A Cool Encounter, The Bars, & Beautiful Miami! (FL) “DAY 246” – 3/7/11

March 8, 2011 - 11:45 am - (FL) “DAY 246” - Week 36 - State 32

On a day like today (sunny and warm), when I wake up to a view like this... I just think about everybody who has helped me get this far and then to myself... I say thank you! (I know they can’t hear it but I say it anyway.) 😉

Writing All Day
It was around 10 am when I began writing for what turned out to take most of the day.  First, I wrote in G’s place for a little bit but then as morning turned to afternoon, I decided to go sit in sun by the pool which is on the 14th floor of G’s building (G’s lives on the 22nd floor).

The Pool Area
The pool area in this building is gorgeous.  There are two pools, a volleyball court, a grill area, and although I don’t have any pictures... there were also a bunch of hot girls tanning outside as well. 🙂

The problem... writing/uploading pictures in the sun isn’t a easy thing to do.  The glare from the light makes it’s almost impossible to see the computer screen and to find the cursor... is impossible.  So, after a hour trying to make it happen, I went back down to G’s place to finish up.

Watching ESPN While Writing
As I continued writing in G’s place, I had ESPN on the TV in the background for noise filler.  But then, as I was almost finished writing “DAY 245”, I put my laptop down so I could rest my eyes for a second. (You get mentally drained looking a small screen for a long time.)

Anyway, as I was resting my brain, I could hear the host (Bob Ley) on ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” start talking about the Miami Heat’s recent 4 game losing streak as well as the comments their coach (Erik Spoelstra) made about players crying in the locker room after the game they lost yesterday to the Bulls.

Interested in what they saying because I know live in Miami right across from the Arena ;), I picked up my head and started to watch the segment.  A few seconds later, they showed a local reporter (Brian Windhorse) from Miami on the TV screen giving his take on the current situation.

Figuring Something Out
From the TV screen I could tell he was giving his interview from in front of America Airlines Arena.  Huh?  So even though I thought it was probably taped earlier, I ran to balcony to see if I could notice a camera crew and stuff out front of the arena.

I was wrong because within eyesight I could see Brian Windhorse giving his interview live right there on the steps across the street from where I’m staying.  So cool! 🙂

Making It Happen
I know it’s not the end-all be-all of happiness, but I thought it was really cool that what I was watching on TV was happening right outside my building.  Sweet!

So, instead of just sitting there in G’s place and letting a cool opportunity pass me by (I rarely do), I got up off the couch and headed down to the outside of the Arena so I could get a few pictures of the set-up (as well as possibly meeting the Windhorse!).

Meeting ESPN Miami Heat Blogger Brian Windhorse

The walk from G’s to where the interview was took me about 2 minutes (mainly because of the time it took to get down the elevator).  It was such a short walk, that the interview wasn’t even done by the time I got there as Brian was still all mic’d up speaking away.

A few minutes later when I could tell he was done with the segment, I approached him and asked if he would mind taking a picture with me.  Brian obviously has a good sense of humor as he said something to effect of, “Are you sure you want a picture of me?” ;

Talking Sports With The Windhorse!
For the next ten minutes or so, Brian and hung out on the stairs talking NBA basketball.  We talked about the Heat (obviously), the Knicks, the Thunder and their GM Sam Presti, as well some other stuff.

During this time, I told him he could use my Jordan/Pippen analogy I wrote in yesterday’s post. (Basically, how I said the Heat don’t know who Pippen is yet.)

But, Brian is a very knowledgeable sports fans as he rebutted me with the fact that they (Jordan/Pippen) were both drafted, whereas James and Bosh were both brought in through free-agency.

I see the difference but the I believe my point remains the same regardless of how they got there... somebody has to be cool with being second fiddle!

Back To G’s
After my real cool encounter with the Horse (thanks Brian), I went back to G’s so I could finish uploading my post.  While I was getting that done, G got home from work and turned on a local sports radio show in his room.

