A Boise State Football Game! (ID) “DAY 97” – 10/9/10

Gaelic Strom, Ricky Robinson, Megan, Nicole

October 10, 2010 - 12:04 pm - (ID) “DAY 97”

The one bad thing about having a great night/day is that the next morning I know I will have a lot to write.  I don’t mind the writing, it’s the time it takes to get it done when I have somewhere I want to be.

Like today (Sat.), I wanted to be at the Boise State football game (tailgating) by 2 pm but I didn’t finish writing/posting “DAY 96” until 3 pm. 🙁   Bottom line... I got to the stadium and parked by 3:30 pm.

F.Y.I. - Jeremy bought me the ticket as a early Birthday Present (October 25).  Thank you Jeremy!  So for today, I don’t have to find a ticket... just a bunch of cool people to tailgate with! 🙂

Boise State Football Game (Finding a Tailgate)
I arrived and parked for free (on the street) about a half mile from Broncos Stadium.  Not bad!

Megan and Tim

On my way toward where everything was happening, I stopped at the first tailgate I saw and asked the people there for some advice on how to tackle my 1st Boise State football game/tailgate.

They were a real cool couple (Tim and Megan) who had kids so they told me the non-family tailgating is just over the bridge, near a small white church.  I thanked them as I followed their advice and headed toward the church.

Arriving At The Real Tailgating Area
As I was walking over the bridge, I could the see the white church, Nice!  I’m on my way.    Now it’s time to figure out which party I hope to become a part of. 😉  I passed the church and the wound up right in the middle of somebodies tailgate.

I stopped and talked to two girls for minute but when I asked them who’s tailgate it was, they didn’t know.  F.Y.I. - I’m not a tailgate crasher, I won’t just take things unless I’m offered.

Since they didn’t have the power to invite me in, I said good-bye and kept walking into the tailgate area.  Somehow, the path I took walked me right into a closed-in tailgate area.  I was trapped! 😉

I Found My Tailgate For The Day 🙂
Then, I looked around and realized that this was the tailgate I was looking for anyway.  It had a great spread, normal looking people, and the best TV/entertainment center set-up I had seen yet (at any stadium).


Like I said, I’m not a crasher so I asked around until I found out who’s tailgate it was.  It only took a second (everybody in the area knew everybody there) as I introduced myself to Chris.

Eric, Me "Rooster", Chris

Chris was a awesome dude and after hearing my story, he invited me into their tailgate for the day. 🙂  Thank you!  (That’s the tailgate truck/TV I was talking about, on the inside is a another TV with video games set-up for the kids.)  Sweet!

I hung out with and met most of the people that they were there with but for the most part... I partied with Eric, Chris, Tim, and Ian (I’ll tell you more about him later, LOL).

We talked about my trip and what I was doing and I found out I was with a bunch of engineers.  Huh?  Smart people drink Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR)..??? 😉  But now it did explain how they had built the best tailgating truck I have seen yet! 🙂

"Pimp Daddy!"

Pimp Daddy
While we were drinking and eating, a pimped out Boise State fan walked by.  The guys told me he was a famous fan and that everybody knew and loved.

Pimpin' Aint Easy!

He even gave out blue and orange beads to people during the game/tailgate.

Anyway, I walked up to him and asked if he would take a picture with me.  He was cool as hell, as he said no problem and even handed me so me beads.  You go Pimp Daddy!  Keep Pimpin’ cause we know... Pimpin’ ain’t easy!

Eric, Morgan, Ian

Funny Story
I stayed and partied with them (engineers) up until they all started to get together to leave for the game.  The last people remaining were Eric, Morgan, Ian, and Me.

OK, let me set the scene, I had been hanging with them for about 2 hours by now and we had become somewhat comfortable around each other.  Morgan though, had just showed up about 15 minutes before we headed in.

Anyway, Morgan is in the military and just got home from Iraq.  This is the first time these guys had seen him in 8 months.  We were all talking when Ian whispered to me to make fun of Morgan for wearing all black to the Boise game. (The whole place was wearing Blue or orange!)

I forgot exactly what I said but he responded with, “I just came from a wake.”  Oh shit!  I just put my foot in mouth.  I look over and Ian is laughing hysterically.  That mother f$$ker set me up! 🙂 LOL

He (Ian) made fun of Morgan for wearing all black when Morgan first walked in and didn’t want to be the only person who made an ass of themselves... so he set me up to take the fall with him!  What a clown! 🙂

Anyway, the game was about to start (30 minutes before kick-off), so I thank the guys and headed to get my ticket from the box office.  F.Y.I. - That wasn’t the end of me tailgating with them, I returned at halftime and later after the game. 😉

Walking To The Stadium Ticket Window

Big City, Cam, Ann

To get to the ticket office, I had to walk through many tailgates.  On my way, I met more cool people and another guy (Cam) invited me into his tailgate.  Cam was a smooth looking fellow who put together a high class spread of beer and food.

