A Haircut & My Birthday Dinner With Casey! (WA) “DAY 111” – 10/23/10


October 24, 2010 - 11:44 am - (WA) “Day 111”

Let me start with something I forgot to add from yesterday (Friday night).  One of Lisa and Casey’s friend’s, Erika donated $6 to me before she left for the evening.  Her and husband Steve gave me what they had on them in cash, it was $6 (It was like a hold-up! ;)).  Thank you guys! 🙂

OK..now on to today.  I woke up at 9 am so I could watch the WVU football on TV (damn west coast time zone!).   Casey woke up soon after and watched the game with me until halftime.  (ASU wasn’t on until 12:30 pm so he didn’t care that WVU was on his TV. :))

Haircut & Returning My Broken Digital Camera
F.Y.I. - Casey’s family run’s and owns a local barbershop in town and has for years.  It a staple in Kent and everybody I have met through Casey since I have been here, has talked about the it at least once.

Also, Casey had to be home by 12:30 for the ASU game (he was having friends over) so that’s why we left before the WVU ended (halftime, about 10:30 am).

Fairwood Haircare - The Family Shop
I didn’t know it until this morning but Casey told me that today would be my birthday day.  And... the first present he was getting me was a haircut at his family’s shop.  The first present... Thank You Casey!

Casey and Mom (Mary)

Anyway, we got to the shop as I re-met his Mom (Mary), Sister (Gina), and Niece (Lacey).  It’s a family shop.... what’d ya except! 😉  I say re-met because I have met them before at Casey’s wedding and once in Arizona while Casey, Cooper, and I were roommates.

His Mom and Sister were booked so I got my haircut from Lacey.  She didn’t want to cut my hair because of the pressure (I don’t know why) but I reassured her that I wasn’t good looking... and no haircut could help that!  😉

Seriously though... I don’t really care and never have.  I have never gotten girls because of my looks or my haircut... I have gotten them through roofies! JK LOL 🙂

My Haircut
For starters, I don’t why Lacey was nervous because this turned out to be the best haircut I have gotten yet, for real! 🙂

While Lacey was cutting my hair, Lisa was taking pictures for me.  She took a lot of pictures and not all of them were flattering.  The back of my neck is real ugly!  Who knew??? 😉

At one point, Casey jumped in and helped out on my making Rooster head look silky smooth. The whole haircut took about 15 minutes and when Lacey finished, Casey’s Sister waved to her the no charge gesture.  Thank you so much Casey’s Family’s Barbershop!


I enjoyed my time at the barbershop hanging out with Casey’s family and... Erika’s $6 donation came in handy because I had tip money for Lacey. 🙂

Target - Exchanging My Digital Camera

After I got my new haircut, we (Casey, Lisa, and I) went to Target so I could exchange me digital camera for a new one.  F.Y.I. - My camera has been acting up for awhile but last night during the party it went out completely.  I don’t know why.

Anyway, as I was talking with lady at Target about my return, I remembered that I bought it at Walmart!  Damn!  Also, I didn’t have my receipt but I’ll tell you about that Walmart.

While I was at the return desk, Casey and Lisa were shopping for Halloween costumes. I didn’t know what they bought until we got back into the car.  Then, I found out when Casey turned around and was wearing a gorilla mask!  🙂

We didn’t have time to go to Walmart before the ASU game, so we went back to Casey’s to watch the game with Bode and one of Casey’s old college buddies Crowfut.

Casey was monkeying around with his buddies and I was tired so I went into my room and took a nap while they watched the ASU game.  I woke after it was over (4 pm) and left to go Walmart and write “DAY 110”.  Ahhh!  I don’t wanna have to write!

I got to Walmart and knew it gonna be tough because right there on the wall was a sign explaining their return policy. “30 days return policy with receipt on digital cameras.”

Now I have a problem...  because there always is... I didn’t have my receipt or at least I couldn’t find it ( I keep most of receipts in an envelope but there are so many now it’s hard to find).

Also, as I just found out... even if I had the receipt, it wouldn’t matter because they had 30 day return policy on all digital cameras.  Ahhhh!!!  I should have brought it back 30 days ago when it first started fritzing (I didn’t because it still worked although some setting were malfunctioning).

The customer service people I spoke with said they couldn’t help me but I didn’t take no for an answer as I kept explaining how much I needed a working camera and couldn’t afford a new one.

Then, the head manager came over and said there may be a way she could exchange it for me.  But if the computer rejected it (and it does sometimes she said), there was  nothing else she could do but... the computer did accept it and I got my camera exchanged! 🙂  Thanks Walmart!

Writing At Starbucks Then Back To Casey
After Walmart, I went to a Starbucks across the street to write “DAY 110”.  I wrote a short post and then went back to Casey’s.  When I got there, Lisa and Casey were waiting for me to take me out for a birthday dinner.  Amazing... People kick ass!

Golden Steer Steakhouse
We weren’t sure where we going to go but when we passed a building with a cow out front, I knew we weren’t going any further. 😉  We sat down in the bar so we could watch the football while ate and we even played a form of lottery.

Let me explain, at the bar were a bunch of pull-tabs containers.  Each container they have is all the pull-tabs each game has to offer so you know which winners are still available.  Get it?  Anyway, we played some pull-tabs while we waited for out dinner.

I ordered a steak and ribs (my favorite dinner) as Casey and Lisa each had Salmon.   Actually, Casey had steak and salmon. 🙂  Everybody’s dinner was great as Casey and I stuffed our faces to the brim.  I couldn’t even eat desert.

As we were getting ready to leave, we noticed there was karaoke going on.  I told them the songs I like to sing and they said to stay and sing one.  I wanted to cause one of my money karoke songs is the “Monster Mash” and I can only sing that this time of year!  Perfect! 🙂

The lady working karoke at the bar was a character as she immediately started picking on me.  And they say Jersey people are characters! 😉  Anyway, I sang the Monster Mash and a group of older people (who were having a blast), started dancing and messing with me.

I was having fun and Casey had a full beer, so I sang one more song... The song I always sing... Wild Thing by Tone Loc.  I tore down the house of 12 drunk people then left to go back to Casey’s for the rest of the night.

Casey, Lisa, Me "Rooster"

Back To Casey’s
It was after 11 pm, so we just hung out on the couch and talked about how the fast the week has went.  I can’t believe I have already been here 8 days... time flies when you’re having fun!

We stayed up until after 1 am and then went to sleep.  We have to be up early to watch the NFL, it starts at 10 am.  And I still want to go to the Seahawk game but Casey is way against it.  It was pouring raining rain all day and Sunday’s forecast is more of the same!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. DAD says:

    Don’t sell that haircut short, it may get you a date.
    Sounds like you enjoyed your early B-Day, I hope you enjoy tomorrow as much. Sorry I’m not with you, but
    I’ll be thinking of you.

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