A German Fest, A Museum, & A Mixed Martial Arts Event! (SD) “DAY 69” – 9/11/10

September 12, 2010 - 11:10 am - (SD) “DAY 69”

I woke up today with the same uneasy feeling I’ve been getting when I have no where to stay and no where to go (specifically... I always have somewhere to go. ;))  I had to write my post, then decide what the plan was.

Do I stay here, go to Sioux Falls, or keep heading further south to Sioux City???

The first option was out after I went downstairs to see if I could get another free room through playing poker and they (Royal River Casino) said no.  That ended that option and there was no other reason to want to stay here, so I packed the car and left around 1pm.

Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls is just 30 minutes (40 miles) directly south of where I am, so I’m gonna stop there and check out the city.  It’s known as “The biggest little city in the Mid-West”... we’ll see!

I rolled into Sioux City around 1:30 and the first place I went to was the Empire Mall (The biggest Mall in South Dakota).  Now, I wanted to go there and laugh at it because I thought the biggest mall in South Dakota was gonna be similair to having the biggest dick in China... 😉

Not something to brag about... Just kidding Chinese people... I’m sure you’re all well hung... 😉

Empire Mall
Anyway, the mall was actually a real mall and it was pretty big.  I was wrong, this place is ok.  So the first place I went to was the Sioux Falls information desk in the center of the building.

I asked the dude working there what was going on in this town today and he told me there was a German Fest going on downtown (5 minutes away).  Nice!  A city’s big event... I’m headed there after I check out the mall further.

The mall had all the normal stores all malls do... Spencers, Macy’s, etc... But there were a few stores I had never seen, like a Dakota store, a Far East store, and the best sports store I had seen since I left Jersey.  It had everything!

On my way out of the mall, I stopped at a bar to check out the college football games and scores.  Most of the good games were blow-outs (OK vs Fla.St., OSU vs. Penn ST.), so I stayed for few minutes and moved on to the festival.

Casino’s Everywhere
On my way to German Fest (5 miles away), I saw at least 15 different little casinos.  They were everywhere!  Again, they aren’t full casinos, just a room with some slots in there, nowhere I wanna be.

Courthouse Museum
As I was finding a parking a spot for the festival, I noticed a sign that said “Courthouse Museum - open to the public for free”.  Nice!  I had to check it out, so I went inside to take a look around.

Now... this museum featured 3 things... the history of corn, hot air balloons, and underwear.  Yes... that’s what I said... corn. hot air balloons, and underwear!

I can only imagine the town meeting where they decided what they would feature at their town’s museum.  There must have been some weird dude with a little power and a fetish for jerking off in a hot air balloon, while eating corn, and wearing Wonder Woman underwear!  lol  Who knows! 🙂

Seriously though, that’s what they were featuring there, so I looked around and took some pictures of me and corn.  I also learned that corn husking is a big deal around here.  They have contests, champions, and everything!

Hot Air Balloon
Then, I saw the hot air balloon exhibit.  There, I learned all about the history of the hot air balloon as well as where and what air balloons I could see in the area.  Pretty cool.

Lastly, I saw the Underwear portion of the tour.  It was very interesting and I did learn a lot about where the bra came from, women’s lingerie, as well as the history of boxers or briefs for men.

As I was walking around this part of the tour, I could tell this was the most popular area because there were old men just standing in front panties and smiling!  LOL

German Fest
After 30 minutes of looking around, I finally headed to the German Fest (2 blocks away).   The festival was held in Falls Park and there were about 1,000 people there along with a handful of stands selling German food, beer, and hats.

The crazy thing was... people were wearing Rooster hat’s everywhere I looked.  Yes!!! Rooster hats!!!  I couldn’t believe it either.  So I walked up to a couple of guys wearing rooster hats and asked them where they got the hats.

They told me they had their hats for years, but they added... the stand that sells them will definitely sell out so you better get yours early.  What??? Rooster hat’s selling out???

I immediately headed over to the hat store and bought a Rooster hat ($7.).  I would have paid $20! 😉  The guys were right too, there was only a few left when I got there and the festival had only been going on for an hour or so.  What is going on here??? 🙂

The hats were actually chicken hats and as I found out... the whole place would were the hat and do the chicken dance together when the band played the right song!

