A Day At Yellowston National Park! (WY) “DAY 94” – 10/6/10

October, 7, 2010 - 12:30 pm - (WY) “DAY 94”

I woke up this morning and wrote as fast as I could, so I could get out the door to head to Yellowstone National Park.  By the time I had finished and got into my car it was almost 10 am.

F.Y.I. - The drive is about a hour and half or 50 miles-ish.  Most of the roads to get there, you have to drive about 45 mph.

On My Way - Teton National Park
In order to get to Yellowstone (the fastest), I had to first drive through Teton National Park.  This is the park I have been going everyday and really enjoying. 🙂   About 1 mile into the park I noticed a bunch of people outside their cars, taking pictures.

Seeing Another Bear
I pulled up slowly and when I opened my drivers side window... I could see a bear about 40 yards away standing up eating berries.  He was a small black bear, (all of a sudden I’m a nature expert ;)), but he was still awesome to witness!

I stayed stopped in the middle of the road taking pictures of the bear until a ranger asked me to keep moving.  No matter how many times I see a bear, it is still so cool!

Arriving At Yellowstone Nation Park
I arrived at Yellowstone around 11:30 am and waited at the gate to pay for entry.  The pass I had (from Lee) expired yesterday, so I am gonna have to pay $25 to see the park, damn bad timing!  🙁

F.Y.I. - I didn’t know it then, but this park is huge!  It is a all day drive and then some!

Anyway, I entered the park and thought I would immediately see some animals or something.  This is Yellowstone... and when I go Teton National Park I see animals with-in a few minutes...

It didn’t happen as I drove for at least 10 miles or more before I even got to something other than trees and road.  Mind you, I thought after driving for 10 miles in the park... I’d be at “Old Faithful”.  Little did I know... Old Faithful was at least 30 miles away. 🙁

Lewis Falls/Lake/Something Else
The area of the park I took notice of was Lewis Falls.  I only stopped there because one of good friends last names is Lewis, so I thought I would check it out.  I got out of my car and walked around the area.

It was real peaceful as I saw a nice waterfall, mountains, and the river that the waterfalls ran into.   There were some other people in the area, so I even got a picture of myself near the falls.  Thank you!

Me "Rooster"

Now... all the scenery is nice, but I could care less!  If I was having sex with a hot blonde under the waterfalls... then it would be awesome!  But just a waterfall... ehhh.

At this point, I’m having a so-so time but again... I didn’t realize I hadn’t even dented the park yet.  I had hours left to go... By myself!  I’m a people person and this loneliness  started to wear on me second by second as I was alone for most of the day.

F.Y.I. - I didn’t think about it before I got there, but I was only person I saw by myself in the whole park (except for serious photographers and rangers).

Finally Getting To “Old Faithful”
By the time I finally arrived at “Old Faithful” it was after 1:30 pm.  Whew... it took awhile!  When I walked up to the area where the geyser was... it was filled with people waiting for it to erupt (or whatever it does... big whoop!).

I stood there and waited for at least 45 minutes before it went off.  The anticipation was so grand... there was no way it could measure up and... it didn’t!  It felt like a big waste of time as I stood there and watched as some water shot out of the ground and into the sky.

Now... was it cool to see?  Yes.  Could I have just watched on Youtube and been just as happy?  Yes and probably happier! 🙂  I’m just not a nature guy, a woodsman, a fisherman, hunter, etc...  So if this was supposed to be the highlight... I’m in for a long day! 😉

The coolest part of the whole geyser experience was actually before it went off.  Ya see, there are many geysers in the area of “Old Faithful” and before it went off... you could see smoke coming out of multiple geysers and floating into the air.  Pretty wild site!

Around this time, Jeremy texted me to see how I was doing.  (I’m surprised I even got the text, I had no cell reception all day, again... adding to my loneliness!)  I told him how I was losing it and it felt like I was in prison (being alone all day in this vast nothingness)!

He tried calming me down and told me to go see the mud hot springs which was a little further up the road.  (Jeremy is an out doorsman kind of guy and has been to the park before.)   Anyway, this was the last contact I would have with my cell phone until I left the park.

On My Way To The Mud Springs... A Buffalo
While I was driving north to the mud hot springs, I noticed a buffalo off to the side of the road, so I pulled over to take a picture.  I got out of my car and as I was taking pictures from a far, I noticed an older women (Ann) walking into field where the buffalo was (to get a better shot).