Anyway, he offered me a beer and told me to eat whatever I wanted.  I wasn’t hungry but I accepted the beer and hung out with him, Ann, and Big City while I drank it down.  Thank you Cam!

Getting My Ticket
As I was finally close to getting my ticket, I spotted a few hots girls posing in front of a pig statue.  They were drunk, having a good time, and acting silly (making pig faces next to the pig) when I took the picture.  I caught ya pig nose-handed! 😉

I then walked up to the ticket window and got my ticket Jeremy bought for me.  Nice! F.Y.I. - Even though it was old out, I was offered a free ticket at the first tailgate with Chris, Eric, etc...  Damn, I could have saved Jeremy some money but who knew?

Broncos Stadium
I walked into the stadium and truly was a see of orange and blue!  The cool thing was, it was like they were all coordinated because the upper deck was mostly blue and the lower deck was mostly orange!  A wild site!

It feels like green turf! 😉

AND... I can’t forget the highlight of what Broncos Stadium is known for... the blue turf, called Smurf turf by the locals.  (The picture to the right/left was taken after the game when I snuck onto the field. ;))  I didn’t ruin the surprise, you knew I’d find a way somehow!

Finding My Seat
I didn’t get to my seat to see the teams enter the field because I stuck behind a gate where they actually enter from.  What I mean is... I got to see them come out of the locker room instead of onto the field.  I was 30 seconds to late to get past the guard.

My Seat
The seat my ticket said to sit in... I never even sat in it once.  I had a end zone seat in the 22cd row but for the time I decided to sit...  it was about 10 rows from the field instead where I should have been in the end zone.  (I move around a lot. ;))

Anyway, this stadium is packed with rabid fans that are all blue and orange, through and through.  Everywhere you looked, people had there hair dyed, face painted, and even crazier get ups, like Blue Elvis or Pimp Daddy.  (They sit next to each other.)

I sat down and enjoyed the game for little bit but before I knew it... I was up and moving around the stadium looking for cool stuff to do and see.

Mascots - Buster
The first thing I did was find Buster the Bronco.  He wasn’t hard to spot... he was the only person with a horse’s outfit on! 😉   Anyway, I met Buster and he was cool as he took a picture with me and then said... neeeiiiiiiiiggghh! 🙂

Bronco Girl
The other mascot they have is a real hot blonde girl who rides a horse wearing a cowboy hat!  Damn... she is fine!  I always have had a thing for hot girls wearing a cowboy hat while riding a horse.  I don’t know... it’s just so sexy to me! 🙂 (And every other guy, I’m sure. ;))

I couldn’t just take a picture with her, so I stood next to her and told her about what I was doing while she sat on the horse waiting for another touchdown to be scored. (She rides around the stadium track waving a flag after each score.)

I found out she was sophomore and planned on being the Bronco Girl for as long as she was at Boise (about 6 more years, grad school too she said).  And... she has a boyfriend who she loves!  Not that it would have mattered if she was single, she’s out of my league! 😉

After meeting the hot Bronco Girl, I figured it was time to meet some hot cheerleaders.  I heard over the loud speaker that the Boise State cheerleaders won the National Title last year, so I was watching the nations best squad!  Nice!  Hot and precise!

The first picture I took was behind a gated fence but the lady who was working the fence-line opened up the fence so I could get a better picture.  I then asked her if I could take a picture with a hot cheerleader and pointed to one close by.

She said the one I pointed to was her niece and that it would be OK.  She came over right after and took a pic with me, thanks to both of you!  After that, I kept walking until I arrived at where the cannon is.

The Cannon
The only real special thing they have, other than the hot Bronco girl, is that after each score, Boise State’s ROTC members shoot off a small cannon next to a big Carl’s Jr sign.  They do it a lot because Boise scores a lot of points!  They won tonight 57-14 for example.

It was almost halftime when I noticed a sign that said you could re-enter the stadium with a stamp, so I went back out to the tailgate area to see if anybody was still around.


When I got there, the only person there was Ian.  He had a ticket but liked watching it on the TV better.  I don’t know... this is the guy that set me up for a joke on a guy who was just at a wake... 🙂  So... your guess is as good as mine.

Anyway... I hung with him for at least 30 minutes as talked about a lot things.  (He was a cool dude who I would definitely hang out with.)  We laughed and joked about everything, he had a good sense of humor.  (Inside joke, but if you ever see me with just 9 fingers.. Ian could tell you why and where to find the finger. :))

Halftime had ended, I knew because we had the awesome TV set-up right next to us.  So since it was my first Boise State Football game, I went back inside to watch the 2cd half even though the game was a blow-out and I was having fun clowning around with Ian.

