A Day Of Sports Gambling & Poker! (Vegas) “DAY 154” – 12/5/10

December 7, 2010 - 11:00 am - (Vegas) “DAY 154”

When I woke up this morning (9:00 am), I was sore as can be from the Santa 5K yesterday.  My legs are killing me!  Ahhh! 😉  I knew was gonna have a lot to write because after a day like that... there is a lot to tell! 🙂

But it’s Sunday, so the NFL is on and I’ll have do as I have for the past 3 months and write while I watch the games.  The good thing about being in Vegas though... is you can bet on the games while you watch.  Nice!

Sports Betting
My first bet of the day was a 3 team $100 teaser (Saints, Giants, Vikings).  (A teaser allows you to move the spread 6 or 10 points, I moved it 6 and took some odds in my favor, $100 to win $140.)

Like I said, while I was watching the games... I was writing.  I wrote all the way up until halftime of the Steelers/Ravens game.  (It takes a long time sometimes!)  The good thing was, I won the three team teaser and picked up $140 on the morning games.

Before the 1 pm games started, I placed another three team $100 teaser (T.B., Cowboys, and Steelers).  But this time, I also bet a three team $50 parley with the same teams.  (I’m going for it with this bet, $50 wins $300.) 🙂

As the late games were ending, I was good in the Cowboys game and T.B. was covering too (Steelers playing the night game), then Atlanta came back and took a 4 point lead (over the Bucs) and T.B. couldn’t come back.  Ahhh!

The good thing was, I won both of the teaser plays, the bad thing... T.B. didn’t cover the real spread of +3 points.  So, even though I lost my $50 parley, I was still alive with the three team teaser.  All I needed now was my favorite team (Pittsburgh) to cover a +9 point spread.

Poker Tourney ($40 Buy-in, 1 Re-buy & 1 Add-on - $10 each)
This is the same tourney I won a few days ago (chopped), so I felt confident going into it.  Still, you need good cards and a little bit of luck to win.  Tonight, there was only 18 people in and 3 places were being paid.  Got it? 🙂

I could write a lot about this tournament but I’ll just get to the bottom line and save myself a bunch of time (I’m getting kicked out of my Vegas room in 30 min and I’m driving to Utah right after, so I’m a little busy. - Monday 11:30 am) 😉

I made it to the final 5 people and then I was eliminated by the girl who won the tournament.  Damn!  I had (A, Q, suited diamonds) and she had (K, J) off-suit, we were ALL-In pre-flop.

The flop came with 3 low cards and 2 diamonds.  Nice, a great flop for me.  Then the turn... A King!  Ahhhh!  The river didn’t help me as I was eliminated in 5th place, two places from the making some money! 🙁

Mulling Around The Casino & Then Back To My Room
After the tournament, I walked around the casino as I enjoyed the celebrity impersonators they have here at the Imperial Palace (they deal and sing on the main floor.)

They have many different impersonators but since I don’t know who anybody famous is (I’m not good at that), I surely wouldn’t be able to pick out there impersonator but still... it was real cool to see the show they put on right in the middle of the gambling pits.

Victorian Room
Almost every night I’ve been here (after midnight), I go to the Victorian Room (2 casinos down) for my late night meal.  They have a great deal from midnight - 8am, $5.99 for steak and eggs with hash browns and toast.  Sweet!  It tastes good too. 🙂

It was after 2 am, so I called it a night and went back to my room.  I’m supposed to leave Vegas tomorrow morning and go to Utah, but I think I’m staying one more day because my Utah plans got pushed back a day.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. tom buckley says:

    if some one was impersonating Maconahey you would know who he was.lol

  2. dave says:

    Unfortunately… that is true! lol And that’s Mr. McConaughey to you. 🙂

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