A Casino Day Compete With A Buffet & Poker! (OK) “DAY 198” – 1/18/11

January 19, 2011 - 11:30 am - (OK) “DAY 198” - Week 29 - State 27

Before I start writing my day, I have to thank my one of my Mom’s lifelong friends, Geri.  Since this trip began 198 days ago, Geri has donated money to me every 2 weeks without fail since Day 1!  It is unreal! 🙂 (Right: Geri and her son Micheal)

Not to expose Geri’s life, but she works in the school system and isn’t a millionaire.  So, to send me hard earned money out of her paycheck every two weeks (when she gets paid) is so overwhelming, I can’t say thank you enough!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😉

Since I’m on the topic, I would also like to thank everybody who has donated to me on this trip.  If it wasn’t for all of you who have helped out.... I’d be wearing a diaper and living under a bridge! (See donation video for visual.) 😉  Thank you all!

My Day “198”
As far as my trip goes, this wasn’t the most exciting day, but it’s good to have somewhat of a regular day even now and again.  Granted... my regular day started out with me homeless and trying to get another comped room for the night but... that’s my life! 😉

After waking up at 11 am and calling the desk for a late check-out, I walked to players club to see if I was eligible for another comped room.  And after talking with a very nice lady, I was and went back up to my room to write.

I’ve told everybody this before in past posts, but I actually do a lot of work on this trip everyday.  Plus, I haven’t had a day off in over 6 months, not even for one second!

I’m not complaining, it’s just something that people I’ve stay with are surprised about when they actually see all the writing/picture uploading I do everyday.  So, I figured I’ll let all the readers who I haven’t stayed with in on it too. 😉

Lunch Buffet
Anyway, after I finished posting around 2:30 pm, I hit the buffet downstairs for lunch.  Again, this buffet has amazing deals!  It was $5.99 for a lunch buffet that was exactly the same as the dinner buffet except no prime rib or shrimp cocktail.  That’s fine with me, what a deal! 🙂

After eating a pretty big lunch, I made myself a fajita to-go along with a few cookies and buttered roll.  It’s not much, but at least I have a snack for later. 😉

The Room
Since the room is so nice and there wasn’t a poker game going downstairs (with a seat), I decided to relax in the room for a little while.  This lead to a nap, Zzzzzzz.  Nice!  I haven’t had a good nap in long time.

After waking up sometime around 6 pm, I called the poker room and put my name on the 1-2 NL list and asked them to call my room when a seat opened up.  Two hours later, they rang my room and told me I had a seat.

Poker - 1-2 NL
I immediately walked downstairs and sat down with $140 in chips.  Just like yesterday, I played cards for almost 4 hours and didn’t see much action at all.  The good... in the end, I won again and today’s profit was $41. (I’m up $63 here after eating, not including 2 free nights.)

The bad... I was playing with a lot of loose players and couldn’t get into a hand with them because I just wasn’t getting any cards!  Ahhh!  (I watched other people at the table turn $100 buy-in’s into $900 right before my eyes but I wasn’t that lucky.) 🙁

Since I wasn’t playing many hands, I got to know a bunch of people at the table well.  What else was I to do besides talk to people with hands like (9,4), (10, 3), (J, 6), all night long.

Wild Bill - mrbillsnaturalchicken.com
Everybody I played with was cool, but Wild Bill was a real character (and loose player) with an amazing life story.  Now, the old me (198 day ago me) might not have believed everything he was telling me but after doing all I have done, I know anything is possible and you never know who is next to you! 🙂

Anyway, Wild Bill began to tell the table a little about himself and the things we learned about him were: 1.) He was paralyzed from the waste down for many years and somehow is back to walking and doing everything. 2) He has been struck by lightning not once... but twice in his lifetime!

3.) He currently has incurable disease where his internal organs are hardening up on him and he goes to John Hopkins medical center monthly (I think) for treatment.  And lastly, he owns some-sort of chicken fermented beer drink, JK (Seinfeld reference). LOL

Seriously though, and I haven’t looked at his website yet but he does something with all natural chicken, thus the website www.mrbillsallnaturalchicken.com  . Check it out, he was a real cool interesting guy!  Good luck with everything Bill!

Calling It A Night
It was around 1 am when I picked up my chips and cashed out for the night. I did this because before I left NJ, my friend Pat (from NJ, childhood friend) gave me some advice that I have used almost everyday since this began.

This is what he told me.  He told me to ask myself two questions whenever I was on the fence about something (usually gambling) late night. 1.) Do I have enough to material to write for the day?  2.) Do I have enough money left to live another day?

If I can answer yes to both of those questions then... get out of Dodge and live for another day!  This trip is long and it’s not about being the best gambler or poker player, it’s about making it another day! 🙂

So, since I was able to answer yes to both of those questions, I went back up to my room and watched TV until I fell asleep sometime around 3 am.  Tomorrow, I’m off to somewhere else in Oklahoma, I’m not sure where yet.?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bennervous says:

    Wow, Dave…you got to take a nap…with all the work that you are doing?

  2. Big Brother Adam says:

    I want to echo the nice words my brother had to say about Geri…she’s been in our lives forever and has been friends with my mom even longer. My three kids love it when she comes with my mom to see them.

    198 Days! I’m so impressed with all you’ve done. And without any days off or stopping to rest if you don’t feel well…Good for you. Keep it up!

  3. Geri says:

    Not only am I your biggest fan so far, as I am sure there are many more fans out there and more to come, but you, David, are my hero. And I mean it. You have accomplished so much, it’s incredible. There is nothing you can’t do, you have proved that many times over. Thank you so very much for your acknowledgement of me. Thank god that you have a half-way decent pix of me with Michael. I love following your posts, they always leave me with a smile on my face. Sometimes I get a real laugh and other times I’v very inspired by you. You will always have my support.

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