2 Posts In 1: Two More Days In A Tree House In The Forest! (GA) “DAYS 256 & 257” – 3/17/11, 3/18/11

March 19, 2011 - 2:00 pm - (GA) “DAY 256” - Week 37 - State 33

Before I begin this post I want to tell you the reason I’m behind.  For the past three days that I have been living in a tree house in the forest so I haven't had an internet connection and I wasn’t even able to use my computer on the property (no computers, cell phones, etc..).

So, now that you know why I’m two days behind, I’m just gonna write the last two days together.  I’m doing this to help catch up, but also because days in an environment like this just run right into each other. 🙂

My Thursday (St. Patrick’s Day)
After going to bed late last night (after 4 am), I woke up this morning at 11:30 am.  Realizing what time it was and what day it was (not St. Patrick’s Day but the 1st day of the NCAA tournament), I got up and left to find to bar close by to watch the tourney.

Finding A Sports Bar
It took me a little while to find a bar, but after driving around the area for 20 minutes, I finally spotted a sports bar (BW3). (It was only 7 miles away but my GPS didn’t pick it up.)  Damn Garmin!

Even though I got a little lost, my timing still worked out as I was seated at the bar by tip-off of the WVU vs. Clemson game.  Perfect! (I’m a Mountaineer fan through and through!)

So, for the next 3 hours I watched the game as I uploaded and named pictures.  Yes, it was St.Patricks Day and there was green beer, but I didn’t drink anything.  I just did some work and cheered on the Eer’s.

After the game ended (WVU won), I head back to Hostel for the rest of the day and night.  F.Y.I. - BW3 does have free Wi-Fi but it wasn’t working well today, so I couldn’t put up my post.  They said it usually works fine but today is was acting up.

Working Out At The Hostel
For the first time in a long time, I worked out today.  Woo hoo!  When I got back to the Hostel forest grounds, I decided to take a jog around the facility.  Since I haven't done anything physical in a while, Iwas hoping to make it 2 miles without stopping. 😉

My plan was to jog the entire Hostel area and then finish by running around the lake which was kinda like a makeshift track. (I’m not sure, but I think I jogged close to 3 miles because I ran for 30 minutes and I usually run 10 minute miles when I’m fat. ;))

I choose to end by the lake so I could jump in afterwards. (I knew I would be hot and sweaty if I didn’t die first.) 😉  And... as luck would have it, 3 hot young college girls and Al were on the dock in the middle of lake sunbathing nude.  No offense Al, but you’re not the selling point here.

Relaxing On The Lake
As I said in yesterday’s post, being naked around the lake isn’t a big deal and it wasn’t for me either.  None-the-less, having good looking naked girls around isn’t that bad. 😉

This is actually pretty funny.  Like I said, out on the dock was me, AL, the 3 girls, and bunch of lake flies!  Ahh!  The flies were killing me, so I got up to leave when I realized that Al had jumped in to leave a second before me.  (The flies were bothering him too.)

The funny thing is... at that moment I thought to myself... Am I really swimming away from the three naked girls to follow the one naked guy?  I know... there is no way to make that sentence sound right.

As I sat on the dock for another second laughing to myself (about the thought I just wrote), 100 flies swarmed me and without thinking again, I jumped in the water and swam back to land and bug spray! (Al and I laughed about it at the fire pit later.  But the flies were that bad.)

The Fire Pit By The Main Dome
After drying off, Al and I walked over to the main fire pit to hang out without whoever was there.  Since this is a Hostel, the cool thing is... new people show up everyday.

And today, one of those new people was Lindsay.  Lindsay was super sweet, pretty, and married. 😉  I only mention the married part so nobody gets the wrong idea.  Anyway, I hung there by the fire and talked with whoever until close to dinner time.

Nunzio & Spencer
For the most part, the two people I hung out with the most are Nunzio and Spencer.  I told you about them yesterday but I will tell more today because that’s who I’ve been paling around with for the most part. (Everybody hangs out with everybody all day long, it’s really cool like that.)

Anyway, Nunzio and I gathered and chopped wood for the fire for a few hours.  We were having fun chopping wood with the big ax but we soon found out my ax chopping skills were weak at best while Nunzio was a natural.  He was accurate as can be while I just kept hitting the wooden stump and missing. (Spencer was doing something else.)

Dinner Time

Every night before dinner is served, everybody who is eating/staying at the Hostel holds hands in big circle and says what they are thankful for.  This might sound a little hippie, but it is really cool to see that many people share their own thoughts for all to hear.

