A Day With The Family In Texas! (TX) “DAY 208” – 1/28/11

January 30, 2011 - 12:35 pm - (TX) “DAY 208” - Week 30 - State 28

Somehow it’s already Friday.  Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!  There probably isn’t a truer statement out there. 🙂  Anyway, today was a family day as by now... I feel like I’m part of the Boyer clan.  There are so many people living here that by adding one more, the house barely feels it. 😉

Not to mention, everybody here has made me feel comfortable.  Also, I now know everybody in the house.  What I mean is, I just don’t know their names and ages, I am starting know there personalities.  And, although all their kids are different, there all are real cool in their own way! 🙂

My Morning
I woke today around 9 am because I went to bed early last night.  But today was different because the kids got out of school at 10 am (some school thing), so by 10:15 am there were kids back in the house doing their thing.

So, as I was writing on the couch, two of Scott & Julie’s kids (Becca and Ethan) came home from school and were showing them their grades for the semester (or by semester grades).

Becca (13 yrs old) is real smart and usually gets straight A’s so getting a high B in a class is disappointing to her. (You go girl, keep those high standards!)  Ethan also did real well on his report card as he improved in every class from the last scoring period!  (Scott’s old school methods of parenting are working!)

Working With Scott
Shortly after that, Scott asked me if I could help him for a little bit on one of his job sites.  (Basically, I had to help him carry some tile, get more tile, carry more tile, etc...)  And incase you don’t know... tile is real heavy!  I didn’t know.

Even though I didn’t do much actual work (the amount of time carrying tile was about 20 minutes total), it took over 2 hours to get everything done.  We went to Home Depot, Floor & Decor, two different job sites, etc.

It was now around 2 pm, so Scott dropped me back off at his place so I could get my car and go to Starbucks to finish writing my daily post. (I’m going to Starbucks because the internet connection is much stronger there.)

Since my Thursday wasn’t that crazy, it only took a short amount of time to get it done.  Nice!  So, when i got I finished I looked around the internet to see what was going on in Dallas next week for the Super Bowl!  There’s a lot to do... so there’s a lot have to make happen! 😉

Making Dinner For The Family
It was now 3 o’clock and I had nothing to do, so I decided that since that since Scott and his family have been so kind and generous to me, I would buy and make them dinner tonight.  (I asked Julie (Scott’s wife) if that was OK and she was more than happy with it.) 🙂

So I went to grocery store, got all things I needed for dinner, and headed back to Scott’s to start making spaghetti and meatballs for 9 people. (Like I said already during this week, it’s not easy to feed a family of 9 everyday.  You need 5 lbs of ground beef, 3 lbs of pasta, etc.)

It really is amazing to me how big families do it everyday!  🙂

Cooking Dinner
I choose spaghetti and meatballs for a few reasons; 1.) I make a pretty good meatball. 2.) Kids like spaghetti and meatballs 3.) Lastly, even though it wasn’t exactly cheap, it was about as inexpensive as you could make a dinner for 9 people while still having some kind of meat. 😉

Anyway, helping me cook dinner for the family was the only kid who wasn’t gonna be eating any tonight (Chasity, 13 yrs old). (She had plans to go out with one her friends or something.)  Thank you Chas, your help was needed and appreciated! 🙂

Dinner Time

By the time I was able to round up the whole house and get them seated at the dinner table, it was close to 6:30 pm.  As they do every night, they said Grace and then chowed down on a Rooster speciality (my meatballs). 🙂

I don’t know if they were lying or not, but everybody said they liked the dinner.  I know Ethan liked it because he got seconds and cleaned both plates!  Thanks E! 🙂  And Julie definitely liked it because she didn’t have to cook tonight. 😉 (right: Uncle Ethan with his nephew.)

Fighting With The Boys
After dinner, the boys and me had to find out who the toughest guy in the house was (outside of Scott), so we went into the den area and had a good old fashioned wrestling contest.  (Ethan is the oldest - 15, Rob is 14, and Blitz is 6.) (Left: All 3 boys are there, except Becca is prominent in the pic.)

Anyway, I started with Ethan and after showing him a thing or two about wrestling, I came out on top 2 times in row.  Next was Rob, he was a game opponent but in the end... Rooster power was just to much for him as I got the W! 😉

Lastly, it was Rooster vs. The Mighty 6 year old (Blitz).  Blitz and I battled for over 15 minutes with him beating me 3 out of 5 times (3-2).  But Blitz was running around telling everybody he beat me 6 times, so I sneak attacked him and tied it up 3-3.

