A Bronco’s Game, A Nugget’s Game, & Much Much More! (CO) “DAY 175” – 12/26/10

December 27, 2010 - 6:30 pm - (CO) “DAY 175” - Week 25 - State 23

If you read yesterday, you know I had a busy day planned for today.  At noon pm (2 pm kick-off), I was going to Bronco game to do my thing and then I was gonna attempt to head to the Nuggets after that (6 pm tip-off).  (I don’t have tickets to either game.) 😉

Starting My Day
I woke up around 10 am so I could make my suicide pool pick (I choose Indy and Phila), then I got ready to leave Pat’s house and head downtown to his bar so I could watch all the NFL games.

After getting ready, I went downstairs to say good-bye to Pat and Larkin when I got a huge surprise!  As I got to the bottom of the stairs, there was Larkin waiting for me with an envelope.  They got me a Christmas present!   How cool is this. 🙂

I opened the envelope and there was 2 tickets to the Broncos game!  Woo Hoo!  Now, I don’t have to look for a ticket, I can just go to the game and enjoy my time. 🙂  That’s not it either, he also had a Nuggets ticket as well waiting for me at his bar.  So freaking cool! (Right: Larkin took that picture. :))

And that’s not even it, Pat also told me that when I go down to his bar to watch football before the Broncos game, the tab’s on him!  Are you serious!  This guy is just to much, thank you so much Pat!  This has been an amazing weekend which is about to get better and I owe it all to you! 🙂

Pat’s Downtown Bar & Grill
I arrived at Pat’s bar around 11 am and saddled up to the bar to watch the early football games.  I really needed Jacksonville to lose so I would have a better chance of winning the suicide pool I’m in.  There is $1800 at stake if somehow I win it alone.

Anyway, I usually don’t drink when I go to sporting events but somehow I wound up having a few shots at the bar before I left for the game.   I guess that somehow was meeting Chris who was also a Steelers fan, so he bought me a shot.

Then, that shot lead to another which lead to another.  Well... you know how it goes. 😉

During this time, I also met Schelby and Chris (a different Chris) and they were super cool people, so cool that Schelby (who works for a hotel chain) is gonna try and get hotel rooms for me from here on out in the different cities I’m in! (After the New Year.) Thank you so much! 🙂

Then, Geoff (the bartender) gave me a free train/bus ticket to the stadium (2-3 miles away).  It was after 12:30 pm so I said good-bye to everybody I met and headed out to my first ever Broncos game at Mile High Stadium (Invesco Field).

December 29, 2010 - 8:00 am - (I’m writing in Kansas) - Continued
The Train Ride Over

I took a bus to the train and when I got on the train to the game, I met two guys who I hung out with for awhile (Jackson and Justin).  A little girl on the train took the picture for me, so I took a pic of her and her family.  Happy Holidays! 🙂

Anyway, the train ride was just a few minutes and when we got off, the guys I was with were stopped by the police!  It wasn’t just them who were stopped, a lot of people were.

If you didn’t have a train ticket (which they didn’t) you got a written warming and still had to pay. 😉

Walking To The Game
Even though it took like 15 minutes, I waited for the guys anyway.  Why not? 🙂  On our walk to the stadium, we took a bunch of different photos of the us in front of Mile High Stadium.  It’s a really cool scene.

F.Y.I. - The Broncos are terrible this year and I thought this game would be half-empty but it wasn’t... it was filled to the gils with Broncos fans!  I guess it’s because Florida rookie QB, Tim Tebow is making his first home start!

Entering The Stadium / Xfinity Zone (Bar)
Before we (me, Justin, Jackson) went to our seats, we stopped at the Xfinity Zone to get a few drinks.  I was already pretty buzzed from Pat’s bar but who cares... it's party time in Denver!  🙂  (The guys I was with bought me a beer and a shot.)  Thanks guys!

After we got our drinks, the plan was for the 3 of us to take my 2 tickets and work it out so we all could sit where I was suppose to.  (My seats were on the 50 yd line about 2/3 up in the stadium.)

I think the seats are perfect because you can see the whole game but Jackson wanted to sit closer to field so he and Justin left to go to their seats somewhere in the lower level end zone.  Nice meeting you guys!

My Seat
Like I said, I loved this seat.  It was in the handicapped row too, so I had 1st row seats with a ton of room because this section had no other rows.  Just row 1.  Sweet!

