A Day To Catch Up & Get Things Done! (MA) “DAY 333” – 6/2/11

June 2, 2011 - 9:34 pm - (MA) “DAY 333” - Week 48 (For Real) - State 45

I have to start this post by again saying how cool John is for letting me stay on his couch in his studio apartment last night.  Seriously, I’m sure I have close friends that wouldn’t let me (or anybody) stay in a studio with them so this is a huge favor.  Thank you again Johnny!

Also, this morning when he (Johnny) left for work he told me I can stay here all day and write while he’s gone.  Thanks again and thanks to you too Pat for making this happen!  Let’s go Silver Roosters! (Mine and Pat’s fantasy baseball team.)

Doing Some Laundry
After doing some writing in Johnny’s place, I brought my laptop and dirty cloths downstairs to his laundry room and cleaned all my cloths while I continued writing/uploading pictures.

F.Y.I. - This was the most laundry I had to do at once on this trip as I’m down to only one or two more clean outfits.)

So, for the next few hours I sat in the laundry room writing while I cleaned, folded, and repacked all my cloths.  It took a little longer than it should have because the washers had to start 5 minutes apart to avoid flooding.  So, since I didn’t want to write that story, I waited 10 minuted between each load. (I did 4 of them.)

Getting Lunch
The only other thing I did today besides write in John’s place was walk down the street to get a pizza I ordered from a local pizza place. (It’s not as good as a NJ pie but it’s not bad either.)

John Gets Home After 10 pm
Normally John would get home earlier than 10 pm but after work tonight he played in a old-man softball league he’s on.  I was gonna go and meet him there but he told me the traffic was crazy at 6 pm when I’d have had to leave.

Also, since he knew I still had writing to do he said it was best for me to just stay at his place and get my work done. (We talked a lot last night about what we both had to do today so I knew he had softball as he knew I had a lot of writing to catch up on.)

Writing What’s About To Happen
Currently it’s 9:57 pm on Thursday night and I’m since I’m writing my Thursday right now, (I'm writing today before yesterday because it was a shorter post and then I'm gonna go back to my Wednesday when I have time.)

Anyway, what I do know because he just called me and told me is that his girlfriend who lives in NJ is staying at his place tonight.

He said I can still say here but we’ll see how this goes because if it causes a problem at all, I’m just gonna leave because he’s already done enough of a favor for me by letting me stay here last night.

Continued... June 5, 2011 - 5:25 pm -
Well... it all worked out because John’s girlfriend Diane is super cool.  She didn’t mind at all that I was staying here and it even seemed that she was happy to help out.  Thank you both!

It is a huge favor because as I’ve already mentioned John’s lives in a studio apartment so him and his girlfriend were sleeping just a few feet away from a relative stranger.  It’s really so cool of them I don’t even know what to say except Thank You! 🙂

Hanging With John & Diane
Anyway, for the rest of the evening, John, Diane, and I just hung out in his place talking about my journey and watching TV.  I’m not sure what time we went to bed but it was after midnight and everybody was waking up early to do something.

F.Y.I. - John had to drive his girlfriend Diane had to catch a plane to Vegas at 7 am and I was leaving for Montreal to go to my cousins bachelor party for the weekend.

So, that was my day.  I didn’t do much perse’ in terms of crazy activities but I did make a new friend and that’s way cooler than seeing a museum or something.  Thanks for everything John!

Oh Yeah, Donations Came In!
Although this donation I’m gonna mention came in on Wednesday, I didn’t notice until Thursday because of my homeless situation.  So to Jenn: Thank you so much for the 50 bucks!  I truly appreciate it and it will help me big time this weekend!  Thank you! 🙂

And as always, Geri (my Mom’s longtime friend) sent me $25 ($23 after the Paypal deduction) as she has done every 2 weeks since I started this adventure 333 days ago.  Thank you so much Geri!  Your continual contributions has helped me out greatly over the past year! 🙂  That’s it for today.

Thanks for reading!


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