200 DAYS On The Road, I Hope You Have Enjoyed It Because I Have! :)

What I’ve Accomplished in 200 Days Starting with $2007 of My Money!

As you probably already know by now, I left NJ on July 5th, 2010 with a goal of traveling the entire country starting with a total of just $2007.

On top my starting money, I have had numerous donations (Thank You All), won some fantasy baseball money, won a suicide football pool, and lastly I’ve won some money playing poker, so my total funds have fluctuated throughout my journey.  Anyway, below I will try to list everything I have accomplished along with some interesting facts about my trip so far.  I hope you enjoy!

Total Distance Traveled & Gas Money
Total Miles Traveled - 17,000 +
Gas Money - $1,400 + (forgot a few entries and it’s still $1,400.)

States I’ve stayed In
Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma!

People Who Let Me Stay With Them
John G. (DE), Kim G. (VA), Jen E. (PA), Matt and Pratt (OH), J.T. (MI), Toby D. (IL), Keith S. (IL), Riccio (WI), Riccio’s parents (WI), Craig (IA), Gary Busey Jr. (NE), James (NE), James’s Brother John (NE), Sadie H. (CO), Elsa (ID),  Regan (MT), Casey F. (WA), Ryan A.K.A. - Dutchy (No-Cal), Steve J. (CA), Matt Q. (CA), Mike W. (AZ), Deniro (AZ), Sadie & Ali Again (CO), Pat (CO), Ryan (KS), Spaulding (AR).  THANK YOU ALL!

Hotels, Hostels, and My Car
Motel 6 (DE) - 1 day paid,
Some Motel (WV) - 1 day paid,
Majestic Star (IN) - 2 days paid, 2 days comped,
Minnesota Hostel (MN) - 5 days paid,
Dakota Magic (ND)- 9 days comped,
Dakota Sioux (SD) - 2 days comped,
Quality Inn (IA-SD) - 1 day paid,
Harrah’s (IA) - 9 days comped,
Hostel (WY) - 6 days paid,
Boise Hostel (ID) - 2 days paid, 2 comped,
Montana Hostel (MT) - 1 day paid
Portland Hostel - 4 days paid
Flamingo Vegas - 3 days comped
Imperial Palace -  6 days paid
Sahara Vegas - 3 days comped
Brian Head week, Grande Lodge -5 days
Hard Rock Albuquerque - 1 day comped
Colorado Casino - 1 night paid
Motel 6, N.M. - 4 or 5 nights - 1 comped
Topeka Casino - 2 nights - 1/2 price
Motel 6, Topeka - 1 night paid
Harrah’s K.C. - 6 nights - 1/2 price
Cherokee casino Watts, OK - 2 night comped
Cherokee casino Tulsa, OK - 2 night paid - discounted
My Car - 3 nights in my car - 1 in Minnesota, 2 in Iowa

Sporting Events - (Home Team Listed)
Baseball Games

Philadelphia Phillies, Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates, Columbus (Triple A team), Cleveland Indians (twice), Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Milwaukee Brewers, Minnesota Twins, Colorado Rockies

Football Games
Minnesota Vikings, Nebraska Cornhuskers, Boise State Broncos, Washington Huskies, Green Bay Packer Practice, Oregon St Beavers, UNLV Runn’in Rebels, ASU Sun Devils, AZ Cardinals, N.M. Bowl, Denver Broncos, K.C. Chiefs

Basketball Games
L.A. Lakers game, Phoenix Suns game, N.M. Lobos, Kansas Jayhawks, Arkansas Razorbacks,

Miscellaneous Sports
Bull Riding In North Dakota, MMA Event in Sioux City, Iowa, MMA (Greg Jackson’s sow)in Albuquerque, N.M.

Lollapalooza (IL), The Roosters (ND), Slash (IA), Dave Matthews (NE), Gaelic Storm (ID),

State Fairs, Street Fairs, And City Parties
BBQ Rib Fest (OH), Some Street Fair (IL), Air & Water Show (IL), Minnesota State Fair (MN), Party In The Park- Jazz Fest (WI), Irish Fest (WI), German Festival (SD), Octoberfest (NE), (winter arrived ;)). This is some of what I did through the first 100 days, I’m to tired to keep looking through my next 100 posts. 😉

Museum’s, Zoo’s, Art Work, Etc...
Lincoln Park Zoo (IL), Harley Davidson Museum (WI), Green Packers HOF (WI), Green Bay Stadium Tour (WI), Roger Maris Museum (ND), Terry Redline Art Museum (SD), Courthouse Museum- Corn, Underwear, and Hot Air Balloons (IA), National Museum of Wildlife Art (WY), N.M. Balloon Museum. This is some of what I did through the first 100 days, I’m to tired to keep looking through my next 100 posts. 😉

National Parks
Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and a few more, forgot the names.

Casino’s I’ve Played In
To many to count but... I didn’t play any poker in Ohio, Wyoming, and Utah because there aren’t casinos in those states (or at least near where I was, Wyoming has a casino I think).  But, I have played in or visited over 50 different casinos so far on this trip!

Charity Work

I’ve done at least one day of charity work in every state except for a few: North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, and Arkansas.  I did 2 days in Ohio (Hero) and Iowa (Micah House).  I personally helped somebody in Chicago although Mike (Internet reader) thought it was a bull shit effort! 😉 And my Arkansas charity work fell though on the last day. 🙁

Sports I’ve Played
Hot Yoga with John (DE), Softball with Singk and Kim (VA-D.C.), Tackle Football with Pro-Bull Riders (ND), Golf with Casey (WA), Horseback Riding (WY), Pussed out Para-Flying! (WY), snowboarding in Utah.

1st time on a Horse, seeing a wild Bear, a Buffalo, Elk, etc..., at a Medical Marijuana Store (CO), Shooting A Hot Dog Cannon (NE), Won my 1st Casino Poker Tournament (IA), Sang with “The Rooster’s” on stage (ND), snowboarding, Meeting the President, being in The Guinness Book of World Records, plus much much more!!!

Pictures With Mascots, Cheerleaders, etc...
I started to log all this info but it’s really just to much.  I have so many pictures with so many mascots, cheerleaders, etc... it was just to much to list, but it will make for a great scrap book some day! 🙂

Errors and Omissions
There is so much more I could have listed and there is even more I missed with-in the lists I wrote.  (This wouldn’t be an official list by any means!)  None-the-less,, I tried my best given the time I have and the unruly organization process I use. 😉

OH YEAH... Lastly....
$$$ - MY Current Finances - $$$

Currently... I have more money than when I started my trip!  Woo Hoo! 🙂 🙂 🙂  Exactly (for Mike, internet reader), I have $25 in my wallet and my bank account has $2,592.  Not bad.  The money I have is from poker winnings, donations, a football pool, fantasy baseball, and what I started with.  That's it, although there is so much I left out!

To the left is my dog Max in a Rooster outfit!) 🙂  Also, to Jen, Toby, Keith, Riccio, Riccio's parents, Craig, and Deniro, sorry I didn't put your pictures in this post, I ran out of space (people who I stayed with).  My bad!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Great post.Awesome photo’s and memories.
    Congrats on day 200.

  2. Coop says:

    Keepin the dream alive

  3. Big Brother Adam says:

    Great Post David…and to think that there’s still 100 days of posts you didn’t include. Very impressive! keep it up.

  4. pat says:

    Where are the hookups

  5. bennervous says:

    Pat — LOL. That’s great. I was thinking the same thing…just figured I’d spare him. There was an interesting few in there…obv the French experiment comes to mind.

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