A Bad Day Turns Into An Awesome One! (TN) “DAY 277” – 4/6/11

April 9, 2011 - 11:00 am - (TN) “DAY 277” - Week 41 - State 37

For the first time in a long time, I had a frustrating or bad half day.  But then, a bad day turned into an Awesome night as things sometimes just work themselves out for the best.  Here’s my “Day 277”.

Writing All Day - Ahhhh!
As you may already be able to tell, this is the frustrating part of my day.  But it wasn’t the writing that was bothering me (I do that without thinking now), it was finding a strong enough internet signal to upload the pictures to my site.  Ahhhh!!!

After I had finished writing about my great experience with twins from the Love Kitchen as well as everything else I did on Wednesday, I went to my website to upload the story along with the pictures (I add them after I write).  Here’s where it gets frustrating... (Left: Aaron from New Zealand, hostel guest.)

At the hostel where I was at, it was taking almost 4 minutes to upload one picture which is about 3:30 seconds slower than a good (not great) signal will get me.  Ahhhh!  This isn’t gonna work.  By the way, it was 3pm by now and I was already annoyed I was missing a beautiful day to do anything in Nashville (70+ degrees out). (Right: Dave, Hostel guest.)

Finding A Good Internet Connection
This is part where my day goes from annoying to frustrating to just plan old bad.  Here's why.  The first place I went to was McDonald’s because they have free Wi-Fi and food (I  had a GC for there from the Wulf’s, Thanks!)

Anyway, although I did get to eat, their connection was slow as well as it taking roughly the same amount of time as it was at the Hostel (4 min or more per picture).  Damn it! I have to go somewhere else.  So I went across the street to Dunkin Donuts, no good.

Getting more annoyed because I just want to start my real day (exploring Nashville), I searched my GPS for a Starbucks to go to.  The nearest Starbucks was 3 miles away but with traffic... 20 minutes.  Ahhh!

After going to 3 different Starbucks because one was in a hotel (no parking), one just wasn’t where my GPS said it was, and the last one was the one I finally made it into.  Not to mention, after all this I’m still hoping that the connection will be as good as most Starbucks are across the country.

Found A Good Spot Finally, Whew!

Now that I had wasted almost 2 hours just driving around to find a good Wi-fi connection, I still had to upload all my pictures to the site.  This will still take some time even though I have strong signal.  So, 45 minutes later... my post was finally up!

Back To The Hostel
By the time I got back to the hostel is was 6:30 pm.  So, as you just read, my whole day was wasted writing and more so... trying to find a strong internet connection.  Knowing how bad my day was, I decided to call/text some of Conner’s friends who live here in Nashville.  I need to do something fun. (Right: Owner of hostel)

F.Y.I. - I wrote a little about this yesterday but Conner is a guy I met in Dallas at the Super Bowl.  He told me that when I got to Nashville I could stay with him and etc... But when I got here, he was still in Texas (work related). (Left: Conner and his sister.)

Even though Conner isn’t in town, this guy is so cool that he sent me a email with a list of his friends and family that he thought I could hang out with or stay with while I was in town.  People are so amazing and Conner is one of them!  Thanks Conner! 🙂

Anyway, after sending out a few messages to some of his friends, his friend John who is a man about town, text me back asking me what I was up to tonight. (Conner obviously gave all his friends a heads up.)

John From Nashville
After exchanging a few messages with John, he told me about a competitive kickball league he plays in and asked me if I wanted to play on his team tonight (game starts at 10 pm).

Of course I said yes as this sounds like a bunch of fun, so he told me to meet him at a bar near the field around 8 pm.  Perfect!  My day is already getting better! 🙂

Anna From Nashville
While John and I were texting, Conner’s friend Anna text me back as well.  She was excited to hear from me as any friend of Conner’s is a friend of hers. (That’s her words, not mine.)

A few texts later, she told me she was busy tonight, but that she was taking me out tomorrow (Friday) and I could crash at her place for the weekend.  How unreal is this, a complete turn around in my day in 20 minutes.  Life is awesome!  Thank you so much Anna! 🙂  And to Conner: You da man, thanks for the hook ups!

Meeting John At The Bar
Since I have never met John before, he told me he would be the loudest guy at bar wearing a backwards Michigan hat. (That should be easy enough to find.) LOL  I text him back telling him if that’s the case, then I would be the 2nd loudest guy in the bar wearing a Rooster hat! LOL 😉

Arriving At Melrose Neighborhood Bar

The bar wasn’t far from where the Hostel is and 15 minutes later I was there looking for parking. (This place is busy.)  A few minutes of searching for a spot later, I parked across the street and walked over to find John.  He should be easy enough to find as I was told. 😉

Finding John
I entered the bar and it was filled people who look like they all play in the kickball league John told me about. (This should be an interesting event tonight.)  After talking a few pictures of people I didn’t know because I knew I’d write sentence, I looked around the bar for John.

John was easy to find as he was exactly what he described.  Even funnier though is that  the back of kickball jersey says Mr. Awesome!  I knew I had found the right guy. LOL

F.Y.I. - The nickname Mr. Awesome was given to him because his Kickball team’s name is Team Awesome, it’s not self proclaimed. 😉

Meeting John & His Friends
Knowing I found the right guy, I walked up to him and said,” Mr. Awesome, I’m here to play some kickball.”  He laughed as he immediately handed me a beer from his hand. (He was double fisting as it was 2 for 1 beers tonight.)

