A Carolina Hurricane’s Game & More! (NC) “DAY 269” – 3/30/11

April 2, 2011 - 7:30 pm - (NC) “DAY 269” - Week 39 - State 35

I woke up this morning in A.J.’s living room around 10 am, but he was already gone for the day (working).  I did wake up for a second when he left and said our good-byes but I was still half asleep when that happened.

Helping Out Robin (Wulf’s Wife)
This story is much longer than I’m gonna write but basically somebody scammed Robin (and Wulf) out of some money and I was going to the last known address (of the scammer) to try and get it back for them.

I did make some headway by finding out she had moved, but I couldn’t get the money so I guess I failed.  Damn!  I wish I could have done something real nice for them after all Wulf has done for this week.  I did try and that was the best I could do but still. 🙁

Back To Wulf’s To Recover From Drinking
If you are a regular reader, you know I’m not much of a drinker, so after drinking as much as I did last night, I really don’t feel that good today.  I’m not dying or anything, but  I don’t feel great.

After lounging around Wulf’s for a few hours, I had to start getting ready because Wulf, Robin, their friend Becky, and I are going to a Carolina Hurricane hockey game tonight. (Wulf bought tickets for everybody as he was planning this all week.)  Thank you so much Wulf!  You have done more than should have for me this week.

Dinner At Tripps
Before we went to the game, we went to Tripps to meet up with Becky and get some dinner. (Becky already had dinner so she arrived as we were eating.)  For starters, Wulf ordered the table some apps and they were real good, I think I had 8 shrimp! 🙂

For dinner, I ordered a BQQ platter with ribs, chicken, and yes... more shrimp.  I love good shrimp!  Anyway, on top of buying me during dinner, Robin bought me a scratch off lottery ticket. It wound up losing but the first thing I scratched off was a Rooster. Cool! 🙂

Arriving At The RBC
After we finished eating, the four of us left for the RBC Center which was 15 minutes away in downtown Raleigh (I think).  I know it’s in Raleigh but where... is the I think.

Anyway, as we approached the hockey arena which is also N.C. State’s basketball stadium, Wulf gave us each our ticket.  Thanks again Wulf!  Since, I wanted to take pictures of the outside of the whole arena, the three of them went in without me as I walked the arena.

The Outside Of The RBC Center
I wan’t away from the group for long as there wasn’t to much to take pictures of on the property.  All there really was the RBC Center on different parts of the arena.  But, across the parking lot was N.C. State’s football stadium, so I snapped a few photos of that before I entered.

Entering The Arena
It was about 7 pm when I entered in the Center which was plenty of time to walk the hallways before i found my seat.  Again, there was much here as this arena is fairly new and the Hurricane’s have only had a team for a handful of years. (But they have won a Stanley Cup though which why I was surprised they wasn’t much.)

One thing they did have was free t-shirt giveaway if you signed up for some car promotion they had in the hallway.  I wanted a Hurricane t-shirt so I don’t care, they can send me all the junk mail they want.  Plus, I don’t have a home so... as Charlie sheen would say... Winning!

A Picture With The Storm Girls
It was almost game time so I started making way toward where our seats were when I saw two pretty girl who looked like they would be cheerleaders.  They weren’t but they were Storm Girls (the Hurricane equivalent to a cheerleader).

So, as you would expect by now, I asked the girls to take a picture with me and they graciously said yes. (I also got a picture with a different Storm girl while the game was being played while I was sitting in the stands.) Thanks girls! 🙂

Finding Wulf, Robin, & Becky
I found the gang before the opening puck dropped and even got to see both National Anthems. (At pro hockey games they sing both the American and Canadian National Anthems.)

Anyway, even though I didn’t feel like drinking, Wulf did so I didn’t have much of choice as he kept buying me shot after shot during the game.  I was OK with it but I haven’t been drunk in back to back days in a long time.  I’m gonna feel like walking death tomorrow. 😉

The Inside Of The Arena
This facility is new so it is nice, but it still doesn’t have a great a feel because it’s a multi-sport building which had more N.C. State banners hanging in the rafters than anything else.

Yes, they did have a section for the hockey team but it paled in comparison to the Wolfpack’s numerous retired jersey’s, Final Fours, and championships.

Other than that, just like any other hockey game, every seat is pretty much a good.  I’ve said it before, hockey is probably the best of all 4 major pro sports to see live.  The action is fast, you can see everything, and it just plays better live for some reason.

