A Full Day Of Poker Tournaments & Wizard Again! (OR) “DAY 116” 10/28/10

October 28, 2010 - 10:46 am - (OR) “DAY 116”

I was woken up this morning by the Hostel front desk because it was after 11 am and I was still sleeping.  Yes, they actually come to your bed, wake you up, and ask you if you are leaving or staying.  I wasn’t sure yet... so I got up, packed my stuff, and left.

Before I left though, I asked the front desk how many beds they had for the day?  The guy told me 7, so I felt comfortable not to get the room yet and see how my day pans out.  It was 11:45 am and a poker tournament was starting at noon, so I left to go play in the tourney.

Noon Poker Tournament - $25+10 NL
The need to knows:
It was a $25 tournament with 2 re-buys allowed in the first hour, no add-ons, 38 players, 5000 starting chips, and... I think that’s all you need to know. 😉

During the first hour of the tournament, I pulled out my laptop and started writing right there at the table.  I figured why not?  The game was moving slow and I still had to write “DAY 115” so I was killing two birds with one stone. 🙂

2nd Hour
I made it to the first break but chip stack wasn’t that big.  The only hand I remember playing was the last hand before break where I tripled up my $1,800 chips with (A, 5) suited.  I hit an Ace and nobody caught up.  Nice!

The good thing was... I had more than 5000 chips (starting amount) and I never re-bought into the tournament, so I was only invested for $35.  I kept playing tight and by  the second break... I had over 10,000 in chips.

3rd Hour
Going into the 3rd hour, there was 17 people left.  Time to make it happen!  I played my style (folding) until I got a real strong hand.  Then with 11 people left, I got pocket Queen’s (Q,Q).  I pushed ALL-IN and got called by the chip leader with (A - rag).

I was good on the flop but then... dun dun dun.... the turn brought an Ace and my tournament was over.  I placed 11th which isn’t bad but you don’t make any money finishing there, so it was just 3 hours of wasted time!  Ahhhh!

Writing “DAY 115”
It was after 3 pm and I still hadn’t finished writing my daily post yet so I got all stuff out and finished my post right there in the poker room.  It actually worked out great because their Wi-fi was awesome.  My computer was working super fast!  🙂

I finished posting around 5:30 pm as I left Aces Poker Club.  I was hungry and I needed to decide if I was staying... so I drove around town while I thought about it.

High School Football Game
As I was driving around Portland aimlessly, I spotted a H.S. football game from the road I was on.  I pulled over and got out to watch the game even though it was raining.  What do I care???  A little rain never hurt anybody. 😉

When I got to the stands, I realized it was JV football game and it was late in the 4th quarter.  Still... I’m here now... I’ll watch it until the end.  As it turns out the end was pretty exciting.

The Warriors (home team) was up 20-14 with 2 minutes left and they had the ball at their own 3 yard line.  All they had to do was run the clock out but the next play they got safety’d and had to give the ball back with under 2 remaining.

The visiting team then took the ball all the way down the field to the 10 yard line (4 running plays).  There was 25 seconds remaining and the visiting team had no time-outs left, so they went to the air 4 play in a row.

Each pass play was broken up as the home Warriors held on to win 20-16 in front of a packed crowd of 25 people! LOL 🙂  It was a good ending though and I enjoyed the 20 minutes of football I watched.

It was 7 pm now and at this point... I realized I was staying Portland for another night so I went back to the Hostel and got a bed again ($29).  All I did when I got there is pay for the bed because I had another poker tournament starting at 8 pm and... I hadn’t eaten yet.

Directly across the street from the Aces Poker Club is a burger joint called Burgerville.  I guess it’s a little classier Burger King or what have you.  I have never been there so I just ordered one small burger to see if it was any good.

The burger was bad but it’s no White Diamond burger (hometown burger joint, THE BEST!).  None-the-less, I ate it and headed across the street for the 8 pm poker tournament.

8 PM Tournament - $40 NL Bounty
The need to knows:
It was $40 NL bounty tournament with 2 re-buys allowed in the first hour, no add-ons, 29 people (I think), 5000 starting chips, and... that’s it.

F.Y.I. - The bounty part means, that $20 of the entree fee is a bounty on your head.  If you get felted (go bust) you have to give your green chip over with the rest of your chips and that green chip is worth $20.  Also, when you win a green chip, you can’t lose it back.

Now, because of the bounty, this tournament plays a little different than most.  The $20 becomes a huge draw for people to play hands they normally wouldn’t for the chance of winning $20 right then and their.

During the first hour of the tourney, I played a little looser then I normally would have and it paid off with a green chip or two as well as having a lot of regular chips to boot.

2cd Hour
The good thing about getting to the second hour is that the re-buy phase of the tourney is over.  So people have to play real poker now because if they lose... they really lost!  No more chances to buy back in.  (I didn’t re-buy in either tourney today.) 🙂

During this hour, I picked up another green chip giving me 3 total.  Nice... I can’t lose now as just in green chips I have $60 ($20 more than my buy-in).  At the end of this hour, I had a bunch of chips and was one of the chip leaders.

