A Full Day Of Gambling! Time To Get To Work! (WI) “DAY 45” – 8/18/10

August 19, 2010 - 10:25 am - (WI) “DAY 45”

I got up this morning still frustrated with how poker is going.  I am in crunch time right now and feeling the pressure of possibly being dead broke in a few weeks or sooner.  Not a relaxing feeling!

Anyway, after I woke, the first thing I did was go to the fridge to get a drink.  Sounds simple enough... right?  Well... I got a big surprise!  There was nothing to drink in the fridge except milk (which I don’t drink), wine, and Simply Lemonade...  that sounds refreshing :)!

So I picked up the lemonade and poured myself a big glass (cotton mouth).  Before I could even taste it, I drank the whole glass.  Then... Ahhh... WHY!  Vodka!  I almost threw up on the floor!   Not Refreshing!!!

I know had to go find something real to drink, so I got in my car and hit the town looking for a bottle of water.  Again... sounds simple enough, right?  This town, evidently... doesn’t have a lot of 7/11’s or

F$&K this place!

bodaga’s.  I drove around for over 15 minutes looking for any store that would sell me a bottle of water!

Are you kidding me!  At one point, I was driving around screaming out my window what a shit-hole this town is and that the whole place can go F&%K themselves!  I was that frustrated!

After 20 minutes... I finally found a bottle of water 🙂 and headed back to Riccio’s to write “DAY 44”.  I got done with my post around 3 pm and headed to the casino.

The only thing I have to do today is play poker!  I need to get back on the winning track or else my trip will be over soon.  This is a fact!

I got to the poker room around 4 pm and attempted to get into a 1-2 NL game but there was a waiting list of 25 names.  I asked the floor if they were gonna start a new game when they told me they only run one 1-2 NL table per day.???  What!?

I asked why and basically they told me the casino makes more money when the players play 2-4 limit / 3-6 limit Texas Hold’em.  The guy said that when people play 1-2 NL they get busted to quickly and don’t come back for days, where as when they play the low limit games, they can play all week long.  This casino is a sham!

Other Ridiculous Rules
There are so many stupid rules and... they change all the time (that’s what the dealers told me), they aren’t even on the rules board.  Here are some of them.

1.) Your first buy in must be bought at the cage (even in a 3-6 limit game - $30 min buy).

2.) If you bet out of turn because you couldn’t see somebodies cards you lose your turn to bet, if everybody checks, if somebody bets, you can only call.

3.) Only one 1-2 NL game allowed on the floor AND the rake is 10% up to $8! (I’ve never seen a casino take more than $5.)  This is to detour you from playing 1-2 NL.
4.) If you have more chips in your hand then you need to call and they cross the betting line... it is a raise.
5.) The usual stuff, no cell phone, no tobacco, and in this place... NO FUN or RESPECT from the FLOOR PEOPLE!

Anyway, I’ve vented enough.  Now, let’s talk some cards!  

Like I said, I was 25th on the 1-2 NL list and now that I know they only run one game... I’m screwed!  What to do?  Play in a 3-6 limit game and bleed money away or get into a 3-5 NL game (which is hairy and had a list as well, but smaller with 3 tables going)???

Hmmm.... as I was deciding, I realized (cause why would floor tell me) there was 50+5 tournament starting at 6 pm and registration had just started.  That could be the spark I need to get my mojo back!  So... I signed up for the tournament.

The problem now... what to do for 2 hours???  A two hour wait for a poker player in a poker room with a seat available (at any game) is like putting fat guy who hasn’t eaten in a week at buffet full of food and then telling him... he can’t eat!

3-6 Limit Texas Hold’em
Needless to say, I sat down at a 3-6 limit game while I waited for the tournament to start.  I bought in $100 and played real tight.  It didn’t matter though because when you’re card dead and unlucky... you can do nothing right!

I can’t begin to tell you all the hands I played but I only won one hand in the 2 hours I played.  I do remember one tough beat I took though.

I had about $55 left from my buy in and got dealt (A, 8) of diamonds in the button.  There wasn’t a raise so I just called the $3. F.Y.I - If I raise $3 more here with position, everybody calls because it’s... 3-6 LIMIT!

Anyway, the flop (J, 10, 10) with two diamonds. The lady in first position bet $3 and everybody called.  The turn... 9 of diamonds.  Nice! I hit the nut flush with a straight flush draw!  The same better bet $6, everybody called and I raised to $12.  Everybody called.  The river... 5 of clubs.  Nice, a great card for me, how can that help anybody.

Everybody checked to me and I bet $6.  The original better raised me to $12.  F&%K... I’ve been betting into a made hand the whole time (full house).  I called the $6 and she turns over... (10, 5) off-suit!  Are you kidding me!  (The pic to the left is of my stack and you can see her in the 10 seat.)

It was almost 6 pm so I got up with $22 left (down $78.) and took my seat in the tournament.

Poker Tournament - 50+5
Ok.. at least now I’m playing real Texas Hold’em.  Here’s the info you need for this tourney.  There are 50 players, 3000 in starting chips, 20 minutes blinds, a break after every 4 rounds, and no re-buys or add-ons.  Perfect!

The only problem now... I CAN’T GET A HAND TO SAVE MY LIFE!  I played for the first 4 rounds (until the break) and didn’t win a hand unless it was just the blinds.  Are you kidding me?  How long can this last.  And... like the past few weeks have been going I wouldn’t have even won hands I didn’t play in!

