A Baseball Game & The Bars! (WV) “DAY 291” – 4/21/11

April 23, 2011 - 11:53 pm - (WV) “DAY 291” - Week 43 - State 39

Let me tell you... waking up in a bed as opposed to a car is a nice feeling! 🙂 Thanks again Mark.  Since I had a room for the day (with Wi-Fi), I decided to take full advantage of it and get done as much writing as I could before the WVU baseball game started 7 pm.

WVU Baseball Game
I know I'm already at 7 pm in my day but I really did nothing else besides write in my room until right before the game started.  The good thing about where this Econo Lodge is located is that’s only a few hundred yards from the Coliseum. (The baseball field is right the behind the Coliseum).

Funny enough, for the 7 semesters I lived here in Morgantown (I would say went to school here but some of those semesters I wasn’t even enrolled in classes anymore), I never went to a baseball game.

I saw every football game, a ton of basketball games, and a few wrestling matches, but no baseball games.  This is a WVU first me.  Cool!  🙂

Getting A Ticket
As I just mentioned, going to a WVU baseball game as a student wasn’t a big deal when I went here and 10+ years later... it still isn’t a big deal.  There wasn’t many people here thus, nobody to get a ticket from.

So, I walked up to the ticket booth where I found out it was $1 night at the ballpark. They had $1 tickets, $1 hot dogs, and $1 sodas for the whole game.  Nice!  Now that’s a price I can’t even negotiate against.  I finally met my match, a price I can’t negotiate with. 😉

Entering The Stadium
The ballpark here at WVU is more like a top-notch high school stadium with a college scoreboard. There is nothing as far history, things for the fans, or well anything except a high school style concession stand.

I hate to have to write about my beloved Mountaineers but the truth is, this stadium doesn’t have much to offer except for a college level baseball game.  Still, I am at a baseball game, so I grabbed my $1 dog and soda and hit the stands.

Watching The Game
Since there was nothing to do except enjoy some baseball, I found myself a seat and watched WVU play against a team from my home state (Seton Hall).  Even though the stands weren’t packed, the fans that were there were into the game and cheered on the Mountaineers throughout.

The good thing was, we had a reason to as WVU opened up the game with a 1st inning home run and never looked back.  Besides a good offensive showing, WVU’s right fielder made a bunch of great plays during the course of the game highlighted by a diving catch.  It definitely was a web-gem!

I'm glad WVU won 6-3, but I wish the game was more competitive early because it was probably 40-50 degrees out and watching a 4-1 game when your cold, isn’t a the best of times.  Basically, you’re just hoping the innings go by faster. 😉

Coach Van Zant’s 500th Win
Now, even though it was cold out and most of the student body doesn’t care to much about the baseball team, I was happy I did get see WVU history being made as head baseball coach Greg Van Zant won his 500th game becoming only the 4th coach in the history of the school to reach that milestone.  Congrats coach!

Off To The Bars
After the game ended, I went downtown to some of the bars on the High St.  It’s crazy because these are the same places I used go to every night for almost 4 years.  What a flash from the past. 🙂

Even though its been awhile since I went to college here, most of the bars I used to go to are still around. (Even the ones that aren’t here anymore are still bars but with different names.)  It’s Morgantown, nothing but bars and churches.

Now, during my time here, I didn’t have one favorite bar because I went to all bars. Basically, I would bounce around every night from bar to bar to bar... you get the picture. 😉  I was a man about town as back then I was known as “Crazy Dave”.  I guess things haven’t changed to much, huh. 🙂

Having A Few Drinks In Mo-Town
Since I was reliving the past, I decided to hit the bars the same way I did in the past, by bouncing around all night long.  The first establishment I went to was BW3.  I never went here to much back in the day (to expensive), but tonight they had 60 cent boneless wings and I was hungry.

After having some food and a beer, I left to go to “The Back Door”. (It used to be Mario’s Back Door.)  It was dead in there, but I stayed anyway and had a drink to take in a place I have many memories from.

The night was still young and Morgantown is filled with bars, so I continued on this path of bar hopping until I was as drunk as a monkey!  Hey, I figured I had to get drunk at least one night while I was back in town.

More Bars
After leaving The Back Door, I went across the street to Bent Willies followed by Chic-N-Bones.  I could go on and on but this was my night as I hit about 10 bars over the course of the evening.  Like I said, there is a lot of bars in Mo-town. 😉

An Unfortunate Revelation
Although I realized this yesterday, I re-realized tonight that this college is a young person’s town as the whole scene is run by the students on campus.  This is what made college so great back then and what makes it not so great now.

Back then, I knew almost everybody who went out regularly and that’s what made it so much fun.  Not the bars themselves, it was the people I hung out with in the bars.  So, being back here now and not knowing anybody anywhere, made me feel old.

I still had a lot fun and met a ton of people, but I was the old guy in the bar and knew it.  Damn Father Time!  Why! Why! Why!  I guess it happens to everybody at some point in life but for the first time on this journey, I felt my age.  Just call me Blue (“Old School”). (That’s what some of the guys on Kean’s football team called me a few years ago.)

Calling It A Night
After a long night of bar hopping, I found a ride back to the hotel and crashed out cold for the night.  I didn’t get a picture of the people that drove me home but they were a bunch of wild dudes.  Thanks for the ride guys.  Well... that was my day.

Thanks for reading!


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