A Baseball Game, The Bars, & Nashville Has The Hottest Women Around! (TN) “DAY 279” – 4/9/11

April 11, 2011 - 11:00 am - (TN) “DAY 279” - Week 41 - State 37

I woke up this morning in Anna’s house and after looking around for a second, I realized I was still there by myself.  I think Anna’s roommate (Bonnie) was here but left for work and Anna, I guess she’s still at her boyfriends place.

Since I had time to myself, I did what I always do when I get up in the morning.  Noooo!  Get your head out of the gutter... 😉  I started writing my daily post as I do first thing in the morning everyday since about “DAY 7”.

Anna & Bonnie Get Home
Sometime around noon-ish, Anna got home from boyfriend’s but she didn’t want me to take a picture of her. (It’s a girl thing as I have found out over this past year, no first thing in the morning pictures!)  I get it. 😉

Then, a little while later her roommate Bonnie got home from work. (Bonnie’s a real cool chick too as I soon found out.)  Anyway, both of them were real tired and wanted to take a nap, so for the rest of the afternoon the girls went up to their rooms and fell asleep.

Writing All Day
Since the girls were napping, I left the house and went to Starbucks to write the rest of Thursday in Nashville as well as posting it to my website. (I forgot to take pictures during this time.  I don’t know why, it just slipped my mind.)

Back To Anna’s House
When I got back to Anna’s house and walked in (4 pm), the place was real quiet so I figured the girls were still napping. (It wasn’t like I was gonna go up to their rooms and check or anything.)

Our Plans For The Night - Backtracking A Minute
I’m back tracking here for a minute but before the girls went to take a nap and I left for Starbucks, we (the 3 of us) decided we were gonna go to the Nashville Sounds AAA baseball game which started at 6:30 pm.

The reason this came about is because John (guy I met and hung out with on Thursday, kickball) called me to let me know their was a Storm game and that even though he is in Atlanta, he had two tickets for me and Anna to attend.  Unreal!  Thank you John & Leslie! (His girlfriend Leslie is who actually got us the seats.) 🙂

4:30 PM At Anna’s House
Now that you know everything, there I was at 4:30 pm with still some time before we planned on leaving for the game (we planned to leave at 6 pm).  So, I figured if you can’t beat’em... join’em.  So, I too took a nap on the downstairs couch while they napped upstairs.  Zzzzzzz...

Waking Up Just In Time To Leave
I didn’t set an alarm but somehow I woke up just in time for us not to be late.  So, I text Anna that it was 5:30 pm and asked her if she still wanted to go the game.  She loves baseball and text back that she did, so she woke up her roommate and got ready to bounce.

Driving To The Game
Anna and Bonnie live on the outskirts of Nashville so the ride was about 20 minutes to the stadium.  Not bad.  We didn’t hit any traffic so we arrived just in time to make the first pitch. (We had about 10 minutes to spare from the time we parked.)

Greer Stadium
The name of the stadium where the Sound play is called Greer Stadium and it has been open since 1978.  The cool thing about this place is that even though it is pretty old, it isn’t run down looking.  Actually it has a very old time baseball atmosphere which is cool to see in this day and age of new ballparks everywhere.

Walking To Get Our Tickets
From where we parked, it was about a 1/4 mile walk to the Will Call window where there were two tickets waiting on us. (Thanks again John and Leslie.)  But, even though we had two tickets, we needed three because Bonnie came to the game with us.  So while I went to the Will call window to get the two we had, the girls waited in a long line to buy one for Bonnie.

The Will Call Window
When I got the window and asked for the two tickets that were left for us, the lady working window said they weren’t there.  Huh?  This does happen sometimes when tickets are being transferred over the phone the day of the game, so I just asked politely if they could so something for me as I traveling... yada, yada, yada.