Blitz wasn’t happy about this, so while I was sitting on the couch watching TV (5 minutes later), he walked up and sucked punched me in the face!  LOL  He hit me good as I now have a fat lip!  I really do and it even bleed for a few minutes.  I guess we now know who the man of the house is... the 6 year old... Blitz! LOL 🙂

Movie Night With The Family

It was now close to 9 pm and even though Scott and I had loose plans of going to the Improv to see Dave Attell, we decided to go see a movie with the whole family instead. (I didn’t mind, I actually preferred a movie tonight to a night out at a bar.  Plus, tomorrow night we are definitely hitting the town (Houston) for a concert!)

Arriving At The Theater

I keep reiterating this but it amazes me how the simplest things are so grand when you have 9 people to do it with.  For instance, just piling in one car is a to-do.  You have to piece all the people in like a jigsaw puzzle just to fit everybody in. 🙂

Then, you have to decided which move everybody is happy with seeing.  Now this could have been a major problem but they agreed on the Dilemma fairly easy. (The Mechanic, The Green Hornet, and Black Swan were in the running.)

Buying Our Tickets
Again, I don’t know how big families do it because it cost over $70 just to get into the theater and that’s before anybody got any over priced concessions.  Thank you Scott!  You’re not only a great friend but one hell of a father/grandfather!

Watching The Movie
The movie in and of itself was good to fair.  The concept was entertaining and Ron Howard did a good job of shooting it, but I thought the jokes came up a little short all movie long.  Still, it wasn’t bad as Vince Vaugh was Vince Vaugh but Kevin James didn’t have enough funny lines. 🙁

Hitting The Bar Afterward

After the movie ended, we (Scott, Julie, and me) dropped the kids off at the house and hit a bar for an hour so.  (Scott’s sister Lynn was there to watch the kids although most of them are old enough to be left alone.)

The Parrot Bar

The bar we went to was just a few miles away from the house (The Parrot Bar).  The Parrot bar was a local type place and tonight happened to be karaoke night in Spring, Texas!  Yee haw! 🙂

Anyway, by the time we got there, it was after 1 pm and the since the bar closes at two, I didn’t think I would sing a song.  But after hanging around until 1:45 am, Scott and I asked if there still time to sing a song each.

Karaoke Time
I forgot the name of the song that Scott sung but I can honestly say... he doesn’t have a bad voice and sang the shit out of the song he choose.  (I was genuinely super shocked!, He wasn’t the next American Idol or anything but he can carry a tune!) 🙂

After Scott sang, it was my turn and I was singing the last song of the night.  As I normally do, I sang Ton Loc’s “Wild Thing” and let me tell you this... all the girls in the bar got up on the dance floor and did the wild thing while I belted it out!

For real, a group of girls did dance on the floor in front me until one older drunk beat up looking lady got on the dance floor and scared everybody else away.  It’s true... that’s how it went down! LOL 🙂

Back To Scott’s
The three of us got back to Scott’s sometime after 2 am and by now... all of us were exhausted so we went to our respective sleeping quarters and crashed out for the night.

I knew I had to get sleep right away because in the morning I have my charity/volunteer work to do.  I’m not depressed about it, I’m actually excited because tomorrow I’m helping coach a youth football team in Texas, so I need my rest! 😉

Oh yeah, earlier Scott gave me a Yankee Jersey he had.  It was a jersey from a team he coached a few years ago.  He hates the Yankees, so he gave it to me so it would be out of his closest! 😉 Nice!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Nice photo’s and dinner. I know your meatballs & spaghetti are good. Now Texas knows the kid from
    Jersey can cook a little italian.
    What’s the latest on the Superbowl plans?

  2. Hey Dave,

    I just caught up on your posts for the last few days and noticed that you’re looking to spread the word on the site a little more. As luck would have it, I (FINALLY) landed a journalism job last week with an online community newspaper in Woodbridge. I mentioned your site/journey to my editor and she’d be interested in running a story on it. It’s not Oprah or Howard Stern, but hey, it’s a start. 🙂

    You have my number, shoot me a text or something when you’re settled in Dallas and we’ll set up some time to do a phone interview if you’re interested. (This will actually work out really well, because I’m working on a story about a kid on the Steelers who’s from my hometown of Carteret, so all of my articles this week might have a Super Bowl theme to them, haha).

    Hope to talk to ya soon Rooster!


  3. bennervous says:

    Dave, You know how much I admire you and have just a ton of good things to say about you…there’s hardly a day that goes by that I don’t talk about your trip. That said, Prego in a jar does NOT mean you can cook Italian food. I am cringing (respectfully, of course) at the thought of it, as I am sure are many others at the club.
    Keep up the great posts and better journey!

    Josh — I live in Woodbridge (Colonia), so let me know which paper and I will look out for the article. Congrats on the new job and good luck. Great to hear that you could help out our boy!

  4. bennervous – It’s an online newspaper called the Woodbridge Patch (there’s many Patches online for towns throughout the country; Woodbridge is the first one in this area). http://woodbridge.patch.com

    I’m hoping to have the article up by the end of this week or beginning of next week and will be sure to mention it here when it’s up.


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