, you get an $11 food comp to be used anywhere in the casino.  Nice!  (That’s a much better deal than anywhere else I have been, most give you a $1 an hour.)

With my comp, the buffet only cost me $1.06 to eat.  Perfect! 🙂  So, after eating like a wild animal who happens to be the wild animal buffet eating champion (I ate a lot), I went back up to my room to relax for 30 minutes or so.

More Poker
I got back to the poker room at about 8 pm (I left my chips on the table, so I still had my seat) and kept playing real tight to try and make a few bucks.  The cards did go bad for me as I went from up $31 to down $110 over the next few hours.

Almost Hitting The Bad Beat - Well... Not Really 😉
Before I tell this story, here’s what the Bad Beat Jackpot is.  If you lose with Ace’s full of Queen’s of better where both hole cards play, the whole table splits up $70,000  (amount varies from place to place as well as qualifying hand rules).

Anyway, I’m only telling you this hand because the table wouldn’t stop talking about it all night.  I had pocket 10’s with the 10 of spades and the guy who beat me had (A, 9).  Anyway, the flop came (9, 9, 8) with the 9 and 8 being spades.

We both bet.  The turn... Jack of spades.  I had an open-end straight flush draw, he had three 9’s.  The river... 9.  He has quads where his kicker plays.  I had just 10’s but when the guy threw over his quads, the table knew that if I had the 10 and 7 of spades or the Q and 10 of spades... that we just hit the jackpot!

Knowing this myself, I threw over my 10 of spades followed by my 10 of clubs. (The night was long and boring, I had to add a little excitement to my losing hand.)

So, because I was just one card off (although I was never really close), that’s all the whole table kept talking about all night, how we were so close to hitting the Bad Beat!  Great, throwing a losing hand in face for hours where I could have won $17,500 if I did have the 7 or Q of spades.  Damn! 🙁

Calling It A Night
Before I knew it, it was 1 am and I had made a comeback to where not only did I have my money back, but I was up $93 for the day.  Time to get out of Dodge!  So I picked up chips, cashed out, and headed back to my comfortable bed for the night.  I crashed out around 3 am.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    You lived to play another day. A win is a win !!!
    Bonus, When your room is compt for 2 days that’s
    a huge win. Keep up the streak.

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