A Day Of Enjoying Comps After A Long Night In My Car! (KY-IN) “DAY 283” – 4/13/11

April 14, 2011 - 12:30 pm - (KY/IN) “DAY 283” - Week 42 - State 38

When I woke up today in my car, the first thing I saw was a cool sunrise through my side view mirror.  Nice!  Maybe today will be better. 😉  After taking in the sunrise, I got my act together and went to the front desk to see if I could get into my room early.

The lady at the desk was cool and found me the first room that had been cleaned.  Nice!  And thank you! 🙂  Knowing I had a room, I went back to my car and got all my things out  so I could organized everything. (Today I organize my life from cloths to money to where I’m headed next.)

Hanging In My Room All Day

Even though I slept relatively well in my car (considering), I was still a little tired and my back was sore.  So, after I got all settled in my room I got ready to take a long nap. I need it. 😉  But, I found out when I checked in that the casino host also gave me a $75 food comp for the day.  Thank you Horseshoe! 🙂

Eating At The Buffet
Since I had an endless amount of money to eat with today (for me), I decided to hit the buffet first before I took a nap.   The good thing about the buffet today is that I don’t have to gorge myself because I have more comped food that I can eat later.  This is something new. 😉

Back To My Room To Nap
After eating a nice meal, I went back to my room and fell asleep until almost 7 pm (3 hours of napping).  Refreshed and awake, I pulled out my laptop and got to writing. (I’m still 2 almost 3 days behind at this point.)

Writing In My Room
From 7 pm until almost 9 pm, I just sat in my room an got caught up on writing.  The reason I took a break at 9 pm was because I wanted to go back to the buffet to eat dinner and it closed at 10 pm. (You gotta go at least an hour before a buffet closes so you don’t get old crusty food.) 😉

Eating At The Buffet Again
The dinner buffet was much better than the lunch one mainly because at dinner you can have prime rib, whereas at lunch, you get roast beef. (Prime rib is a much tastier cut in my opinion.)  Again, I didn’t gorge myself although I did eat a lot. (I still have $35 left to eat with.)

Back To My Room For The Night
After eating I went back to my room to finish catching up on my writing.  I thought I would get done early enough that I would want to hit the poker room, but I didn’t finish posting until after 2 am.

So, all I did was order so room service and then crash out for the night.  I needed a relaxing day after getting crushed mentally and financially yesterday, so... today was just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Mike says:


    I love how you can’t respond to any of my comments now its greaaaaaaaaaaaat. Ah yes, you are in Indiana but playing it off that you are sticking to the plan. You were in Indiana many weeks ago, that state is done my friend. Oh wait you just adjust everything when its convenient for you, and screw the plan. You should take some god damn initiative and stay the week in Kentucky. Oh yea Rooster why not update your readers on your money situation. I know I would love to follow every second and every dollar go down drain. I would love to see this bogus trip come to and end and for you to admit you were not true to your readers and your original plan. Oh wait Rooster you will probally just charge the rest of your trip on your credit card. Was your credit card part of the 2008 dollars you started with, I think not. I am convinced this is yet another bogus aspect of the trip. Anyone can travel the United States with credit cards and rack up debt, not impressive in least bit. I look forward to reading about that shortly. I know what has really been going on and it will come to light in the end. When are you going to tell your readers why you are not looking for a job in Indiana/Kentucky, you said if you lost that is what you were going to do. You just roughly lost 30% of your net worth. I’m sure you will call your friends so they can bash me for this post, I look forward to it. Because anyone who post on this site and doesn’t wash your balls, gets verbally harassed for sharing their comments. Rooster Ace ten no good, Ace ten no good. Once again I will call you out on your site….. WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO SCRANTON, PA. Its in the general area that you will be traveling to get home. I told you many times you can crash on my couch and I’ll take you out for dinner. There are also 2 casino pretty close by, one is only 15 minutes away. So when should I be expecting you my friend?



  2. PROMDATE says:

    welcome promdate! dont forget Jennifer Aniston not Cameron! LOL

    oh and whos is this mike character??? dont listen to him – spounds like a jealous hater to me- i am thinking who can play him in the movie… some mean old loser fat ass…. 😉

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