Watching The Game
Tonight’s game was a must win for the Hurricanes as they are in a play-off race for the last spot in the east.  I know this because Becky is a Cane’s fan and follows the team religiously.

I must just be the barer of good luck for home teams at sporting events this year because the I have been to countless games on my journey and I’d say 95% of the time, the local team won.  And tonight... was no different as Carolina jumped out to an early lead and never looked back.

Scoring A Goal
One of the cool things they do during the game is when they score a goal.  After every goal scored a picture of Ric Flair comes on the scoreboard and hells his trademark “Wooo!”.  I loved pro wrestling so see that made me smile.  You go Flair!  Wooooo! 🙂

Hurricane Rookie Jeff Skinner
One of the Hurricane’s best players is 18 year old rookie Jeff Skinner.  I usually don’t talk about individual players but this kid was young and good.  Tonight for example, he had a hat trick (3 goal scored).

This kid is gonna be great and I just saw him live as 18 old kid. Nice!  I probably took 20 pictures of him from behind the glass near the Hurricane bench. (I sat on the glass for 5 or 10 minutes during the 3rd period.)

The Glass Breaks
The reason I had time to move behind the Cane bench was because during the 3rd period, a hockey puck shattered the glass right next to where they were.  So, as I always do, I found my way over to where the action was to take some pictures. (They was glass everywhere.)

Back To Our Seats

After doing my thing, I headed back to our seats which were about 20 rows off the ice on one of the blue lines. (We had great seats.)  Anyway, when I got back Becky, Robin, and Wulf (mainly Becky) were going nuts for the Carolina victory.  They up 6-2 by now and the game was way out of reach.

So Wulf and I had had a another shot as the game was winding down before we left.  Again, I didn’t feel like drinking but Wulf was getting loose so I had to join him.

Oh Yeah, The Mascot
The Hurricane’s did have a mascot and his name was Stormy.  Now Stormy was only on the ice in between periods and I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to take a picture with him.

But then during the 3rd period he wen into the stand a few feet to do something when I spotted him.  Immediately, I left my seat and rushed over to where he was.  I made it just in time for a picture because he was about to leave the ice for the night.  Thanks Stormy! 🙂

One Last Thing I Forgot
Sometime during the game, Robin and Becky went to the Hurricane store and bought me a few items to remember the night by. (They got me a hat and hockey puck.) People are just so amazing and generous it’s unbelievable.  I know this getting repetitive but thank you both!

Back To Wulf’s
The reason Wulf was able to tie one on was because Becky drove us home after the game.  Otherwise, our drinking would have been much much less.  And another effect of being drunk on a Wednesday is what happens after you are bombed.

In our case... that was Wulf crank calling one our old college friends parents (by accident thought it was his cell phone) at 1:15 am.  I’m not sure what he said but he did wake up a our friend’s Mom’s after 1 am on a weekday.   Alcohol is a hell of a drug. LOL (David Chappelle reference.)

After Wulf’s Jerky boy episode it was time for bed and boy I needed it after two days of being wasted.  I’m not much of a drinker but you wouldn’t know from the last couple of days.  Tomorrow I will be sober at all costs. 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Hey Dave,

    Glad to see you got to another hockey game, even if it was the damned Hurricanes…haha. I didn’t realize you were at the one where the glass shattered, that’s pretty awesome.

    The article that I wrote on your travels is FINALLY up on the website: http://woodbridge.patch.com/articles/wheresrooster. For today, it’s also the top spot article on the main page, http://woodbridge.patch.com. Hope you and the other readers enjoy it!

  2. Dad says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome few days with everyone in NC. You’ve seen more hockey in this past year than ever before. Hockey is a great game.

  3. bennervous says:

    Note to Josh — Nice job with the article!

  4. Mike says:

    Being the sports fan you say you are, you would know that they only sing the Canadian national anthem in the states is when a nhl team from candada is playing. If it were two usa nhl teams they would not sing it. Same goes for 2 Canadian teams playing in Canada, there would be no Usa national anthem. But you knew that, since your such a sports fan. I also love how you say your not a big drinker, yet you drink several times a week on average. People who aren’t big drinkers drink mabey a few times a month. But however you can justify your alcoholism to yourself is cool with me and your readers I’m sure, since the love to stroke your ego

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