3rd Hour
During this hour of play, I again got nothing and folded almost every hand I was dealt.  I probably shouldn’t have because a few times I would have won and got another green chip.  Damn!  I was definitely playing to tight for this tourney with the chip stack I had.

4th Hour
A few minutes into the four hour, somebody was knocked out which got me to final table (last 9 people).  At the final table, I was about 5th in chips so I’m in good shape. 🙂

Just a few hands into the final table, 2 people got eliminated leaving us with just 7 people left.  F.Y.I - The top 6 were getting paid so usually the table agrees to pay the bubble their entree fee back (poker etiquette).

Lady behind Lamp!

Like in yesterday’s tournament... we gave the bubble their entree fee back and the person only had one chip when we agreed to it.  It’s just the right thing to do after 4 hours playing.

Anyway, everybody at the table agreed except for one BITCH!  She wasn’t a bitch because she didn’t agree to the bubble pay-out, she was bitch because well... she was a unhappy, ugly. nasty, foul, scum of a human being!  I wish her nothing but bad luck in poker forever!

Getting Knocked Out
Of course... I was the person knocked out in 7th place!  Damn you bitch!  The hand played itself out as I had pocket Queen’s (Q,Q) and a guy with just a few more chips than me had pocket Kings (K,K).  It happens but I should gotten a bubble payout!

Either way, I had a good time in this poker room for the day and when it was all said and done... I had won $5 between the two tournaments (bounty money).  Hey... at least I didn’t lose! 🙂

Back To The Hostel
I got back to the Hostel after midnight and started uploading pictures for todays post.  I wanted to get ahead of the game so I could get out of town early tomorrow morning and head south to a college town (Corvallis or Eugene).

When I got finished with the pictures, I took a break and went outside to get some fresh air.  Plus... I was still fired up at the stupid bitch from earlier.  Ahhhhh!

Wizard Again
I walked outside and spotted Wizard again under the gazebo just sitting there doing whatever it is Wizard does???  I did enjoy talking with him (entertaining), so I sat down and started to BS with him for the second night in a row.

He is a very interesting person as he believes in all kinds of things that I do not (tarot cards, magic, etc.) but that’s what makes him so interesting... we are so different, yet we can talk and laugh under a gazebo in Portland, Oregon.  Crazy!

Gerald and Wizard

Another Person Joined Us
As we were sitting there, another guy named Gerald walked up just as I did yesterday and asked if he could join us.  Sure we said as we invited him into our conversation.

Now... Gerald is something else!!!  Wow!!!  He hasn’t used money in about ten years because he gave it up!  Yes... he just gave it up.  I don’t know how he exists but I guess people don’t know how I exist so... touche’.

Anyway... he claims to use magic to change the world and sees his results in the paper everyday.  The economy... his doing.  The oil wells in the ocean leaking... his doing.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes... all his doing!

But he said he didn’t send that storm to Katrina so.. he’s all good in my book. 😉  Then, just in time, a drunk guy named Patrick showed up and joined this fully dysfunctional group of rejects, myself included! 😉

Patrick, Gerald, Wizard

Wizard, Gerald, Patrick, and Rooster (Me)
Now.. here I am sitting under this gazebo after 2 am with the craziest bunch of people I could ever imagine.  Patrick turned out to be just as nuts as the rest of us as he was talking about ridiculous shit that made the 3 of us look confused!

Yes... me, the Wizard, and the Magic Man were all confused listening to Patrick!  What a crazy cool world we live in!  While Patrick was talking nonsense and Gerald was casting spells... two drugged out hippies stopped by our gazebo and tried selling us something?

I’m not sure what it was (not drugs, some hippie food) so Wizard bought some off of them and gave it to me as a present.  Ya see... people are awesome even if they are different than you! 🙂  Thanks Wizard!

It was almost 3 am and it was getting a little weird even for me... so I called it night and went back inside the Hostel to go to bed.  One thing I know for sure is... you never know what’s gonna happen next in life!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Your new aquaintences are perfect. I needed a good laugh tonight because this week hasn’t been good.

    I’ll begin with Monday morning when Tati was bit on her nose and lip because she put he nose through the fence from inside our yard and another dog on the outside took a big piece out of her lip.
    500.00 later with 2 teeth removed and stitches she came home Wed. from surgery out of it. Then Jill’s Mom called Thurs. afternoon while I was caring for Tati, to tell me she fell in the garage on her face, bleeding and broke some teeth and is waiting for the ambulance and headed for the hospital. No broken bones but she’s all bruised and battered.All test came back OK but she’s not. We hope she’ll be OK. Well that’s it from my end for tonight. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.
    In case we don’t speak, Happy Halloween.

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