A Bachelor Party Weekend In Canada! (MA-CAN) “DAYS 334,335,336” – 6/3/11, 6/4/11, 6/5/11

May 5, 2011 - 5:45 pm - (MA-CAN) “DAYS 334,335, & 336” - Week 48 - State 45 -
I woke up this morning at 7 am and left John’s place around 8 am in order to get to my cousin’s friend’s house by 8:30 am. (That’s a mouthful.)  Anyway, I’m meeting my cousin’s friend because we are driving together (in his car) to Montreal this weekend for my cousin’s bachelor party.

Friday & Saturday
Now, unlike the rest of journey where I wrote every minute of every day, this weekend I will not write about as I must abide by the unwritten rule of all bachelor parties which is... whatever happens at a bachelor party stays at a bachelor party.

So, although nothing to crazy happened (for real) I still will not write about it because  this website is Wheresrooster.com and not where’s-everybody-I’m-with.com.

What I will say is that everybody there had a great time, nobody got into trouble, and the weekend ended with everybody accounted for.  Basically, it was a extremely successful bachelor party in that regard.   And most importantly, my cousin had a great time with his best friends and family. 🙂

Thank You To All The Guys There
Lastly, I would like to say thank you to all the guys who were there this weekend.  As everybody reading knows, I currently don’t have much money and couldn’t spend like everybody else did so the whole group picked up my slack and made sure my cousin had fun as well as myself.  So to everybody there, I can’t thank you enough! 🙂

Montreal In General
For anybody who has never been to Montreal, this is a real cool city!  I’m not exactly sure how to describe in a few sentences but I guess it’s like a much smaller New York except everybody speaks French. (Many people spoke both French and English but all the signs and whatnot were in French.)

Other than the language barrier which wasn’t even that big of a deal, Montreal was a great city to visit and vacation in.  Maybe it wouldn’t be as fun in the winter time but during this time of year... it was a blast!

I could go into further detail about some of the restaurants we ate at and some of the bars we we went to, but since I’m keeping it general, that’s all my writing.  Again, not because it was a Hangover the movie type weekend but that was the deal I made.

Sunday - Leaving Montreal
Although there wasn’t many if any details, that was my weekend for the most part.  I partied in Montreal with a bunch of cool guys and left this morning (Sunday) to head back to Boston.

So, my cousin’s friend and I drove the 6 hours back to Boston without any hiccups. (It was a smooth drive until we got right outside of Boston when there was some traffic, but even it wasn’t that bad.)

Johnny Steps Up Again
Before I left for Canada Johnny told me that if I needed a place to crash on Sunday night when I got back to Boston it was OK to stay at his place another day.  So, when I was a few hours from Boston I texted him if it was still cool to stop by.  He text back to come over, so that’s where I went.

Arriving At Johnny’s
When I got to Johnny’s apartment he was relaxing in his place because after I left on Friday morning he had a few friends stay over for the weekend (buddies from home).  So, for the last 5 days he’s had people staying at his place. (Three of those day with a homeless traveler.) 😉  Thank you my man!

Since he had work on Monday morning and I was still tired from a long weekend, we basically just watched TV all night long until it was bedtime (10:30 pm-ish).  Well... there was pizza ordered and I did do a lot of writing but that was the whole evening.

Thank You Again
Again, I hate to beat dead horse but thank you again Johnny for letting me stay here for another day before I move on to my 46th state which is Rhode Island on Monday morning.  Without people like you I could have never made it this year and that is the truth!  You’re the man!

Less Than A Month Left
It amazing to me that I have less than a month left and two of those weeks are in New York and New Jersey.  So basically, I have only 14 days left to make it before I’m kinda done.  But, I only have $220 left and I have a bill due that's already late.  So, I have to make something happen or this trip will end before I complete the entire year.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    CONGRAT’S to cousin M on his wedding.

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