A Good Day Turns Into a Tough One! (FL) “DAY 248” – 3/9/11

March 11, 2011 - 10:20 am - (FL) “DAY 248” - Week 36 - State 32

The reason this day is written a day later than it should have is because my Wednesday which started out good, turned out real bad for me.  So, to be honest, yesterday (Thursday) after I woke up and got my mind back on the right track, I wasn’t ready to write it yet because... I just wasn’t ready to re-live. 😉

Writing Wednesday
My Wednesday began out normal enough as I did as I usually do when I start my day, I got to writing.  First, I wrote in G’s living room but after realizing it was a overcast day outside and I could write by the pool, I grabbed all my stuff and headed there immediately. 🙂

I wrote this part in my last post, but the view from where I was working was amazing as I could see the whole city, the ocean, and although it’s not in the picture, I could also see American Airlines Arena (where the Heat play).  Sweet! 🙂

Deciding What To Do Tonight
After G got home around 5 pm, the two of us sat on his balcony deciding what we were gonna do for the night.  The usual options were discussed (different bars and whatnot) but then I made a suggestion I wish I hadn’t, I asked how far the casino’s were from where he lived?

Goran knew of a few locations nearby but after checking the distances to each on the internet, Magic City Casino was the closest to his place (about 5 miles away).   Realizing it was so close, our minds were made up as we left for Magic City.

Magic City Casino
Magic City Casino was just a dog track (I think) but after the poker craze hit the nation a few years ago, I believe they added the poker tables to the equation.  This worked out perfect for me (or so I thought) as I now have a poker room with-in a few miles of where I’m staying.  Nice! Kinda! 😉

The Poker Room
The poker room here isn’t bad as it has it’s own entrance to the building as well 20 tables to play on.  They had some limit games, a bunch of NL games, as well as sit and go tournaments that run all night.  After some thought, I bought in for $150 and sat down in a 1-2 NL Hold’em game.

1-2 NL Hold’em
For the first time in a long time I’m playing NL Hold’em instead of limit.  The good thing about this is I can win much more money than I have been, but the bad thing is... I can lose my whole buy-in in one hand.

Unfortunately for me... the later happened.  I’ll explain.  As I always do, I played real tight and only got into hands where I had two good hole cards.  Still, that doesn’t always work out as getting sucked out on is part of the game.

And that’s what happened to me.  I had pocket 10’s (10,10), so I pre-flop raised the pot to $20 after somebody had straddled the big blind to $4.  Behind me, a guy who was playing loose called the bet.  The flop... J, 7, 3.  Not bad, if he doesn’t have a Jack, I’m gold.

I bet $40 into the pot, he called.  Ahhh!  He must have a Jack.  The turn... King of clubs.  I check this time because there are two over cards to my 10.  The river... 8, no help for anybody (I think), so I bet All-In trying to push him off a Jack if he has one.

After a few seconds, he called me.  Oh no!  He didn’t have a Jack, he had a weak suited King.  Are you kidding me!  This guy called a $20 pre-flop bet and a $40 flop bet with nothing!   Frustrated and now on tilt, I didn’t re-buy, found G, and left the casino for the night.

Dealing With My Loss
I am fully aware that every time I play poker I can lose, but today I was in such need of a win that I wasn’t prepared to mentally handle a loss.  This is because I have all my bills to pay (which are late), gas prices have sky rocketed, as well as all the normal living expenses I have.  Ahhh!

Realizing the money problems I currently have sent me into a mental tail spin to the point where I truly said to myself... that this trip is over! 🙁  Mentally shot and unhappy, I decided to just shut down for the rest of the night and think about what my future is for this trip and after.

Falling Asleep Still Bothered By My Situation

Even though I did speak with Jeremy (from Cali) after my loss (this is because he can usually get me off the bridge), I still didn’t mentally budge as I went to bed as miserable as I was before we spoke.  This is a first!  Jeremy always makes feel better.  Oh no!

With no other tricks up my sleeve to make myself better, I just crawled into bed and hoped that when I woke up in the morning the initial sting of losing would fade.  That’s it, we’ll just have to wait and see how I feel in the morning.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    The morning will come, the sun will shine,your destiny awaits, Get Going, Life is Good !!!

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