A Day Of Organization Before I Drive 12 Hours South! (CA) “DAY 122” – 11/3/10

November 4, 2010 - 9:46 am - (CA) “DAY 122”

I woke this morning and had a lot of things I had to do.  Unfortunately for you guys (the readers), it wasn’t anything to exciting.  I had to get an oil change/check my car out, do laundry, and pre-pare for my 12 hours drive on Thursday morning (To L.A.).

Let’s start at the beginning.  I woke up around 11am and had to drive Dutchy to his Boss’s house for some work related stuff.  On our way there, we stopped at some park to check out the old huge trees Northern California is known for.

Sequoia Park
We only stopped in the park for a few minutes but we did get out the car and check out some of the old trees. We walked for just a few hundred yards as Dutchy gave me a history lesson on how the trees grow and whatnot.  He knew his shit, I guess. 😉

After that, we got back into the car and headed off to grab a quick breakfast.  I wasn’t hungry but Dutchy told me we had to stop for the best breakfast sandwich ever... so we pulled over and ate at the Country Store.

The Country Store
We got there and I was almost offended at the prices for breakfast ($8 for pancakes, $9 for 2 eggs, etc..).  Dutchy told me not to worry, he was buying but still... it was ridiculous so I declined as he ordered his breakfast.

After seeing his sandwich, I couldn’t resist and ordered one myself.  I have to admit... it was damn good!  I don’t know much it cost but it was worth it!  Thank you Dutchy!

After breakfast, I dropped Dutchy off and headed back to his place to finish writing “Day 121”.  I wrote everything and downloaded the pictures but he doesn’t have internet, so I left to find some Wi-fi.

Oil Change
As I was driving around town to find a free Wi-fi connection, I spotted a Firestone Tire store so I stopped in to see how much a oil change was.  The lady there said it was $29.99.

Ahhh... I told her that’s a little to much.  She then told me there is a $10 coupon in a a free book around town and to go this store a few blocks to get it.  Thanks lady! 🙂

I got the coupon and then got my oil changed for $19.99.  Before they changed the oil, I took Chris (mechanic) for a drive in my car to see if he thought my car was running OK.

He said it seemed fine, but it might be mis-firing (whatever that means) or the transmission could be a little off, but nothing to worry about yet.  If it gets any worse or a check something light comes on, he said not to wait and get it checked out.  Thanks for being an honest mechanic Chris!

F.Y.I. - While I was waiting for my oil change, I went down to Dutchy’s bar and finished my post.  They have Wi-fi there. 🙂

After the oil change (6 pm), I went to a laundry mat in town to clean all my cloths.  While I was there, some lady was washing a Rooster.  It was a cool stuffed rooster so I took a picture with one of my stuffed bretheren. 😉

While I was waiting for my laundry to finished, I walked next store to Babe’s pizza and ordered some spaghetti and meatballs.  I had paying for pasta but I have been itching for some, so I caved and paid $10 for something that cost .99 cents.

Dutchy’s Place
I finished my laundry and got back to Dutchy’s by 9pm.  He wasn’t home yet as he works all the time to make his bar kick-ass!  While I waited for Dutchy to get home so we could watch “Toy Story 3”, I text back and forth with Celine (French girl) for a hour straight.

She is in Portland still and I am in Cali moving further away, but who knows... she is a very interesting girl! 🙂  (We actually text back and forth until midnight.)

I felt like my old roommate Tom (from NJ) when he used text girls all the time while I laughed on the couch next to him and said... JUST CALL THEM!  Well... I get it now. 😉

Anyway, Dutchy got home around 11pm and we watched the movie, I only made it halfway through as I fell asleep on the couch a little after midnight.  I’m glad I did because I have 12 hour drive in the morning.  Ahhhhh!!!!!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. bopp says:

    hey big guy!…. so i hear you are making it to the AZ soon…YES, cant wait…. I cant wait to eat your meatballs again! mmmmmmm Tasty…. And i got your charity work lined up for you!

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