Did I Get On TV At The White Sox Game? Kinda… (IL) “DAY 37” – 8/10/10

August 10, 2010 - 10:22 am - (IL) - “DAY 37”

I only had one thing planned for today (Tuesday)... I was going to see the Chicago White Sox vs. Minnesota Twins at U.S. Cellular Field in a battle for first place in the American League Central division or for all the baseball fans... AL Central.

Since the game was at night (7:05 pm), I had all day to kill.  So... as always the first thing I did was write my post, “DAY 35”.

I can’t write at Toby’s place even though the building has free wi-fi.  Why... you might ask?   Because you have to fill out a bunch of forms and it takes a few days for it to even kick in, by the time my laptop would be allowed access... I’d be close to leaving.

Thanks Darry!

So... I headed to another coffee shop to get  it done. F.Y.I. - I never thought I’d be somebody in a coffee shop writing.  For one, I don’t drink coffee and two... well... I guess not drinking coffee is enough! 🙂

But they have free wi-fi so it’s my new favorite place... The Coffee Shop!  Anyway, as I was writing, I asked a gentleman (Darryl) to my left if he would take a picture for me, he agreed and we started talking.  He gave me advice on where I could get a key made in the area. (Toby said to get one, people are great!).

After I finished, I went back to Toby’s to go work out.  There is a small gym downstairs with limited equipment, but it is free and at this point in my process... doing anything is all that is needed to look better.  I’m not anywhere near the sculpting phase of building my physique back.

I got downstairs and realized it’s a nice day out... I’ll jog around Chicago instead.  The first place I ran to, was the key shop.  The owner (Asian man) didn’t want his picture taken as he said in broken English “No, No, No, No, no picture for whole wide world to see”.   I took one of sign outside instead.  Sorry fugitive Asian man!

I ran around the area for 30 minutes, so... with the stopping I did... I probably ran 2 plus miles today.  It was hot and humid, so I needed a shower and to get ready for the game.

Chicago White Sox Game
Toby lives on the North Side of Chicago while U.S. Cellular Field in on the south side.  Instead of driving through traffic and paying for parking, I decided to take the train.  From where I am, it’ a straight shot on one train (The Redline) to the game.  It only costs $2.25 each way, perfect!

The train was exactly like being on any train in NJ or NY, same style and feel.  It took 25 minutes to get there and I saw some sights on the way.  Not a bad ride at all. 🙂

As I approached the stadium, I could immediately tell it was a city stadium.  The outside of the stadium had a cold feel.  As I walked around to get my ticket from will call (THANKS AGAIN AD!), I noticed a few statues/monuments they had up around the stadium.

I had to take a picture with one of them, because to me it was funny, as Yankee fan, how Joe Crede has

Me "Rooster"

a huge statue of himself in Chicago. LOL  🙂 I know he helped win a World Series in 2005 for the Sox, but come on!  Jeter doesn’t even have a statue up at Yankee stadium.... but Joe Crede???

Anyway, I walked inside and it was much nicer on the inside than outside.  Also, the fans were great there!  It was packed with White Sox fans as the game had a play-off atmosphere.   From what I saw, they were even courteous to the many Twins fans in attendance and... the one lone idiot wearing a Yankee Jersey!

The pre-game National Anthem was really cool.  I forgot who sung it but what caught my attention was the Military personal who parasailed the flag into the stadium.  As they left the field, the whole place went crazy for them.  They deserve it... they keep us safe!

The guys sitting next to me were named LN and Ess.  (I don’t even think that’s there nicknames, they didn’t want their names on my site :).)  Either way, they were loyal, tried and true White Sox

LN and ess

fans.  LN kept the scorebook all game and no matter how many runs the Sox were down (they were down 8 at one point) Ess thought they were coming back!  Nice!  And they were cool guys.

My seat was in left center field, the first row.  It was perfect.  I could possibly catch a home run

Thanks Ad!

ball and it was very comfortable, I could even put my feet up on the rail in front of me to relax.  That’s unfortunately where my first problem arose...

In the 1st inning, I put my feet up on the rail and before I could realize it... my flip flop fell off into a no-man’s land area behind the left field wall.  Sure enough... I became “Shoeless” Rooster Jackson while in Chicago.  Ironically funny!