F.Y.I. - Goran wanted me to hear the show because Tuesday night we are going to see the hosts at a bar so I can Heat tickets for us.  They are giving some away for the Heat/Laker on Thursday night and G thinks I will definitely be the guy who gets a pair.

Funny enough, as we were listening to show, I started telling G about my encounter with Horse when as luck would have it, who was the next guest on the show... Brian Windhorse.  This guy’s everywhere! (And no, he didn’t mention the Jordan/Pippen comparison I told him he could use.)

Time For Dinner
It was 7 pm by now and I hadn’t eaten anything all day long.  So, since I remembered that Hooters has a $5.99 burger and fry special on Monday’s, I twisted G’s arm to go to Hooters for dinner. 😉

Walking To Hooters
Just like yesterday, we didn’t drive anywhere as the bar/bars are just a short walk away (this is a good thing).  Anyway, as we making way over to Hooters, I took a few pictures of the skyline because I liked the bright blue lit up building in the distance.  Nice! 🙂

We got to the Hoot and immediately sat down at the bar outside.  I was real hungry, so I quickly ordered the $5.99 burger deal.  G was also real hungry, so he quickly ordered up a pitcher of Miller Lite. 😉

For the next hour or so, we ate, drank, and just hung out at the bar as we watched college basketball on TV. (I wasn’t drinking tonight though.)  Having done all we could at a Hooters on Monday, we headed out to the next bar on the list.

The Other Daiquiri Bar (ODB)
The next bar we went to was the same next bar we went to yesterday, the ODB.  We only stayed at this bar for a few minutes but during this time, G has few shots of something.  Man, he can turn it on in a second!

A Teeth Whitening Booth
As we walking through the shopping area, we spotted one of those center aisle teeth whitening shops that says they will improve the color of your teeth by 2-6 shades in just 20 minutes.

Interested by the procedure, G and I hung around the shop until we saw somebody who was finished so we could ask them how well it actually worked.  The guy we talked to had real white teeth but told us he a rat trap for a mouth when he got there 30 minutes ago.  Huh?

Getting Our Teeth Whitened
I said it yesterday but I’ll say it again, Goran is one of the most generous people I know.  As we were deciding on whether or not to get it done, I told G that $107 is just to much for me spend regardless of much I could use a teeth whitening.  Completely unfazed, G just looked at me and said he got it, don’t worry about it.

Thank you so much G!  This is something I have been wanting to do for a while but just haven’t had the funds for.  My smile and teeth thank you as well!  You the man G! 🙂

Miss Yip’s Chinese Food For Dinner Again

After changing our smile’s for the better, we headed to Miss Yip’s again so we could get a late night snack for the house.  While we were there waiting on our to-go food, G had a few more cocktails.

Since the guy sitting next to us at the bar next told us he liked drinking Blue Long Island Ice Tea’s, G decided that would be his new drink for the rest of the night.  Oh No! (LIT’s are all liquor and a Blue LIT is the same except with Blue Curacao added.)

It was definitely a scene in there but before it got to out of hand, we left with our to-go food and headed back to G’s place for the rest of the evening.  Before we left though, G demanded he take his drink with him and even though they didn’t have to-go cups, the bartender found him something just so he would leave, I think. 😉

Enjoying The Balcony View
Almost as soon as we walked in to G’s place, he passed out cold on the couch (well, after eating some food).  As he was going in and out consciousness, I went outside on the balcony and enjoyed the amazing view this place has of the Atlantic Ocean and South Beach.  Nice! 🙂

Funny Tidbit About The Night
For the rest of the night, I just watched TV and then fell asleep.  But, this morning (Tuesday) when I woke up, G asked me what happened last night.  So, I first asked him if he remembered the Blue drink he still had in the house right in front of him on the table.

He said, “What, the blue Powerade that’s in that glass.”  I responded, “First, it’s not a glass, it’s a plastic to-go soup container.  Second, that's a Blue LIT that you wouldn’t leave last night.”  So funny!  He really had no idea. 🙂  Well... that was my Monday.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Great post and story with Brian. So, how white are your teeth? I hope we get to see them before you

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