I watched the game from here for most of the first half but when halftime arrived (Broncos were getting killed), I went back downstairs to the Xfinity Zone so I could watch the other NFL games they had on TV.  I needed the Colts to win! (Suicide pick)

My New Crew
I got to the Xfinity Zone and immediately looked around for the Indy/Raider (on TV).  I couldn’t find it, so I saddled up to a table where highlights were being shown.  Standing right near the table was Big Dave and his younger brother (for got your name, my bad).

Anyway, they were super cool guys and after bull shitting with them about my trip for a few minutes, they invited into their crew and introduced me to everybody they knew there.

The Medina’s, Moreno’s, Martinez's and More
There was a ton of people there with them!  They roll deep to Broncos games as at least 30 or more people were in their crew.  And... everybody was related somehow.

They were all cousins or brothers or uncles or nephews (the family names were the Medina’s, Moreno’s, and Martinez's).  F.Y.I. - I drank a lot today, more than I have in awhile.  So, to even remember as much I have... is a Chicken Claus miracle in itself! LOL 😉

Anyway, everybody there was super cool as I was truly welcomed into their family for the rest of the day.  Even though I was welcomed in by Big Dave and his brother, I mainly wound up hanging out with Vinny, Toby, and their cousin (forget his name, damn!).  (Right: Cousin (my bad again), Toby, Me, and Vinny)

Vinny & Cousins
Vinny and I got along real well because we had similar personalities.  What I mean is, he’s the kind of guy who would rather try and make people laugh but if someone f&$ked with him and he had to knock a guy out... well that works too! 😉

For most of the second half, the guys and I hung out in the bar and drank a ton of shots/beers/ whatever while we watched the Broncos game on the TV in front of us.  (They were so cool, I didn’t pay for one drink.)

Remember, the game was a blowout at halftime as the Texans were laying it on the Broncos good.  Well, next thing we know, it’s late in the 4th quarter (6 min left) and Broncos are making a comeback, so the guys decided it was time to go back their seats and watch the end of the game.

I was standing there in the bar deciding on what I was gonna do when Vinny said, “Rooster, you’re with the brown people now, come on let’s go to the seats.”  So F&$King Cool!  It’s still amazing to me how EVERYBODY in America is so cool! 🙂

Late 4th Quarter
Their seats were about 20 rows up on the side of one of the end-zone’s. It worked out perfect because that was the side the Tebow lead Broncos were coming down to score on.  The Broncos wound up scoring but I was more interested in the hot cheerleaders in front of me.

There was 6 minutes left, so instead of immediately sitting with the guys, I told them I’d be right back so I could get a picture with a hot holiday cheerleader!  This picture would be tough to get because there was no way down to them and they were cheering.

But... where there is a will... there is a way! 😉  So, I found my way down to first row directly in front of the cheerleaders.  Then, I used my loud voice to get the hottest girl attention.  I basically told her, “Come on, it’s the holiday’s and I’m here from NJ!”

She must have been super cool because she ran over to front row where I was so I could get a picture with her.  Thank you so much!  You are so much cooler than the Denver Nugget Dancers as I’d find out later. 😉

Back To The Game
There was now less than 2 minutes left in the game and the Broncos had the lead 24-23.  Unreal!  Tebow magic!  So, I went back to the seats where my new boys were.  When I got there, the game was just about over and the whole crowd was going nuts!

I walked up just in time to get a great picture of Vinny throwing his hands up in the air as the game finally came to an end.  With a Broncos come back like that in Tebows first home start, the guys said it’s was time take the party back to the parking lot for more tailgating!

Tailgating After The Game
It was now about 5:15 pm and in just 45 minutes, I had to be at the Denver Nugget game at the Pepsi Center to meet up with Pat and his friends, but that didn’t matter now because... it was tailgating time with my new crew!

The guys brought me back to their truck and immediately gave me a beer.  Again, so freaking cool!  A bunch of us stayed their and drank for a little bit but as the traffic the died down, so did the amount of people who were partying with us.

Before, I knew it, the only people left standing were Me, Vinny, and Toby.  It was close to 6 pm, so I told the guys I had to go and head to the Nugget game.

I was just about to walk away when Vinny said, “Don’t get a cab Rooster, I’ll drop you off at the Arena.”  Thanks my man!

Driving To The Basketball Game
Now, let me set the scene. The three of us are seated side by side in the front of a pick-up truck en-route to the Nugget’s game when Toby says, “Rooster, if you’re hungry I can call my Mom and tell her make us bean burritos, she makes the best bean burritos in Denver.” (right: Vinny, Toby pics are done.)

How F&$king cool are people!  Although, I’m sure they would have been great and it could have only been an even better story, I had to respectfully decline because I was already late to basketball game. (Pat had just called me to see where I was, he left my ticket at will call.)

