Super Bowl Saturday With The Arkansas Boys (and Girls)! (TX) “DAY 216” – 2/5/11

February 8, 2011 - 9:30 pm - (TX) “DAY 216” - Week 31 - State 28

I know... I know... I’m a little behind in my writing, but I’m catching up right now.  I've been traveling, hungover, and without internet since Sunday night. Hang in there all! 🙂

Today (Saturday), I woke up at Mike’s pretty early for me (9 am) and immediately got to writing.  I know I won’t have time for the next two days because of Super Bowl stuff.

As I was writing, Mike asked me if I wanted any breakfast but I’m not a morning eater so even though it all looked great, I just wasn’t hungry.  It was definitely my loss, I wish I ate in the morning today.

Other than that, all I did was write in Mike’s house until 3 pm-ish when it time for me to go.  I was headed to Fort Worth to meet up with the Arkansas guys (Spaulding) and Mike and the family were going to do whatever families do on Saturday.  I said it yesterday, but it was great seeing Mike and Donna so I'll tell them again... Thank You.

Traveling To Fort Worth
The drive from Allen to Fort Worth was supposedly an hour but with the all traffic I hit, it took me close to 2 hours.  Ahhh!  I hate traffic!  But, at least there was a Steelers billboard on the side of the highway in the Dallas area, that’s pretty cool to see! 🙂

Meeting Up With The Arkansas Gang

I arrived at the Trinity Hotel around 5:30 pm and shortly after that... Spaulding and crew arrived from Fayetteville.  Actually, I was waiting for a 1/2 hour, so I went to McDonald’s to eat ($10 GC from Geoff, OKLA) and when I got back to the hotel, they had arrived.

So, when I walked in the hotel lobby to find the guys, Spaulding snuck up behind me and scared me!  Damn you Spaulding! 😉  Everybody he was with was in the bar (duh), so I headed there to say hi to some old friends (3 weeks ago). 😉

Before I even made it to the bar, I saw Doug coming out of the bathroom in the lobby (funny bathroom sign). 🙂  Who puts the handicapped bathroom on the second floor only??? LOL

F.Y.I. - Doug and I became friends while I was in Arkansas (through Spaulding), he took me to his farm to feed cows, we shot guns together, dirt roaded in the mountains, and as you might be able to figure out... he’s a Steeler Fan too!

Drinking In The Bar
When I walked in the bar, I could immediately tell that Super Bowl weekend is here.  That’s cause everybody is either wearing black and gold or green and yellow.  This bar (for now) was mostly filled with Steelers fans. Nice!

Now, I knew that Spaulding drove down with Doug, Nancy, and Wendy but I didn’t know who else was meeting them (others came down as well), but really, it didn’t matter because when you’re around Steeler fans, it’s all good!

My plan for getting a Super Bowl ticket is... I have no plan.  I’m just gonna be me, do what I do, and hope one falls in my lap.  That because, you can’t ask somebody for something that’s valued at $2500+ and expect to get it for free.  I need lighting to strike!

When you think about it, if somebody offered me a ticket for $500, which would be a huge favor, A Huge Favor, I couldn’t even pay that.  So, I am really gonna have to be lucky to get a ticket today from somebody.  If I don’t get one today, I’ll keep trying and trying and trying right up until kick-off.  Got it.? Good. 🙂

Meeting Conner and Kylie
The table where the Arkansas clan was gathered is where I hung out, but like I said, more people than just the ones I knew came down so I didn’t know who was with us or not (not that it matters, just letting you know what happened).

Anyway, seated across from me were a guy and girl (brother and sister) named Conner and Kylie.  I didn’t know them but they were Steeler fans, so we started talking.  I soon found out they didn’t know anybody I was with as they were down here themselves to see the game.

F.Y.I. - Conner lives in Nashville, TN and his sister currently lives in Spokane, WA.  They are both Steeler fans (with tickets) who came down to see the big game together with a few friends of theirs.  Steeler nation rules!

Moving on, the three of us spoke for awhile about my journey and when the topic of Tennessee came up and I told Conner I hadn’t been there yet, he immediately offered me a place to stay when I arrive there in 8 weeks or so.