The guys to my right said it has happened before but it was 50/50 on whether or not I’d get it back.  Damn!  No beer for me tonight now...  Like I’m gonna walk into a baseball stadium bathroom barefoot... I’d have to blow torch my feet and soak’em in bleach after :)!


So who do I turn to... Huh...?  Then, I found the person who would save the day... Latika!  A younger girl with a good demeanor, but when I asked her for help... She kinda gave me the 50/50 answer like I had previous been alerted to... lol

AT this point... what do I care so I out my feet up and enjoyed the game barefoot.  What else could I do?

TV APPEARANCE  (Local and ESPN) Sorta...
The home run balls were flying in our direction all night long.  I picked the right area of the ball park to get a ticket in but the wrong the seat.  There were 3 different shots hit with-in 30 feet of me.

Local TV

The first was in the top 2cd when Jim Thome hit a blast to the 1st row of left center... just 30 seats down from me... (By the way, I caught a Jim Thome foul ball in 1996, Old Yankee Stadium).  A few batters later J.J. Hardy hit a home run even closer to where to my seat, as I was seen on the local TV broadcast.  (You can see me in the bottom right corner with my hand raised in the air.)

ESPN this morning

I then watched ESPN this morning and saw myself in the 6th inning, when Micheal Cuddyer hit a home run 6 rows behind me and a few feet over.  Again, I’m in the bottom right corner with my hand raised... (That must be my home run salute of some sort.  I did it for 2 different home runs evidently! :))

Mascot Time

Southpaw and Me "Rooster"

Back to the game.  I told the guys next me about all the mascots I have taken pictures with and asked them if they had one.  They said their mascot was a green guy (for some reason) named Southpaw.

Anyway, in the 4th inning you could see Southpaw on the scoreboard in a section of the stadium where only parents with kids were allowed to enter.

I wasn’t allowed up there because... I didn’t have any kids with me.  So I walked to the section frantically and told the guy my nephew was left up there, then rushed right by him to the mascot area.  Nice! Thanks Matt! (my real nephew).

I got my picture with Southpaw and checked out what they had to offer for the kids.  It was a cool part of the stadium where children 14 and under could do anything baseball related: batting cages, field grounders, see how fast they run, etc...).

My Shoe!

After that, I walked back down to my seat to watch the rest of the game.  Around the 5th or 6th inning a guy with a shovel walked over and scooped up my shoe for me.  As it was being retrieved... a fan yelled “That shoe’s from New York.. who knows where it’s been.”  A guess that’s why the guy used a shovel ;).

It was around the 7th inning and the game was out of reach (for the most part).  The only thing exciting left for me to do was wait and see if the 50/50 tickets (3 for $5) I bought won.

They announced the winner in the 8th inning and... dun... dun... dun... I didn’t win.  I know it’s a long-shot but this whole trip!  The winner got over 6K, it would have been nice.

The Hottest Girl in Chicago!

Me "Rooster", Ashley, Guy who thinks I'm a douche!

I was getting ready to leave when I saw the hottest White Sox fan in the stadium.  She was unreal... as hot as hot can be.  I knew my chances of successfully hitting on her were as good as me winning the Powerball on consecutive days so I just asked her if she would take a picture with me for my website, nothing more.

I didn’t know it until after I saw the picture but her boyfriend must have been right behind us while her girlfriend (forgot her name) took the picture for me.  You can see him motioning to the girl... Who’s this old loser hitting on my girl?  Don’t worry buddy I wasn’t, I just know people like to see pictures of hot girls and this girl is smoking!

It was now time to leave the stadium and get back on the train.  This time it wasn’t a comfortable ride though... we were packed in like sardines.  If I didn’t know better, I’d a thought I was back at Lollapalooza in the mosh pit!

Toby’s Place


The ride was fun though as everybody was drunk and having a good time.  I got home (Toby’s) around 11 pm.  When I walked in, I forced his girlfriend (Ellie) to take a picture for my site,  she accepted kinda as she put her hands over her face.  🙂  I’ll get one before the week ends!

On my way home from the stadium, one of the girls I met this past weekend text me.  Our text messages continued on for a hour or so and then we even talked on the phone for a hour more.

She seems like a real cool girl and we might meet up today dinner.  I don’t think I’m getting stood up but who knows... You know Murphy’s Law... “What ever can go wrong... will go wrong!”

I may go the casino later.  There is a poker room less than an hour away in Elgin, IL. (Grand Victoria Casino).  We’ll see.

Thanks for reading!


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