Since burritos weren’t on the menu anymore (at least for me), we (well Vinny) dropped off Toby first, then he drove me to the Pepsi Center so I could see the Nugget game.  Thanks for everything Vinny (and guys)!  Hit me up if you’re ever in NJ, that goes for anybody there!  🙂

Denver Nuggets Game
I arrived at the game around 6:15 pm (a little after tip-off) and after checking out the venue and doing all the fan stuff (getting my picture with a few statues they had where you put your head over a fake player’s body), I found my way to a seat.  (Left: borrowed a girl's Santa hat.) 😉

I say “a seat” because I didn’t go to my seat, I went to the best available seat I could find and... get to. 😉  So, I went up to second level and scanned the stadium for an open seat near the floor.  It didn’t take long before I could see a few seats open right on the court.  Nice!

Making My Way To Court Side Seats
Now, this wasn’t gonna be easy because there was many levels of security I had to get past to get to those seats (3 levels).  So, did I get there???  You bet I did!  And with relatively no resistance.  Yes, there was sign telling me I couldn’t go any further but come on now. 😉

Sitting In The 2nd Row
So there I was, sitting court side at the Nuggets game!  Awesome!  I was so close that I could actually see the sweat on the players as they walked by.  Also, luckily for me, the guy I was sitting next to... was a maniac!

He was yelling and screaming like a drunken NY fan, so all the attention was drawn away from me and put on him.  Plus, he was a cool guy and told me nobody was sitting in the seat next to him and he didn’t car if I stayed.

The Game
Oh yeah, tonight’s game was between the Nuggets and 76ers.  The reason I even had tickets at all was because it was 76ers game and Pat is a Philly fan of all sports through and through.  By the way, Thank you for everything Pat!  You are the man! 🙂  (Can’t thank him enough!)

Anyway, the game was close the whole way as the lead changed a bunch of times but in the end... the Nuggets lost as the 76ers made a 4th quarter comeback to win.  But that’s getting ahead, so I’ll go back to halftime.

Halftime - Cheerleaders

At halftime, the Nuggets cheerleaders (well dancers, they don’t have cheerleaders) did their show on center court.  They were all hot, sexy, and well... everything you would want a girl in a Santa outfit to look like but... they weren’t to nice! 🙁

Actually, I’d go as far to say they were on the “naughty list”. Yes, the Naughty List!  I say that because at the end of their dance, they went out into the crowd and gave away presents.  Not that naughty, right?  Wrong!

After they gave out the presents, I tried to get a picture with a girl on the way back to the court but she said, “No!” and kept running right past me!  Ahhh!  Mind you, I’m in the 2nd row, so it would have only took her a second or two but no, she didn’t stop for a second! 🙁

Mascot Time & Getting Kicked Out Of My Court-Side Seat

Sometime during the 3rd quarter, I spotted the mascot right off the court taking a picture with 2 cute girls.  Nice!  This is my chance to get a picture with the mascot.  So, I got out of my seat and walked over to where he was.

Before I approached him, I gave my camera to one of the girls who he had just taken a picture with.  Then, as I tried to get my picture with him, he keep pushing me away and would only take a picture with the girl.  Mind you, the camera being used is mine!  Not the girls.

So I’m standing there trying to tell this mascot to just a take a picture with me, when he takes my camera from the girl I gave it to and leaves!  Are you kidding me! (Right: pics from mascot.) 🙂

Now, this mascot is on the court with my camera taking pictures of the 76ers players from 2 feet away as I’m getting questioned by security as to where my seat is.

F.Y.I. - Security noticed me because I was blocking people’s view as I was running around the outside of the court trying to get my camera back.

So there I am, getting thrown out of my seat but I won’t leave because Rocky still has my camera on the court and now he’s mocking me.  Yeah, he looked right at me and took a picture of himself (with my camera) without me.

Finally, after about 5 minutes of security trying to force me to leave (without any luck, I wasn’t leaving without my camera), the mascot waved and threw my camera in the air back to me.  Ahhh!  He took really cool pics but it cost me my floor side seat!  😉

Rest Of The Game & Finding Pat
By the time that whole scene ended, it was the 4th quarter, so I text Pat and asked where he was.  He said he was in suite 56, so I headed over to that suite to hang out with him.

The problem... I got there and he wasn’t there.  I text him again and he text back, suite 56.  I didn’t know what to think so I just bounced and went back to bis bar in downtown Denver.  (That’s where my car is parked and where I was meeting him after the game.)

