A Halloween Party In Portland! (OR) “DAY 117” 10/29/30

October 31, 2010 - 8:35 am - (OR) “DAY 117 &118”

Well... for the first time in 118 days I missed a day of writing.  But... I didn’t miss it because I was lazy or blew it off, I missed it because my Friday ran right into Saturday and this is the first chance I have had to write.

Now that you know that, let start this thing because as soon as I’m done, I’m headed to Cali to go to a Halloween party (Sunday Morning) .

“DAY 117”

I woke up Friday morning at 10 am because a guy (David) staying in the Hostel woke me up cause he was talking loud.  I didn’t mind though, it was close to 11 and that’s when I had to be up anyway.

Then, I noticed he was making himself some Vodka drink to start the day and he offered me one... I said... what the heck and had a morning cocktail to start the day.  Thanks David!

Writing In The Common Area
After that, I got my things out of the Hostel and into my car.  Then, I went back inside the Hostel and started writing my daily post (“DAY 116”) in the common dining area.

F.Y.I. - I put my things in the car because I wasn’t sure if I was staying another night yet, I was playing it by ear.  And... since I had the front door code, I could still get into the Hostel when I wanted, I just didn’t have a bed anymore. 🙂

Anyway, sitting at the table with me was Jeff, Holly, Dave, and Celine as well as a few others here and there.  While I was writing, I was telling all of them about what I was doing and they were telling me the same.  It was a big pow-wow.  (Is that the right word???) 🙂

I talked with everybody there and by the time I was finished, I was still undecided on what I was gonna do.  While I was thinking, Holly was showing us a Youtube video of Grandfather, “something Jenkins” who was a world known banjo player from North Carolina.  (He was awesome!)

It was now 2 pm... time to make a decision???  Should I stay or should I go now... If I stay there will be trouble but if I go it will double...

Jeff and Holly

So come on and let me know... Should I stay or should I go!  (Ahhh... 80’s music! It had the answers to everything! ;))

As I was getting into my car to leave, I saw Holly and Jeff under the gazebo outside of the Hostel and walked over to say good-bye and also find out if they are doing anything later tonight here in Portland.  (It is a Friday.)

They said they weren’t sure but said they would be doing something.  Then, Happy (who works at the Hostel) walked by and started talking with us. He said he was going to some super huge Halloween Party in downtown Portland with a bunch of D.J.’s, bands, etc... (Happy at desk in picture to left.)

The bad part... it cost $30 just to get in!  Ahhh... that’s way to much for me!  Jeff and Holly wanted to go as well but they too thought it was to much for them to spend.

I then decided I would go down there now (3 pm, before it started) and find the person who runs it to get free passes for the three of us.  Or... at least I would try to. 😉

Pre-Halloween Party - Getting Passes
I got down to the bar where the venue was being held and when I arrived there, a ton of people were rushing around all over trying to get the party set up for the evening.

I walked up to a group of them and told them who I was and what I was doing, then asked if it was possible for me to get a free pass (passes) for the evening?

The guy I was speaking with (Pedro), seemed like he was OK with it but the party was being thrown by 5 or so people and he needed to confer with his partners.

Pedro in middle

After waiting for 20 minutes, a guy named Minage approached me and told me there was nothing they could do.

I wouldn’t take no for an answer as I kept talking to him about why he should let me in.

Julie and Minage

He had finally had enough and said, “Thank you Rooster but I can’t do it, it’s to late.  You should have contacted me sooner.”

Charity Work - "City Repair Project"
And then he said, “The event is for charity so part of the proceeds are going to a good cause anyway.”  Hmmm... charity work???  I then jumped at the chance to try and kill two birds with one stone.

I looked at Minage and said, “It looks like you need help here setting up, how about I help with the set-up and you give me a ticket to the party?”  He said if Pedro (who I met before) needed me to help with the stages, it was cool.  He found Pedro and... it was all good!

Sweet!  Not only am I getting to go to what seems to be a wild Halloween Party but... I am also getting in some charity work too!  Perfect! 🙂  F.Y.I. - It was a benefit for the “City Repair Project”.

Volunteering - Setting Up The Outside Stage
It was 4 pm when I started helping out and the party started at 9 pm so we had a lot to do in order to get done in time (or at least it seemed).  After doing some odds and ends, I saw a woman (Julie) working on the scaffolding by herself.

I asked her if she needed any help and she did, so for the rest of the time I was working with Julie.  What we were doing was wrapping a stretchy white cloth around the scaffolding so it would look nice, as well as being a screen for projections.

The trick to doing it so it looked smooth all the way around was to use pennies and string to secure the cloth to the metal polls.  I’d try to explain it further but it’s to much writing. 😉

During this time, I got to know and become friendly with a lot of the people there which was perfect because later in the night it... paid off with free-drinks!  Sweet!

Julie and I finished around around 7 pm as did the rest of the crew (for the most part).  So I left and got ready to head back for the party!

