A Homeless Day In Rhode Island! (RI) “DAY 343” – 6/12/11

June 13, 2011 - 5:25 pm - (RI) “DAY 343” - Week 49 - State 47

For the first time this year I didn’t wake up today because I never went to sleep.  I stayed up until 8 am writing and thinking about what to next with my journey.  Hey, it’s a tough decision to come to when you’re tired, hungry, and depressed.

Hanging At The Breakfast Buffet
Unfortunately for this post, I was so tired and mentally not there that I didn’t take any pictures of this, but for the next 2 hours I sat inside the breakfast buffet area where there was a comfortable blue chair and took a little nap.

It wasn’t a great nap by any means but I was able to rest my eyes on and off until about 10 am.  Then, when I got up, I walked thought the buffet line where I was gonna grab a piece of bacon or two but a lady who worked there asked me for my receipt.

Since I didn’t have one I told her I was just looking and she said OK.  But, she kept her eye on me for the rest of the time I was inside the buffet area so no food was to be had. 🙁

Foxwoods Parking Garage
After an unsuccessful attempt at getting some breakfast, I just sat in my car for an hour or so while I figured out what I was gonna do with no money and nowhere to sleep. (I gotta say... it’s real tough to make decisions when you’re homeless.)

Traveling To Rhode Island
Even though I was thinking my sharpest, I still realized that Rhode Island is the only state in the continental U.S. that I haven’t been to yet (even if just for a day).  So, with that as my motivation I set my GPS for the University of Rhode Island and hit the road to see the only state in whole continental USA I haven’t been to yet this year.

F.Y.I. - Even though I haven’t done my New York week yet, I still went to a Yankees game in the Bronx so I have been every single state for at least a day except for Rhode Island.  Also, New Jersey is my last week and I’ve already been there twice this year.

Arriving At URI
The reason I choose to go to the University of Rhode Island is because my brother went to college from there many years ago and I wanted to see the school again. (I visited my brother a few times while he was there and also went to his graduation so I knew the school well.)

The only problem was... school is not in session right now so the campus was completely empty.  And, not only was the campus empty but many of the stores in the area were closed because nobody was here. (It was dead everywhere.)

Even though it was a ghost town, I still walked around the campus to see if I could remember anything from the times I was here.  I didn’t see anything I remembered but I did think about all the good times I had here and laughed to myself for most of the walk. (I was young and crazy back then.) 😉

It was close to 4 pm when I decided to end my tour of URI’s campus.  I would’ve hung around longer but since there was nothing going on anywhere, I hopped back in the Rooster mobile and drove to another area of Rhode Island.

Driving To Somewhere?
As I’ve found out when you’re homeless... you never have anywhere to be so you can go anywhere because it doesn’t matter.  Basically, you’re never far from home when you don’t have one. (This isn’t a comforting thing but that’s what it feels like to me.)

Anyway, I wound up driving to a nearby shopping area so I could look around or do whatever that area had to offer.  While I was there I looked around a few stores but didn’t buy anything, obviously. 😉 LOL  Then, I noticed a movie theater in the complex so I walked over to check it out.

The Movie Theater
It was now after 4 pm and I was desperate to find somewhere to call home for a little while so I checked the movie schedule to see what was playing and the times that they were going off at.  After doing a little research, I decided I would spend the rest of my day here.

Super 8
The first movie I saw was Super 8.  Now, I won’t go into details so I don’t ruin it if you want to see it but I will say that it was watchable.  Basically, if I was on a plane and this was the movie playing, I wouldn’t be mad.  It was a good movie but not great.

X-Men: First Class
The next movie I saw is the one I wanted to see today.  The only bad thing was it started at 7:10 pm and since the Super 8 ended around 6:20, I had to sit in a empty movie theater for a 50 minutes.  Thirty of which I was hoping nobody would walk in because I was the only person there and I didn’t have a ticket to this film.

As it turned out I was just fine as people started to enter the theater before any employees did.  Nice!  Anyway, this new X-Men movie was the basically the history of Professor X and Magneto.

So, it was good but it was what it was... another movie so they could make another movie.  Of course there will be another installment like this where these characters are still young.  Still, I like the X-Men movies and this was good enough.

It was close to 10 pm when the last movie I saw let out, so I again had nowhere to go and nowhere to be.  Ahhh!  This is such a hard way to live!!!  So, I got in my car and drove a block or two to the Applebee’s around corner so I could watch the end of the NBA championship game that was on.