F.Y.I. - I found out the next day he text everybody (he met other people there too) the wrong suite #, he was in 36.  They found him by chance at a concession stand.

Pat’s Downtown Bar & Grill
I must have taken a bad route to the bar (walking) because when I got there, Pat was already there.  (He was there eating with his son after the game before he went home.)

Anyway, at the bar having a good time was all the people I had met on X-Mas Eve.  Nice!  As soon as they realized I was there, they invited me over to their table to hang out with them.

At this point in the day, I’m physically and mentally exhausted from well... everything!  So need-less-to-say, I wasn’t drinking anymore and hadn’t had a drink since the Bronco game.  None-the-less, I hung out with everybody at the bar for an hour or two.

It was close to 11 pm and like I said, I was beat, so I said good-bye to everybody and headed back to Pat’s house.

F.Y.I. -
Pat’s friends were awesome people and they even told me that Chicken Claus made their X-Mas Eve party the best one they have ever had!  I’m glad I was able to make it better but I told them, they gave me the best Chicken Claus present ever... a place where I was welcomed during the holiday! 🙂

Back To Pat’s House  - Suicide Pool Outcome
I got back to Pat’s house around 11:30 pm and the first thing I did was rush to my computer to see what happened in the suicide pool I’m in.  Remember, there is $1800 at stake here and I’m broke as a joke! 😉

Suicide Pool Information
For those of you who doesn’t know it works, here is a brief description. A suicide pool is a contest where each week of the NFL (for the entire season) you pick one team to win (without the spread).  If you win, you move on.  If you lose, you are eliminated.

Also, you can’t pick the same team twice.  So, once you use a team, you can’t pick them again.  In this pool, there are 180 people ($25 entry) and currently there is just 5 people left.

Anyway, last Monday I offered up a chop where everybody (the 5 of us) would be guaranteed $500 and then we would play for the remaining $1800.  Because of this chop (we all agreed), instead of just picking 1 team this week, we choose to pick 2.

We did this so we would have a better a chance of getting to just one winner.  (If everybody wins out, it is a tie and we split the pot anyway.)

Back To Pat’s
That’s a lot of info, sorry! 😉  Anyway, I opened up the website and... I F&$KING WON the whole thing!  Woo Hoo!  With the $500 I’m already guaranteed, I just won $2300!  Holy Shit!  I need this money so bad to continue my trip and whala... here it is! 🙂

I won the pool because everybody lost both of the games they picked and the only game I had picked so far won!  You go Colts!  Peyton Manning for President!  I still had the Eagles on Tuesday night but it didn’t matter because they all were 0-2 and at worst I could only be 1-1.  🙂

Realizing How Dumb I Was (Or So I Thought Then)
Since I’m writing this post on Wednesday, everybody knows the Eagles lost to Viking Tuesday night 24-14 but on Sunday night when I first realized I won, I was nauseous because I thought I just gave away $2000 (chop money).

Ya see, before the week started, I still had the Eagles left and nobody else did.  Since the Eagles were a 14 point favorite in week 15, it would seem as if I had the inside track to win.  So me offering the chop seemed like a real stupid move.

But, it turned out to be the only way I could have won it alone because since we did the chop, we went from picking 1 team to picking 2 teams.  And my 2nd team was the Colts, the only game that won for anybody left in the pool!

If we would have picked just one team, which is what would have happened if we didn’t do the chop, I would have only had the Eagles and I would have lost in week 15 just like everybody else, causing a total 5 way chop.  Instead... I won it alone, $2300!!!

I’m thrilled right now because it’s Wednesday morning and I know the Eagles the lost, but Sunday night when I first found out I won... I was more upset that I thought I gave away 2 grand than the fact I won $2300.  Gamblers mentality! 😉

Anyway, that was my Sunday.  So much great stuff happened in one 24 hour period that it’s hard to even believe it all happened to me today, but it did and... I have the pictures to prove it! 🙂

And again... Thank You Pat!  You made this all happen, even the Eagles loss on Tuesday night! 😉  (He’s a die-hard Eagles fan!)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Wholley shit!!!!!!! What a day. I’m exhausted just
    reading this post. Your capacity to have fun is
    unbelieveable. Pat and Larkin are dynomite. I’m so
    glad you’ve made friends with so many cool people.
    The Medina’s, Moreno’s, Vinny and company, etc.
    The big win is the icing on the day.
    Then B-Ball. Your the man.

  2. Mike says:

    Rooster nice hit… but u need to get caught up on Ur post.

  3. dave says:

    On it! Thanks Mike! And coming from you, it really does put a smile on my face for you’re my toughest public critic.

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