A Broken Laptop & Traveling To Vermont! (NH-VT) “DAY 324” – 5/24/11

May 26, 2011 - 2:25 pm - (NH-VT) “DAY 324”  - Week 48 (47) - State 44

After tossing and turning all night long because of my broken laptop, I finally woke up around 10 am and immediately called the Apple help hotline to see if they could tell me what was wrong with my computer and more importantly... how to fix it!

Talking With Apple
I could get into all the ling boring details of what they did while I was on the phone but the bottom line was that they couldn’t fix the problem and I would have to find a Apple Store in order to possibly get it repaired. (I do have a warranty so money wont be a problem.) 🙂

Talking With Chris & Terry
Knowing what I now knew, the only thing on my mind was getting to an Apple Store (wherever one may be), so I when I went downstairs and told Chris and Terry about what happened, they were quick to help out.

First, they called a friend of theirs who fixes computers but after he told me he couldn’t get to it until later in the day.  So Terry searched the internet for an Apple store and found one an hour away in the mall at Rockingham Park.  Thank you!

Checking Out The Rest Of The House
I wish I had time to stay longer and check out everything they had here because the whole church isn’t a church anymore, it’s a room filled with everything and anything you could imagine.  There were all kinds of games, Halloween stuff, and so much more.

Saying Good-Bye & Thank You
After I got the grand tour, I said good-bye to Chris and Terry because I had already scheduled an appointment at the Apple store for 2 pm and didn’t want to be late. (This computer is my life line for this trip!)

As I was thanking them for their hospitality and help in finding me an Apple Store (the Apple rep told me the nearest one was 8 hours away in NY), they even gave me the address to their home in Vermont where the son Chris Jr. lives and told me it was OK to stay there.

I keep writing these same words but I just think of anything more fitting than... People are amazing!  I can’t begin tell you how much this helps me out in order to complete this trip. (My money is still low even after winning all weekend long and in order to make it the final 45+ days, things like this needed to happen!)

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is another phrase I have used countless times this year... Thank You Very Much Chris and Terry!

Rockingham Park Mall
I arrived at the Rockingham Park Mall just before 2 pm and after parking my car, I made it to my appointment at the Apple store on time. (If you’re late, they cancel you and you have to wait longer.)  Anyway, at this moment I’m still fired up and hoping it can fixed.  Really hoping it will be fixed.

Talking With A Genius
So, while one of the geniuses looked at my laptop, I just sat there hoping it would be fixed today and nothing would be lost from the memory.  Well, he wasn’t 100% certain at that moment but he thought everything would be OK and told me to come back at 5 pm.

That was fine with me as long as it would be fixed.  And as luck would have it, right across the street from where I was is Rockingham Park poker room.  Nice!  I’ll just go over there and kill some time until my computer is hopefully repaired.

Rockingham Park Poker Room
This poker room used to be a racetrack but has been closed for the past couple of years. (Something political I heard.)  So, now it’s a poker room and casino. It’s still in NH so the same $4 per bet rules applies except for in tournaments.

After looking around the room and checking out what tournaments they had for the day, I decided to just enter a $40 sit and go tournament that starts as soon as 10 people sign up.

$40 Sit & Go Tournament
The need to knows: $40 buy in, 1 table, 3 places paid, 4,000 in starting chips. Got it.  Here we go.  I did well early in this tournament which is perfect for a sit and doubled up pocket Aces.  Sweet!

Then, for the next 20 minutes or so I just folded my hands and watched people get knocked out one by one. (I would have played hands but I just had bad cards.)  It was fine with me, I want in the money anyway.

Chopping The Pot
Before I knew it (it went quickly), there were just 4 of us left with an almost equal amount of chips per man.  That’s when another play at the table suggested a 4-way chop of $75 a piece.  The other people agreed and so did I as I doubled up my money. (We each got $80 but $5 went to the dealer.)

Back To The Apple Store
The tournament ended close to 5 pm so I went back to the Apple to hopefully see my laptop working and when I entered there it was working and on.  There is more to it but the bottom line is it works and now I’m off to Vermont.  Perfect! 🙂

Traveling To Vermont
The drive from the mall to Lyndonville, VT was just over two and half hours but it seemed much longer for some reason.  Maybe it was because it was raining cats and dogs the whole way there or maybe I’m just getting tired, either way the drive was a little exhausting.

On another note, all I know about where I’m heading is the address Chris and Terry gave me.  Ya see, I hadn’t talked to their son Chris at all and I’m not even sure if he knows I’m coming to his house. (I think he does but I’m not sure.)

Anyway, it took as long as expected as I arrived at Chris’s house close to 8 pm.  Now, when I got there I wasn’t sure if it was his place or not because I couldn’t see the house number from the street but the peace flag hanging off the front of the house made me think I was at the right place. 😉

Yep... It’s Chris’s House
So, after getting out of my car and going to the front door, I did find out that I was at Chris’s place (saw the house number), but nobody answered the door.  Ahhh!  Nobody’s here.  Then, a few minutes later a girl (Tana) came to the door and told this was Chris’s place but he wasn’t home yet.

She was real cool and told me I could come inside and do whatever until Chris gets back from wherever he was.  That was fine with me so I got out my newly fixed laptop and started uploading pictures. (Left: Freedom)

While I was doing that, one of their sometimes roommates (Megan) showed up to stay for the night. (She stays here a few days a week, I’m sure of the whole story.)  Anyway, for next 30 minutes or so, Megan, Tana, and I sat in the living room talking about my journey and whatnot.

Chris Gets Home
It was around 9 pm when Chris finally got home from his parents house. (That’s where he was for part of the day.)  After meeting Chris I could immediately tell he was real cool guy with a strong personality.  We talked for a little bit about what I’m doing and he told me a few stories as well.

F.Y.I. - Chris was rescued off a mountain in Alaska this past December 1st after getting lost during a hike in the snow.  He could have died on the mountain but was saved after a massive search found him and his friend.

Then, for the next few hours we (Me, Chris, his roommates, and friends) just hung out in the house doing whatever until it was around midnight when everybody called it a night and went to sleep.  (I was sleeping on the couch in the living room.)

The Scene Here
Let me try and explain the scene here so everybody understands where I’m living for the next few days.  First, this house is a college house as everybody who lives here goes to the university in town.  Second, this place is like a hippie commune where communal living is the key.

Basically this place is just like the Hostel in the Forest in Georgia except this is a house in a town in Vermont and that was tree house in Georgia.  Other than those two extreme differences, everything else is the same.

I guess what I’m dancing around is that everybody here is a hippie and lives the extreme hippie lifestyle.  I asked Chris how I should refer him when writing about this week and he said I can call him a freegan, a crust punk, crunchy granola folk, or if it’s easier for my readers.... just a plan old hippie!  I’ll use hippie. 😉

Calling It A Night
I was so exhausted from a long day of traveling around and dealing with my laptop that when everybody went to bed at a little after midnight, I passed out like a baby on the couch in minutes.  I guess hippie house or not, I’m tired. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    I have to say after a few “slow” days without much going on (other than some good winning of late), things got much better in the last 2 posts….particularly because of Chris, Terry, Chris Jr., friends and some neat paraphenalia (if u know what i mean). This is what the trip is all about.

    Gotta love the hippies.

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