Anyway, tonight I was late to circle because since I don’t eat vegetarian food, I was at the supermarket getting hot dogs for later and ice pops for all!  So, when I returned, I shared my thoughts with the group and told everybody there is ice pops for dessert. 🙂

Two Sisters Sing For Everybody
After dinner ended, two sisters (young girls in college) asked me to announce to everybody for them (my loud voice was already known ;)) that they would be singing in the main dome for everybody listen. (This was around 11 pm-ish.)

Honestly, I didn’t expect to much from them and hoped for their sake, they just weren’t bad.  Then, after hearing the first verse of their first song, the whole room realized they were really talented!  These girls can sing! 🙂

They sang 5 songs for everybody.  The first 3 were covers of some folk songs, but the last two, the girls wrote themselves and those songs were the best!  You could just see the emotionally difference in the performance as they nailed it!  Thanks girls!  You are awesome!

Charity Work For The Hostel
This week I am not doing charity at a church or anything like that as I am doing charity work here at the Hostel each day I am here.  Let me explain.  This Hostel is a non-profit educationally based facility.  So, they need people to help out around this huge property to make sure it runs smoothly.

So, almost everybody who stays here, does some form of charity work for the Hostel.  The job I took ownership off was finding and cutting firewood for the Hostel community.  So, for the 3 days I stayed here, I gathered wood all day and kept the fire going all night.

As a comparison to the outside world (Babylon), this would be like me going to a local high school and fixing their electricity for a few days for free. (There only have a few lamps out here in the forest, so the fire is their main source of heat and light.)

The Rest Of The Night
Anyway, for the second night in a row, I hung out with my new friends by the fire until the wee hours of the morning.  People played bongos, drank, sand songs, and just had a good old time. (I tended to the fire all night as I just explained).

Around 4 am, the party was over, so I headed back to my tree house bed and crashed for the night.  People are so cool here that sometime during the night, somebody put another blanket on me (I had one) while I was sleeping because I looked cold.

I actually was cold and I still don’t know who was that kind.  Thank you!  That’s what so great about a place like this, people here really do care about other people even if they are a little hippie about it. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

March 19, 2011 - 9:53 pm - (GA) “DAY 257” - Week 37 - State 33

When I woke up this morning (11 am), I had to hand in my sheets because my two days staying at the Hostel are up.  The good thing is... I don’t have to leave the grounds today as they announced at dinner last night that anybody who’s time was up can still hang out all day and night.

So, even though I do not have a bed for tonight, I do have place to hang out and have a good time.  My thoughts were, I’ll worry about where I’m sleeping when the time comes.

Going To BW3 Again
After handing in my sheets, I left the Hostel so I could go and post my Wednesday (“DAY 255”) as well watch the NCAA tournament.  I love March Madness!

For the entire afternoon, I sat at BW3 and wrote and wrote and wrote.  It was 5 pm when I finally finished posting, so I grabbed my things off the bar and headed back to the forest.

Hanging With Nunzio & Spencer

When I got back to the Hostel, I walked around until I found Nunzio. (Him and his Spencer are who are I’ve hanging around with.)  The problem... Nunzio and Spencer didn’t have a bed for tonight and unlike me, they were worrying about that as well as few other things that were going on in their lives (school and stuff), so they were leaving.

Being a little older than they are and having lived through a few more life experiences, I gave Nunzio some advice.  Basically, I told him not to worry about things he can’t control and to enjoy the present.

I think I talked him off the fence as he seemed relieved and said he would stay and enjoy his last night.  Now I just had to do the same for Spencer who was also worrying about things.

So, Nunzio and I found Spencer and after a group chat, the two of them were back to there happy selves ready to have a good time tonight.  Nice!  I have my boys back! 🙂  Again, these guys were way cool and every night I’ve been here, we would just laugh and talk to everybody there (especially the girls). 🙂

Hanging By The Fire
It was now around 6 pm as me, the guys, Bella (girl who works there) and others hung out by the fire talking about whatever.  During this time, many new guests started to show up at the Hostel. (I would say about 20-30 new guests were arriving today for the weekend.) Nice!

Since Bella gave me the most amazing tour of the facility that anybody could have gave, I offered her services to all the new people who had just arrived.  I think somebody else was suppose to give that tour but Bella loves what she does and welcomed every in and showed them around.