The lady was real cool and instantly grabbed two tickets for the game.  Then, I said hey... is there any chance you have 3rd ticket for me as well?  She said no problem Rooster and handed me one more for Bonnie. (She didn’t know it was for Bonnie though.) 😉

Getting A Hot Dog
During our drive to the stadium, Anna and Bonnie were both talking about how they wanted to get hot dog when they got to the game. (It’s a baseball game, a hot dog is almost as important as a bat and ball.) 😉

So before we even made it to our seats, the girls found the nearest hot dog stand and got one baseball’s tradition’s out of the way early. (I also got a hot dog because I like hot dogs.) 🙂

Finding Our Seats
After grabbing a few dogs and beers (another one of baseball’s traditions), the girls and I headed to our seats which were slightly to the right behind home plate.  The seats were good but there were a lot families near us, so we had to watch out conversations and language.

Foul Ball Madness Begins 🙂
We weren’t in our seats for more than 3 pitches when the first foul ball was hit into the stands. I only mention this foul ball because it turned into a funny story.  Here’s what happened.

The foul ball was high pop-up behind home plate (almost where we were sitting but on the other side of home) and since the sun was still high and bright in the sky, it was hard to pick up the ball in the air.

Anyway, a 20-something year old girl started to run from her seat with her hands on her head when... plunk!... she got popped right in the head as the ball ricochet’d 30 feet or more back into the air.  The whole ballpark stopped and gasped as we waited for her reaction.

At first she seemed OK, but then a few seconds later when she realized everybody was looking at her like she should be hurt, she dropped into a seat and put her hands back over head. (There was about 1 minute delay in reaction total.)

At this point it still wasn’t funny but then for the next 5 innings, you could see her and boyfriend sitting in the stands while he was holding a ice pack on her head. 🙂

This is when it became funny to me as well as others.  Ya know... once we all realized the girl who got bonked in the head was OK and some dude was feeling the wrath of it.  LOL 🙂  You should have caught the ball my man! 😉

Another Foul Ball Cause Havoc In The Stands
Not more than 10 pitchers later and still in the 1st inning, another foul ball was caught by a guy just a few rows ahead of me (to the right about 10 feet away).  What made this great was what happened next. LOL

The man (from what I could tell) was there with his wife and 3-4 year old son.  So, as any father would do, he handed the baseball to his son as it could have been his first ever live baseball game.  Nice job Dad!

F.Y.I. - At this point I’m thinking... Wow!  How cool is that, a kid who’s probably at his first game gets a baseball in the first inning.  Nice! 🙂

The Story Changes From Heartwarming To Funny
But from there... it went from bad to worse to hysterical! 🙂  Let me explain.  The kid who got the ball did as I have seen some kids do as soon as somebody hands them a ball, he threw it!  So, as expected, everybody in the immediate area laughed as they scrambled to get the ball back to the boy.

Well... during this transaction where the kid gets the ball back, for some reason, he started to cry and cry and cry.  You get the picture.  What made this so funny wasn’t that a little kid was upset, but that his Dad was laughing at how his kid was losing it over a ball. (At first he did as Mom did and consoled the boy though.)

But really, this kid cried for long and so loud that before the 1/2 inning we were watching was over, they had to leave the game for good.  (This is when the Dad actually started laughing as he realized another foul ruined somebodies evening in the first inning.) LOL   Or at least that’s what I was laughing about, the curse of the Nashville Sounds foul ball! 😉

The Actual Game
Now that I knew I didn’t want a foul ball at a Sound game, I just sat back and relaxed while hoping none were hit to me. 😉  Seriously though, I love watching baseball and watching a AAA game is actually pretty cool because everybody out there is just one step away from their dream! 🙂

One of those players playing tonight is Matt Gamel.  I only know his name because he was in the big’s last year and must have been sent back down to start this season. Oh yeah, incase you are wondering, the Sounds are the AAA team for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Moving on, the point I’m trying to make is that everybody whole’s playing on the field tonight is giving 100% effort because everything they have worked for their whole life is finally within inches of their reach.  So, every pitch, at bat, and fielding play matters.