I stayed until I danced one chicken dance and then headed out of the festival.  (I couldn’t get a picture of me dancing with my Rooster hat on because I was there alone and couldn’t find anyone to take my picture while I was rooster (chicken dancing).

Before I left, I saw a little rooster mascot so I had to take picture with him/her... who knows?  I had fun at the Festival but would have had more fun if I knew where I was staying.  You can’t get rip roaring drunk when you have to drive somewhere... 🙁

Champs Americana
It was around 4 pm when I left the German Fest and headed to Champs to watch some college football games.  The place was dead and there wasn’t even a pretty bartender on duty.  The good thing was... they did have all the games on.

I hung out there for about a half hour as I thought about what I wanted to do.  Do I stay here and get a room or keep driving south til I get to Sioux City where there is a poker room?

I decided that I had seen enough of Sioux Falls, so I got in my car and kept driving south (about 1 hour) to Sioux City’s Riverboat Casino (Argosy).

Sioux City - Argosy Riverboat
I arrived at the Argosy Riverboat Casino around 6 pm and immediately got a players card then hit the poker room.  The poker room was small and they only had one game going (1-2 NL).

The table was full and there was a list of about 5 names.  I could tell the players at the table were bunker'd in as they all had huge chip stacks and looked like guys who were gonna be playing all night.  (I know... I’m one of those guys ;).)

Instead of waiting around to be called, I decided it was time to find and pay for a hotel room.  F.Y.I.- I feel more comfortable playing poker when I have a place retreat to, if I have to.  Also, I did need a place to sleep tonight so it was the right call for my mindset.

Finding A Room
I searched through my GPS to see what hotels/motels were close and what the prices were (I called them).  After a little research, I found a place that had a room for $53 (Quality Inn).  It’s a little pricey for me, but it was the best deal I could find.

Quality Inn - Mixed Martial Art Fighters
I arrived at the hotel at 7 pm and as I was parking three younger guys were walking toward my car looking real hard and focused.  Oh shit!  A bunch of young guys looking for trouble and they found a Jersey guy with Roosters all over his car!  Here we go...

F.Y.I - I’m not easily intimidated and I can handle myself so I’m never worried but... I am still always aware of my surrounding at all times!

Anyway, as the guys got closer to my car, I said “What’s up guys?”.  They barely responded but kept walking toward me and started to circle my car.  Not this... not now...

Then one of the guys (Jon) asked me what “Where’s Rooster” is all about.  I started to tell him what I was doing as they were interested and really cool with it.  I then asked them if they were fighters?  (I used to work in mixed martial arts as a announcer and partial manager so I know what fighters look like.)

They (Jasen, Marc, Jon) responded yes, they were fighters.  Then, they went on to tell me how they were fighting tonight, right down the street, here in Sioux City.  And... Jon is fighting for a title belt (170 lbs).  Nice!  It’s great how life works out sometimes!  Now I have something to do tonight!

The guys invited me to attend the event but they didn’t have any extra tickets.  None-the-less, I’m still going.  Even if I had to spend the $20-$30 for a ticket, it would be worth it!  I love going to fight shows!

The guys and I kept talking until they had to leave to get ready for their fight.  We also talked about partying together later at the hotel after they win!

MMA Event
I arrived at the MMA event and realized... it’s at a bowling alley?.  Buy hey, that’s how these small shows are. I know, I’ve been many in Arizona over the years and all of them were great!

As I walking up to get a ticket or talk my way in, I saw Marc outside of the venue.  He came right up to me and said “Rooster!  You made it.”  He then said, he would try and get me a pass to get in.  Nice!

Fight List

About 10 minutes later Jon, Marc, and Jasen all came outside.  They were pumped I made it there and I was pumped to see them fight.  F.Y.I - At this point I found out Marc wasn’t a fighter but a training partner and friend of the other two.

They couldn’t get me a ticket but that was OK, I’m a writer and media personality.  I’ll see if I can get media credentials for the event.

Getting In
I spoke with a guy working in the front and after a few minutes...  he gave me a wristband and let me in.  The guy I spoke with was real cool as we talked MMA for bit.  My years announcing and working with fighters in AZ was mostly what we talked about.

