A Mirror Image Of Yesterday, Almost! (WV) “DAY 289” – 4/19/11

April 21, 2011 - 2:26 pm - (WV) “DAY 289” - Week 43 - State 39

Today was almost a mirror image of yesterday except the poker outcome was reverse.  So instead of writing a long drawn out post about roughly the same exact day, I’ll make this a short one.

Writing All Day & KFC
Since my car is currently my home, when I woke up I had to go somewhere to clean up. So, I found a nearby hotel and set up shop for the day. (This hotel served a duel purpose as I also had to find some Wi-fi.)

Long story short, I wrote in the lobby until 4:30 pm and left to go grab something to eat before I hit the casino again.  Again, I went to KFC for $5 buffet.  What can I say, it’s a great deal and I like the Colonel! 🙂

Playing Poker - $40 Tournament
By the time I got to the casino, it close to the 7 pm tourney, so instead of playing cash first, I just bought into the $40 tournament. (It’s the same exact one as yesterday except today there is 20 people entered.) (Right: Yesterday's entry ticket, forgot take one of today's.)

Today’s tourney didn’t go the same for me as yesterday’s did, as with-in the fist hour, I was eliminated by one of the bad players (or at least a player who made a bad call).

I had (A,J) and he had pocket 3’s (3,3).  The flop was... A, J, 6 (2 spades).  I bet out, he called.  The turn... 8 of spades.  I didn’t want him drawing on me anymore, so I bet All-In, he called. (That’s when I saw he had pocket 3’s with the 3 of spades.)  The river... 9 of spade and he won with a flush.  Bye-bye Rooster! 🙁

Playing In A Cash Game (1-2 NL)
Since the profit I had left yesterday was now just a $100, I bought in for that and sat down in a 1-2 NL game.  I played great poker all night long but the cards were just against me.  I’ll explain. (I played for 4 or 5 hours.)

Early on in the night, I took my $100 and got it up to $180 or so which the amount I had in front for me for roughly the first 2 hours.  Then I got crippled in a hand I was for sure to win (mathematically).  I had (A,K) of clubs, the other guy had (Q,6).

I raised pre-flop to $12, he called.  The flop... Q,5,3 with 2 clubs.  I checked, he bet $20.  The turn... 6 of clubs.  I checked (to slow play), he bet $40, I pushed over the top All-in.  He called. (He had about $160 total).  The river... 6 of diamonds!  Ahhh!  I lost! 🙁

I had just $8 left in front of me, but I didn’t give in as built that back up to 70+ dollars before I got bad beat again. (I hit top two pair with a flush draw and got beat by a straight.)

Back To My Car For The Night
Even though I still had cash in my pocket and could have re-bought back in, the cards just weren’t going my way tonight, so I grabbed my Rooster card protector and went to my living room/bedroom/the parking outside the casino. 😉

So there I was at 2 am, sitting in my car, outside a casino, eating a half eaten piece of fried chicken I took with me from the buffet earlier.  Ahhh... I’m living the dream! LOL

Down and out, I called Jeremy and spoke to him for a while before it was time to call it a night. (My neighbors were made that I was being to loud.) Just kidding.  I’M IN MY CAR IN A PARKING LOT!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dad says:

    Tough day / night. Have a good Friday.

  2. Mike says:


    I think your encouragement is nice but where were you when Rooster was in a tiny apartment with his mom and brother growing up?

  3. dave says:

    Living a few towns over. He coached every sporting team I every played on and when he didn’t, he was at every game! My parents were divorced as you can tell. I had/have a great Dad! My Mom ain’t bad either. LOL 😉


  4. Joe says:

    Mike you you grow up in Scranton. Where were your parents when you were growing up to get you out of that shit hole! What were your parents doing? I”m sure you’ll make up some B.S. about your parents like they cured cancer or about to cure aids! Your a F$%K*%G D&$K Mike!

  5. Mike says:

    My parents live no where near scranton. Rooster why did u not post my comments pussy

  6. Geri says:

    I have known David & Adam since before they went to school. Yes, they lived in an apartment with only their mom, but I was there quite a lot & there was always lots of laughter (and of course food, mom’s a barrel buyer), plenty of friends and family around, including their father who was always there for them. Their mother made sure they had everything they needed. I guess you don’t really know them, because if you did you would know what great men they turned out to be.David is much to honest with his posts.He thinks everyone who reads him is a fan. I guess he doesn’t realize that there are some envious people out there.

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