People are so awesome!  And unlike some of the other people I have met along the way who offered me places to stay or other things that just didn’t pan out when I got there, I do believe that Conner will hook me up when I get Nashville!  Thank you Conner!  Let’s go Steelers!

F.Y.I. - We exchanged numbers before they (Conner, Kylie) left the bar.  They left after about an hour when their other friends arrived.  I didn’t see them for the rest of the weekend but Conner and have texted messaged since.  See ya soon! Thanks!

Partying At the Hotel Bar
To set the scene, basically this whole bar was full of Steeler fans, so there were drinks and shots being passed around at will. (Different people were buying rounds at a time for everybody.)

There was so much going on at once it’s hard to explain but basically everybody there who was a Steeler fan, was mingling with anybody else who was a Steelers fan.

So, between Spaulding, Doug, and myself, we met a ton of people in a short amount of time.  The whole bar was partying together!  This is awesome!  Steeler nation rules! 🙂

Brian From Alabama
Seated at the end of the bar was Brian.  He was a Steeler fan from Alabama who owns a sports bar in Gulf Shores, AL (I think).  Anyway, he was buying round after round for everybody there even though he wasn’t drinking.  Yeah, people are so awesome!

While I was doing one of the shots Brian bought, we got to talking about his life, my life, etc.  Well... after telling him what I was doing, he offered me a place to stay in Alabama when I get there in a little over 2 weeks.  Come on!  I can’t say it enough... America is best country in the world!

F.Y.I. - Brian said he owns a bunch of condos in the town where he lives and where his bar is.  He then said that when I come through, I can stay in one of them for the week.  Thank you so much Brian!  And thanks for the shots too! 🙂

It’s Only 8 pm
So, let’s catch up for second.  I’ve been in this bar for a little under 2 hours and even though I haven’t even sniffed a Super Bowl Ticket yet, I have found a place to stay to in 2 different cities (States) that I haven’t hit yet and where I needed a place to stay.

I might not be finding what I had hoped to but what I did find... is even better than what I was looking for.  More great people willing to help me out on my near impossible journey.  If not for people like Conner and Brian, I would have never even made to the Super Bowl to begin with!

Where I’m Staying Tonight
Like I said, there was a lot going on at once because Steeler fans were everywhere but sometime during those two hours, Spaulding met Shady Grady.  (Shady Grady was also in town from Tennessee (Memphis area).)

Anyway, Spaulding and Shady Grady were talking at the bar (both Steeler fans) and somehow Spaulding found out Shady Grady had an extra bed for the weekend (his wife or girlfriend didn’t/couldn’t make it down).

F.Y.I. - I was staying with Spaulding but there wasn’t a bed for me, I was planning on crashing on the floor. Doug and Nancy had a room (married, not an option for me) and Spaulding and Wendy had a room (not together at all), so they each had their own bed. That’s why I was on the floor.

I didn't mind because as long as I don’t have a fear of getting ass raped while I’m sleeping, I’m all good.  That’s the criteria I go by when looking for a place to stay, it doesn’t matter how comfortable I am, but I do care if I become uncomfortable, if ya get my drift! 😉

Shady Grady’s Room
After Spaudling found out that info, he introduced me to Shady Grady and next thing you know, Shady Grady was getting me a key to his room from the front desk. (His room was a suite with two different rooms, so he would stay in one and me in the other.)  Thank you so much Grady!

Back To The Bar
Now that my sleeping arrangements are set for the night, it was time to drink!  When I got back to the bar, the Arkansas clan was getting ready to hit the bars for the night.  Perfect, time to the hit town of Fort Worth.

Fort Worth Bar Area (Something Square)

Heading out to bars in Fort Worth was Spaulding, Wendy, Doug, Nancy, me and Shady Grady (Shady Grady was with us for the whole weekend).  In case you’re wondering, he told us his name was Shady Grady, we didn’t give him that nickname.

The nickname Spaulding gave him was Bloug.  That’s because him and Doug were almost exactly the same.  They both loved and cooked BBQ, both were die-hard Steeler fans, both carried a 9 everywhere, but where Doug is a white man, Shady Grady was a black man, thus Bloug. (Grady didn’t mind it, he thought it was funny too.)

