2 Posts in 1: Writing All Day & Partying In Miami! (FL) “DAYS 244 & 245” – 3/5/11, 3/6/11

March 6, 2011 - 3:00 am - (FL) “DAY 244” - Week 35 - State 32

My plan when I woke up this morning was to get my things together and drive an hour+ south to Miami to stay with my old college roommate from WVU (Goran) for the next week.  This stayed my plan until around 8 pm when I decided to stay at Scott’s one more day so I could catch up on my writing.

Writing All Day & Night
Even though I do not have an internet connection here at Scott’s place, I can still write all my posts before I need to get to that point.  And since I have 3 days worth of writing ahead of me, I have plenty of time before I will need a solid Wi-Fi hook-up.

Getting An Awesome Present
Anyway, from the moment I woke up at 11 am, I had my laptop out writing.  But, sometime around 1 pm, Scott’s Mom came into the room where I was writing and handed me a Sparky Lyle signed baseball.

F.Y.I. - Lyle played pro baseball for 16 seasons (1967-1982).  Most notably (at least for me) is that 7 of them were played with the New York Yankees (1972-1978).

Awesome!  It is still so amazing to me (even after 244 days) how people all over this great nation are so wonderful and generous.  I can go on and on about how much people have done for me and still... it is remarkable every time! 🙂  Thank you Marcy!  🙂

Continuing On Writing
Basically, for the next 5 hours straight, all I did was write my daily posts.  Then, when I realized I still had hours left to write, I called Goran to tell him I wouldn’t make it today and to expect me Sunday morning instead.  He was cool with it and said no problem.  Nice, I’m still all good in Miami! 🙂

Eating Dinner
Shortly after I decided to stay another night at Scott’s, Scott went out and got me a great burger from Duffy’s for dinner.  Again, he paid for me as he knows my current situation.  Thank you Scott! 🙂

Watching MMA On MTV 2 & Showtime
Even though I was still writing, I watched two different MMA shows with Scott (and his brother Jason) as our entertainment for Saturday night.  I only half-assed watch the shows because I was looking down at my keyboard for the whole time.

As it turned out, the main show we watched (on MTV) wasn’t that good, so I didn’t miss to much as far as action was concerned.  Still, I was writing on a Saturday in sunny Florida and that isn’t to much fun. 😉

A Post Gets Erased!

It was after midnight when I finally got all my writing done.  Nice!  I’m all caught up, when... right before I was about to save my Saturday, my laptop went dead and turned off on it’s own.  This hasn’t happened yet, so at first, I thought my computer was broken. Oh No! 🙁

Luckily it wasn’t but when I finally got it turned back on, everything I had just written was gone!  Gone!  Gone!  Oh No!  What a disaster!   So, now I had to rewrite everything I had just worked on for the last 4 hours again! 🙁

Frustrated and mentally exhausted, I did the best I could although it wasn’t as good as it was originally.

Writing Some More
After finishing the re-write, I went back to my laptop again after a short break and even wrote in more stuff that I didn’t re-write back in.  And now, I am still up writing my 4th consecutive day without posting any of them.

What this means is... I’m gonna have a long morning at Starbuck (in 6 hours) as I post all the pictures in coordination with everything I have just written.  At least I’m done writing for over 30 hours now.  Whew!  That’s a load off. 🙂

Thanks for reading!

March 7, 2010 - 1:00 pm - (FL) “DAY 245” - Week 35 - State 32

I got up this morning bright and early (9 am) ready to get my posts up from the past few days.  So, I gathered my things from Scott’s and left for my old college friend’s place (Goran) in Miami.  I was gonna stop at a Starbucks (for Wi-fi) before I even got there, but I changed my mind and drove all the way to Miami first.

Traveling To Miami
One of the reasons I changed my mind was because the ride was short (only and hour and change) and I figured there might be traffic going to the beach on a perfect Sunday afternoon, so I’ll beat that traffic and get there before noon. 🙂

Also, I didn’t know it at the time but the Miami Heat had a home game today at 1 pm and evidently Goran lives right across the street from the AA arena.  So, needless to say, there would be a lot of traffic out front of his building as well the last few miles to even get there.