The Hostel
When I arrived at the Hostel, Jeff was waiting for me to see if I got him a pass.  I told him I couldn’t but that maybe I might be able to get him in when I get there.  But no promises.  He didn’t know where Holly was so it was just the two of us going now.

That was cool with me because Jeff was from Staten Island and we had similar personalities being raised just 10 miles from each other.  We didn’t waste anytime and went to the liquor store for the pre-game festivities.

It was cold out, so we knew we had to be drunk in order to stay warm.  So... needless-to-say, we tied one on before we even got out of the Hostel.  Drinking with us in the Hostel was a bunch of people although they were pre-gaming for other events.

Talking With Celine
During this time, I re-met (talked with her earlier) and started making my moves on a super sexy girl from France named Celine.  I didn’t hit on her earlier because she was so SEXY I thought she had to have boyfriend but she didn’t... and it was game on!

Celine is in the states for 6 months just traveling around and experiencing the USA.  Her English is good but still has a little trouble with slang, some words, etc... I found her accent to be sexy as well!  🙂

I asked her to come out with us but she had a job interview in the morning and was taking it easy.  So, I told her that if she was still single in 4 months that she should be my girlfriend!  I said if can’t find a guy in that time, she’s stuck with me! 😉

I didn’t think she would but... she jumped at it and started telling me I’m her future boyfriend.  Woo Hoo!  Hanging with Celine was exactly what I wanted to do now but Jeff wanted to go to the party so I said good-bye to Celine as we left for the Halloween party!

Oh yeah... I’m a Rooster for Halloween as you have already seen.  Casey gave me his Rooster costume as my last Birthday present before I left.  Thanks Casey!  It is awesome!

F.Y.I. - Yes... I was hitting on a hot girl in Rooster suit!  🙂 🙂 🙂

Howl 8 - Halloween Party
Jeff and I arrived around 10:30 pm, then went to the VIP entrance so I could get in.  I just told Jeff to follow my lead and maybe he would also get in for free too.  After a few minutes of talking, we both got in for free and started to party!

The place looked awesome as all the pre-party set-up turned out great!  The back stage where I worked was packed with people and the DJ spinning out there was money!

Jeff and I went to the bar to get a drink but the time I had gotten mine, I had already lost Jeff for the night.  I saw him dancing inside by the another stage so I let him be for the night because I’m not much of dancer... especially in a Rooster Suit! 😉

I was now on my own for the evening which was cool with me because... that’s how I do it anyway!  I bounced around from group to group as I met a bunch of cool people throughout the night.  I even met another Rooster at some point!  Nice!

Cool Costumes

The party/bar was packed with a ton of cool costumes but the ones I liked the most were girls who used Halloween to whore it up!  So many girls do this on Halloween, it’s there excuse to dress as slutty as they want cause... it’s Halloween!

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures of these slutty outfits as well as the cool ones too.  My favorite non-chick outfit was guy dressed as Hulk Hogan who was dancing for hours near where Jeff was.  There were a bunch more but I can only post so many of them. 😉

Meeting Pink Hair Girl
Around 1 am, I met a girl (forgot her name, I was trashed) and we hung out with her friends for awhile.  I met her because she left her ID at her car and I walked with her to get it.  She was cool but the party was so big, I kept moving around.

The Rest Of The Night
There were many funny and interesting moments throughout the night but I can only remember so much.  Alcohol is a hell of a drug!  LOL 🙂  What I did realize about half-way through the party was that it wasn’t a normal party... it was Rave!

If you don’t know what goes on at a Rave, look it up.  But... what I will say is... many people were way more F$&KED up than me!  Trust me on that one! 😉

It was 4 am when I decided it was time to go.  I was bombed... and in the morning (well 4 hours from now) I’m getting up to leave for Corvallis, OR to see a college football game.  F.Y.I. - I lost Jeff and left by myself.

Back To The Hostel
I got back to the Hostel and didn’t have bed because I didn’t get one for today.  So I went to the back of the house where there had a room off of the porch and slept out there in my Rooster Suit on a few bean bags!

There was no heat in that room so I’m glad I had the Rooster Suit because it kept me warm while I passed out.  I wish I had a picture of that but all I have is the bean bags I was on.

Well... that was my night.  I got bombed, had a blast, hit on my super sexy future French girlfriend ;), and ended my day by sleeping in a Rooster suit on a few bean bag!  LOL 🙂

I planned on writing "DAY 118" too but... it's already 12:09 pm on Sunday and I have to leave the hotel room I'm in.  Not to mention, I have at least a 6 hour drive to Northern California where I'm staying with a friend (Ryan) of a friend (Steve Jordan).  Thanks guys!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Lisa&Brooklyn says:

    Sounds like a lucky Rooster suit! Casey says You’re Welcome!

    Happy Halloween! Cock-a-doodle-Seahawks!!

  2. DAD says:

    Kissed on the beak by a beautiful French girl. Oui!!

  3. Sinead Yeates says:

    Rooster you made my Halloweekend better than it would have been! If you are ever in the PDX area again, please contact me! You rock! xoxo

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