A Great Time With My Friends At A Pirate’s Game & More! (PA) “DAY 306” – 5/7/11

May 8, 2011 - 2:30 pm - (PA) “DAY 306” - Week 45 - State 41

Getting up this morning wasn’t hard because I only had a casual drink or two last night.  (No hangover for me today.)  I also didn’t drink much last night because I had a feeling I would be doing some drinking today.  That’s because... today is Friday!  (I ain’t got no job, I ain’t got s#*t to do...  from “Friday” the movie.) LOL

Pirates Game Tonight
Not to mention, I’m going to the Pirates game tonight will all three of my college buddies (Matt, B.J. and Shakes) who still live in Washington, PA.  This should be an interesting evening to say the least.  😉

F.Y.I. - Seriously though, I know it won’t be like when we were younger as these guys now have real jobs, kids, and so on.  But, it should definitely be an awesome night as they haven’t lost their personalities and still like to have a good time! 🙂

Picking Up Matt & Meeting B.J
After writing all day it was finally 3 pm which meant... it was time to pick-up Matt and start the process for the Pirate game tonight. (The plan was to pick up him from his house and then drive to Frankie I’s Bar to meet up with B.J.)

Once Matt and I got to Frankie’s and found B.J, we didn’t even have a drink as we were all excited to get to Pittsburgh for the Buco game.  Not to mention, we wanted to meet up with Shakes because he works near PNC Park and was was already outside of the stadium waiting for us.

Traveling To Pittsburgh
The ride to Pittsburgh isn’t that far as Washington, PA is only about 30-40 miles south of the city.  And, since I’m hanging with two of my best friends during the drive, this is an easy journey. (Hey, I’m used to 6+ hours rides by myself so needless-to-say... this is a breeze!) 🙂

Meeting Up With Shakes
Once we got into Pittsburgh, we called Shakes to see where he was at because he had been waiting for us for about an hour.  After speaking with him, he said he was at the Tilted Kilt which is a bar strategically placed in between Heinz Field and PNC Park.  Not bad!

The only problem was we had trouble finding a parking spot.  Now, this shouldn’t have been an issue because Pirates games don’t sell out, but for some reason we drove the stadium area a few times before landing a spot by the Tilted Kilt. (I think we missed a turn or entrance the first time around.)

The Tilted Kilt
By the time we found a good parking spot and made it to the Tilted Kilt to meet up with Shakes it was about 5 pm. (Our timing was right on schedule as we have still have two hours to tailgate before the first pitch is thrown.) Nice!

Since we were in the Tilted Kilt already, we stayed for a few minutes and BS’d because the is the first time since I’ve been in town that all four of us were in the same place together.  This is really cool! 🙂

Tailgate In Parking Lot
After saying our hello’s and exchanging a few stories, we left the Kilt to head back to the parking lot which is where we were gonna tailgate for the Pirates game. (We brought a bunch of beer with us so there was no reason to pay $4 a beer at the bar.)

Now that we were all situated until we would leave for the game, it was tailgate time!  As  I said earlier, I knew these guys couldn’t party like they used to because of real life circumstances, so being the only one with nothing holding me back, I decided I would rage today! (I’m sure they all still have it in them though.) 😉

Let me clarify a little as I just read what I wrote.  My friends aren’t choir boys now and drinking Capri Suns at the tailgate, they are having beers, but it’s a normal amount at a normal pace.  Got it.

Flabongo Time
While the four of us were standing in the parking lot having a good time, I noticed a bunch of people next to us doing something to a flamingo.  Huh?  I know.  That’s why I had to walk over and see what was going on.

After introducing myself to the whole group, I asked them what was up with that flamingo that was getting passed around.  They told me it wasn’t a flamingo, but that it was a Flabongo!  Flabongo?  This sounds interesting.

Now, I’m sure you all know what happens next... that’s right, Flabongo time! (Basically, a Flabongo is a beer funnel made out of a pink flamingo, thus Flabongo.)

Anyway, I Flabongoed like a champion and then tried to get B.J. to do one with me (well after me), but he is an old man who doesn’t like to party anymore.  Nighty night Bernie! 😉

Shotgunning Some Beers
After doing a Flabongo is was obviously game on, so the next thing I had to do was shotgun a beer.  And since BJ wouldn’t do a Flabongo with me, I busted his chops until he couldn’t take it anymore and agreed to shotgun one with me. (I didn’t bother asking Matt or Shakes.)

