2 Posts In 1: Writing All Day Sunday & Traveling! (FL) “DAYS 252 & 253” – 3/13/11, 3/14/11

March 15, 2011 - 10:30 am - (FL) “DAY 252” - Week 36 - State 32

Last night was the latest I had been out all trip long.  Granted, we (Goran and I) didn’t go out until after midnight (which is when his birthday started) but still, I didn’t get home until after 6 am.  And even at 6 am, Miami was still rocking as the bars still had lines out front.

Even though today (Sunday) was G’s actual birthday day, I told him I couldn’t do much as I had to catch up on my writing. (Between a Friday dinner with Ocho Cinco and a Saturday night birthday post with G, I had some writing to do.) 😉

Writing All Day Long
Even though G doesn’t think I work at all (he doesn’t consider writing a job), I sat in his place from 11 am until roughly 5 pm doing nothing but writing/uploading pictures.  During this time, G was just watching TV on the couch.

Getting Some Dinner
Since neither of us had ate yet, G and I left his place for a little while so we could go get something to eat across the street at the Pier Market. (We have been to the Pier Market all week long because it’s directly across the street from G’s building.)

The first place we went to was Hooters and that’s where we ate dinner.  I had a chicken sandwich and fries while G had a burger.  By the way, Hooters burgers and chicken sandwiches are actually pretty good. 🙂

Watching The NCAA Selection Show

After getting some food down, G and I started to watch the selection show at Hooters, but since they didn’t have volume on and couldn’t put up the caption button (where the words are written on the screen), we left for another place.

Just 50 yards away or so is another bar in the Pier Market called the ODB.  This bar sits right on the water and the guys working there were nice enough to put the caption button on for us so we could read what was happening in the NCAA selection show.

Basically, we were watching to see what WVU’s seed was in the tournament and who they were playing.  Then, almost the first team announced after the # 1 seeds, was WVU.  They are a 5 seed and are playing against one of two teams. (There’s a slightly new format this year.)

Back To G’s To Keep Writing

After eating some food and getting the information we wanted, G and I headed back to his place where he crashed and I kept on writing.  I’m not sure when he fell asleep because I was downstairs in the business center (internet) uploading my “DAY 250”.  (Left: G's friend at the front desk who let me in. Thanks!)

Calling It A Night
I finally got back upstairs to G’s place around 10-11pm as I was relieved to have done most of the work I had to do. 🙂 I still had to post my Saturday (already written) but I’ll do that in the morning.

Knowing I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow (I’m leaving Miami and heading toward Georgia), I started to pack up my things before I fell asleep sometime after midnight.  It was the craziest day this year, but it was what had to done today.

Thanks for reading!

March 15, 2011 - 12:00 pm - (FL) “DAY 253” - Week 37 - State 32

Even though this morning I’m suppose to leave Florida for good, I decided not to as I am only leaving Miami today while still remaining Florida for one more day.  I’m doing this because Florida is long state and also so I can hang out with Scott again (West Palm Beach) before I leave .

Thanks For Everything Goran
As always, it was great seeing my best friend from college again.  Goran and I have now been friends for over 20 years and still... we always fun when we hang out together.

Not to mention, for the entire time I was here, he didn’t let me go into my own pocket once! (Not even on his birthday.)  That’s just the kind of guy he is, what a great friend! 🙂

Anyway, after G got up for work and left the house for the day, I posted my “DAY 251”, packed up my things for good, and said good-bye to G’s place even though he wasn’t there. 😉  (Man, am I gonna miss this balcony view.  It is amazing!) 😉

Traveling To West Palm Beach
The drive to West Palm Beach is only an hour and half but at least that’s an hour and a half I won’t have drive tomorrow when I leave for Georgia. 😉  Anyway, I got gas ($3.65-ish a gallon) and made there in the expected amount of time.

Arriving At Scott’s
I  arrived at Scott’s place around 4 pm, but when I got there, he was working.  So, while he closed the deal with the person he was on the phone with, I got settled in and ate some fired chicken I had bought just before I got there.

After Scott made the sale and worked a little longer, he asked me if I would take the ride with him to his next job for the day. (He’s a MMA coach at a local gym where he just got hired.)

Even though I felt beat up and didn’t want to drive an hour to the gym, I said yes because I knew it would make Scott happy. 🙂 (The ride wasn’t that bad, I just didn’t want to be in a car.) 😉

Kumite Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Just as Scott said, an hour later we arrived at the Kumite which is the name of the gym, but all I call think about is....  Kumite! Kumite! Kumite! (I loved the movie “Bloodsport”.  Van Damn’s bet movie by far!)

Anyway, the building seemed new as was all of the equipment and after I got a quick tour of facility, Scott was ready to teach MMA to beginners.

Coach Scott
For the next 2 hours, I sat in the gym and watched Scott coach a bunch of young fighters on everything they needed to learn.  He taught them the proper stance, how to throw basic punches, and everything and anything in-between that a beginner should know.

During this time, he also had them do a regular warm-up that most fighters do before they begin to train.  It’s not a easy warm-up and by the time the 3 minutes had ended, the guys in the class were huffing an puffing. (I would have been air lifted out of here if I was in the class.) 😉

Working In The Cage
After an hour or so of teaching the basics, Scott hopped in the cage with the most experienced guy they had in the class (still an amateur though) and held the mitts for him. (Basically, Scott holds two padded mitts in his hands while he calls out punches for the fighter to throw.)

This lasted for about ten minutes and when Scott was all finished... you’d a thought he just ran marathon because he was sweating so much.  It’s a no joke workout!  Like I said, I’d have been carried out of here on a stretcher! LOL

Leaving The Kumite
After the class Scott taught was over, we hung out in the gym for little longer talking with the owner (Joey).  Joey was a real cool guy and after hearing my tale, he gave me a $10 GC so I could get a free lunch.

The problem... it was for a restaurant in this area and I’m leaving Florida tomorrow.  Still, it was real nice of him to even think of me.  So, I thanked him, but then gave the 10 dollar GC to Scott. (He’ll be in the area at least 3 times a week to coach.)

Back To Scott's For The Night
By the time we left the gym, got gas, and drove the hour long ride home, it was after 11 pm when we walked into Scott’s place.  I was hungry and so was Scott, so we ate a bunch of food he had made for us before I had arrived.  Thank you!

For the rest of the evening, Scott and I just talked about life, my trip, his recent success, and anything else that close friends discuss when they get to see each other.  This went on until about 2 am when both of us passed out for the night.  Tomorrow... I’m off Georgia!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Good Times with Good Friends

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