A Long Beautiful Drive But… No GPS! (CO-WY) “DAY 88” – 9/30/10

October 1, 2010 - 11:13 am - (WY) “DAY 88”

I was woken this morning at 7 am by Sadie.  She only woke me so she could say good-bye since I was leaving today and I wouldn’t see her before I left.  I was so tired, I couldn’t even get up and take a picture but I was smiling. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I went back to sleep as soon as she left and re-woke at 9am.  Then, I wrote “DAY 87”, packed all my stuff into my Rooster mobile, and by 11:30 am... I was gone from Sadie’s/Ali’s house until I come back in 9 weeks for my real Denver week.

Sadie & Ali

Ali and Sadie

Thanks you both so much for letting me stay for a few days!  I know it was Sadie who I knew and set this up for me (we’ve been friends for 10 years) but Ali... you acted as if I was one of your friends as well.  And for that... I sincerely thank you!

Sadie... you already know how awesome you are! 🙂  But... I will tell you again... Sadie... you are awesome! LOL  I had the best three days I could have wished for.  I was able to relax, regroup, and re-focus myself for the next three weeks where again... I know nobody and have nowhere to stay!

So girls... thank you!  And I will see you again in a little over 2 months.  Oh yeah, bye-bye- to you too Zeta!

Traveling (Denver, CO - Teton Village, Wy)
Two nights ago, Sadie, me and Jeremy decided I would go to Teton Village, WY.  We decided this because it was close to Jackson’s Hole (A cool spot), 1 hour south of Yellowstone, and had a Hostel ($28 a night).   Good enough! 🙂

The drive was 542 miles or about 9 hours.  Ahhh... My longest drive yet!  The first thing I did was fill up my gas tank at a gas station right down the street from Sadie’s.  The last I want to have happen is to run out of gas in the middle of nowhere!

Gas Totals
F.Y.I. - So far on my trip I have gotten gas 27 times in 15 different states.  The grand total of my gas expense so far is.... $690!  Of that $690, $149 was put on my credit card ($50 of which, I have paid back through monthly payments).

I finally hit the road at 11:34 am and was on my to being a Wyomite for the week! 😉 Although the drive was long, it was by far and away the nicest scenery I have seen on the trip so far.

The roads were surrounded by colorful mountains and peaceful rivers.  It was like a scene out of a Terry Redline painting (saw his artwork in Watertown, SD).  I wasn’t on the road for more than hour or so, then... MY GPS WENT OUT AGAIN!

Garmin’s (Nuvi) GPS SUCKS!
There I was, in the middle of the mountains, not knowing where I was when that piece of shit GPS unit went out again.


I did print up directions incase that happened but... Garmin’s bullshit unit took me a different way than Mapquest would have.

So basically... my directions were useless because I wasn’t on the same route, I was an hour west of where Mapquest would have taken me.  AHHHHHHH!  F&$K!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I called my Dad for help but I was so frustrated, I got a man with the patience of elephant frustrated as well.  Sorry Dad! 🙂  We eventually got a Garmin rep. on the phone and he basically... they couldn’t do shit for me!

Not to mention, I was in the middle of the mountains so... not only did I not have a GPS helping me but my cell phone was only working part of the time (no signal).  What a nightmare!

The area I was driving in was so desolate... that I had to drive an hour (in the blind) before I even reached a building to find out where I was.  I didn’t even know which state I was in?  I found out I was in Laramie, WY.???

The lady in the building gave me a map and that helped calm me down a little... a little. 😉 (I didn’t take a picture of her, I was still so fired up at this point, smoke was coming out of my ears!)

Back On The Road (with a map)
I was only a hour and half in, so I still had a ways to go.  But,  at least I knew where I was going even through it is a little harder using a map compared to a “WORKING” GPS unit. 😉

Shoshone Casino
During my ride, I passed a casino in Somewhere, WY?.  So I stopped in to check it out.  I knew it didn’t have a poker room because I searched Wyoming for poker rooms and they do not have any in the state at all.

Anyway, it happened to be the 3rd Anniversary of this casino opening, so they had give-aways, t-shirts, cake, etc... (for free) that they were giving to anybody who was there.

I walked in and noticed what was going on, so I went and got a free t-shirt, a piece of cake, and a Mardi Gras necklace they had with a $100 poker chip on it.  Sweet!  That necklace will pay off in Mardi Gras for real!  (Titties!!!) 🙂

I Almost Hit A Cow... No Shit!
About 30 minutes after I left the casino (I didn’t play at all), I was driving down the road when I noticed 3 cows on the wrong side of the fence.  What I mean was, they were out of their fenced in area and about to cross the 2 lane highway.