Nashville Destroys New Orleans
From what I saw tonight, I guess only the players on the Sound felt the way about a AAA game as I just wrote above because they played great and the team from NOLA well... not so much. 🙁

F.Y.I. - I took the Nola picture (above) for my friend Marcus who just had a baby girl he named Nola (he's from New Orleans, LA). Get it... Nola.  Anyway, this player took the picture for that reason and not because they were getting smoked.  Just for clarity.  And... Congratulation Marcus!

The game was a lopsided affair from the 1st inning on as the Sound jumped out to an early 4-0 lead and never looked back at all. (They wound up winning 8-1.)

Since the game was never in question from the get go, I had to find some things to do to entertain myself for the next 3 hours. (Anna likes to stay for the whole game as she loves watching baseball, so cool!)  So, that’s why I knew I had about 3 hours. 😉

Finding The Mascot
As I have in almost stadium I have been to, I try to get a picture with the team mascot.  And tonight mascot was named Ozzie.  He was a cat or bearcat, let’s just say some kind of cat. 😉

Anyway, he wasn’t hard to get a hold of as he performed throughout the stands for the whole game.  This was a hard working cat.  So early on in my time at the game, I decided to get this part of my evening out of the way and get my picture taken with Ozzie.  Thanks Ozzie!

F.Y.I - I forgot to wear/bring my Yankee jersey because Anna, Bonnie, and I are going out afterwards and it just slipped my ind to grab to my Yankee stuff.  Damn!

Checking Out The Rest Of The Stadium
For the next few innings, I just walked around and took in the rest of the ball park while I watched the game from a few different seats.  My favorite seat was in the right field outfield home run area.  They had nice chairs, tables, and I was the only one out there.  It was relaxing to just there and enjoy a baseball game. 🙂

Once I left my OF seat, I walked back toward where Anna and Bonnie we seated (they met a bunch of their other friends here, so that’s why I didn’t mind walking around for awhile without them).   But when I got close, I could see they were having fun with their friends, so I just kept on exploring.

Don Mattingly Played Here?
I’m glad kept on walking around or else I may have never known that one of my favorite Yankee players (from childhood) played for the Sound.  I found this out because I entered the team’s office and saw his jersey hanging on the wall.  Nice!  You go Donny Baseball!

Meeting Back Up With The Girls To Leave

As I was still walking around (7th inning), Anna texted me to see if I was ready to leave because the game was now 8-0 and getting boring.  I was fine with that so we met up near her seats and left for a night at a local Nashville bar.

The Tin Roof
Unfortunately for the rest of this of the post, I didn’t get that many pictures because my camera died about 30 minutes after getting to the bar.  So I’ll write about what happened although I wish better to show with it.

Anyway, we got to the Tin Roof and let me tell you...Nashville has by far and away the most and prettiest girls I have seen all trip long!  I almost broke my neck 100 times turning around so fast to check out a girl that walked by me.

Seriously, even the ugly girls in Nashville are pretty! 😉  I wish my camera didn’t die or else I would so many pictures of the ridiculously hot girls I met all night long. (I approached almost every one of them and had quick conversations about how hot they were and my journey.) 🙂

Stopping At The Red Rooster
Sometime during the evening I realized that the “Red Rooster” (a bar I went to a few nights ago) was just a few doors down the street.  So, I told the girls I’d be right back and went to the Rooster to say hi/good-bye to Whitney.

The Rooster was packed, so all I did go was go to the bar and talk to Whitney for a few seconds because she was so busy.  She did tell me she already came up with a name for business since we talked.  You go girl and good luck in life! 🙂

Calling It A Night
By the time I left the Red Rooster, the night was about over so the girls and I hopped back in Anna’s car and headed to their place.  I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had tonight in Nashville.  And for that... I thank you Anna! (You too Bonnie, and oh yeah I can’t forget Conner, he made this all possible to begin with.) 🙂

Anyway, when we got back to the girls place sometime after midnight, they went to bed as I stayed up for a little while longer uploading all the pictures I had taken all day long (almost 200 of them).  I passed out sometime around 3 am.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    I love country. Everything about it, even the hot women. Ye Hah !!!!!!!!!

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