F.Y.I. -
Her energy is just so contagious that I wanted everybody who had just arrived to get in a good mood (if they weren’t already).  She’s just one of those people that instantly make you smile. 🙂

A Great Picture Of The Moon
Sometime right before the sun went down, I was walking by the lake with a few people when we saw the moon clear as can be during the day (well 6-7 pm).  I took a picture and didn’t think it would come out good, but if you look right between the trees in the middle, you can see the moon.  Real cool! 🙂

Late Dinner Tonight

Tonight’s dinner was served around 9 pm because they don’t have a set time, it just happens when it happens.  Anyway, even though I haven’t eaten any dinner since I’ve been here (I like meat and their dinners are vegetarian), I do enjoy the giving thanks part so I show up when the bell rings. 😉

So, I stood in the circle for the third straight night and listened to what everybody there had to say.  Again, it is so cool to listen to people from all the country say what they are thankful for.  Experiences like this are what makes this trip so amazing!

F.Y.I. - Since I haven’t been eating the dinner’s they make here, my diet has basically been consisting off hot dogs over the fire.  Hey, I don’t mind, Nathan’s hot dogs are good!

Organizing A Mini-Lake Concert
Since there were so many new people here that didn’t hear the girls sing last night (the two sisters), I asked them if they would sing again tonight.  Except tonight, I wanted to them to sing on the dock in the middle of the lake while everybody listened from the shore by a huge bond fire.

They were in, so I gathered everybody at the Hostel and told them we had a concert at the lake after midnight when the moon would be real bright.  Nice! (I hoped the water would echo their voices across lake and it did, but that happens in a bit.) 🙂

Concert On The Lake
My plan worked out perfectly as almost everybody who was staying at the Hostel went down to the lake for the show.  Since the sisters were the talent, Nunzio and I canoed them out to the dock where they would perform.

Unfortunately for this part of the post, I didn’t have my camera on me as I was in the middle of the lake and didn’t bring my camera with me for fear of falling off the canoe and into the water. 😉

None-the-less, the girls sounded amazing as everybody there again enjoyed their voices.  Like I said, the water was very acoustic as the sound of their voices echoed all around the lake.  Sweet! 🙂

F.Y.I. - I know I was on the dock as they sang, but earlier in the day Nunzio and I heard one of the sisters sing to us from the dock while we were on shore.  So that’s how I knew/hoped it would sound good.

Hanging A Little Longer Then Saying Good-Bye

Since I didn’t have a bed tonight and it was around 3 am, it was time to go.  At the same time I was leaving, Nunzio and Spencer were also leaving for home.  They were all about the good-byes as everybody there gave them a hug before they left.  It was pretty cool to see.

I’m not that emotional about leaving as I have been doing this for 257 days now, so I just said good-bye to the people I had met and headed to the Rooster mobile for the night.

Sleeping In My Car
My plan was to take a quick nap in my car and then head north to Savannah for the day.  I thought I would be gone by 6 am, but as it turned out, I slept until almost 10 am.  Huh?  I must have been tired because my car isn’t that comfortable. 😉

My Thoughts On The Hostel In The Forest
This is the most unique place I have been to yet on this trip.  Now, this place isn’t for everybody, but anybody who is open minded enough not to judge others and just enjoy life... you can’t have a bad time here.

And... for the people who already live the hippie lifestyle in Babylon (city life), this place is a like a slice of heaven you would never want to leave.  For me, 3 days was plenty but at some point in my life... I will be back! 🙂  Thank you to everybody at the Hostel for being who you are! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Spencer says:

    cock a doodle doo!

    your site is pretty damn cool rooster! so happy nunz and I got to meet you this week. it’s been real my friend, godspeed and safe travels! a reunion is in order when you return back north!

    love ya man
    be easy


  2. Dad says:

    These 2 posts are great. They tell the story of
    Rooster’s journey. I look forward to reading everyday
    what people do for others whether they know it or not.
    Good pictures too!!!

  3. Stefka Villaveces says:

    Hey Brother…that was me that covered you up. I woke at 6AM and you had your whole head under your blanket and you were shivering. I knew I was going to head over to the kitchen to put the coffee on and get my zucchini bread into the oven. I threw my blankets over you. We had the most wonderful time together all of us…as always you can never repeat the experience you can only go and have another wonderful one.
    Love, Stefka (the Mother with 6 kids,the one who was cooking up all that vegetarian food…that you grumbled about.
    Love you Rooster and much love to Spencer and Nuncio…and Bella,Freddie,Ryan,Brownwyn,Al,Scotty, the singing soul sisters, Zac,Jameson, Mathew, Karen…Melody..Evan…and the list could go on and on. Please come home again!!!!

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