I definitely made the right decision because I got to G’s place with no problem and when I got there, he even told me he a strong Wi-Fi signal in the building (not in his place but in an office area that they have in the building).  Nice! 🙂

About Goran (G)

Before I write the rest of my day, let me first tell you a little bit about G, how we know each other, and how we became such good friends.  G is from NJ as I am, but we never knew each other in High School (he lived 30 minutes away).

WVU Years
We didn’t meet until my first time around in college when I went to West Virginia University.  I don’t exactly remember when we met, but we were best friends for the whole time I was there.

What I do remember is... we drove back and forth to school together (NJ to WVU), lived in the same house for years, went on spring break together every year, and hung out with all the same people.  Basically, G is great dude who has always been more about a good time than drama for as long as I’ve known him!

Post WVU
Other than that, G has always had some money as he has worked hard (and smart) every since we left WVU many years ago.  Currently, he helps run a security company that one of his high school best friend’s owns (Kevin).

A few years ago, he was actually the head of Security Operations for 50 Cent while he was on 4 or 5 year long world wide tour (through this company).  Goran was really so involved in the security details, that he even got my friend Scott (who I just hung out with in West Palm), a job as one of 50’s bodyguards for almost a year of the tour.

Goran Did Me A Huge Favor (Although Favor Isn’t A Strong Enough Word)
Oh yeah, I almost forgot.  For the two years before I went back to college at Kean, Goran is the reason I lived in Florida as he let me crash in a brand condo he owned in Boca Raton while he tried to sell it (05-06). (I was in between everything and needed to get away from life and regroup.)

I lived there a year and then moved to Fort Myers where Goran had opened a mortgage company with Pat (who I just stayed with Fort Myers).  Are you starting to see all the connections here.

Anyway, that’s how I met Pat and since G and Pat were such good friends, Pat let me live with him (without knowing me to well) for over a year rent free.  People are so amazing!

Hopefully, after writing a whole page about G (he deserves it and more), you now have an idea of the great dude I’m hanging out with this week in Miami.  Thanks for everything G, you have always been a great friend to me!

OK, Back To Today - G’s Place
I arrived at G’s place and as I expected, it was really nice.  But what I didn’t expect was that he really lived right across the street from where the Heat play.  It’s really right across the street.  I thought he would live close because he told me so, but right across the street... amazing! 🙂

The Balcony View
As you already know... he lives right across the street from America Airlines Arena. 😉  But his view is also of the whole city, of South Beach, of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as everything in between.

I have seen a lot of things throughout our beautiful country (Yellowstone Park, the Pacific Ocean from Cali, the deserts of Utah, but this is by far and away... the best view I have witnessed all trip long. 🙂

Getting My Post Up Before We Get Drunk

As soon as I arrived, G was ready to party all day with an old college buddy and get trashed.  I was actually excited for the same, but first I had to post the 3 days I had just written.  So I went to the office area downstairs (where they had free Wi-Fi) and got it done in a little over an hour. (2 different pools.) 🙂

Bar Hopping All Day Long

Since G’s condo is centrally located, you don’t have to drive to go out and have a good time.  That was perfect for us because before we even left his place, G had already drank a few Miller Lites and pre-pared a few road soda’s for the walk.  This should be interesting. 😉

Walking To The Marina Area
To get to the Marina Area where there is a shopping complex and bunch of bars, we had to walk past America Airlines Arena.  This is so cool that this arena is so close to where I’m staying.

The whole walk took less than 5 minutes to our first destination, Hooters!  But before we arrived at Hooters, we walked through the mini-shopping complex they had right here on the water.  They had a band playing, lots of little stores, as well different boating activities you could pay for.

For as long I have been friends with G he has always had a fondness for Hooters.  No, not hooters hooters, although he likes them too ;), but the bar Hooters.  So the fact that there is Hooters this close, must make him happy. 🙂

Anyway, the place was packed because it’s right outside of the basketball arena and the Heat were still playing. (They were playing against the Bulls in what turned out to be a great game.)

Watching The Heat vs. Bulls Game On TV

One of the wild things about my trip is that I since I have been to a different city in a different state each week, I get to notice the instant change of the fans around me.

What I mean is, one week I’m in Oklahoma City where everybody are huge Thunder fans and then next week I’m in Dallas where they love the Mavs, (so on and so forth). And what I’m still trying to say is... for me... it’s an instant reminder how far I’ve come this year and how many great places I’ve been to.