The shot gun went better than expected as I was starting to get into my old rhythm like when I used to hang out with these guys back in the day. (I think I did 3 shot guns during our tailgate time.)

Porto Potty
With all the beer drinking I was doing (at least for me), you knew the porto potty had to be part of this story.  No, it’s nothing terrible or gross, although the porto wasn’t like a Sunday picnic.  But, the Porto’s were named Royal Flush.  Maybe it’s a sign. 🙂

The Rest Of The Tailgate
Other than what I already talked about, all we did was hung out in the parking laughing and having fun until it was time to go into the game. (I don’t how many beers I had but it wasn’t all that many, maybe I had a 6 pack in two hours.)

Matt Got Us All Tickets
Normally, finding a ticket to each event I have been to is a big ordeal for me.  Ya know the drill by now.  But tonight’s game wasn’t hard at all as Matt got each of us a ticket to see the Pirates.  Thanks Matt! 🙂

PNC Park
If you have been reading since the beginning of my journey, you might remember that I have already been to a game at PNC Park last year in week 3 of this trip. (I went with B.J., Shakes. and a few of their other friends. That picture is to the left.)

Wow, that’s a long time ago.  I can honestly say I didn’t think I’d be back to PNC on this adventure.  Crazy!  And somehow, I think the Pirates are the team I have the most of on my journey.

I saw them here last year, at their Spring training facility in Florida, I think on the road in a spring training game which was also in Florida, versus the Reds in Cincinnati a few weeks ago, and now again tonight.  If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was Bucco fan.

Also, last time I was here I didn’t even have a digital camera as every picture I took then was with my old school cell phone. (I didn’t get a digital camera until I was in Wisconsin.)  This is really cool to be back here. 🙂

The Weather
It’s funny how things work out because last time I was here it was raining.  And tonight, well it’s raining too.  I guess the weather just reflects the way the team play because it never rains at Yankee stadium. 😉 (Actually, the Pirates aren’t playing that bad yet, yet.)

Finding Our Seats
After getting our free t-shirt at the entrance way, we made into the hallways of the stadium and walked toward our section. (Mills got us good seats in lower level down the right field line.)  Nice!

The funny thing is, this stadium is so dead all the time, that the usher told us to sit wherever we wanted and the first pitch wasn’t even thrown yet.  It’s laughable.  But it worked out great for us because we sat in the closest row to the field that was still under an awning.  (No rain on us!) 🙂

Finding Some Food
Sometime during the 2nd inning, I got up from our seats and walked the hallways until I found exactly what I wanted to eat. (Hey, baseball stadium is pricey and I at least want to make sure I’ll like what I get.)

So, after making it around the stadium, I had a bunch of tough choices to make.  Do I eat at Primanti Brothers (a famous Pittsburgh place), get fresh cut fries from Pop’s Potato Patch, or do I get a foot long hot dog from a regular baseball concession stand? (I won’t answer but you’ll see in a minute.)

Mascot Time
After I got my food of choice, I started walking back to our seats when I stopped the Pirate Parrot doing his thing in the stands. (I was lucky I spotted him then because it started to pour soon after that and he left for the day.)

Anyway, as I approached him in the stands I had my guard up because the bird has choked me at least 2 times this year (maybe 3).  So, I made sure I snuck up on him when I got my picture this time.

Because of my sneak attack, he only reacted to my Yankee gear instead of choking me.  The score now... Rooster 1, Parrot 2 or 3. LOL  Oh yeah, incase you didn’t notice it, I got a footlong hot dog with peppers and onions.  It was good. 🙂

Back To My Seat
Once I got done out smarting the Parrot, I headed back to our seats to hang out the guys and watch the game.  I know I got back to my seat during the top of the 3rd inning because something awesome was about to happen.

As I was sitting there with Matt and B.J. talking about the different stadium foods (Shakes was somewhere else), a foul ball came flying off the bat of Astro utility man Bill Hall.  The ball was headed right in our direction and in the middle of our conversation I yelled, “Bernie, it's coming right at us!”