2cd Half
For most of the 2cd half, all I was doing was looking for way to get on the field so I could take a picture of myself on the blue turf.  But while I was doing that, I was sitting in my end zone seat enjoying the football game.

The fans of Boise are knowledgable and spoiled.  I say spoiled because the game was way out of hand and they (the fans) were still talking about ways the team could improve and play better.  It was like sitting next to bunch of coaches watching film. 🙂

Boise State Football and the fans were very impressive from the opening kick-off until the last play of the game.  The thing about the football team is, they don’t look like  Florida or Texas or Oklahoma in terms of size and speed but to me... they look like they do everything right.... blocking, tackling, special teams, and effort!

After The Game
Luckily for me, leading up to the end of the game, I moved to the first row of the end zone and watched from the rail.  I say luckily because after the game most of the players walk along that end zone and give all the fans hi-fives.

It was a cool to see the appreciation that the players had for their fans who love them to death!  This lasted for at least 10-15 minutes because like I said, most of players took the time walk past the fans and slap as as many hands as they could.  Really cool!

Getting On The Field
Since I waited around to watch the to watch the players show their love for the fans, I had much easier time of getting on the field.

Thanks Mr. Policeman

That is because most of the security moved with the crowd who had already left.  Ah ha!

So easily enough... I just walked down from the stands and onto the blue field.  Simple as that.  There were some security and police still surrounding the field but once I got to the middle of the field, I think just assumed I belonged as one the policeman even took a picture for me!

50 Yard Line With A Cheerleader
Yes... I wish the title was what it could have been presumed to be but... it’s not.  I just took a picture with a hot cheerleader on the 50 yard line of the stadium right over the huge Broncos logo.  Thanks girls!

Player Of The Game
Now... I was on the field just walking around taking cool pictures of stadium and myself on the blue turf when I noticed a player out of pads being interviewed by the media and local TV station.

I didn’t know who he was but I could tell from his build that he had to be a running back, receiver, or d-back (small and lean).  I got up close enough to where I could hear the interview and deduced he must have been running back.

Anyway, after he was done, I asked him if he would take a picture with me.  He was as cool to me as he was in the interview (said all the right things) and told me no problem man.  I’m still not sure of his name but I’ll find out!

Leaving The Stadium
It had been a long day and I knew how much I was gonna have to write, so I didn’t go out to the bars after the game but I stay for a little while and tailgated with my new friends.

It was mostly the packing up phrase of the day but we did share a few laughs and cupcakes!  🙂  To everybody at the tailgate... Thank you for making me feel welcome as well as showing me a great Boise State Tailgate! 🙂

Back To The Hostel

That's Zach, Hostel buddy.

Like I said, I didn’t go out to the bars... I was tired and wanted to download all the pictures so I went back to the Hostel and worked in the common area until 1 am.

Again, I had another great day in Boise, Idaho.  This town is much better than I expected and am glad I made the detour in order to be at a Boise State Football game.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Heather says:

    Just letting u know. The player is Jeremy Avery! Glad u had an awesome time with my cousin Erick!!!!! Hes like the super fan!

  2. Al says:

    Are you planning to play anymore poker on this trip

  3. DAD says:

    Sounds like a great day. The tailgate party looked awesome and the women are hot. You keep meeting the nicest people where ever you’ve been. That does say alot for the future of our country. Where we come from is a small part of the USA. Where you’ve been traveling is AMERICA. I’m proud of all that your doing while seeing the country. By giving back with charity work, it comes back to you with new friendships, and days like today.

  4. dave says:

    Starting tomorrow and it will last for many weeks!

  5. Christi says:

    What a fun journey! So glad you came over & talked with us at the game! I’m that “hot Bronco girls” Mom. If you are staying in Boise awhile & want to ride more horses let us know! Read your Wyoming first horse riding experience! Your in the west now so lots of opportunities to “cowboy up” Safe travels!

  6. dave says:

    I wish was staying longer cause that sounds like fun but I already left and am currently in Montana. But if the offer stands… I will be back to Boise again next year (or the year after ;)) to watch another game and I would love to learn more about riding horses. Thank you so much for the offer “Hot Broncos Girl Mom!” 🙂

  7. Christi says:

    Offer will stand! Have fun & safe travels!

  8. dave says:

    Thank you! And the day will come when I show up to ride horses with you guys. 🙂 Well… walk around on one while smiling! 🙂


  9. dave says:

    I did and thanks for the info! Erick was cool as hell!

  10. bennervous says:

    As cool as hell??? FYI — Hell is not cool. I don’t think you need an editor for your book. Your abuse of the English language makes everything you write much more interesting. LOL. Kean should be proud. 🙂

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