I could notice this from at least a 1/4 mile away, so I slowed down as I approached the cows.  My car must scared them a little because they stopped crossing the road and stayed on the grassy area.

I stopped my car completely on the highway, just in case they made a run for it. 😉  They were frozen on the side of the road, so I took a picture of them.  They were about 4 feet from my passenger window.  Whew... glad I didn’t hit a cow... although... I would have had dinner for months! 😉

Traveling On
Now, not only was my GPS not working as well as my cell phone (most of the time), but it was now getting dark out!  Damn!  It will be harder to navigate.  (By the map’s calculations, I still had about 3 hours left before I arrived.)

But as I stated earlier, it was a very serene beautiful ride so it was relaxing as the sun was setting over the mountains/cows. 😉

When I was about 30 minutes from arriving at Teton Village, I tried for GPS unit (for the 10th time) and... it went back on!  That even makes me madder!  What a hunk of crap!

None-the-less, it lead me the rest of the way to Teton Village and the Hostel I would be staying in.  F.Y.I - On my way to Teton Village, you pass through Jackson Hole, WY (10 miles away).  This is the happening town I will be doing a lot of stuff in, I could already tell.

The Hostel
I arrived at the Hostel at 8:30 pm and got a room for 2 nights right off the bat ($56 total).  Unlike the last Hostel I stayed in (Minn.), this one more like a hotel than a big house.  You can tell it was a ski resort hotel at some point, or at least I think so.

The difference of this place is, each room is hotel room size and has 4 beds in it along with a bathroom.  So... at most you are sharing a room with 3 other people.

But, this place is so dead right now... I have a room to myself for $28 a night.  Sweet!

F.Y.I. - This whole area is basically a ski resort that is happening in the winter and even pretty populated in the summer but this time of year... it is no-man’s land time.  Perfect for me, I don’t ski and I like having a room to myself. 🙂

My Room
I got tom my room and it was... what I just told you.  All I did was check it out myself and then I left to check out what was around me.  Plus, I was hungry, all I ate since I left Denver was a piece of cake I got at the Shoshone Casino. 😉  Happy Anniversary! LOL

Finding A Place That Was Open
It was only about 9 pm but I could tell this town was dead.  I could tell because it was so dark out, there weren’t lights on anywhere.  No signs, no streets lights, nothing!  So, I asked the lady working at the Hostel if anything was open and she said the Mangy Moose might still be.

The Mangy Moose
I got to the Mangy Moose and there were some people there drinking but they had stopped serving food and were closing soon.  The bartender there told me to go a place (with-in walking distance) where they still served food until 11 pm.

Place I Ate (don’t know the name?)
I walked in and sat down at the bar.  There were about 10 people in the place and 5 of them were at the bar, mostly dude’s.  🙁  I sat down, asked for a menu, and then ordered a burger with fries.

At this point is when I realized I was in a ski resort area because the burger was $12.  Vacation prices!


Also, it was a very foo-foo type place... no Ameican cheese for the burger, crazy sauces, etc...  Why can’t a place have a few slices of normal cheese for a burger?  (Chili’s is like that too!)  AHHH!

Still, the burger was real good as it was from a local farm, so the meat was tender and fresh!  Nice!  While I was eating, I started to talk with the bartender about what there was to do in this town/area.

His name was Tommy and he has lived here for 5 years (from Annapolis, MD).  He told me about the National Forest and all the trails and animals I could see.  He said it is unbelievable but that it cost $25 for a day pass.  (I had told him my story so he knew that would be pricey for me$.)


Another Great Dude Helps Me Out
While we were talking, a gentleman at the bar must have overheard everything because he jumped into the conversation and said he had a pass for me that was good until 10/5/10.  People are so cool!

His name was Lee and he was leaving in the morning but he still had a valid pass, so he offered to me!  He didn’t even have it on him, he had to go upstairs to the keys to his car and then go to his car to get the pass for me.

Instead of bringing it back to the bar for me, he left it on the windshield of the Rooster Mobile!  Thanks Lee!  That is super cool!  I have good friends that would have been to lazy to do all that walking for me! 🙂

Oh yeah... Tommy was so cool he even gave me an employee discount on my burger (20% off).  Thank you brother and hit me up if you are doing anything this weekend!

Back To The Hostel
I got back to the Hostel at 11 pm.  I walked around and checked out the whole place.  There is a ping pong, pool tables, chess, etc..., there is a lot to do here if there was people around.

After looking around, I settled in front of the community TV and watched TV until midnight.  I say community but I was only the one watching.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. pat says:

    The reason there are no people in the hostel…they are all in the dungeon with some employee dressed as the gimp.

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