Catching A Foul Ball
So there I was sitting in the last seat on the aisle holding my camera while a foul ball was headed right at us.  Knowing B.J. wouldn’t catch it, 😉 I got up out of my seat and moved a few feet down the aisle to make the grab.  Bamn!  I snared it in my right hand without even a bobble!  F&%K Yeah! 🙂

The crazy thing is, this is the first ball I have caught all year long.  I’ve had a few chances, the closest being in Milwaukee when Ryan Braun lobbed one up into the stands in between innings, but I dropped it! (He threw it right to me.)  Ahhh!  It still pains me to think about it. (Left: The ball I dropped.)

Ball Girls
Now that I had a foul ball everything after that was just gravy, but none-the-less, I didn’t stop there as I still had few things I do at this game.  For example, last time I was here I met a hot ball girl who shaggs foul balls that are hit down the line (right or left). (Left: last year's game, 2010.)

So, I headed down to that area to see if she was still working here.  At this point in the game it was really raining hard and I actually thought there would be a rain delay, so when I got to where she was, all I did get another picture with her and left. (I didn’t discuss my trip or that I met her here last year.) (Right; Tonight's game.)

F.Y.I. - I also wasn’t 100% sure that it was her but it must have been because the chance of there being two different hot blondes working the Pirate game in same spot as the year before are slim.

The Pierogi Race
One of the cool things they do here is that sometime during the game (6th I think), they have a Pierogi race on the field. (Other ballparks do similar races, like the sausage race in Milwaukee just to name one.)

Anyway, since the Pierogi people looked cool, I headed down toward where the finish line was to see if I could get a picture with these famous Pierogis.  I’m not sure which ones I met (they have different names), but I got a picture with three of them.  Pierogi People Rock! 🙂

The Actual Game
The game in and of itself was actually a real good one as the Pirates and Astros were with-in a run of each other the whole time.  Houston jumped out to am early 1-0 lead until Pitt tied it in the 5th.

Then, the Bucco’s took the lead in the bottom of the 7th before blowing the game sometime after that as they gave up two runs to somebody. (I’m not sure what happened after the 7th because that’s when we left the game.) I know they lost 3-2 because I saw the final score.

Leaving Early
Personally, I would have stayed until the last out but since my friends wanted to leave early, I had no problem with that.  Although, we did leave a 1 run game in the 7th inning.  That’s Pirates fans for ya.  They’d never leave a close Steeler or Penguin game early.

Cadillac Ranch
After getting back to the car, we decided to stay in the Pittsburgh area and head to a bar  (The Cadillac Bar) about 10 minutes away in Robinson.  We choose this bar because it was kinda close and a friend of their’s and mine (Rabbit) was meeting us there.

When we got to the bar, I saw that they had a mechanical bull, oh yeah!  I”m riding a bull tonight!  But, then I found out that the bull was broken.  Oh No!  I”m not riding a bull tonight.

Even though the bar was cool, we didn’t stay that long because Wash-paw was still 45 minutes away and nobody wanted to drive that after a full night of drinking.  So, we said good-bye to Rabbit and headed back to Frankie I’s bar which is closer to home.

Frankie I’s
When Shakes and I arrived at Frankie I’s bar around 11-12 pm, we were disappointed to see that Matt and BJ had bailed on us.  I’m not sure what happened to them except I’m pretty certain BJ was wearing a pink tutu under his jeans tonight. LOL 😉

So, since we were on our own now, Shakes and I just hung out with Frankie at his bar for a little while before we headed back to his house for the night.  I didn’t mind that we weren’t staying out until the bar closed because it was already a real long day.

The Pirate’s Game On Replay
I know exactly when we left the bar because we waited until Bill Hall’s 3rd inning at bar to replay on the TV on the bar. (Ya know how they replay of the game after it ends.)

Anyway, there we were waiting for them (the TV) to show me catch the foul ball that came off of Hall’s bat, but when it came to that pitch, they didn’t show where the ball went.  They just stayed on Hall the whole time.  Come On!  That sucked!

Back To Shakes
After being terribly disappointed by the TV no-show, Shakes and I left Frankie’s and went back to his place for the night.  Like I said, it was fine by me and when we were finally all settled in at his place, it was after 1 am anyway.

So, Shakes went to bed as I stayed up a little while longer thinking about how great of time I had tonight.  I gotta tell ya, there is nothing better than having fun with a bunch of good friends.  Well... maybe with a bunch of good friends and one hot chick who likes me! 😉

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Great post. See you soon.

  2. Blaze LaBoon says:

    This website is hilarious, I am the second ball girl pictured, the one who got stuck in the rain! Just wanted to comment and say thats so funny! Lets go buccs!

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