I followed her in as we talked for a bit about how cool the massive animal was.  We didn’t get to close


but it was awesome to see an older lady make moves like she did.  Heck... If I was with my Mom... she would have been in the car. 😉

It was nice meeting you Ann and up until this point... you have been the best part of Yellowstone experience.  🙂

F.Y.I. - It was at this point that I realized this trip is better if you have somebody to share it with.  Just the few minutes I was able to talk with Ann, made the experience that much more enjoyable! 🙂

Mud Hot Springs

After seeing my first buffalo (in person), I was off to the mud hot springs.  I pulled into a pull off, off to the side of the road and got out to look around.  The first hot spring I saw wasn’t the mud one.  It was a regular hot spring and it was awesome to see! (This trip is getting better, good call Jer! :))

Anyway, I walked around the spring and took many pictures.  The coolest part of this ht spring was the little stream that carried the water into the river.  The stream was golden for some reason and it looked... amazing!

I stood there for a few minutes as I finally felt like a nature guy because I was taking in the scenery and... enjoying it.  Well... for a minute or two, my patience is only so long. 😉

Mud Pools
After seeing the my first hot spring (there was many of them), I walked along the path to check out the main attraction in the area... the mud pools.  The mud pools didn’t disappoint as they were ready to be seen as I arrived... unlike “Old Faithless” :(.

The pools were bubbling from the heat (or gases) and the color was off white or gray.  I wanted to go and put my finger in the mud to see how hot it was but... I though better and just enjoyed the view.  Probably a good decision! 😉

On my way back to the car, I stopped to take a picture in front of the coolest hot spring I had seen.  It was a deep pool with the clearest bluest water you could have ever seen.  Very cool!

F.Y.I. - For somebody who didn’t enjoy themselves for most of the day, I sure seem like I did as I write this post.  Here’s why that is, I think... Every where you looked you could take the most beautiful picture ever.

Really, every picture is nicer then next but that isn’t enough for me to have fun (evidently).  And... as I look back at the pictures... of course I will think it was awesome but while it was happening... it was very long and boring!

A Raven On The Rooster Mobile
I was done seeing the hot springs and when I was walking back to my car, I spotted a Raven sitting on the roof.  It wasn’t hard to spot... he was on my car! 😉

I approached slowly as I didn’t know what to expect.  Heck, I saw the movie “The Crow”.  I know that’s not a raven but... it was still on my mind! 🙂

Anyway, I walked around my car taking pictures of the bird but he didn’t move or fly away.  He just stared at me like... make you move Jersey boy!

It was at least 5 minutes before I did, then I got into my car and even started it up but... he didn’t fly away or budge.

He held his ground as he called me a bitch from outside the car.  I know he did, I could just tell! 😉  I started to pull forward slowly as he tried to still hold his ground but he slid down the roof and onto my hood.

At this point, he just stared me all pissed from the hood of my car.  Really?  Am I about to brawl with a bird?

I honked my horn again as I started to drive away slowly and... he finally jumped off my car onto the street.  Whew... I escaped without a fight!

Next time Rooster! Next time...

Grand Canyon Time
It was after 3 pm and I hadn’t gotten to the Grand Canyon yet.  Ahhhh!  I say that because the Grand Canyon is only half way around the loop that I have to take to get back to the Hostel.  And... I was 20-30 miles from that (Grand Canyon) at 30 mph... 🙁

On my drive toward the canyon, I spotted another buffalo off to the side of the road, so I stopped to take a more pictures of this awesome animal!

2cd Buffalo & I Got Real Close This Time
I parked my car and approached the area were the buffalo was.  He (the buffalo) was crossing the river and walking in my direction (very slowly, he was grazing the whole time).

I was standing behind a bunch of trees as well as a few fallen ones.  There weren’t many people in the area witnesses this awesome sight.  I guess because it was only me and another guy pulled over, nobody noticed to stop from the road.

Anyway, the other guy was named Brian.  He was a retired lawman who moved to Idaho to live the wilderness life.  Nice, he knew how to act in the wild, cause I sure didn’t (don’t).

We stood together and talked and for at least 45 minutes while we watched buffalo move all the way to where we were standing.  The buffalo wasn’t chasing us, he was just taking his normal path.

I know this because Brian was showing me all the buffalo skat where were standing.  And, he could tell

Ranger and Brian

from tracks and fallen trees where the buffalo would most likely walk next.

We were eventually so close, that a ranger pulled over to inform us we had we had to move back, we were in danger!  We moved back while the ranger was there then moved closer after he left.

These last pictures of the buffalo were from so close, when I zoomed in with my camera, I had to zoom out not to have just hair as the shot.  We were within 10 yards, maybe 12.

It was getting late and I still had to see the Grand Canyon, so I said bye to Brian and moved on.  Again, hanging with Brian was the best of my trip, period.  Having somebody to talk to while you’re seeing all this stuff is what makes the trip.  I know this now, to late!