Oh yeah, I wanted to talk about the game right now.  Anyway, the Heat and Bulls are two of the top teams in the NBA this year but I think this game showed who was better and that team is the... the Derek Rose led Bulls!

My Thoughts On The Heat
After talking with a bunch of fans at Hooters who were die-hard Heat fans (Jimmy and Jose to name two), I think the problem with their team is they don’t know who Scottie Pippen is yet.

Let me explain.  Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen were two of the best players during their time in the NBA but what made them so great was that each knew and excepted their role on the team.  Jordan was well... Jordan.  And Pippen was the maybe the best 2-man every to play the game.

Now, compare that scenario to the Heat and you see the problem.  Between D-Wade, Lebron, and Bosh, nobody has an idea of who Jordan is yet (although most would agree it’s definitely not Bosh).  More noticeably than players not knowing... is that the coaching staff doesn’t have a clue either.  Until they figure that out, they won’t win anything!

Leaving Hooters For Another Bar
After having a bunch of drinks and watching the Heat lose to the Bulls in the final seconds, Goran and I left Hooters to go to another bar to continue our afternoon of boozing.

Before I left though, I got a picture with our bartender who had the most beautiful eyes!  I mean that too, I did love her eyes, it’s not a code for her Hooters, although they weren’t bad either. 😉

The Daiquiri Bar
The next bar we went to was just a minute walk away through the shopping area.  At this point, I’m already a little drunk and slowing down as G is already a little drunk but... he’s speeding up. LOL

Even though we hung out at the bar for about an hour, I didn’t have one drink as I knew I had to pace myself to be able to hang with G.  On the other hand, G was pounding whatever was put in front of him.  I think he even drank some drano that was left near the bar. 😉

Also, I knew he was getting drunk because he wanted to throw some banana's that were on the bar at people who were doing nothing except walking near him. 😉  It's one of those days! 😉

Off To Another Bar
The bar we were at was getting boring, so we left to find another place to have a drink.  Along the way, G must have gotten confused by the life-like mannequin we saw because he almost got arrest for sexual assault when he made a move on her.  She did give up 2nd base pretty easy though. 😉 LOL

Getting Hurled On
During our walk to the next bar, G looked at me and said he was gonna throw up.  I didn’t take him seriously because he was walking fine and talking to me but... I should have because next thing I know... he puked on my feet as we were walking!

In his defense because he was adamant about this for the rest of the evening, he didn’t hurl on me, I got splashed by what was the reminisce of him barfing all over the ground as he walked.

Yeah... that’s a huge difference. 😉  Well... it wasn’t for me because I was still the one who had a regurgitated piece of a Hooters chicken wing on his toe!  Ahhh!

Miss Yip’s Chinese Restaurant

On the side of where G lives is Miss Yip’s Chinese restaurant.  Now, since we had eaten a real meal yet (we had some wings), we stopped at Miss Yips to get some dinner.  Well... I was there to get dinner but as I found out, G was there to drink!

As we waited on the to-go food I ordered to come out, G must have had 4 more drinks to my one.  He must be trashed because I’m drunk and I’ve had less then half of what he has.  Still, I walked across the street to a gas station (for him) to get an 18 pack of Miller Lite for the house while he sat in the bar.

Back To G’s Place
I know that when we got to G’s place it was around 8 pm because the Simpson were on TV.  But, other than knowing that, all I know is that I passed out on the couch before I could even eat my dinner.   And... that G threw up again before we got to his place. LOL

I didn’t sleep long as it was a pass out and not sleeping for the night.  So, when I woke up 2 hours later and went to eat my dinner, I was foiled by G again as he ate my whole dinner except for one small half eaten piece of beef. (I forgot to take a picture but I did take one of the small amount of rice and a bean he left on the floor for me.)

Hanging On The Balcony
Obviously, it was nighttime being it was midnight-ish and what was amazing view earlier, just got even better now that it’s dark out.  The lights from all the buildings combined with the bridge, stadium, and water made for an awesome way to end a long drunken day! 🙂

I relaxed outside for a little while as I talked on the phone with Jeremy (from Cali).  After talking with Jer, I went back inside for the rest of the night as I watched TV until I went to bed for good sometime after 3 am.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    These 2 days are dynomite. Scott & his Mom continuing to do for others, Goran living on the water view and across from the Heat. Florida weather cooperating.
    Life is good!!

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