Finding A Bar To Go To (And Get Into)

Now, for all this week wasn’t because of the weather (icy roads everywhere), tonight was a full blown party everywhere I looked.  People were all over the place here in Fort Worth which is where ESPN and other radio stations set up shop.

So, while we were walking around looking for a bar that the UFC on and that also had a manageable line, I stumbled into meeting the most recent Ex-President of Mexico.

Meeting Mexico’s Ex-President
As I was walking down the street, I could tell that there was a lot commotion a head of me, so I speed up to see what was going on.  When I got close, I asked who the man was that everybody was raving over and... it was the Ex-President of Mexico. (I don’t remember his name.)

Anyway, after getting his attention, he was nice enough to take a picture with me.  He was really accommodating because I had somebody take my picture for me and it didn’t come out, so I stopped him again and he took another with me with, no questions asked.  He even said,”The first one didn’t come out?” 🙂

The Fox & Hound
After meeting my 2nd President this year (Obama in Seattle, WA), we headed to the Fox & Hound to watch the UFC fights.  The line was long but after only 15 minutes we were inside ready to get our drink on again! 😉

The bar was big but the amount of people who were inside made it small as it was wall to wall with people!  I hate places this crowed but it’s Super Bowl weekend, every bar in the area is like this.  Ahhh!

Watching The UFC
Lucky for us, we met a bunch of nice of people who shared their table with us.  Whew!  This would have been a terrible time if we didn’t get a seat because there wasn’t really anywhere to stand without being bumped into.  Thanks Texas people who let us sit! 🙂

Tonight’s UFC card was a good one and features UFC middle weight Champ Anderson “The Spider” Silva.  The Spider is an exciting fighter (when he wants to be) and tonight he landed a first round knockout which made the crowd go crazy!  (He landed a front kick to face of his opponent and knocked him out cold!)  Oh yeah!

Leaving The Bar In Fort Worth
After the UFC event ended (midnight-ish), the 6 of us headed back to hotel for the night.  We weren’t done drinking yet, we just didn’t want to get stuck looking for a cab at 2 am when everybody and their Mother would be looking too.

It was a good decision because it still took us a little while and there wasn’t even that much of a demand yet. F.Y.I. - This area (Dallas area) wasn’t prepared for this week.  There weren’t ready for bad weather (no salt trucks anywhere), they weren’t ready for this many people who need cabs, and they were ready for the Steeler nation either! 😉

Trinity Hotel Bar- Late Night
When we got back to the hotel, we went straight to the bar except this time around... the bar wasn’t filled with Steeler fans... it was filled with Packer fans!  Oh No! 😉  Really, it didn’t matter because Packer fans kick ass!  In my opinion, they are the Steelers of the NFC.

It was after 1 pm, when most of the people I knew had called it a night so I kept on partying with a girl I met who happened to be Green Bay fan.  When it comes to hot girls... I don’t care if they are a fan of Hitler himself! LOL JK

I don’t remember her name because I was drunk but we had a great time as we closed down the bar together.  Well, not just the two of us, whoever was left standing.

Calling It A Night
It was after 2 am by now and since all the all bars were closed, I tried to put together an after hour party.  But, with people trashed everywhere and the big game tomorrow, it just didn’t pan out.

Staying With Shady Grady
I know when I got to his door it was 2:30 am because the key I got from the front desk didn’t work.  Ahhh!  I didn’t want to wake him so I tried the key a few times but to no avail. (I watched Shady Grady earlier have to use his key 10 times to get in, this hotel is in real need of a make-over.)

Anyway, since I couldn’t get in, didn’t want to wake him, and couldn’t get another key from the front desk (wasn’t in the computer), I went to Spaulding's room (I had a key) and crashed there for the night.

Summing Up
I had a blast today as I found 2 weeks of boarding for my trip in two cities I haven’t hit yet (and was already going to).  I met countless great people.  I found a place to stay this weekend although the key didn’t work (it did, the door lock didn’t work properly).

And lastly, as they did for me in Arkansas, Spaulding and Doug didn’t let me pay for anything as my whole day was on them.  People kick ass!  Thank you guys so much!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Sounds like the party never ended. Great read.
    The Packer sweetie is cute, you man of Steel-er !!!

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