John was as cool I thought he would be as we instantly got along.  Also he reminds of my friend Matt from Cali/Boston and even though I didn’t realize it to later I think it made me act instantly more comfortable around him. (They look alike and act alike, it’s freaky.) (Left: Matt )

Kari Donates To Me
After John introduced me to some of his friends (he knew everybody though), one of the girls I met named Kari liked my adventure so much, she handed a $10 bill out of her wallet right there on the spot.  She said get a meal on me Rooster!  Thank you so much! Moments like these are what make this journey so humbling and amazing! 🙂

Leaving The Bar For The Game
John, I, and his some his team stayed at the bar for 2 beers worth of time and then we left for the field which was a few miles away at a old Boys & Girls Club. (I followed John in his car to the field.)

Arriving To Kickball Madness!
Let me start by saying, I haven’t played kickball in I don’t know how many years as I’m sure most of you reading can understand.  I mean really... who’s played kickball recently except for kids?  Well... I now know the answer to that, a bunch of cool ass adults in Nashville! 🙂 

F.Y.I. - I didn't mean to use two Gary Coleman pic's but when I Googled "You da Man" and kickball for pics, he came up in both.  So funny! LOL

The Kickball Fields
When I approached the field there were people everywhere playing kickball.  There were also people drinking, listening to music (out of a cooler), and just plain old having a good time.  But don’t be mistaken, the kickball games themselves are serious and competitive as I found out.

Meeting Some Of The Team
Let me start by saying, John is an “Awesome dude” as there wasn’t one person that he didn’t introduce to me as his friend.  So cool! 🙂  Anyway, I met so many people in such a short period of time, it’s hard to remember the names as they all kinda just smushed together.

That being said, the first people I meet were all members of Team Awesome.  After that, I just bounced around talking with people while we waited for our game to start. (We got there at 9 pm and our game started at 10 pm.)

Watching The Kickball Game Before Ours
As I already said, I haven’t played kickball in forever and what I was about to found out is... that I never have played kickball like this.  Let me explain.  The game is co-ed (normal enough), but when the guys are kicking the ball is thrown at them at a 100 mph while swerving everywhere. (I’m exaggerating but it was fast.)

F.Y.I. - When the girls kick, the ball is thrown at a reasonable speed but it can still be bouncing or swerving around the plate.  Also the strike zone is about 1-2 feet to either side of the home plate.

So, as I watching I was just hoping that when I played in a little bit, I wouldn’t make a fool of myself. (This isn’t the kickball I remember.) 😉  Not wanting to be terrible, I did watch most of the game before ours so I could get a feel for how this game was played.

Team Awesome vs. M-something
Our game started sharply at 10 pm and I guess I got lucky because somebody didn’t show, so I got to play the whole game. (We’ll see how this goes. I have no idea how any guy kicks the ball with how hard and bouncy it comes in.)

The way this game is played is close to softball/baseball rules except for a few changes.  1.) You can throw the ball at the runner. 2.) If you get walked you go straight to 2nd base and the person behind them in the order takes first (if the team wants, they could kick). 3.) The batting order has to be guy-girl, guy-girl, etc.. Got it. 🙂

Anyway, I batted last and played left field. (Left field doesn’t get to much action as it’s hard to kick the ball that far with how the pitch comes in.)  I didn’t mind at all, I was just happy to be apart of “Team Awesome”. 🙂

The Game Begins
Team Awesome is appropriately named as everybody on this team is good.  And not just the guys, the girls on this team are athletes as they are as good or better than some of the guys. 😉  You go girls! (Left: Larry is on 3rd. Her name is Larry.) 🙂

Anyway, from the beginning of the game Team Awesome imposed our will as we got an early lead and never trailed for the game. (It our and we because I’m part of the team now.) 😉

John, A.K.A. Mr. Awesome Is Pretty Awesome

John was really good as he played 3rd base and batted 3rd-ish. (It changes as the game goes on because of the guy-girl thing.)  He made a ton of plays, had a hit or two, but when I was on 3rd, he couldn’t drive me in.  Ahhh! JK

My Kickball Stats
The game lasted 6 innings and I batted twice going 1-2.  My first at bat, I fouled out after  kicking 4 balls foul.  Honestly, I was happy I didn’t wiff completely.  My second AB, I kicked a solid single to left and made it to 3rd before John didn’t kick me home. 😉

In the field I didn’t make any mistakes at all. Well... that’s because nothing was hit to me all game. 😉  That’s what I thought too before the game started as it’s hard to get a clean kick on the ball.

Team Awesome Wins!
As I already mentioned, Team Awesome was awesome as we lead the whole game eventually winning a low scoring contest 4-1.  After the game ended, I gathered the whole team together for a team photo by home plate.  Thank you everybody as I had great time, one I will not soon forget! 🙂

F.Y.I. - They play again on Sunday (2 games) and I was invited to play if I’m still in town. John even said if I stay and play, I can crash at his place for the night.  I’m not sure yet but that’s probably what I’d do.  This was a lot of fun! 🙂  And Thanks John!

Back To The Hostel To Crash
After milling around in the parking lot with John and the team for a little bit, I headed back to the hostel for the night.  I was tired from running around, writing, and well everything.  So, as soon as I got home (the hostel is home for now), I passed out on the couch while watching TV.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Great post. The Love Kitchen seems to be getting a lot of love, and well deserved. Your new friends
    are AWESOME, as individuals and a team.
    I can’t wait to read what’s next in Nashville.

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