Still, I made it to the break (patience) and there was only 30 or players left at this point.  I had 1,000 in chips but the blinds were 300-600.  I knew I had to play a hand soon or else I’d be blinded out.

A few hands after the break, I got pocket 6’s (6, 6) in the button.  Before it got to me, there was a raise to 1,200 and re-raise (ALL IN) of 4,800 chips.  Pocket 6’s is the best hand I had seen in hours, so I called.

The original raiser folded, so I was heads up.  The guy turned over (A, J).  He hit nothing and I tripled up.  I’m back baby!  A few blinds and 20 minutes later, I only had 1,700 in chips left.

I was dealt (K, J) suited in the button and there was a 1,100 (ALL IN) in front of me.  I pushed ALL IN and the guy in the little blind decided for a bit, before reluctantly calling.  He had pocket 4’s (4, 4).

The flop hit came with a 4 and a K but it didn’t matter as I was sent home.  F.Y.I - The guy who knocked me out (26th) ended up winning the tournament.

John Riccio

Blackjack - Yes... Blackjack
It was 8-ish (pm) and I hadn’t eaten all day so my plan was to go back to Riccio’s to see if he was hungry.  On my way to my car, I realized I still had $22 in chips in my pocket.

F%&K it!  I’ll throw it on the blackjack table and maybe for once... I can get lucky.  I told myself... only the $22, not a penny more.

I won the first hand and ten minutes later... I had $165 in front of me.  Nice!  I was now up $10 for the day (minus poker loses), so I got out of Dodge and went back to Riccio’s.

When I got home :), Riccio had a pizza waiting for me on the counter.  People are awesome!

I hung out with him for a bit while I re-charged my poker battery :).  After an hour, it was time to go back to work so I drove back to casino.

Poker Again
When I arrived, my name was still on the list for the 1-2 NL game from before (4 pm).  I was now 7th though.  This is absurd!  I figured at this rate... I’m never gonna play 1-2 NL in this room.

Without any other choice, I sat down at a 3-6 limit game again.  And again, I bought in for $100.  I played for 3 hours and didn’t win more than a hand or two.  I’m still so card dead... it’s getting to the point that I feel like I’ll never win a big pot again!

I was down $66. when I was finally called into the 1-2 NL game.  Nice, only a 8 hour wait! 😉

I only had $34. in chips so I bought in for another $100., giving me $134. on the table.  The first hand I played was (A, J).  I called a $10 raise before the flop as a few players did.

The flop... (A, 4, 2).  Everybody checked so I bet $20.  The table folded and I took down a $50 pot.  My God!  It’s about time!  I had a hand, the card hit and held... I must be dreaming... zzzzzz 🙂

The rest of time at this table, I kept hitting cards.  It’s about time!  EX- If I had (K, 10 ) diamonds, the flop wold be (10, 7, 2) with 2 diamonds, etc...  I kept taking pots but they were smallish ($40-$60).

Then I got (A, 9) off-suit in the big blind.  A guy who was raising every hand bumped it to $10.  There was a few callers so I smooth called as well.  The flop... (9, 6, 2) off-suit.  I was first to act, so I checked.

The table checked around.  The turn... A of spades.  Nice, I got top two.  I lead out with a $20 bet.  I got one caller and the original raised bumped it to $65.  I knew I was good, it was just wether to raise or not.  I smooth called.

Me "Rooster" and Tom

The river... 2 of spades.  The spade gave the board 3 spades and also paired the board so I checked.  The better bet another $45 into the pot and I called.  He didn’t even show as I flopped over my top two pair.

While I was at the table, I met a real cool guy named Tom.  He sat to my left and we talked most of the time I was there.  Nothing but the best of luck buddy, maybe I'll see ya again this week!

It was around 2 am when the table broke, I had $428 in front of me.  Finally a win!  I was up $228 for the session putting me up $128 for my time in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I needed it!

It’s 1:11 pm right now (Thursday) and I have to be at a charity organization in 20 minutes.  Wendy got back on board and set it up for me.  Thank you so much Wendy!

Other than that, I’m going to the Harley Davidson Museum later and then... more poker!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Edie says:

    Hey Dave.

    First – Doesn’t your boy Riccio have a kitchen sink? Last I checked, water would come out of the faucet thingie. It may not be poland spring, but in a pinch it oughta do! 🙂

    Second – Glad you finally had a winning day – I was getting worried for a bit there. Is Jeremy back yet? The graph really needs to be updated. . .

    Last but not least, I took it down on Tuesday, sending a small donation from the proceeds!

    Good Luck!


  2. Gene says:

    Power of the Schwartz….it’s a mighty powerful force my friend….

  3. dave says:

    Thank you and Congrats on the win! Yes, water does come out of sink and if I knew what a process it was gonna be… I would have drank from there. 😉

    The graph will be updated by the end of the week.

    Thanks again!

  4. dave says:

    May the Swartz be with you!

  5. Brian Meltzer says:

    as for your “lemonade” story – same thing to me once, i was at a friends apartment, he was not there, let me crash, woke up with major cotton mouth from a night of pounding gin and i grabbed a bottle of water. turned out to be vinegar, but of course that did not come to my attention until i swigged a pint of it…..

  6. dave says:

    You know how I feel then… It is horrible! But vinegar…. Ahhhh… Much worse!

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