Anyway, the show was packed (500 people, maybe more) and the atmosphere was perfect for a MMA show in the Mid-West.  They had about 10 fights scheduled for the evening, 6 amateur and 4 pro fights.

I had never heard of any of the fighters there, so I had no idea who was gonna win each fight.  It made it even more exciting for me because I couldn’t expect anything, I had to watch the whole event closely.  Nice!

My View

The First Fight Begins

I didn’t have a seat but it there was a lot open area to watch from.  I found a table in the bar area that had a great view of the cage, so I made that my area.  While I was standing there watching the fights, I met a lot people.

Me "Rooster" and Craig

One was a guy named Craig (40 something).  He was there to see a friend of his fight who was 45 years old.  That’s what I love about these shows, you never know what your’e gonna see.

Craig and I hung out for most of the event talking about everything, not just MMA.  He then asked me if I needed place to crash for the night.  I told him I had already paid for a  hotel but would take him up for Sunday, if that’s cool.

He said, “No problem Rooster... Sunday’s, I watch football and drink beers, you’re welcome to join me.”  On top of that, he bought me a captain and coke.  Cool people are everywhere!

Jon (In white)

During the evening I kept checking in on Jon, Jasen, and Marc.  They were such cool guys and it felt like we were already boys.  Sometimes, you just get along with people instantly.

Jon was getting ready for his title fight so I left them alone as he prepared for combat.  Jon’s fight was the last amateur bout of the card (about the 7th fight) and the crowd was against him as his opponent was from the area. (Jon is from 5 hours away, Illinios).

Routing for Jon was me, his two friends, and two girls that were at the event with the guys.  I overheard people saying the guy he was fighting was real tough and a good wrestler.  I hope Jon has good a good guard.

Jon’s Fight


The fight started and immediately Jon was taken down.  And... he does have a good guard.  He didn’t  allow the guy to do anything, not even a strike as he got back up to his feet in no time.

Again though, Jon was taken down quickly.  The guy he’s fighting is a good wrestler but Jon defended everything the guy through at him.  Then, before you could even realize it... Jon submitted the guy in the first round and was crowned CHAMPION!


Jasen’s Fight
The very next fight was Jasen’s.  This one didn’t go as well... He was KO’d in the first round with a nasty right hand.  He had a pretty goo cut over his left eye but he was OK.

Don’t worry pal, every fighter loses... Even Randy Couture has a bunch of loses and he’s one of the greatest of all time!

During the event, I called one of my closest friends who works with Joe “Diesel” Riggs, Scott “The Cube” Lewis.  I told him where I was and told me he had a few fighters he was managing looking for fights.

And.. if I could find the promoter so Scott could talk with him about the possibilities.  I found the promoter Chad Bergmeir and talked with him for bit.  He actually already knew Scott but I still got his number and passed it along.

Me "Rooster" and Jon

Hey, maybe I just helped schedule a fight for somebody.  It’s crazy how life works... here I am, in the middle of nowhere and the promoter knows one of best friends!

The show ended around 11 pm and it was a great night of exciting fights!  No snooze feasts.  I truly enjoyed myself and had a blast.  Not to mention... I found a place to crash for Sunday and... Jon just won the belt, we’re gonna have some fun tonight!

Me "Rooster", Jasen, Jon, Marc

The Bar Scene

After the fights, I went back to the hotel to meet up the guys (Jon, Marc, Jasen, and the two girls) because we planned on hitting the bars in town to celebrate.  It was about 1 am and the bars close at 2 but we went out anyway.


I don’t know what the name of the bar was (Berh’s something) but we had a bunch of drinks and a good time while it lasted.  They really are cool guys.

While I was there, I saw a real hot waitress that I had to talk to (Britney).  We spoke for a bit and she said she would visit my website. Nice meeting you and good luck in life!

It was after 2 am by the time we left and I knew how many pictures I still had to upload and file, so I went back to my room and called it a night.

Thanks guys for a great time and to Jon...  Congratulations!  Keep working hard and I’m sure I’ll you be in the UFC someday!  Good Luck!

Thanks for reading!


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