Finally... The Grand Canyon

South Side

I eventually arrived at the Grand Canyon around 4:30 pm.  I found out the hard way... but there are 2 main view of the Canyon.

One is from the north side and is not as good, I went to this one first, of course!  The other is from the south side (I think) and is simply amazing to see!

North Side Of The Canyon
As I just told you, I went and saw the not as good side first (either side is ok to see).  Anyway, the bad part of this side is you can’t see the massive waterfall that everybody comes to see.

Obviously, I didn’t know that information until I was on the north side... 😉  On the north side was Inspiration Point.  I’m not sure why they call it that except when you sit there... you feel inspired??? 🙂

Inspiration Point

I stayed in this area for as long as it took to take a few pictures, then I went to the south side.

South Side Of The Canyon
About ten minutes later, I was at the better side for pictures and scenery.   Although it was only on the other of the canyon, it made a huge difference!  The scenery from this view was breathtaking!  I hate to use that word... but it was.

As I approached the main viewing area, you could see the massive canyon, with a river, and a huge waterfall at the end.  Like I said... it was breathtaking!  Ahh! Not again!

Anyway, I took a lot of awesome pictures while I stood there but needed a picture of myself in front of the canyon so I asked a group of Chinese tourists if they would take my picture for me.  (I knew they would know how to use a camera. ;)) JK

I stayed here for about 20 minutes and for the first time on my Yellowstone trip (except for the buffalo watching) was truly happy I went.

To see it once in your life is worth it but... if I’m ever here again... it’s because this book becomes a movie and I have to relive the experience for film! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mud Volcano
At this point in the day, I want to drive straight back to the Hostel but I’m here... so I have to finish it out.  Ahhhhh!  The next attraction I drove by was the Mud Volcano area.

I’m not sure what that means but what I did see was a real cool cave with smoke coming out it.  It was called the Dragon’s Mouth Spring.  It must have been called that because it looked like a dragon snarling smoke out of his nose.

While I was taking pictures of the Mouth, I saw a tour guide and asked him if I needed to see anything else.  He told me if I had come from the other side of the park (“Old Faithful area”), that I had already seem most of what the park had to offer.

That is... unless, I saw a cool animal on the way out.  Anyway, it was just the advice I wanted to hear as I got back into my car and headed for home (Hostel).

3rd Buffalo
On my out of the park (about a 45 mile drive just to the south entrance area), I saw a buffalo on the side of the road.  I had already seen a few buffalo so I didn’t stop but I did slow down to get a good picture.  He was close, 20 feet from the side of the road!

Random Scenery
As I mentioned earlier, every where you turned you thought you were taking the most beautiful picture ever.  He are some of those pictures that I thought I juts had to take.  (I took 282 pictures over the course of the day! Ahhhh!)

I’m not sure when I took some of these pictures but a few I do, so I’ll start with them.  This first picture is of rainbow right after I left the Grand Canyon area.  It had started to rain and stopped about 10 minutes later.

Then, a nice rainbow appeared over the lake near the mountains... I don’t know where it was... but it looked like it was near the mountains.

I kept driving and it was getting late, the sun was setting.  So, I pulled over and took a picture of the mountains and the sky.  A really cool pic! 🙂

Also, at some point I took a nice shot of the lake, the mountains, and the trees.  Man... I became hippie during the writing of this post!

Getting Home (Hostel)
I didn’t get back to the Hostel until almost 8:30 pm.  A real long day by yourself in the mountains...  I hadn’t eaten all day, so I went next door to the Mangy Moose to have some dinner and watch the Yankee game.

Mangy Moose

I spoke with the manager (Pratt) for awhile and after hearing my story, he bought me a beer.  Thank you pal!  I then ordered some wings and fries while I watched the Yanks beat Minnesota 6-4.

The bar closed early (9th inning), so I didn’t even get to see the end of the game.  I understand, they only stayed open that late because I was there watching the game.

Thank you guys... and the Yanks won anyway.  All good! 🙂

After that, I went back to my room, started to file all the pictures, and then went to bed around midnight.  I’m headed to Boise, Idaho in the morning... I need a good night sleep!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Wicker says:

    Hi Dave. I am so sorry I didn’t have the foresite to get your picture. It was such a pleasure talking with you. Like you I do my traveling alone. However unlike you I am definately an outdoors person. I have told all my STAY at home friends about you. Now I can give them your site (as I finally figured out how to find you) so they can check you out. It is so verrrrry neat what you are doing!! Again “rooster a pleasure meeting you”. Keep enjoying life. You only go through it once. Ann

  2. dave says:

    The pleasure was all mine Ann. Take one from the website if want. (a picture) 🙂

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