A Day To Organize My Life! (WA) “DAY 106” – 10/18/10

October 19, 2010 - 11:19 am - (WA) “DAY 106”

Before I went to bed last night, I started to organize my things but I was tired and fell asleep before I finished.  Well... I didn’t even dent my all the organization I needed to feel normal again.

Imagine living out of your car for over 60 days and what it would look like at that point... well... that’s why I have to organize! 😉  It’s not so dirty or anything like that but... everything is everywhere.

Anyway, while I was writing my post, I was paying my bills, cleaning my cloths, putting my things in their place, and whatever else was needed to have some assemblance of order.

Post Office & McDonald’s
One of those things was mailing back my old GPS unit which was a lemon!  So I left Casey’s and headed to the post office but before I got there, I stopped at McDonald’s to use their free Wi-Fi and post “DAY 105”.  (Casey’s internet doesn’t work for me. :()

After McEde’s, I finally made it to the post office and mailed back the unit.  It cost a little over $7 but I will be getting that back when Garmin mails me back my refund on their bad product.  Nice! 🙂

Casey’s Place
It was around 4 PM by now, so I headed back to Casey’s.  When I got there, he was sitting on the couch with Brooklyn watching TV while she did her homework.

Casey Eat! Yummmm!

I was hungry and Casey is... always hungry! ;), so we ordered some pizza for dinner.  Again... Casey paid for dinner!  That’s so awesome!  Thank you Casey James Fitch!  But... when you’re gonna eat most of the pie... I guess you should pay! 😉 JK

Yankee’s Play-off Game
It was a little after 5 pm when the pizza arrived.  Perfect timing... because the Yankee/Ranger game was just starting.  As you already know, I am a huge Yankee fan, so watching a Yankee Play-off game on the couch with a best friend is exactly what I needed!

Well... almost what I needed... Casey is a Yankee hater!  A big-time Yankee Hater!  So after Josh Hamilton hit a 2 run homer in the 1st to give the Rangers a 2-0 lead, I was getting the business for the rest of the game.  Ahhhh!

We watched the baseball game as well as the Monday Night Football (Casey was flipping back and forth).  The football game was boring (although we (Jeremy and I) won our fantasy match-up) so I kept bugging Casey to turn back to the baseball game.

I guess watching the game didn’t matter because when it was all said and done the Yankees lost in a blow-out to the Rangers 8-0.  🙁

After The Games - Brooklyn
As soon as the games ended, I looked up and saw Brooklyn dressed in a chicken suit! 🙂

She was running around the place because she was being chased by the dog who couldn’t recognize her dressed as Foghorn Leghorn.  It was real funny! 🙂
Last night, I mentioned to Lisa that I wanted to work out on Monday, even if it was just doing some sit-ups and push-ups.  She said she would do it with me.  Now that was yesterday... and talking about working out and actually working out are worlds apart! 😉

But there we were on Monday night and next thing I knew... Lisa had pulled out some mats for us to work out on.  Noooo!  I’m to fat and lazy! 😉

She only had two mats and before I could even move, Brooklyn jumped on the open mat.  Nice!

I was feeling even fatter watching them work-out, so I jumped on the floor and started to do some push-ups.  I am really out of shape or my should isn’t fully healed yet because I was out of breath after a set of just 20 push-ups!  Oh No!

It even got worse after that as I was only able to do sets of 10 until I got to 100 total push-ups.  I’m a little disappointed in my fitness level but at least I did something and something is ALWAYS better then NOTHING!

End Of The Night

It was almost 10 pm and that’s when the whole house goes to sleep for work/school in the morning, so I had the place to myself.  All I did was relax on the couch and catch up on more TV shows I had missed over the past 106 days.  Nice!

Tomorrow re-starts my usually routine of doing everything I can in a city, I just needed a little R&R to get my batteries recharged!

Thanks for reading!


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