Also, while I was there I charged my laptop and ordered an appetizer. (It was half price apps after 9 pm.)  So, for the next two hours I sat there in Applebee’s and bided my time before I had nowhere to go again.

My Biggest Problem Right Now
Currently, my biggest problem isn’t that I’m broke or that I’m homeless right now.  My biggest problem is that I lost my fire to be outgoing and interesting.  For instance, I don’t want to tell my story to anybody right now which is what helps makes things happen for me.

I’m just tired of saying the same thing over and over.  Man, do I now feel bad for a singer who has only one hit song that they have had to sing for the past 20 years. LOL

So, in order to get back in gear, I have to readjust my mindset if I am to make another day, let alone 3 more weeks.   Now the problem is... how do I do that while I’m broke and homeless???

Sleeping In Car or Not
Knowing there was nothing I could do about it right now (after midnight early Monday morning), I decided to drive around Rhode Island until I found a safe stop in a parking lot to fall asleep in.  (I like to find nice hotel parking lots if I can.)

Talking With Jeremy Until 3 am
While I was driving around aimlessly looking for my new home ;), Jeremy called me as he always does every night.  Tonight, we talked relatively serious about this past year and what I should/could do right now. (Normally, we just laugh each other and talk about life things in general.)

My New Plan
After talking with Jeremy for over 2 hours, we decided it was best for me to just move on and go to NY as soon as possible.  Yes, that means I’ll be cutting Rhode Island short as I only will be here a day and change, but I will have traveled in each state in our great nation for at least a day (continental USA).

Also, since the other option was to just call it quits, I like this choice for me right now.  This new plan allows me to continue on, have a place to lay my head, as well as having a few friends to hang out with in the city.  Nice!  Now, I just have to make it through the night again with nowhere to stay.

F.Y.I. - Sleeping in your car is bad enough when it’s more than a day at a time, but the other part of it is, I also haven’t showered or changed my cloths in two days either.  It feels aweful.  And in this case, I haven’t really slept since I left NJ on Saturday so it’s even worse.

A Cop Stops By My Car
Sometime after 3 am as I was lying down in my car, a cop must seen my car in the parking lot and drove over to investigate what I was doing.  So, as he approached my car, I noticed he was there somehow and rolled down my window to ask what he wanted. (Pics are police cars I saw while driving at night, not the cop I spoke to.)

The officer was really cool and was just checking what a car with NJ plates was doing all by itself in a parking lot a few states away.  So, although I’m tired of telling it, I told the cop my story and everything I had done this year.  He didn’t bust my balls but told me I couldn’t sleep where I was and gave a direction to go in.

Ahhhhh!  Ahhhh!
I can’t really complain because my encounter with the cop went as well as it could have, but now I’m back on the road after 3 am and still haven’t slept in two days.  Ahhhh!  The life of a homeless man sucks!  🙁

So, tired and frustrated I started to drive toward the New York/New Jersey area before I pulled over again to take a nap.  I didn’t get much sleep and by 5-6 am, I  continued my journey to NJ where I will leave my car before I head off to NYC by train.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Big Brother Adam says:

    you’ve had a few rough days and made a few bad choices which you’ve beaten yourself up enough about. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most about your journey is that you’ve managed “To Do Something” for 11 1/2 months now…even when you weren’t doing anything, you still managed to have some kind of experience (talking to someone new or turning a chance greeting into tickets somewhere) that you could write about. That’s been the most impressive thing for me as I can’t imagine having to “Be On..” 24/7/341 but you’ve done it.

    I thought this was a crazy idea a year ago but now what I don’t want is to see you limp across the finish line. You need to start talking and meeting people again so you can say that this journey was for an entire year instead of forever regretting that you made it happen for 11 1/2 months and fell apart in the final two weeks.

    Put yourself in football mentality…we are at the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl…it’s gut check time and the time in the game wehre there is no tomorrow and where we separate the ment from the boys.

    Now go onto Youtube and watch the final Locker room scene from Hoosiers, the Final Rounds of Rocky I – IV (especially in IV when he’s working out in the lodge and III when he and Apollo are training in the dirty gym) and then check out the end of Rudy and end up with the tournament vs. Cobra Kia in Karate Kid (original).

    When you’re done with all that…FINISH UP STRONG!
    I love ya & know you can do it…Ad

  2. Dad says:

    Welcome back to your Garden State.

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